So Many Latinos Absolutely Swear By These 25 Latino Superstitions

Some people think that they just have good luck, and leave it at that. Not Latinos. We have an arsenal of rules to help attract good luck and repel bad luck. And if something bad happens to you, it’s probably because you put your purse on the ground, or spilled the beans on a good dream you had.

Here are the top 25 Latino superstitions I grew up with and thanks to the Internet, we can gather up all our family superstitions and make Latinos the luckiest group of people around. Comment with your family’s superstitions.

1. The evil eye will ward off evil spirits.


Wear them on your wrists, ankles, paint them on your fingernails, post them up inside and outside the house. These lil guys will protect you from evil spirits. Plus, they’re real cute.

2. Eat twelve grapes on New Years Eve.

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On New Years Eve, right when the clock strikes midnight and you’ve made your ching chings, everyone starts eating grapes. Each grape represents one month out of the year, so you can set yourself up for a wish granted each month.

3. Keeping a full glass of water on the fridge or behind the bed absorbs evil spirits.

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Also, the family dog. It’s f*cked up, but it’s what my Nana always said. Also played out to be true in “Signs,” am I right?

4. If you sweep a single woman’s feet, she will be single forever.

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Say a prayer to St. Anthony, because your future is lost forever. It’s best to light all the candles in the house and legit get on your knees and beg.

5. Keep an upside down broom behind the door if you want to prevent unwanted visitors.

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Or, you could just use the broom to chase them out if they come over. Seems more effective imho.

6. But don’t forget to throw out last years brooms in order to get rid of the evil in the house.

lifetime weightloss

Grandma: Did you throw it yet?

Me: I’m on the roof doing it now!

7. If you put your purse on the floor, the devil takes your money.

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Like, in a metaphorical big way. Not just the money in your bag. It’s also terrible luck.

8. If a bright colored bug gets in the house it is good luck.

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Because our mothers come from the land of bright bugs, and they come bearing gifts. I’ll take it! Thank you buggies.

9. And then there are the preganancy/baby superstitions. Babies have to wear red to ward off bad energy.

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You have no choice in the matter, nobody cares what your color is. You’re wearing red. Like, everything is going to red for a while.

 10. If you are pregnant and rub your belly, the baby will get a mole in that place.

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Hands off the belly, todo el mundo, you’re making my baby ugly. P.S.- This is why Latinxs are so flawless, btw.

11. If you cut a baby’s hair before they turn 1 it is bad luck.

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The iconic look every single one of us wore for the first year of our lives on earth. Never goes out of style. Never.

12. To make labor easier, fill a large pot with hot water.


Once the water boils, place the pot on the floor and squat over it for as long as you can. This will help make your labor a breeze… allegedly.

13. Pinching a red-head could give you good luck.

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This must be why my mother went red for a few decades. She loved the attention. 😉

14. If you put your shirt on inside-out it means that someone is going to give you a gift soon.

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I’m owed so many gifts, for real. Maybe they’re pity gifts, built into these very many superstitions. Or perhaps it doesn’t work if you do it on purpose.

15. Staring at a dog while it poops mean you are going to get an eye pimple.

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Cover your eyes, and look away. For everyone’s sake. Although, I still don’t know what an eye pimple is.

16. You never ask someone to pass you the salt or you’ll get all their bad luck.

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But if you reach over the table, ya murió. When we were kids, random viejos would always compliment my mom about how well-behaved we were. It’s because we were terrified to do anything lest we break a superstitious rule.

17. If a fork falls, a woman will visit you and if a knife falls, a man will.

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Are these good or bad visits? Is this good luck or bad luck? We don’t know but it always feels like an omen.

18. If you have a nightmare tell someone immediately or it will come true.

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This is why Latinos are constantly talking about their nightmares. If it’s a good dream, though, you better not say a word or it won’t come true.

19. If you dream of someone losing teeth, someone’s going to die.

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I mean, we could get into a dozen different superstitions that come from dreams. Please see your local abuelita for a ‘Dream Book.’ Dreaming of teeth is the ultimate omen though. Let’s hope it’s not three teeth…

20. The Rule of Three’s.

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It’s the most comforting superstition of all (jk, jk). If two bad things have happened to you, your mom will be quick to point out that another is on its way.

21. Don’t ‘split poles’ or you’ll have bad luck.

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Verdad, my tía once threw my cousin into a trash can after she willfully walked between two poles. Our family has never recovered from the curse of the split poles.

22. All you need is a red thread to get rid of hiccups.

“Needle. Digital Image. Latina.com. 20 March 2018.”

Got hiccups? No problem! Just lick a red thread and stick it to your forehead and poof! Other childhood methods include drinking a Yoohoo upside down on the couch.

23. Itchy Palms=$$$

“Itchy Palms. Digital Image. Latina.com. 20 March 2018.”

Itchy palms? DO. NOT. SCRATCH. THEM. Maybe it’s just an old wives’ tale to prevent us from scratching, but I’m hooked on the lure. Hint: it’s money. Money is coming your way. Pray for itchy palms, friends.

24. If the expectant mother is outside during a full moon, the baby will be born with a giant birthmark.


You might think the full moon is there to light up a beautiful pregnancy pic, but wrong. It’s laying birthmarks all over your baby.

25. The most important pregnancy superstition imho is to never resist a food craving…

we are mitú

…or else your baby will come out with its mouth open. I plan to put this superstition into effect in my everyday. I’m gay, but you can never be too safe.

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Hopefully, These Latino New Year’s Traditions Will Make 2021 Better Than 2020


Hopefully, These Latino New Year’s Traditions Will Make 2021 Better Than 2020

It is almost the New Year. That means that we are almost done with the dumpster-fire of a year known as 2020. We are all grappling with a virus that has spread across the world and there has been a long list of bad news this year. So, why not try one or all of these traditions to bring good luck in 2021.

Burning Dolls

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A post shared by Cindy Cantos (@cindycantos)

In Ecuador, you burn dolls or photos of things you didn’t like from 2020. It is believed that this will guarantee that you won’t have the same issue in the next year. Honestly, it makes sense to wish things to be different in 2021.

Wear Yellow (Or Red) Underwear

The underwear you have on when the clock strikes midnight might be more important than you think. In several Latino cultures, wearing red underwear for New Year’s will usher in a year of love and luck in romance. Yellow underwear will bring a year of financial success. No word yet on what happens if you wear one pair of each but you might as well give it a shot.

Eat 12 Grapes At Midnight

This is the most common tradition and it is so tasty. You have to eat 12 grapes at midnight to bring a year of good luck. Be careful though. If you have a particularly sour grape it means that month will be a rough one. A fun way to do it is to put the grapes on your champagne flute, down the champagne and eat the grapes.

Wear White

Start the year on a good note. Do no wear black when celebrating New Year’s because that will usher in a year of bad luck and we want to make sure we leave that in 2020. Wearing white is a good way to get the kind of luck you want out of 2021. Forget the little black dress. Try a nice white jumpsuit to start the year.

Clean Your House

Now, we all know that you do a wonderful job of keeping a sparkling clean house every day of the year. That is just how mom raised you. However, give it an extra scrub to make sure you start on the best possible foot. They do say that the dirtier and more cluttered your space the more cluttered your life is. What could it hurt?

Throw A Bucket Of Water Out Of The Window (Or Door)

All of that bad energy from the year is still in the house. There are so many ways to get rid of it but one of the best ways is to fill a bucket with water and throw it out the window (or door). The water has the power to get that bad energy and release it from your home.

Walk Around The Block With Your Suitcase

We haven’t been able to go anywhere in 2020 because of the virus and all of the lockdowns. Try this one again and maybe there will be some travel in 2021. Take a suitcase and walk it around the block. Or you can walk around the house or apartment. That should set you up for a little bit of travel next year.

Good luck and Happy New Year!

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Señora Myths are Passed Down From Generation to Generation, But Are Any of Them Real?


Señora Myths are Passed Down From Generation to Generation, But Are Any of Them Real?

At some point during our formative years, we all heard an old wives’ tale or two, right? Some seemed innocent enough — think “eating bread crust will make your hair turn curly” or “cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis.”

But actually, lots of these old wives’ tales came with some extra baggage that may have done a number on our collective psyche. Sure, they may have seemed harmless when we first heard them, they’ve managed to worm themselves into our thought patterns and maybe even created a few bad habits along the way. But don’t blame abuela, she too was passed down this knowledge before she passed it on to you.

These superstitions get passed down from generation to generation, and often enough they’re so effective they get snap us into total compliance. But few of us know why we’re so fearful or the reason behind them.

Nevertheless, these old wives tales are part of Latino culture.

Vick’s Vapor Rub Will Cure Everything


Sure, you may know it as Vaporub or something totally different depending on where you grew up, but no matter your background, we can agree this menthol pomade has been hailed as a cure all by abuelas everywhere.

Sure the ointment may make us feel better (placebo anyone?) but it actually can be deadly if ingested and is toxic when used improperly.

Having A Baby Daughter Will Steal Your Beauty

Credit: Shutterstock Images

This sends several problematic messages. First of all, it implies there is something inherently wrong with having a daughter — which is obviously ridiculous. I swear this sounds like something a man who wanted a strapping young boy to “carry on his good name” started spreading.This old wives’ tale would have you believe beauty is entirely physical or superficial. But beauty is many things: mental, physical, emotional, psychological… none of which can be stripped away by the natural and, it must be said, beautiful act of giving birth to a baby.

You Can’t Make Tamales When You’re Angry

Credit: Pixabay

According to this old wives’ tale, if you even attempt to make tamales when you’re enojada…they just won’t turn out right. And nobody’s wants to work so hard on tamales for them to end up flat and flavorless.

Opening An Umbrella Inside Is The Worst Luck

Seriously, this one I believe in so much I freak out at even the thought of it happening by accident. This is another superstition that crosses cultures but leave it to Latinos to add in another layer – if you do this, you won’t get married.

Going Out With Wet Hair When It’s Cold Will Make You Sick

If you grew up in a Latino household, you can bet you’re used to hearing your mom or abuelita scolding you for going outside with wet hair. But this myth has been debunked more times than you’ll eat pozole when you do actually have a cold. Colds and the flu come from viruses (and some bacterias) – plain and simple.

You’ll Never Get Married If A Broom Touches Your Feet

Credit: Pixabay

Basically, if you’re single and ready to mingle, don’t go near any brooms. This old wives tale says that if someone is sweeping and they accidentally brush your feet with the broom, you’ll end up single forever.

To Find Love, All You Need Is Four Eggs

Credit: Pixabay

To draw someone to you, you need 4 eggs: break two in corners, and one more at the door of the person you want to attract. The last one put inside a white cup and place it under your bed. That’s it. True love.

Cutting Your Hair During A Full Moon Could Mean…?

Credit: Pixabay

It’s believed that cutting your hair during a full moon could actually make it grow faster. Is it true? Well, maybe. The long-trusted Farmers Almanac actually lists the best dates to cut your hair based on the lunar calendar…so maybe?

Shaving Your Legs Causes the Hair to Grow Back Darker

Credit: Pixabay

Let’s be clear: there’s nothing wrong with not shaving. This old tale would have you believe that having thicker or darker hair anywhere on your body is cause for major concern. The reality is that cutting does not stimulate new hair growth.

Brooms Can Help Determine Your Social Life

Credit: Pixabay

Again, with the brooms. This one says that if you put a broom behind the door, your guests will leave sooner. And if a broom falls, it can tell you a lot about your visit depending on the direction it falls. Backward = bad visit. Forward = good visit.

Putting Your Purse On The Floor

Credit; Growing Up Blackxican

“A purse on the floor is money our the door.” This isn’t specific to Latino families, in fact, it’s very common belief across Asia as well. But both cultures share the believe that if you place your purse on the floor, you’ll soon be losing some money.

Itchy Palms And Your Finances

Credit: Pixabay

This is another very common wives tale across cultures but Latinos add a unique twist and get very specific. Basically, if your right palm itches you’ll be coming into some coins. Meanwhile, if it’s the left – be prepared to be a little less wealthy since you’ll likely be giving money away.

Heartburn During Pregnancy Can Lead To A Head Full Of Hair

Credit: Pinterest

There are soooo many superstitions related to pregnancy but this one is definitely interesting. Woman struggle with all sorts of symptoms during pregnancy including heartburn. So this one stands to reason if you’re dealing with heartburn, your baby will be born with beautiful locks of hair.

If You Drop a Biscuit, It is a Sure Sign Your Husband Will Be Poor

Credit: The Pioneer Woman

This one is straight up laughable but for some reason is still all to common. I mean let’s dissect this one real quick: not all little girls are going to grow up to marry a man. Nor will every little girl even want to get married. Then there’s the whole issue with thinking that women only value wealth in their potential mate. Yea, this one has got to go.

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