Here Are 25 Facts You Didn’t Know About ‘Gilmore Girls’

“Gilmore Girls” first ran on the WB in 2000, and the mother-daughter pair was goals for all of us who grew up watching their banter, coffee addiction and ~drama~. My mom and I would each have our own pint of Ben & Jerry’s in hand as we watched this during those blissful years before teenage angst set in. What we didn’t know then, was that there would be a reboot ten years after the Season 7 finale.

Here’s what else none of us knew about the history of “Gilmore Girls,” its characters and the people who played them!

1. Alexis Bledel, who plays Rory, is Latina.

CREDIT: Source: Alexis Bledel. Digital Image. Gazette Review . January 5, 2017.

Her mother is Mexican and her father is Argentinian. She was born and raised in Texas and didn’t learn English until she started school. ‘It’s the only culture my mom knows from life, and my father as well,’ she told Latina magazine in 2005. ‘They made the decision to raise their children within the context they had been raised in, so we speak Spanish in my parents’ house and my mom cooks amazing Mexican food.’

2. She’s damn proud of it, too.

CREDIT: @alexisbledel / Instagram

She speaks Spanish fluently to this day, though she did have to act like she had a terrible accent and could only speak a little Spanish in one scene of “Gilmore Girls.” Bledel, your acting blows me away.

3. Rory was Bledel’s first acting gig.

CREDIT: @alexisbledel / Instagram

She was a student at NYU, modeling part-time, when she decided she’d wing it and audition for the role. Showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino told A Moveable Feast in 2012, that ‘Alexis had never done anything before. We found her in New York […] and she had the flu. She was very annoyed at having to audition, and she didn’t want to speak to us. She just wanted go home and back to bed, and we’re like, “She hates us. We love her! Let’s give it to her!”‘

4. Bledels and Blake Lively are still good friends.

CREDIT: @blakelively / Instagram

Bledel went on to star in “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and is still good friends with Lively. Lurk their Insta feeds to see how they support each other as women in a #TimesUp atmosphere in Hollywood and as general pals.

5. Showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino was inspired while on vacation in Washington, Connecticut.

CREDIT: The Hickory Stick Bookshop. Digital Image. AsHerWorldTurns.com. September 22, 2016.

She told Desert News about her trip, “We’re driving by, and people are slowing down saying, ‘Excuse me, where is the pumpkin patch?’ And everything is green and people are out, and they’re talking. And we went to a diner and everyone knew each other and someone got up and they walked behind the (counter) and they got their own coffee because the waitress was busy.” “If I can make people feel this much of what I felt walking around this fairy town, I thought that would be wonderful,” Sherman-Palladino said. Mission accomplished, Sherman-Palladino!

6. Liza Weil, who plays Paris, was turned down to play the part of Rory.

CREDIT: lizaweil / Instagram

She initially auditioned to play Rory, but Sherman-Palladino had other ideas for her. She said that if the show got picked up, she’d write a role just for Weil. Weil said it “was scary to be a judgmental, mean girl,” but she has owned it since! See her in “How to Get Away With Murder” as the fiercest character.

7. Fast-talking was intentionally set as the “Gilmore Girls” brand.

CREDIT: @gilmoregirls_ / Instagram

We know, Columbians own this brand, and the production team had to work really hard to keep up. Normally, one page of a screenplay translates to one minute of screen time, but for “Gilmore Girls” scripts, one page was cut down to just 20 to 25 seconds.

8. The actors often didn’t get the writers’ pop culture references.

CREDIT: @gilmoregirls_ / Instagram

They would read the script and have to look up the meaning of the references, which is more than what I used to do. Just laugh through it, girl, I’m sure it was gold.

9. Sherman-Palladino wrote Jess into the show to put a buffer between Lorelai and Luke’s budding relationship.

CREDIT: Warner Bros. Television

Jess was Rory’s worst boyfriend hands down, and played a ‘bad boy’ type character on the show, which stressed Lorelai out. To make things more complicated, he was Luke’s nephew. And since Luke & Lorelai’s love would shorten the show, Sherman-Palladino threw in a wrench by the name of Jess.

10. Rumors had it that there’d be a spinoff show on Jess’ character.

CREDIT: stone_85 / Instagram

Obviously, that didn’t happen, but the only reason why is because it would have been too expensive to shoot it in Venice Beach. The third season even included a casi-pilot for the show, which would have been called “Windward Circle.”

11. P.S. Rory and Jess dated in real life too!

CREDIT: Warner Bros. Television

They dated for a year and a half, and even talked marriage before going their separate ways. They returned to working together for the Netflix reboot, and we couldn’t be more maniacally happy to see Jess make his return.

12. In the Season One Finale, Lorelai *didn’t* receive 1000 yellow daisies in a dramatic marriage proposal.

CREDIT: Warner Bros. Television

Sherman-Palladino told EW that “A thousand yellow daisies actually sounds like a lot but when you put a thousand yellow daisies in a big room, like our set, it’s kind of like a table arrangement. Three or four times we had to send people back to get yellow daisies. I think we wiped out yellow daisies on the West Coast.”

13. In Season Five, Norman Mailer filled the role of “well-known author” in “Normal Mailer, I’m Pregnant!”

CREDIT: Gilmore Girls Cast. Digital Image. Flavorwire.com. March 19, 2018.

Mailer was a Pulitzer Prize winner and initially declined the offer to be part of “Gilmore Girls” until they asked his son to take a part as well. He actually said, “I almost never watch sitcoms; I really have a prejudice against them. But for some reason I find ‘Gilmore Girls’ kind of agreeable.” Great minds, Norman.

14. Alex Borstein, the harpist, was originally cast as beloved chef Sookie.

CREDIT: Warner Bros. Television

Borstein ended up turning down the role to continue her work with “MadTV.” Thankfully, that wasn’t the end for her with “Gilmore Girls.” She made a few appearances as the harpist Drella, and, funnily enough, the actress married the actor who plays Sookie’s husband on the show!

15. Keiko Agena, who played Lane, was only six years younger than Lauren Graham when the show premiered.

CREDIT: keikoagena / Instagram

She was 27 years old when the show premiered. The age difference between Lorelai and Lane was supposed to be 16 years.

16. Chilton student Brad Langford went MIA in Seasons 2 and 3.

CREDIT: Adam Wiley. Digital Image. imdb.com. March 19, 2018

Remember how we didn’t really miss him and forgot he existed and then he came back and told everyone he’d been starring in “Into the Woods” on Broadway. Well, the actor who plays Brad, Adam Wiley, actually was starring in that show at the time.

17. Not quite a cameo tho: Sebastian Bach of Skid Row

CREDIT: Sebastian Bach. Digital Image. MetalSucks.com. March 30, 2016.

Bach played Gil, Lane’s bandmate, and he was recruited for the role! He told TV Guide, “When I got the call, I was like, “Do you guys have the right phone number?” They wanted a “rock star” to [play] the guitar player [in Lane’s band] and [the casting director saw me on] VH1’s “I Love the ’70s.” I love doing the show. I made some great friends. Scott Patterson, who plays Luke, and I are really good friends.

18. Lauren Graham, who plays Lorelai, loves doing Friday night dinner scenes the most.

CREDIT: Warner Bros. Television

As much as we hate arguing with our Latina moms, we loved watching Lorelai and Emily hash it out with all the passive aggressive tension that our telenovelas were lacking in. Inside scoop: “The food was always terrible.”

19. Sherman-Palladino had a rocky exit from showrunning “Gilmore Girls.”

CREDIT: Amy Sherman-Palladino. Digital image. imdb.com. March 19, 2018.

Her and her husband, Dan, wrote for the entire series, but couldn’t reach an agreement with WB studios to renew their contracts in 2006. Amy told Vulture Magazine that “It was a botched negotiation… By the way, all this sh*t we asked for? They had to do anyway when we left. They hired this big writing staff and a producer-director onstage. That’s what bugged me the most. They wound up having to do what we asked for anyway, and I wasn’t there.”

20. Lauren Graham was given a producer role in Season 7.

CREDIT: @gilmoregirls_ / Instagram

Scott Patterson, who plays Luke in the show, said that there was a ‘perceptible change.’ ” Graham was a producer this year, and there was a little more leeway in how things were shaped. The actors had more input than in the previous six years. And it was less work – I’m not qualifying that either way, whether it was good or bad. That’s just the way it was.”

 21.  Sherman-Palladino wasn’t involved in the (original) series finale.

CREDIT: @alexisbledel / Instagram

She had a different idea for how the show would end, and ten years later, got her wish with the new reboot. At the time, though, she was in discussions to create a spinoff for Rory’s new story.

22. Sherman-Palladino just signed a new deal with Amazon to make room for more episodes.

CREDIT: Netflix

“We carved out a little niche for ourselves with Amazon saying that if we ever want to do it, if the girls and us get together and we have a concept that works, then we have the freedom to do it,” she told RadioTimes. Tug at our heart strings why don’t you?

23. Jenji Kohan, who was the showrunner for “Weeds” and “Orange is the New Black,” wrote an episode of “Gilmore Girls.”

CREDIT: Jenji Kohan. Digital Image. HollywoodReporter.com. August 6, 2014.

Jenji is officially iconic, but was a somewhat nameless writer who wrote Episode 7 of Season 1, “Kiss and Tell.” BRB while I go rewatch that episode.

24. Keiko Agena, who plays Lane Kim, isn’t Korean.

CREDIT: keikoagena / Instagram

She’s Japanese and was born in Hawaii. She ended up playing the role of Yori in “Kim Possible,” another girls-take-charge TV series.

25. Alexis Bledel actually hates coffee.

CREDIT: Warner Bros. Television

*American coffee. That’s the only explanation for a Latinx who doesn’t like coffee right? She allegedly had her cup filled with coke throughout the show, but we all noticed the empty coffee cups.

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Radical Feminists Have Seized Control of a Federal Building in Mexico in Protest of the Government’s Apathy Towards Rampant Femicide


Radical Feminists Have Seized Control of a Federal Building in Mexico in Protest of the Government’s Apathy Towards Rampant Femicide

Last week, Mexican feminist activists took over the National Human Rights Commissions federal building in a move to bring greater awareness to the scourge of gender-based violence and femicide that has racked Mexico for decades.

According to the federal Interior Secretariat, the statistics in Mexico have recently taken a turn for the worse.

Domestic violence against women has became an even more acute problem since the pandemic has forced women to stay insider with their abusers. Emergency distress calls reporting domestic violence have risen by 50%.

The occupation of the Human Rights building is just another chapter in the saga of the “Ni Una Menos” (Not One More Woman) movement, an anti-femicide collective born in Argentina that has steadily been gaining steam in Mexico since 2019.

In recent years, anti-femicide demonstrations have been sparked by various heinous crimes against women or girls that have been largely overlooked by law enforcement officials. 

Photo by Marcos Brindicci/Getty Images

Unfortunately, the government of Mexico has appeared to be apathetic to the wave of femicide that is overwhelming the women of their country.

Recently, when President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was asked to address Mexico’s gender violence epidemic, he demurred, stating that he didn’t “want femicide to detract” from the raffle his administration was holding for the sale of the presidential airplane.

As for the feminist activists at the heart of Ni Una Menos and the federal building occupation, the government’s failure to respond to anti-woman violence is the primary fuel for their anger. 

“We’re here so that the whole world will know that in Mexico they kill women and nobody does anything about it,” said Yesenia Zamudio to the LA Times. According to Zamudio, she is still seeking justice for the murder of her 19-year-old daughter four years ago.

The women of Mexico appear to be fed up, grasping at any and all tactics that have the potential to incite change on a grander scale.

Their tactics may seem dramatic to some, but it’s undeniable that they are no longer being ignored. As of now, the radical activists are pulling attention-grabbing stunts like decorating a portrait of Mexican Revolution leader Francisco Madero with lipstick and purple hair.

They’re also making headlines for vandalizing the federal building’s walls and splashing paint on the doors of the presidential palace.

One thing is for sure: something has to change. Otherwise, thousands of innocent women and girls will continue to be raped, abused, and murdered while their perpetrators escape with immunity. 

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Joe Biden Speaks Alongside ‘Fearless Fighter’ Kamala Harris In First Appearance And Recalls Her Family’s Immigrant Story


Joe Biden Speaks Alongside ‘Fearless Fighter’ Kamala Harris In First Appearance And Recalls Her Family’s Immigrant Story

Chip Somodevilla / Gettycc

After weeks of speculation and anticipation, presidential candidate Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that he has officially picked his running mate.

In a history-making announcement, Biden revealed that he had tapped California Sen. Kamala Harris to be his VP Pick.

“I have the great honor to announce that I’ve picked @KamalaHarris — a fearless fighter for the little guy, and one of the country’s finest public servants — as my running mate,” Biden announced in a tweet.

On Wednesday, Biden held his first campaign event alongside running mate Kamala Harris in Delaware.

During their speeches, the two candidates wore masks and kept their distance in keeping with COVID-19 standards.

Speaking about his VP pick, Biden described Harris as coming from an “America’s story.” Biden described Harris as “a child of immigrants” who “knows personally how immigrant families enrich our country as well as the challenges of what it means to grow up Black and Indian-American in the United States of America,” he explained. “And this morning, all across the nation, little girls woke up, especially little Black and brown girls that feel overlooked and undervalued in their communities, but today — today just maybe they’re seeing themselves for the first time in a new way as president and vice presidents.”

In a speech of her own, Harris emphasized the importance of family and urged citizens to vote.  “We need a mandate that proves that the past few years do not represent who we are or who we aspire to be,” she said. “Joe likes to say that character is on the ballot. And it’s true,” she explained. “I’ve had a lot of titles over my career and certainly vice president will be great. But ‘Momala’ will always be the one that means the most.”

Harris’s nomination makes her the first Black and first Indian-American woman on either major party’s presidential ticket.

Harris is a former prosecutor from California who challenged Biden in her own presidential bid last year. Her nomination makes her the fourth woman to appear on a major presidential ballot. Before her, Geraldine Ferraro ran as a Democratic vice presidential nominee in 1984. In 2008, Republican Sarah Palin ran as a vice presidential nominee, later in 2016, Hillary Clinton became the Democratic presidential nominee.

Biden’s choice was one that has long been in the works. In March of this year, he revealed that he would make a point to have a woman as his running mate and in July he announced that he had narrowed his picks down to four Black women.

Kamala Harris was elected to Congress in 2016.

This has been Harris’ first term as a senator. Before, she served as the California attorney general. During her time as AG, Harris formed a lasting friendship with Biden’s late son Beau who was attorney general at the time in Delaware. Writing about Beau’s death, in her memoir The Truths We Hold, Harris recalled that “there were periods when I was taking the heat when Beau and I talked every day, sometimes multiple times a day,” she wrote in her memoir. “We had each other’s backs.”

Biden’s son Beau died in 2015 from brain cancer. Harris attended his funeral.

During his announcement, Biden mentioned Harris’ friendship with his son.

“I watched as they took on the big banks, lifted up working people, and protected women and kids from abuse,” Biden tweeted. “I was proud then, and I’m proud now to have her as my partner in this campaign.”

So far, it seems there are quite a bit of Harris x Biden supporters.

Fans were quick to give their support and applaud her candidacy.

In a tweet acknowledging her nomination, Harris wrote “@JoeBiden can unify the American people because he’s spent his life fighting for us. And as president, he’ll build an America that lives up to our ideals. I’m honored to join him as our party’s nominee for Vice President, and do what it takes to make him our Commander-in-Chief.”

Here’s to 2020 y’all. Get ready to make history.

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