25 Halloween Costume Photos That Show How Creative Latinos Can Be

It’s that time of year again!

Credit: KXVO / YouTube
CREDIT: Credit: KXVO / YouTube

That means we get a chance to look through some of the most unique, inventive and awe-inspiring costumes of the year.

There’s this group of Lotería cards that includes El Diablo, La Muerte and La Sirena.

All that’s missing is someone dressed as a frijolito.

They should have met up with La Dama…

#ladama #loteria #mexican #halloween

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… or La Chalupa.

Rema que rema Lupita, sentada en su chalupita… #loteria anyone? #lachalupa

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This costume is guaranteed to spice any party up. ?

Here’s one way to let people know you’re sweet on the inside AND outside.

My hubby makes a cute sweet bread #food dress up #concha #pandulce #sweetbread

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This costume combo will make you feel warm and cozy inside.

This guy wants to take you to El Noa Noa…

Vamos al Noa Noa! #juangabriel #happyhalloween #elnoanoa #juanga #latinohalloween #nomeprovoques

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… while this costume si valió la pena.


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Try not to yell out “¡Azucar!” when you see this…

… or say “aww” when you see Celia and Pedro Knight together again.

#CeliaCruz #Pedroknight #TributoACeliaCruz

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This costume will definitely wake you up…

Halloween win. #cafebustelo #trashcan #halloween #nyc #rooftop #vsco #picoftheday

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And this one will make you say “¡DALE!”

It's goin down. #dalé #pitbull #keepcalmanddalé

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This Frida costume is next level good…

And this family costume is too darn adorable.

Doña Florinda, La Chilindrina, Chavo del Ocho #halloween #babyxolei #familycostume #chavodelocho

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This person did a little exploring…

Explorin' on Halloween. ?? #doratheexplorer #halloween2016 #backpackbackpack #swipernoswiping

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While this family was up in smoke.

My lil fatty! #halloween #cheechandchong #420 #Fire

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Looks like this couple has… JOINT CUSTODY. ?

This dude dressed up as a legendary comedian…

Nailed it. Shout to wifey for the idea an help! @onitsed2426 #indiamaria#flawless#iwokeuplikethis#halloween#2016

A photo posted by Jonny Hernandez (@j_onnyboy4510) on

… while this foursome dressed as iconic Latina singers.

This costume will transport you back to the year 2000.

Haters will say there is a difference #Halloween #GhostBall16 #OldTown #Scottsdale #SeanJohn #JLo #PDiddy

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When you can’t decide on one J.Lo look, you do three of them.

Happy Halloween from @jlo x3 ? #halloween2016 #jlo

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And, of course, there were Selenas everywhere. Like this one…

… this one…

Bidi Bidi Bom Bom #selenaquintanilla #halloween2016 ?

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… this one…

"Anything for Selenasss!" Happy Halloween ❤️????#selena #halloween2016

A photo posted by Jackie ? (@jacklynnee) on

… this one…

Bidi Bidi Bom Bom ✨ #Selena

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… this one…

#Selena #90sparty on Saturday

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… and this one, which featured a guest appearance from Chris Perez.

Oh and ICYMI, Kylie Jenner donned a Dirrty-era Christina Aguilera costume.

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Jenner was about 5 years old when Xtina released “Dirrty.”

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This Selena + MAC Costume Wins Halloween


This Selena + MAC Costume Wins Halloween

Courtesy of Amanda Vazquez / Facebook

There is no arguing that 2016 has become the year of Selena. She has gotten a wax figure at Madame Tussauds Hollywood, the Fiesta de la Flor festival enjoyed its second year, and Selena got her own makeup line at MAC. And, of course, Selena was one of the hottest Halloween costumes in 2016.

Selena fans celebrated Selena’s great year this year by dressing as the Tejano queen. From the purple jumper…

Clearly iconic.

…to copying the outfit used for her newly released wax figure.

Alright, girls. That’s what’s up.

emimusic / YouTube
CREDIT: emimusic / YouTube

But one fan, Amanda Vazquez, went above and beyond and decided to become a tube of Selena + MAC lipstick.

“I have been a Selena fan all of my life. By the time I could talk, I was singing Selena songs [laughs],” Vazquez, who first saw Selena in concert in 1989 told mitú. “I was lucky enough to have seen her in concert a few times when I was younger in Texas.”

Vazquez told mitú that the idea for her genius Selena + MAC costume started as a joke.

Courtesy of Amanda Vazquez
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amanda Vazquez

“My friend first brought up the idea as a joke and I thought it was funny and that was kind of it,” Vazquez told mitú. “Then I started thinking of it and I knew people would be dressed as Selena but I knew nobody would be dressed as the Selena + MAC line so I decided to make the costume.”

So, where does one go when they are dressed up as Selena + MAC makeup and in Los Angeles? To see Selena’s wax figure and the MAC makeup store, obvi.

Courtesy of Amanda Vazquez
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amanda Vazquez

Overall, Vazquez said that people really enjoyed her her costume, especially in the MAC store.

View this post on Instagram

Yayyyyy!!!!! #MACSELENA

A post shared by Amanda Vazquez Haines (@senoritahaines) on

“There was one girl in the store who was a Selena fan,” Vazquez told mitú. “She thought the costume was so cool.”

Thats how you do it, y’all! Nice work, Amanda.

cesar vazquez / YouTube
CREDIT: cesar vazquez / YouTube

Not only is the costume totally unique and incredible, Vazquez is happy that she was able to make a costume that was also work-appropriate.

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