25 Classic Movies Latinos Grew Up With

Despite how interesting, fascinating and important they are, Latino stories, haven’t always received the attention they deserve when it comes to films and mainstream media coverage.   Fortunately for us, as kids, and even now where we’re still learning to grow into ourselves, there were a few movies that depicted classic Latino stories, families, and people.

Here are 25 classic films about Latinos that most of us grew up with!

1. “Spy Kids”

CREDIT: Spy Kids / Dimension Films

This film about two kids who discover their parents are spies was the ultimate film back when it came out. Fans of the show watches as two kids took on the role of spies in order to save their kidnapped parents. Starring a pretty all-star Latino cast including Antonio Banderas, Danny Trejo and Alexa Vega.

2. “Tortilla Soup”

CREDIT: Tortilla Soup / Samuel Goldwyn Films

It was hard not to get sucked into this TV favorite about sisters trying to grow under the watchful eye of their father. Starring Héctor Elizondo, Jacqueline Obradors and Elizabeth Peña.

3. “Fools Rush In”

CREDIT: Fools Rush In / Columbia Pictures

After a one-night stand in Vegas, a Las Vegas-based Latina discovers she’s pregnant with a New York City real estate agent. It might not have been totally parent-approved, but you know snuck this one in for all of the romantic and funny moments when abuela wasn’t watching. Stars Salma Hayek and Matthew Perry.

4. “Mi Vida Loca”

CREDIT: Mi Vida Loca / Sony Pictures Classics

Young Latino women evaluate their lives as gang members in Echo Park, Los Angeles in this film. Starring Angel Aviles and Seedy Lopez.

5. “La Bamba”

CREDIT: La Bamba / Colombia Pictures

This biographical film is about the life and career of Chicano rock ‘n’ roll star Ritchie Valens. Starring Lou Diamond Phillips as Valens in a classic case of Hollywood brown face.

6. “My Family”

CREDIT: My Family / New Line Cinema

A film that depicts the three generations of a Mexican family that emigrated and settled in East Los Angeles. Starring a young Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Smits.

7. “Selena”

CREDIT: Selena / Warner Bros.

This film about the young Texan music legend has become a cinematic classic. Starring aJennifer Lopez and Edward James Olmos.

8. “Stand And Deliver”

CREDIT: Stand And Deliver / Warner Bros.

When an L.A. high school teacher becomes pressured to control his classroom of tough students he decides to challenge them with higher math. Starring Edward James Olmos.

9. “El Norte”

CREDIT: El Norte / PBS

The independent drama about two indigenous kids who flee Guatemala in the 1980s. Starring Zaide Silvia and GutiérrezDavid Villalpando.

10. “Born in East L.A.”

CREDIT: Born In East L.A. / Universal Pictures

The American comedy is about a Mexican-American who becomes mistaken for an undocumented immigrant and is deported. Starring Cheech Mari and Daniel Stern.

11. “American Me”

CREDIT: American Me / Universal Pictures

This biographical crime drama depicts a fictionalized account of California’s Mexican Mafia. Starring Edward James Olmos who also directed the film.

12. “The Sandlot”

CREDIT: The Sandlot / 20th Century Fox

“The Sandlot” wasn’t entirely a Latino film, but it did have a pretty epic Latino character. The film starred Mike Vitar as Benny “The Jet” Rodrigues.

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13. “Por La Libre”

CREDIT: Por La Libre

This film follows Rodrigo and Rocco as they journey from Mexico City to Acapulco to accomplish their grandfather’s last wish. The film touches on key notes on family and sexuality.

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14. “I Like It Like That”

CREDIT: I Like It Like That / Columbia Pictures

The Bronx-based comedy follows the highs and lows faced by a young, poor Puerto Rican couple. Starring Lauren Vélez and Jon Seda.

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15. “Raising Victor Vargas”

CREDIT: Raising Victor Vargas/ Samuel Goldwyn Films

This depiction of life in the early 2000’s in New York City’s Lower East Side explains what it’s like to grow up in a large Latino family. The film stars Victor Rasuk and Judy Marte.

16. “Hangin’ With The Homeboys”

CREDIT: Hangin’ With The Homeboys / New Line Cinema

The quintessential coming of-age tale depicts the everyday lives of four men from the Bronx over the course of one night. Young John Leguizamo stars.

17. “Mosquita Y Mari”

CREDIT: Mosquito y Mari / Sundance Film Festival)

This film follows two young Chicanas and explores the experience of being a queer woman of color. Venecia Troncoso and Fenessa Pineda star.

18. “Zoot Suit”

CREDIT: Zoot Suit / Universal Picture

Daniel Valdez stars as Henry Reyna a man at the center of a Pacheco gang. The film has the Zoot Suit Riots and World War II as its backdrop.

19. “The Best Things In The World” (2010)

CREDIT: The Best Things In The World / Warner Bros. Pictures

This movie tells a family’s experience as they deal with divorce and their father’s coming out. The Brazilian film follows the family over a one-month period and stars Francisco Miguez and Caio Blat.

20. “Confissões de Adolescente”

CREDIT: Confissões de Adolescente / Sony Pictures Entertainment

Lovers of “Tortilla Soup” will love this tale about a band of sisters while helping their father. The film is based off of the diary entries of Maria Mariana, who also stars.

21. “The Way He Looks”

CREDIT: The Way He Looks / Vitrine Films

This film based off of the 2010 short film, “I Don’t Want to Go Back Alone,“ follows a blind teenager and his best friend Giovana as they explore the terms of their relationship. Gilherme Lobo stars as a blind high school student who struggles to gain his own independence.

22. “The Year My Parents Went On Vacation”

CREDIT: The Year My Parents Went On Vacation / Buena Vista International

Exploring the themes around politics and familial discord this film follows a young boy and his obsession over the World Cup.

23. “Lake Tahoe”

CREDIT: Lake Tahoe / Berlin Film Festival)

When Juan crashes his family car into a pole, his attempts to make amends leads him to a series of interesting characters.

24. “Like Water for Chocolate”

CREDIT: Like Water for Chocolate / Miramax Films

Despite her heart and will, Tita is a young girl  raised to believe that as the younger daughter in her family she will never be with the man she loves. This romantic film based on a Laura Esquivel novel stars Lumi Cavazo.

25. “McFarland USA.”

This 2015 sports drama stars Kevin Costner and Maria Bello in a depiction of the true story of a cross country team. The team from a mostly Latino high school trains to win a state championship.

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Three Other Minneapolis Police Charged In George Floyd’s Murder, Chauvin’s Murder Charge Upgraded

Things That Matter

Three Other Minneapolis Police Charged In George Floyd’s Murder, Chauvin’s Murder Charge Upgraded

Stephen Maturen / Getty Images

Update June 3, 2020, 12:17 p.m. PST: Protests for justice for George Floyd have continued unabated for a week across the country. The protests are having an effect on the investigation into the murder of George Floyd and Attorney General Keith Ellison is pursuing more charges.

Senator Amy Klobuchar broke the news on Twitter about the new charges being filed in George Floyd’s death.

Sen. Klobuchar represents Minnesota and has received criticism over her tenure as the Hennepin County district attorney. Sen. Klobuchar did not seek charges against fired police officer Derek Chauvin in a 2006 police-involved shooting. Chauvin is the man seen in the video kneeling on George Floyd’s neck.

After a week of sustained and growing protests across the country, AG Ellison is upgrading Chauvin’s charges from third-degree murder to second-degree murder and the three other officers in the video will be charged with aiding and abating second-degree murder.

“This is a bittersweet moment for the family of George Floyd,” reads a statement by George Floyd’s family and their attorney Benjamin Crump in a joint statement. “We are deeply gratified that Attorney General Keith Ellison took decisive action in this case, arresting and charging all the officers involved in George Floyd’s death and upgrading the charge against Derek Chauvin to felony second-degree murder.”

Update June 1, 2020, 2:00 p.m. PST: An independent autopsy paid for by George Floyd’s family has found that he died as a result of asphyxiation. The announcement comes after days of unrest across the country that has attracted international attention and support.

An independent autopsy conducted at the request of George Floyd’s family claims that his death was a homicide.

According to multiple reports, an independent autopsy on George Floyd found that he died as a result of “homicide caused by asphyxia due to neck and back compression that led to a lack of blood flow to the brain.”

According to the autopsy conducted by Dr. Michael Baden and Dr. Allecia Wilson, Floyd died at the scene from the weight of the officers on top of him. His being handcuffed and his positioning on the ground by the cops contributed to his death.

“What we found is consistent with what people saw,” Dr. Baden said in an emailed release, according to HuffPost. “There is no other health issue that could cause or contribute to the death. Police have this false impression that if you can talk, you can breathe. That’s not true.”

Minneapolis officials have not released a full report on the medical examiner’s autopsy. However, officials have made it a point to say that there was no evidence that Floyd died of asphyxiation from the officer kneeling on his back and neck.

The country has witnessed ongoing protests since the video of Floyd’s death circulated on social media. Derek Chauvin, the police officer who kneeled on Floyd’s neck, has been arrested and charged with Floyd’s death. Protesters are demanding that the three other officers, who have been fired, be arrested for assisting and contributing to Floyd’s death.

Original: George Floyd is the latest Black man killed by the police. The Minneapolis resident was allegedly trying to pass a counterfeit $20 when police were called. The resulting arrest and death were captured on video and have gone viral on social media. Stephen Jackson, one of Floyd’s closest friends is rallying support against the police officers responsible.

Fired police officer Derek Chauvin has been arrested for George Floyd’s death.

The news broke on the morning of May 29 the fired police officer Chauvin was arrested for Floyd’s death. Black leaders gathered at Minneapolis City Hall and cautiously celebrated the news of justice. Organizers and community members are not satisfied with one arrest. Protesters and organizers are calling for all of the officers involved in Floyd’s death to be arrested. He is being charged with thrid-degree murder and manslaughter.

Floyd’s arrested sparked national outrage and reignited the “I Can’t Breathe” protests. The death of Floyd reminded people or Eric Garner who told police he couldn’t breathe when he was killed in 2014.

Minneapolis has faced mounting pressure from around the country as protests have sprung up demanding justice. The nation has been watching images of Minneapolis on social media and news channels.

Stephen Jackson, a former NBA player and Floyd’s best friend, has taken to social media to grieve and organize.

Jackson took to Instagram when he first learned about Floyd’s death. Jackson shared that Floyd had moved to Minnesota to get his life back on track. Floyd was working as a truck driver and was changing his life, according to Jackson.

“This is what I’ve got to wake up to. This is what I’ve got to wake up to, huh? Floyd was my brother, man,” Jackson says in the video. “We called each other twin, bro. Everybody knows that me and Floyd called each other twin.”

Jackson adds: “My boy was doing what he was supposed to do and y’all killed my brother, man. I’m on my way to Minnesota, man. Whatever I can do. I can’t let this ride, dawg. Y’all not going to be mad until this hits your front door. It’s bullshit.”

The sentiment has been echoed by supporters of Floyd who are seeking justice.

Surveillance footage released from a restaurant where the arrest took place shows a different story than what was originally reported by the police. The police officers at the scene claimed that Floyd was resisting arrest and that that was when the officers attacked. According to released surveillance video, Floyd was not resisting arrest.

The four officers involved in the death have been fired from the Minneapolis Police Department, but people are demanding justice.

Protests have popped up across the country as people demand justice for Floyd’s death. Derek Chauvin, the police officer identified as the man who knelt on Floyd’s neck till he died, has 18 complaints against him for excessive force. Protesters are demanding the Chauvin face charges for the death of Floyd.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who ran for the Democratic nomination, has been called out for not filing charges against Chauvin in the past.

Chauvin has a long record of excessive force and Sen. Klobuchar seemingly ignored it. According to The Guardian, Chauvin was involved in a police shooting of an unarmed man in 2006. Sen. Klobuchar was the Hennepin county attorney at the time and did not bring charges against Chauvin for his involvement in the 2006 shooting. Instead, the case went to a grand jury in 2008 where it was determined that no charges would be brought against the officers involved.

As of now, there are no plans from the police department to bring charges against the four former officers.

Mike Freeman, Hennepin County’s current attorney, told the press that there was evidence that supported the police officers. Freeman said that while the video is graphic, there is evidence supporting that the police did not commit a crime in the arrest.

The mayor of Minneapolis is pushing to Hennepin county attorney Mike Freeman to file charges.

“There are precedents and protocols sitting in the reserves of institutions just like this one that will give you about a thousand reasons not to do something,” Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey told the press. “Not to speak out. Not to act so quickly. And I’ve wrestled with, more than anything else over the last 36 hours, one fundamental question: ‘Why is the man who killed George Floyd, not in jail?’

Other Hennepin County officials have expressed a similar concern. The pressure is mounting on the Minneapolis Police Department to arrest the officers involved in Floyd’s death in the hope of seeking justice.

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Netflix’s ‘Gentefied’ Renewed For Season 2, Fans Overjoyed


Netflix’s ‘Gentefied’ Renewed For Season 2, Fans Overjoyed

gentefied / Instagram

Any and all news is welcomed right now and Netflix came through this week. “Gentefied” is coming back for a second season and this is absolutely not a drill. Soon we will be back in Boyle Heights with Ana, Chris, Erik, and the rest of the cast we have come to love so much.

Netflix has confirmed “Gentefied” for a second season.

The show is a fan favorite for Netflix with praise and love pouring in for the groundbreaking show. “Gentefied” is set in Boyle Heights and it is all about the fight against gentrification. The show premiered this year to big fanfare and excitement from Latino Netflix users. The show, created by Marvin Lemus and Linda Yvette Chávez, was picked up for an eight-episode run of the 30-minute show.

The show is one of the most relevant portrayals of the Latino experience in the 21st century.

The show highlights the plight of gentrification on communities across the U.S. Boyle Heights in Los Angeles has been the center of growing tension as the neighborhood slowly gentrifies. Rising rents have forced some residents and businesses to close and leave because of the changing demographic in the neighborhood.

Hearts are full as everyone celebrates the news of a whole new season.

The show originally premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival as a digital series. Lemus and Chávez debuted the show and it was an instant hit with festival-goers. After three years of waiting, the show was released by Netflix and became a national hit. The show has shone a light on the cost of gentrification for more Americans than knew about it before the show aired.

Low key, it has made for perfect binge-watching during this quarantine.

There isn’t a whole lot any of us can do at the moment. Most of us are at home because of self-isolation and social distancing guidelines designed to save lives during the pandemic. Might as well us some of your time to watch and support and very important moment in our community. This kind of representation is something that Latinos have been asking for.

While excited, some fans want more, like a cross-over with Starz’s “Vida.”

Now, just to be clear, we are not concerned with what it takes to make this happen. Netflix and Starz can come up with the actual plan. We are just going to be here waiting to be heard so we can all have the kind of cross-over the world deserves. Just imagine a chance for those two shows to collide in Latino excellence.

Now we wait for an air date.

We are patient. We will be here when you are ready. All you have to do is let us know when to tune in and you know we are coming through.

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