25 Latino Superstitions That Are Proven Fact

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Some people think that they just have good luck, and leave it at that. Not Latinos. We have an arsenal of rules to help attract good luck and repel bad luck. And if something bad happens to you, it’s probably because you put your purse on the ground, or spilled the beans on a good dream you had.

Here are the top 25 Latino superstitions I grew up with and thanks to the Internet, we can gather up all our family superstitions and make Latinos the luckiest group of people around. Comment with your family’s superstitions.

1. The evil eye will ward off evil spirits.

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Wear them on your wrists, ankles, paint them on your fingernails, post them up inside and outside the house. These lil guys will protect you from evil spirits. Plus, they’re real cute.

2. Eat twelve grapes on New Years Eve.

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On New Years Eve, right when the clock strikes midnight and you’ve made your ching chings, everyone starts eating grapes. Each grape represents one month out of the year, so you can set yourself up for a wish granted each month.

3. Keeping a full glass of water on the fridge or behind the bed absorbs evil spirits.

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Also, the family dog. It’s f*cked up, but it’s what my Nana always said. Also played out to be true in “Signs,” am I right?

4. If you sweep a single woman’s feet, she will be single forever.

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Say a prayer to St. Anthony, because your future is lost forever. It’s best to light all the candles in the house and legit get on your knees and beg.

5. Keep an upside down broom behind the door if you want to prevent unwanted visitors.

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Or, you could just use the broom to chase them out if they come over. Seems more effective imho.

6. But don’t forget to throw out last years brooms in order to get rid of the evil in the house.

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Grandma: Did you throw it yet?

Me: I’m on the roof doing it now!

7. If you put your purse on the floor, the devil takes your money.

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Like, in a metaphorical big way. Not just the money in your bag. It’s also terrible luck.

8. If a bright colored bug gets in the house it is good luck.

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Because our mothers come from the land of bright bugs, and they come bearing gifts. I’ll take it! Thank you buggies.

9. And then there are the preganancy/baby superstitions. Babies have to wear red to ward off bad energy.

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You have no choice in the matter, nobody cares what your color is. You’re wearing red. Like, everything is going to red for a while.

 10. If you are pregnant and rub your belly, the baby will get a mole in that place.

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Hands off the belly, todo el mundo, you’re making my baby ugly. P.S.- This is why Latinxs are so flawless, btw.

11. If you cut a baby’s hair before they turn 1 it is bad luck.

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The iconic look every single one of us wore for the first year of our lives on earth. Never goes out of style. Never.

12. To make labor easier, fill a large pot with hot water.


Once the water boils, place the pot on the floor and squat over it for as long as you can. This will help make your labor a breeze… allegedly.

13. Pinching a red-head could give you good luck.

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This must be why my mother went red for a few decades. She loved the attention. 😉

14. If you put your shirt on inside-out it means that someone is going to give you a gift soon.

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I’m owed so many gifts, for real. Maybe they’re pity gifts, built into these very many superstitions. Or perhaps it doesn’t work if you do it on purpose.

15. Staring at a dog while it poops mean you are going to get an eye pimple.

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Cover your eyes, and look away. For everyone’s sake. Although, I still don’t know what an eye pimple is.

16. You never ask someone to pass you the salt or you’ll get all their bad luck.

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But if you reach over the table, ya murió. When we were kids, random viejos would always compliment my mom about how well-behaved we were. It’s because we were terrified to do anything lest we break a superstitious rule.

17. If a fork falls, a woman will visit you and if a knife falls, a man will.

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Are these good or bad visits? Is this good luck or bad luck? We don’t know but it always feels like an omen.

18. If you have a nightmare tell someone immediately or it will come true.

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This is why Latinos are constantly talking about their nightmares. If it’s a good dream, though, you better not say a word or it won’t come true.

19. If you dream of someone losing teeth, someone’s going to die.

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I mean, we could get into a dozen different superstitions that come from dreams. Please see your local abuelita for a ‘Dream Book.’ Dreaming of teeth is the ultimate omen though. Let’s hope it’s not three teeth…

20. The Rule of Three’s.

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It’s the most comforting superstition of all (jk, jk). If two bad things have happened to you, your mom will be quick to point out that another is on its way.

21. Don’t ‘split poles’ or you’ll have bad luck.

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Verdad, my tía once threw my cousin into a trash can after she willfully walked between two poles. Our family has never recovered from the curse of the split poles.

22. All you need is a red thread to get rid of hiccups.

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Got hiccups? No problem! Just lick a red thread and stick it to your forehead and poof! Other childhood methods include drinking a Yoohoo upside down on the couch.

23. Itchy Palms=$$$

CREDIT: “Itchy Palms. Digital Image. Latina.com. 20 March 2018.”

Itchy palms? DO. NOT. SCRATCH. THEM. Maybe it’s just an old wives’ tale to prevent us from scratching, but I’m hooked on the lure. Hint: it’s money. Money is coming your way. Pray for itchy palms, friends.

24. If the expectant mother is outside during a full moon, the baby will be born with a giant birthmark.


You might think the full moon is there to light up a beautiful pregnancy pic, but wrong. It’s laying birthmarks all over your baby.

25. The most important pregnancy superstition imho is to never resist a food craving…

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…or else your baby will come out with its mouth open. I plan to put this superstition into effect in my everyday. I’m gay, but you can never be too safe.

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