Check Out These 25 Five Star Rated Airbnb Homes In Latin America

credit: Happiness Group Sas / Airbnb / Digital Image / March 22, 2018

As an alternative to booking a hotel, more and more people are booking entire houses, apartments, lofts and penthouses with the hospitality service of Airbnb. Each Airbnb home has its own special touch and unique features, which is what makes these 25 Airbnb homes in Latin American so exquisite. Check out these five star Airbnb homes that range from Meixco to Argentina and everything in between.



1. Ikal Chit. (Mexico)

Credit: Right on the beach with best views in Tulum 4. Digital Image. Airbnb.

If you’re the kind of person that is in search of peace and relaxation away from your hectic life, then this Tulum eco villa is the place for you. Get that much needed quiet time you need atop of your room overseeing the jungle around you. The best part is you’re walking distance from a secluded beach right next to Mayan ruins.

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