25 Times “Grey’s Anatomy’s” Callie Torres Brought Latina Slay To Mainstream TV

Your favorite “Grey’s Anatomy” character might be out, but it’s never too late to remember and fall in love with her all over again.  After all, it’s hard not to love Dr. Callie Torres. She was proud bisexual Latina, mother, who was fiercely loyal and always supportive of her friends. Check out the top 25 times Callie Torres brought latina realness to “Grey’s Anatomy” and totally slayed.

1. Okay first, let’s get the obvious out of the way: Callie Torres was a doctor.

callie torres

I.E. a Latina in STEM which might not be a rarity, but it is a HUGE deal.

2. She was Chicana as hell.


Three words: Calliope Iphegenia Torres. We never actually get confirmation of where Torres is from but Sara Ramirez is Mexicana and her portrayal of a Latina burned so brightly on this show.

3. She literally wouldn’t take shit from anyone.


That’s Calliope Iphegenia “Kick ass and Take names” Torres if you’re nasty.

4. Not from Dr. Weber.


“No! Don’t say my name. Do not. I am too big a star for you to say my name. I build arms out of nothing, and legs, like God. And when I win the Harper Avery and every other prize there is, you will rue this day, Chief Webber. That’s right. I said ‘rue.'”

5. Not from Derek.


That moment she tells Derek he could be a butt or the white-hot center of the universe is GA golddddd.

6. And certainly not from Meredith.


CERTAINLY not from Meredith when she talks about her hygiene and needs her test notes. ESPECIALLY when she may or may not have blabbed to George about her relationship with McSteamy.

7. BTW she did almost all of her no shit taking while rocking hoops.


And all types of dangly earings you cannot ever manage to get enough of.

8. She demanded people call her by her real name: Boss.


If this girl didn’t go through the ringer with the people at this hospital IDK what hard it is. She dealt with a cheating husband, a husband who died, coming out of the closet, getting left by Arizona, have a mom and surviving a near-fatal car accident.

9. She was thrifty as hell.


No one knew that Callie had been living in the hospital for a very long time up until season 3. The best part was that when it finally did get out she got caught in her underwear by Chief Webber.

10. She grew cartilage in a BOTTLE.


She is practically like God with her ability to create cartilage in a bottle. If that’s not Avery award-winning IDK what is.

11. She survived her marriage to George.


LBR, George was about as interesting as a piece of salami. How George never managed to appreciate/ love Callie the way she deserved is beyond me. But thank god it ended pretty quickly.

12. She held down her notes.


The Season 7 musical episode was probably the worst thing that could have ever happend to Grey’s Anatomy. Still, we have to give it props for the moments that Callie was able to pull through with her notes.

13. When she won Valentine’s Day with her corazon.


I mean of course this sweet moment had to quicky be overshadowed by the tragedy of the plane crash, but Callie’s ability to pull off this sweet Valentine’s Day surprise for Arizona was too much for even my heart.

14. When she finally nails the amputee tech.


Callie and Derek put quite a bit of work into making this a possibility. Even after Derek left it was amazing that she was able to continue her efforts.

15. Callie Torres loved her body.


You gotta love that Callie Torres never once spoke or groaned about her weight. it completely highlighted the normality of her body and curves.

16. When she was not scared to show a patient’s boyfriend the truth about her death.


“But you didn’t love her because you don’t destroy the person you love!”

17. When being bed-ridden didn’t keep her from being honest about her feelings.


This Latina has literally been through hell and back but was able to maintain her composure enough to tell Christina to stick her ego where the sun didn’t shine.

18. This moment:


“So, I’m bisexual! So what?” Uh yes she did ladies and gents. Christina was able to discover her sexuality on screen without having a complete crisis and we love that!

19. When she was having none of her dad’s homophobia


Callie’s dad’s visit to Grey Sloane Memorial was probably as stressful for you as it was for us. Even though we loved him, we LOVED Callie so much more for shutting him down when it came to her sexuality.

20. She remained tough after Calzona was over.


And literally remained a supportive mother and partner to Arizona despite all of the caca she and Arizona went through.

21. She was ironclad


There’s no doubting that Torres spent most of her time at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital on an emotional roller coaster. Still, whether it was downing bottles of tequila or dancing her ass off she always found a way to power through.

22. She could put her mind to anything and always pull it off.

The doctor performed countless surgeries and procedures. By far the greatest was when she did research to help war veterans walk again.

23. She was a dance queen.


Seriously, who doesn’t miss the days when Callie shook it out to Bitter:Sweet? Can we bring this back ASAP ABC?

24. And she always followed her heart.


That heart didn’t always bring to the greatest places ( looking at you Salami George) but it did bring her to Erica, Arizona and Penny.

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Got Real Emotional In Episode About Undocumented Immigrants And Family Separation


‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Got Real Emotional In Episode About Undocumented Immigrants And Family Separation

Grey's Anatomy / ABC

For the past 14 years, “Grey’s Anatomy” has been delivering the goods on love, death, and everything in between. However, it’s only been in the past couple of years that the show has been touching on Latino issues and traditions including Day of the Dead. Last week’s episode, which aired on May 4, hits close to home given the current immigration crisis,

The latest episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” featured a storyline about an undocumented father and daughter.

The episode titled “What I Did for Love,” had a little girl named Gabby who was brought into the hospital by her father because she was complaining about a pain in her stomach.

The audience learns that the father and daughter were separated at the border and that he is seeking asylum.

The father, played by Omar Leyva, hadn’t seen his daughter in four months. When they were finally reunited, it is clear that his daughter is sick and wasn’t getting proper treatment while in custody. The doctors told him that his daughter will need surgery, but he informs the doctors that he doesn’t have insurance. The doctors then try to get him some assistance, but he doesn’t qualify for that either because he makes too much money.

Meredith Grey is desperate to get this little girl help, so she commits insurance fraud to give her the medical attention she needs.

“The system failed him,” Grey said after her boss reprimands her for breaking the law. Grey says that the undocumented man pays taxes, works and yet he cannot afford insurance.

He came all this way to make her life better, and yet he cannot pay for the insurance that he needs to care for his daughter. Ultimately, Grey wins and is allowed to do the surgery and help the family in their time of need.

The entire staff comes through for this little girl and her father giving us a glimpse at the compassion in this country.

This is not the first time “Grey’s Anatomy” has dealt with the issue of immigration and undocumented immigrants. Last season, surgical intern, Sam Bello (played by Jeanine Mason) disclosed that she was a DREAMer.

While the DREAMer episode was good at bringing awareness to immigration, the intern has whisked away to Switzerland in order to avoid deportation, which is not reality. At least this episode shows the harsh realities that undocumented people have to face when it comes to medical care and insurance.

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“Grey’s Anatomy” Celebrated Dia De Los Muertos And I Cried The Entire Time


“Grey’s Anatomy” Celebrated Dia De Los Muertos And I Cried The Entire Time

Grey's Anatomy / ABC

For the past 15 seasons, I’ve been watching “Grey’s Anatomy” religiously. The show’s dramatic life-or-death plots, not to mention their love stories, has drawn in me for years and I love it to pieces.

However, I was super heartbroken when actress Sara Ramirez, who played Callie Torres, left the show. She was the only featured Latina who brought some of my culture to this show.

It’s only been recently, in the last year or so that they’ve taken on some issues close to my heart. In one episode last season, they focused on a doctor that had DACA status. She, the only Latina on the show, had to unfortunately leave the country because she was undocumented.

Last night, “Grey’s Anatomy” focused their episode on my favorite holiday: Día de los Muertos.

CREDIT: Grey’s Anatomy / ABC

While the show always deals with patients suffering from all kinds of health issues, the doctors embraced Día de los Muertos thanks to a little girl that needed surgery.

The episode titled “Flowers Grow Out of My Grave” featured a little girl named Flor, who’s entire family stayed in her hospital room to give her support while she prepared for surgery.

The show typically makes me cry, but seeing this Latino family celebrate Día de los Muertos on prime-time TV was too much!

In the clip above, Flor’s family is playing music and singing the classic song “El ultimo trago” made famous by Chavela Vargas.

I took one look at Flor and her family, and it reminded me so much of the time I was little and was in the hospital for months after a car accident.

CREDIT: Grey’s Anatomy / ABC

My family was also by my bedside every single day. If they couldn’t be with me because of work, they would make sure someone would be there so I wouldn’t be alone.

Thankfully Flor’s surgery was minor because I truly thought to myself, if she dies I’m gonna lose it. I say that because I know very well people on this show die left and right. No one is safe.

It was really special to see the non-Latino doctors embrace Día de los Muertos. Each of them discussed someone special that had died.

The Latino family told the doctors that Día de los Muertos isn’t necessarily to mourn those that have died, but more to celebrate their life. However, I think because some of the doctors were new to this holiday, they couldn’t help but feel sadness when thinking of their loved ones.

It was especially cool to see Ellen Pompeo — aka — Dr. Meredith Grey wearing a marigold flower for most of the episode.

Meredith Grey has seen her fair share of death on the show. She’s probably experienced more death than anyone.

Here’s a list of everyone that has died — that has been close to Meredith — since the show began:

  • Her mother.
  • Her husband.
  • Her sister.
  • Her best friend.
  • And countless colleagues.

The Latina grandmother informed Meredith that our loved ones, even though they have passed, are always with us.

After that special moment between the two, those words must have really resonated with Meredith because after that something insane happened.

Meredith’s dead family and friends appeared on the show!!

CREDIT: Grey’s Anatomy / ABC

All of those people pictured, aside from Meredith, including the dog have died. Meaning those characters are no longer on the show, but they made a special appearance, which is huge because they were such beloved people.

People on social media could not contain their emotions.

We were truly blindsided.

The mere idea that so many people that were close to her all died is honestly too much.

And yet Meredith goes on like a champ.

Some of us are still not over the fact that these characters are no longer on the show.

The only time we get to see them again is in re-runs.

One of the most special moments was hearing an old “Grey’s Anatomy” classic song “Chasing Cars” in Spanish.

“We were trying to figure out what song would play over that sequence and Kiley suggested playing an iconic Grey’s song and having it be covered in Spanish,” showrunner Krista Vernoff told The Hollywood Reporter. “That was her idea. As soon as she said it, I said, ‘Oh my God it has to be ‘Chasing Cars!” I mean how many times has that song played? It’s always our go-to. It felt like the most beautiful way to pay tribute to the history of the show while keeping alive the culture that we were celebrating with this episode. We commissioned that song.”

Here’s the Spanish version of “Chasing Cars” by Moon and Sun featuring Israel De Corcho.” But first get some tissues.

Okay, I’ll leave you with that.

¡Feliz dia los Muertos!

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