Here Are 25 Facts You Didn’t Know About ‘Gilmore Girls’

“Gilmore Girls” first ran on the WB in 2000, and the mother-daughter pair was goals for all of us who grew up watching their banter, coffee addiction and ~drama~. My mom and I would each have our own pint of Ben & Jerry’s in hand as we watched this during those blissful years before teenage angst set in. What we didn’t know then, was that there would be a reboot ten years after the Season 7 finale.

Here’s what else none of us knew about the history of “Gilmore Girls,” its characters and the people who played them!

1. Alexis Bledel, who plays Rory, is Latina.

CREDIT: Source: Alexis Bledel. Digital Image. Gazette Review . January 5, 2017.

Her mother is Mexican and her father is Argentinian. She was born and raised in Texas and didn’t learn English until she started school. ‘It’s the only culture my mom knows from life, and my father as well,’ she told Latina magazine in 2005. ‘They made the decision to raise their children within the context they had been raised in, so we speak Spanish in my parents’ house and my mom cooks amazing Mexican food.’

2. She’s damn proud of it, too.

CREDIT: @alexisbledel / Instagram

She speaks Spanish fluently to this day, though she did have to act like she had a terrible accent and could only speak a little Spanish in one scene of “Gilmore Girls.” Bledel, your acting blows me away.

3. Rory was Bledel’s first acting gig.

CREDIT: @alexisbledel / Instagram

She was a student at NYU, modeling part-time, when she decided she’d wing it and audition for the role. Showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino told A Moveable Feast in 2012, that ‘Alexis had never done anything before. We found her in New York […] and she had the flu. She was very annoyed at having to audition, and she didn’t want to speak to us. She just wanted go home and back to bed, and we’re like, “She hates us. We love her! Let’s give it to her!”‘

4. Bledels and Blake Lively are still good friends.

CREDIT: @blakelively / Instagram

Bledel went on to star in “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and is still good friends with Lively. Lurk their Insta feeds to see how they support each other as women in a #TimesUp atmosphere in Hollywood and as general pals.

5. Showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino was inspired while on vacation in Washington, Connecticut.

CREDIT: The Hickory Stick Bookshop. Digital Image. AsHerWorldTurns.com. September 22, 2016.

She told Desert News about her trip, “We’re driving by, and people are slowing down saying, ‘Excuse me, where is the pumpkin patch?’ And everything is green and people are out, and they’re talking. And we went to a diner and everyone knew each other and someone got up and they walked behind the (counter) and they got their own coffee because the waitress was busy.” “If I can make people feel this much of what I felt walking around this fairy town, I thought that would be wonderful,” Sherman-Palladino said. Mission accomplished, Sherman-Palladino!

6. Liza Weil, who plays Paris, was turned down to play the part of Rory.

CREDIT: lizaweil / Instagram

She initially auditioned to play Rory, but Sherman-Palladino had other ideas for her. She said that if the show got picked up, she’d write a role just for Weil. Weil said it “was scary to be a judgmental, mean girl,” but she has owned it since! See her in “How to Get Away With Murder” as the fiercest character.

7. Fast-talking was intentionally set as the “Gilmore Girls” brand.

CREDIT: @gilmoregirls_ / Instagram

We know, Columbians own this brand, and the production team had to work really hard to keep up. Normally, one page of a screenplay translates to one minute of screen time, but for “Gilmore Girls” scripts, one page was cut down to just 20 to 25 seconds.

8. The actors often didn’t get the writers’ pop culture references.

CREDIT: @gilmoregirls_ / Instagram

They would read the script and have to look up the meaning of the references, which is more than what I used to do. Just laugh through it, girl, I’m sure it was gold.

9. Sherman-Palladino wrote Jess into the show to put a buffer between Lorelai and Luke’s budding relationship.

CREDIT: Warner Bros. Television

Jess was Rory’s worst boyfriend hands down, and played a ‘bad boy’ type character on the show, which stressed Lorelai out. To make things more complicated, he was Luke’s nephew. And since Luke & Lorelai’s love would shorten the show, Sherman-Palladino threw in a wrench by the name of Jess.

10. Rumors had it that there’d be a spinoff show on Jess’ character.

CREDIT: stone_85 / Instagram

Obviously, that didn’t happen, but the only reason why is because it would have been too expensive to shoot it in Venice Beach. The third season even included a casi-pilot for the show, which would have been called “Windward Circle.”

11. P.S. Rory and Jess dated in real life too!

CREDIT: Warner Bros. Television

They dated for a year and a half, and even talked marriage before going their separate ways. They returned to working together for the Netflix reboot, and we couldn’t be more maniacally happy to see Jess make his return.

12. In the Season One Finale, Lorelai *didn’t* receive 1000 yellow daisies in a dramatic marriage proposal.

CREDIT: Warner Bros. Television

Sherman-Palladino told EW that “A thousand yellow daisies actually sounds like a lot but when you put a thousand yellow daisies in a big room, like our set, it’s kind of like a table arrangement. Three or four times we had to send people back to get yellow daisies. I think we wiped out yellow daisies on the West Coast.”

13. In Season Five, Norman Mailer filled the role of “well-known author” in “Normal Mailer, I’m Pregnant!”

CREDIT: Gilmore Girls Cast. Digital Image. Flavorwire.com. March 19, 2018.

Mailer was a Pulitzer Prize winner and initially declined the offer to be part of “Gilmore Girls” until they asked his son to take a part as well. He actually said, “I almost never watch sitcoms; I really have a prejudice against them. But for some reason I find ‘Gilmore Girls’ kind of agreeable.” Great minds, Norman.

14. Alex Borstein, the harpist, was originally cast as beloved chef Sookie.

CREDIT: Warner Bros. Television

Borstein ended up turning down the role to continue her work with “MadTV.” Thankfully, that wasn’t the end for her with “Gilmore Girls.” She made a few appearances as the harpist Drella, and, funnily enough, the actress married the actor who plays Sookie’s husband on the show!

15. Keiko Agena, who played Lane, was only six years younger than Lauren Graham when the show premiered.

CREDIT: keikoagena / Instagram

She was 27 years old when the show premiered. The age difference between Lorelai and Lane was supposed to be 16 years.

16. Chilton student Brad Langford went MIA in Seasons 2 and 3.

CREDIT: Adam Wiley. Digital Image. imdb.com. March 19, 2018

Remember how we didn’t really miss him and forgot he existed and then he came back and told everyone he’d been starring in “Into the Woods” on Broadway. Well, the actor who plays Brad, Adam Wiley, actually was starring in that show at the time.

17. Not quite a cameo tho: Sebastian Bach of Skid Row

CREDIT: Sebastian Bach. Digital Image. MetalSucks.com. March 30, 2016.

Bach played Gil, Lane’s bandmate, and he was recruited for the role! He told TV Guide, “When I got the call, I was like, “Do you guys have the right phone number?” They wanted a “rock star” to [play] the guitar player [in Lane’s band] and [the casting director saw me on] VH1’s “I Love the ’70s.” I love doing the show. I made some great friends. Scott Patterson, who plays Luke, and I are really good friends.

18. Lauren Graham, who plays Lorelai, loves doing Friday night dinner scenes the most.

CREDIT: Warner Bros. Television

As much as we hate arguing with our Latina moms, we loved watching Lorelai and Emily hash it out with all the passive aggressive tension that our telenovelas were lacking in. Inside scoop: “The food was always terrible.”

19. Sherman-Palladino had a rocky exit from showrunning “Gilmore Girls.”

CREDIT: Amy Sherman-Palladino. Digital image. imdb.com. March 19, 2018.

Her and her husband, Dan, wrote for the entire series, but couldn’t reach an agreement with WB studios to renew their contracts in 2006. Amy told Vulture Magazine that “It was a botched negotiation… By the way, all this sh*t we asked for? They had to do anyway when we left. They hired this big writing staff and a producer-director onstage. That’s what bugged me the most. They wound up having to do what we asked for anyway, and I wasn’t there.”

20. Lauren Graham was given a producer role in Season 7.

CREDIT: @gilmoregirls_ / Instagram

Scott Patterson, who plays Luke in the show, said that there was a ‘perceptible change.’ ” Graham was a producer this year, and there was a little more leeway in how things were shaped. The actors had more input than in the previous six years. And it was less work – I’m not qualifying that either way, whether it was good or bad. That’s just the way it was.”

 21.  Sherman-Palladino wasn’t involved in the (original) series finale.

CREDIT: @alexisbledel / Instagram

She had a different idea for how the show would end, and ten years later, got her wish with the new reboot. At the time, though, she was in discussions to create a spinoff for Rory’s new story.

22. Sherman-Palladino just signed a new deal with Amazon to make room for more episodes.

CREDIT: Netflix

“We carved out a little niche for ourselves with Amazon saying that if we ever want to do it, if the girls and us get together and we have a concept that works, then we have the freedom to do it,” she told RadioTimes. Tug at our heart strings why don’t you?

23. Jenji Kohan, who was the showrunner for “Weeds” and “Orange is the New Black,” wrote an episode of “Gilmore Girls.”

CREDIT: Jenji Kohan. Digital Image. HollywoodReporter.com. August 6, 2014.

Jenji is officially iconic, but was a somewhat nameless writer who wrote Episode 7 of Season 1, “Kiss and Tell.” BRB while I go rewatch that episode.

24. Keiko Agena, who plays Lane Kim, isn’t Korean.

CREDIT: keikoagena / Instagram

She’s Japanese and was born in Hawaii. She ended up playing the role of Yori in “Kim Possible,” another girls-take-charge TV series.

25. Alexis Bledel actually hates coffee.

CREDIT: Warner Bros. Television

*American coffee. That’s the only explanation for a Latinx who doesn’t like coffee right? She allegedly had her cup filled with coke throughout the show, but we all noticed the empty coffee cups.

Jharrel Jerome Made History By Being The First Ever Afro-Latino To Win An Emmy For Acting And His Acceptance Speech Made Latinos Everywhere Cry Their Hearts Out


Jharrel Jerome Made History By Being The First Ever Afro-Latino To Win An Emmy For Acting And His Acceptance Speech Made Latinos Everywhere Cry Their Hearts Out

Jharrel Jerome - 71st Emmy Awards - Press Room / Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Another glass ceiling has finally been broken in Hollywood. On Sunday night, Dominican-American actor Jharrel Jerome became the first-ever Afro-Latino actor to win an Emmy for acting. Jerome won the award for his work in the Ava Duverney limited series “When They See Us”, where he portrayed the wrongly-convicted Korey Wise. 

“When They See Us” is a Netflix-helmed production that revolves around the case of Raymond Santana, Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Korey Wise, and Yusef Salaam–a group of black and Latino young men who were wrongly convicted for the rape and assault of a female jogger. Jerome played the part of Korey Wise, the oldest of the group, and the only member who was forced to serve his term in the adult prison system. Years later, the true assailant admitted to the crime and the men were released from prison. 

The limited-series has been praised for “adding a necessary layer of humanity” to the boys’ stories and challenging viewers to “reconsider what it means to find justice in America.”

The win was one of the most emotional wins of the night, with the audience erupting into applause and getting to its feet when Jerome won.

Notably among the audience were the members of “The Central Park Five”, whom Jerome referred to in his speech as “The Exonerated Five”. The men gave Jerome a standing ovation along with the rest of the crowd, all of them visibly emotional. Korey Wise, the man Jerome portrayed, was shown with tears running down his face during Jerome’s acceptance speech.

Jerome started the speech saying that he feels he should be “in the Bronx right now, chillin,’ waiting for my mom’s cooking, but I’m here”. He then went on to thank his family for their support, including his mother and his father. He lapsed into Spanish at one point, pointing to the sky and telling his deceased grandfather “te quiero”. Finally, he dedicated his award “Most importantly, this is for the men that we know as The Exonerated Five. Thank you so much. It’s an honor and a blessing.”

The win was a shock to audience and critics alike, as the category was stacked with heavy-hitters.

The competition was stiff among the limited-series nominees, with household names like Benecio Del Toro, Hugh Grant, Mahershala Ali, and Jared Harris among the actors. Jerome thanked his fellow nominees at the beginning of his speech, saying that he was “here with his inspirations” with people he was “so motivated by”. The win was not only surprising because of Jerome’s status as a newcomer, but also his age–the youngest actor ever to win in this category. 

The significance of the occasion was not lost on Jerome, who said that he hoped it was a “step forward for Dominicans, for Latinos, for Afro-Latinos” in a backstage interview.

Backstage, Jerome was also candid about the impact of black and brown stories, and how their power lies in the truth they portray. “I think our strongest stories are the stories of pain, considering that’s what we go through on a regular basis,” he said. “I think the truth is our pain needs to be told.”

Always on board to celebrate the accomplishments of la Raza, Latinxs took to Twitter to express their joy at Jerome’s win. 

Naturally, the news is cause for celebration. After all, it’s not every day that a young Dominican Afro-Latino from the Bronx wins an Emmy. Especially when he’s pitted against Oscar-winners and industry favorites.

This Latina took to Twitter to emphasize the significance of this event:

With Jerome’s win, history was literally made on Sunday night–that fact can’t be stated enough.

Even Lin Manuel Miranda got in on the action, expressing his pride:

It turns out that Miranda and Jerome had met before. What a beautiful example of Latinos supporting other Latinos!

This Latino was overcome with all of the emotion he was feeling from Jerome’s win.

It’s hard to express the pride one feels when seeing someone from their tribe make an impact on the world. This is why representation on our screens is so important.

This Dominicana had a thing or two to say about black and Latinx intersectionality:

Jerome’s win is the perfect teachable moment for people (included Latinxs) who struggle with the fact that there are black Latinos out there. 

This Latina suggested a nation-wide day off for Dominican-Americans.

We don’t hate that idea. Every step forward should be celebrated. 

Congratulations to Jharrel Jerome for a much-deserved win. We’re sure that we’ll be seeing him on our screens for years to come.

New Safety Measures In The Dominican Republic Following American Deaths

Things That Matter

New Safety Measures In The Dominican Republic Following American Deaths

Joe deSousa / Flickr

It’s only common sense that tells you to watch your back when you travel, no matter where you go. After all, tourists are prime targets for scams, pickpockets, and the like. And sure, sometimes certain places give you a bad dose of something, which leaves you making best friends with the toilet bowl for a good 24 hours. But, what you most likely don’t anticipate is having to contend with death – and after the deaths of 11 American tourists in the Dominican Republic, officials have been scrambling to deal with the fallout.

New safety measures are being rolled out to protect and assist American tourists visiting the Dominican Republic.

Credit: Chrissy Anderson / Pinterest

The reason why we know this is because officials from the Dominican Republic, along with the US Ambassador, gathered in New York City to announce the new initiatives to be put in place. Talking to the media at the Four Seasons Hotel in Manhattan, the Dominican Republic’s Minister of Tourism, Javier Garcia, said that the proposed safety measures are designed to address safety issues reported to be at the center of the tourists’ deaths. Granted, even though the safety measures were only recently announced, it’s likely that these initiatives have been in the works for a while – so here’s hoping that they’ve hashed out all the little details, and see some success!

So what was said in the announcement?

Credit: YouTube / Daily Mail

Well, there were four main changes that are gonna be made in the Dominican Republic. Firstly, the plan is to reinforce mandates requiring that both emergency information and 911 be available in guest rooms. A new emergency tourist center, manned by multi-lingual staff, is to be constructed in Bávaro, Punta Cana. The aim behind this initiative is to ensure that, should there actually be an emergency, then there is plenty of help on hand. It’s great to see that they’ve considered language barriers, too, as navigating them can be the difference between life and death in an emergency.

Improved access to emergency services is not all that’s been announced.

Credit: ecolab_inc / Instagram

The Ministry of Tourism also announced a partnership with Ecolab, a U.S.-based water, hygiene, and energy technology developer. Ecolab has been brought on board as a training and certification provider for current and would-be Department of Tourism, Services and Companies inspectors. The benefit of this partnership is that the U.S. tends to set acceptable standards for lots of industries, worldwide. Granted, we’re not here to go down that rabbit hole and judge whether that’s a good or a bad thing. Rather, it’s important to acknowledge the line of thinking that if inspectors from the Department of Tourism, Services, and Companies have been trained to what’s synonymous with a world-class standard, at what they do.

This means inspectors who are good at their job ensuring that accidents don’t happen.

Credit: hdcamerasusa / Instagram

In terms of more general security, our man Garcia also announced that 4,000 agents would be hired across the tourist security agency and the national police. Beyond manpower, 3,000 additional public security cameras are to be installed. On the one hand, this indicates a considerable boost to security resources within the Dominican Republic. On the other hand, not many specifics were mentioned around this new personnel and cameras. For example: where exactly would these agents and cameras be stationed? It’s no good if they’re just added to the current roster of security resources, without any thought about how they could make an impact. It’s no good placing a camera in a busy thoroughfare if it’s not really an area where any crime occurs in the first place, right?

The US Ambassador to the Dominican Republic was on board with the announcement.

Credit: lavozdegaliciard / Instagram

Robin Bernstein reminded the press that the U.S. State Department maintains a level-two advisory on travel to the Dominican Republic – a standard that’s also been applied to countries such as Spain, Denmark, and Belgium. In fact, she declared that the deaths of the American tourists in the Dominican Republic fueled an “unfounded negative campaign,” which has created a “tourism crisis” for the country. “American tourists should feel safe and secure,” Bernstein said. “I am totally comfortable with [the Dominican Republic’s] safety level, it is one of the safest tourist destinations I have ever visited. In fact, it has now become an even safer place to come because of the initiatives.”

The ambassador is cautiously optimistic about the long-term benefits of these safety measures.

Credit: asonahores / Instagram

While the Ambassador indicated that she has full faith in the safety standards of the Dominican Republic, she also addressed the reports that tainted alcohol had lead to the deaths of U.S. tourists. “If it was alcohol, people would be dropping like flies,” Bernstein said. “It is not alcohol.” However, she did not offer an alternative explanation as to why the deaths occurred.

Not all of the deaths have been attributed to compromised alcohol.

Credit: hrhcpuntacana / Instagram

That doesn’t mean that concerns haven’t been raised around the alcohol provided at hotels in the Caribbean country. Back in June, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino announced that it would remove liquor dispensers from the guest rooms at its Punta Cana location. Apparently, this was due to “guest feedback” and an effort to “enhance safety moving forward.” From there on in, all alcohol onsite would be brand-name and sourced from the U.S. – bar specialty beverages from the Dominican Republic. Hard Rock also announced that it would be contracting a U.S. third party organizations to assist with inspecting and testing the location’s food and beverages. Seems that it’s a bit of overkill for just merely responding to customer feedback.

Some think that the timing seems a little too coincidental to think otherwise.

Credit: av1ation / Instagram

In addition to the Hard Rock Hotel’s change in company policy, Delta Airlines also decided to give its customers a bit of leeway with their flights. The most recent death of 46-year-old Denver resident, Khalid Adkins, on July 25 triggered an announcement from Delta Airlines that the airline would allow travelers with tickets to Punta Cana to cancel or reschedule their flights “due to recent events” – a euphemism for the deaths that have occurred in the region. 

Despite the reactions of these companies to the deaths, the facts still say that the Dominican Republic is a relatively safe holiday destination.

Credit: artbyheathercutts / Instagram

For anyone who is planning to travel to the Dominican Republic, it’s worth thinking about this: last year, about 13 U.S. citizens died in the Dominican Republic. In 2017, the figure was 17 deaths. So, the rate of deaths is actually decreasing for U.S. citizens traveling to the Caribbean island. The Dominican Republic saw more than 2.7 million visitors from the U.S. in 2017.

Yet, it is always important to feel safe and comfortable when traveling.

Credit: airportag / Instagram

At the end of the day, there’s just not enough information out there to really say how many of the deaths could be connected – or if they were connected at all, save the fact that these US tourists traveled to the same place. Some of the US citizens who died did so due to car accidents, or heart conditions – things that, unfortunately, happen all too common in the US, too. However, some of the deaths are yet to have a particular cause attributed to them. A few of them have occurred after the tourist was drinking, exhibiting symptoms such as excessive vomiting. And, okay, entirely possible that authorities are genuinely still investigating the causes of the deaths, or even keeping the cause of the deaths quiet out of respect for the families of the victims. But, the moral of the story is that it never hurts to exercise caution when you’re in traveling overseas, babes.

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