25 Pics Of Carved Avocado Art That Will Probably Confuse The Chancla Off Of Your Abuela

credit: @scuruchi / Instagram

So here’s the thing, it seems these days everybody has opinions about avocados. Some of us jump right into totally OG hipster mentalities the moment someone brings up their love for avocado toast. (I mean my abuela was doing that ish long before restaurants started charging patrons $20 for a small slice of the green stuff on ciabatta bread but if that’s weird, okay). Others are totally into the millennial trending food. Blowing up the avocado love is a new trend called avocado carving. It’s all the rage on Instagram and I’m betting that soon enough that avocado art will be taking over museums, restaurants and fine art schools.

Here are 24 pics of lovely avocado art that your abuela probably just won’t get.

1. This owl in the hole avocado.

avocado art
CREDIT: CREDIT: @scuruchi / Instagram

Avocado seed carving is an art form that’s actually been around for a while. Still, this combination of an avocado and an owl is the ultimate hipster move if you ask me.

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