25 Pics Of Carved Avocado Art That Will Probably Confuse The Chancla Off Of Your Abuela

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So here’s the thing, it seems these days everybody has opinions about avocados. Some of us jump right into totally OG hipster mentalities the moment someone brings up their love for avocado toast. (I mean my abuela was doing that ish long before restaurants started charging patrons $20 for a small slice of the green stuff on ciabatta bread but if that’s weird, okay). Others are totally into the millennial trending food. Blowing up the avocado love is a new trend called avocado carving. It’s all the rage on Instagram and I’m betting that soon enough that avocado art will be taking over museums, restaurants and fine art schools.

Here are 24 pics of lovely avocado art that your abuela probably just won’t get.

1. This owl in the hole avocado.

avocado art
CREDIT: CREDIT: @scuruchi / Instagram

Avocado seed carving is an art form that’s actually been around for a while. Still, this combination of an avocado and an owl is the ultimate hipster move if you ask me.

2. This sunshine of swirls avocado.

CREDIT: CREDIT: @scuruchi / Instagram

Say what you will about avocado art, this image of an avocado with rose details is next level genius. Seriously can’t help but wonder how much time went into carving this baby for real.

3. This hidden Panda avocado seed.

CREDIT: CREDIT: @scuruchi / Instagram

This one’s actually not so much of an avocado carving as it is an avocado tattoo. The artist of this piece used a needle to cover the seed in a panda design.

4. This movie style avocado art.

CREDIT: CREDIT: @scuruchi / Instagram

Something about this image of an avocado reminds me of the Matrix, but also that “The Good, The Badly, the Ugly” scene on the seed has me thinking this avocado is on some other kind of Hollywood level.

5. This piece of Avocado is the puzzle piece you’ve been dying for.

CREDIT: CREDIT: @scuruchi / Instagram

I’m not even going to imagine how the artist behind this jigzaw puzzle of an idea was able to carve out these pieces in such intricate details. I will say however how the artist didn’t immediatly bite into the avocado halfway is a complete puzzle in itself.

6. This work of art devotion avocado.

CREDIT: CREDIT: @scuruchi / Instagram

Gotta love this artistic piece that pays tribute to one of history’s finest pieces of art. Its message tells us that avocados are truly a gift from the gods.

7. This humble owl avocado.

CREDIT: CREDIT: @scuruchi / Instagram

Similar to the previous owl avocado art this piece of art gives me all types of hipster vibes. Gotta love the waves and intricate cuts to the designs.

8. This mysterious design avocado.

CREDIT: CREDIT: @scuruchi / Instagram

This cool design cut out is straight up from your abuela’s sabana and I don’t hate it. In fact, how can I get that pattern on a pillow?

9. This octopus avocado.

CREDIT: CREDIT: @scuruchi / Instagram

Again this carving of an octopus from an avocado completely has me stumped. I love the design but also wow. How do people come up with this stuff?

10. This earcado.

CREDIT: CREDIT: @scuruchi / Instagram

This image of an ear inside of an avocado has my ears all kinds of perked up for the next time someone brings an avocado to the office.

11. This cudly lion avocado.

CREDIT: CREDIT: @scuruchi / Instagram

I am all about seeing this sweet and cudly lion curled up in my avocados any time and any day. Now that is one ferocious but sweet look.

12. This heart of hearts avocado.

CREDIT: CREDIT: @scuruchi / Instagram

Whether or not the avocado in this pic was shaped to look like a heart is still TBD but the swirls and cuts in this avo give me major romance vibes.

13. This labrynth avocado.

CREDIT: CREDIT: @scuruchi / Instagram

As if it wasn’t already hard enough to keep from getting lost in the taste and flavor of avocados! This labrynth look will have you mystified for dies.

14. This high design avocado.

CREDIT: CREDIT: @scuruchi / Instagram

Can we please keep doing the hearts and swirls avocado look?

15. This super sweet bee avocado seed.

CREDIT: @zazachiachia / Instagram

TBH the idea of having any type of bug near my food sounds no bueno. Still, I can’t help but think this design on an avocado at brunch would make for some great insta-pics.

16. This avocado looks like its ready for some high tech.

CREDIT: @zerowasteglory / Instagram

Another geo pattern on an avocado that gives me major space and movie vibes. Absolutely love this. And I mean love.

17. This super brain avocado.

CREDIT: @scuruchi / Instagram

Love the genius who came up with the brainchild behind this avocado. I wonder if eating this avocado will make me smarter at doing taxes.

18. This roses and swirls avocado.

CREDIT: @scuruchi / Instagram

Just when you thougth the other swirly avocados wouldn’t get any dreamier, someone had to go and make an avocado that looks striaght from a Picasso painting.

19. This petal and swirl avocado.

CREDIT: @banoooooo_ghazal / Instagram

Seriously, take a screenshot of this avocado for your next Valentine’s Day date.

20. This wedding ready avocado.

CREDIT: @chai.kha / Instagram

And don’t forget to tack this beautiful avocado art onto your Pinterest board for your wedding inspo. Gotta say, this would look even more divine with a ring in the middle.

21. This Day of the Dead avocado.

CREDIT: @living_to_smile / Instagram

Just when you thought the avocado art craze was all about taking place at the center of everything! Love this switch up and take on one of the most beautiful holidays of the year.

22. This avocado of sc-fi dimensions.

CREDIT: @happynurim / Instagram

As tempted as this makes me, I have to say, I can’t really imagine fitting this avocado and it’s skin back together would go down all that well.

23. This avocad- I- do ring.

CREDIT: @seathemoonlight / Instagram

This handcrafted avocado ring is every avocado lovers dream way of tetting a proposal. This one’s cut from an avocado pit and perfect the lover ready to get hitched.

24. This deer skull seed.

CREDIT: @seathemoonlight / Instagram

This new skull pendant is made of naturally shed deer antler tips and carved from an avocado stone. Talk about an natural piece of art.

25. This little avocado snake.

CREDIT: @seathemoonlight / Instagram

Seriously, just when you thought the avocado art craze couldn’t get much crazier, someone had to go and make you rethink your opinion of snakes. Literally how cute is that?

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