25 Times “Grey’s Anatomy’s” Callie Torres Brought Latina Slay To Mainstream TV


Your favorite “Grey’s Anatomy” character might be out, but it’s never too late to remember and fall in love with her all over again.  After all, it’s hard not to love Dr. Callie Torres. She was proud bisexual Latina, mother, who was fiercely loyal and always supportive of her friends. Check out the top 25 times Callie Torres brought latina realness to “Grey’s Anatomy” and totally slayed.

1. Okay first, let’s get the obvious out of the way: Callie Torres was a doctor.

callie torres

I.E. a Latina in STEM which might not be a rarity, but it is a HUGE deal.

2. She was Chicana as hell.


Three words: Calliope Iphegenia Torres. We never actually get confirmation of where Torres is from but Sara Ramirez is Mexicana and her portrayal of a Latina burned so brightly on this show.

3. She literally wouldn’t take shit from anyone.


That’s Calliope Iphegenia “Kick ass and Take names” Torres if you’re nasty.

4. Not from Dr. Weber.


“No! Don’t say my name. Do not. I am too big a star for you to say my name. I build arms out of nothing, and legs, like God. And when I win the Harper Avery and every other prize there is, you will rue this day, Chief Webber. That’s right. I said ‘rue.'”

5. Not from Derek.


That moment she tells Derek he could be a butt or the white-hot center of the universe is GA golddddd.

6. And certainly not from Meredith.


CERTAINLY not from Meredith when she talks about her hygiene and needs her test notes. ESPECIALLY when she may or may not have blabbed to George about her relationship with McSteamy.

7. BTW she did almost all of her no shit taking while rocking hoops.


And all types of dangly earings you cannot ever manage to get enough of.

8. She demanded people call her by her real name: Boss.


If this girl didn’t go through the ringer with the people at this hospital IDK what hard it is. She dealt with a cheating husband, a husband who died, coming out of the closet, getting left by Arizona, have a mom and surviving a near-fatal car accident.

9. She was thrifty as hell.


No one knew that Callie had been living in the hospital for a very long time up until season 3. The best part was that when it finally did get out she got caught in her underwear by Chief Webber.

10. She grew cartilage in a BOTTLE.


She is practically like God with her ability to create cartilage in a bottle. If that’s not Avery award-winning IDK what is.

11. She survived her marriage to George.


LBR, George was about as interesting as a piece of salami. How George never managed to appreciate/ love Callie the way she deserved is beyond me. But thank god it ended pretty quickly.

12. She held down her notes.


The Season 7 musical episode was probably the worst thing that could have ever happend to Grey’s Anatomy. Still, we have to give it props for the moments that Callie was able to pull through with her notes.

13. When she won Valentine’s Day with her corazon.


I mean of course this sweet moment had to quicky be overshadowed by the tragedy of the plane crash, but Callie’s ability to pull off this sweet Valentine’s Day surprise for Arizona was too much for even my heart.

14. When she finally nails the amputee tech.


Callie and Derek put quite a bit of work into making this a possibility. Even after Derek left it was amazing that she was able to continue her efforts.

15. Callie Torres loved her body.


You gotta love that Callie Torres never once spoke or groaned about her weight. it completely highlighted the normality of her body and curves.

16. When she was not scared to show a patient’s boyfriend the truth about her death.


“But you didn’t love her because you don’t destroy the person you love!”

17. When being bed-ridden didn’t keep her from being honest about her feelings.


This Latina has literally been through hell and back but was able to maintain her composure enough to tell Christina to stick her ego where the sun didn’t shine.

18. This moment:


“So, I’m bisexual! So what?” Uh yes she did ladies and gents. Christina was able to discover her sexuality on screen without having a complete crisis and we love that!

19. When she was having none of her dad’s homophobia


Callie’s dad’s visit to Grey Sloane Memorial was probably as stressful for you as it was for us. Even though we loved him, we LOVED Callie so much more for shutting him down when it came to her sexuality.

20. She remained tough after Calzona was over.


And literally remained a supportive mother and partner to Arizona despite all of the caca she and Arizona went through.

21. She was ironclad


There’s no doubting that Torres spent most of her time at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital on an emotional roller coaster. Still, whether it was downing bottles of tequila or dancing her ass off she always found a way to power through.

22. She could put her mind to anything and always pull it off.

The doctor performed countless surgeries and procedures. By far the greatest was when she did research to help war veterans walk again.

23. She was a dance queen.


Seriously, who doesn’t miss the days when Callie shook it out to Bitter:Sweet? Can we bring this back ASAP ABC?

24. And she always followed her heart.


That heart didn’t always bring to the greatest places ( looking at you Salami George) but it did bring her to Erica, Arizona and Penny.

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