25 Crazy Facts About Pixar’s “Coco” You Didn’t Notice In The Movie

Fans of “Coco” know the movie had quite a bit of history and story packed into it. But did you know these 25 facts from behind the movie?

1. The trivia behind the movie will make you cry more than the movie.

CREDIT: “Coco” / Walt Disney Pictures /
Pixar Animation Studios

For instance: this bit of insight from the film’s co-director and screenwriter Adrian Molina, revealed that the idea behind Miguel watching the films of Ernesto de la Cruz on videotapes to learn how to play the guitar was inspired by Molina’s own experiences as a child. During his childhood in the 1990s, Molina would record the episodes of The Wonderful World of Disney television program on ABC, CBS, and The Disney Channel on videotape. The episodes made him long for a better life.

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