21 Things You Just Gotta Know About Becky G

It is no secret that Latinas are slaying in arenas that were previously out of their reach because of freaking discrimination on racial and gender terms. One of those areas is hip-hop music, which has been mainly dominated by men who, let’s be honest, are often sexist and a bit vulgar. That is why Becky G stands out as a pioneer: she has opened the way for Hispanic female talent to influence urban cultures through music.

These are some facts you just gotta know about the author of “Sin Pijama” and “Mayores!”

1. Her full name is Rebbeca Marie Gomez

Credit: Instagram. @iambeckyg

Quite a mouthful and totally telenovela-character material. And she was born on March 2, 1997, in Inglewood, California. A true Latina Cali princess.

2. She began her career as a vlogger and published covers

Credit: Instagram. @iambeckyg

She is a true representative of the YouTube generation. She would sing her heart out covering hits and posting the videos online. The famous producer Dr. Luke saw the videos. The rest, as they say, es historia. She mainly covered Jay-Z and Kanye West tunes.

 3. You can’t get more mainstream than Disney

Credit: Instagram. @iambeckyg

Becky G has it all: her image is both sensual and wholesome, which is why Disney and ABC chose her as one of the stars for their Holiday Celebration. Esta mujer lo tiene todo de todo.

4. Her family REALLY struggled when she was a kid

Credit: Instagram. @iambeckyg

Sometimes life ain’t easy for a Latino family in the United States. Her family experienced precarious situations, including being left homeless and having to live in the grandparents’ garage. Now that she has it all she doesn’t take anything for granted. And some people dare to say that we Latinos are slackers… we work hard and make ends meet while keeping families together.

5. But like all strong Latina women, she rolled up her sleeves

Credit: Instagram. @iambeckyg

Becky G is hardworking AF, and she did commercials and voice over jobs to help her family make ends meet. Eso mija! La familia es primero.

6. She had to be home schooled because she suffered from bullying

Credit: Instagram. @iambeckyg

Becky G experiences school violence at an early age. She says she was once jumped on by a group of girls who were perhaps jealous of her work in the entertainment industry. She had to be homeschooled as a result. We can only wonder what those girls are thinking now that she is rich, famous and fabulous.

7. She started rapping when she was just 11

Credit: Instagram. @iambeckyg

You are never too young to experiment. Our girl started dropping mics at the tender age of 11. If only we could access those recordings!

8. She still lives at home with her family

Credit: Instagram. @iambeckyg

Becky G keeps in real and as a 21-year-old she still lives at home with her parents and her three siblings: brothers Frankie and Alex and sister Stephanie. Nothing to be ashamed of: on the contrary, family keeps her grounded. By the way, her mami still takes her places as Becky G doesn’t have a driver’s license. They must have some amazing cotorreo on the road.

9. How do you call her fans?

Credit: Instagram. @iambeckyg

Beasters! Seriously, this is one of the best fandom names we know of. It sounds fierce and zero nerdish.

10. She can get political

Credit: Instagram. @iambeckyg

Both Latinos and women live perilous times and Becky G knows it. When high school activists from around the country got together to protest gun violence and the system that enables it, Becky G was there to encourage them and offer support.

11. She is a big Selena fan… duh

Credit: Instagram. @iambeckyg

Like any Mexican-American girl who picks up a microphone, Becky G rinde tributo a la reina Selena, who opened up the mainstream avenue for proud Latinas who don’t want to be manacled by stereotypes. Selena has also inspired Becky G’s style, as evidenced in the photo bellow:

12. She eats raw lemons as a snack!

Credit: Instagram. @iambeckyg

One thing is for sure: her vitamin C levels are healthy. Becky G enjoys eating citrus food on its own. Just look at her in this Selena-inspired outfit. Maybe her healthy diet is to thank for her killer silhouette

 13. She also loves J-Lo and recognizes her influence

 Credit: Instagram. @iambeckyg

This is why she titled her debut single “Becky from the Block”, in clear reference to Jennifer Lopez’ famous hit “Jenny from the Block”. Latina princesses stick together. The boricua J-Lo was a pioneer in the late 1990s.

14. She is one of the most successful artists on YouTube

Credit: Instagram. @iambeckyg

Get this: she has 11.5 million subscribers to her channel. Her video “Mayores” has been seen 1.4 billion times! That has translated into success for Vevo.

15. She has Jalisco blood!

 Credit: Instagram. @iambeckyg

She is a tapatia girl. All her four grandparents are from Jalisco, Mexico, the land of tequila and mariachis. Perhaps her ancestors were the musical type and their talent now flows on Becky G’s veins.

16. She is the face for Cover Girl

Credit: Instagram. @iambeckyg

It is increasingly common for Latino power players to become representatives for global brands. Becky G’s youthful appearance and the influence she has on hordes of young buyers led Cover Girl to sign her. They are lucky to have her.

17. She slays on Spotify

Credit: Instagram. @iambeckyg

Just look at her 2017 stats. Quite impressive for a young woman who just recently was making ends meet doing voice over jobs for a fraction of what she is earning now. She understands that the market is now dominated by streaming platforms and plans her promotional campaigns accordingly.

18. She has opened for Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias

Credit: Instagram. @iambeckyg

Becky G is entering the mainstream and there is no stopping her now! She has opened for established artists like Spanish heartthrob Enrique Iglesias, who frequently shares the stage with Pitbull. Guau. She has also opened for Katy Perry. Se dice fácil, pero it is not. World tours are carefully staged events where every step is premeditated: big label heads recognized talent right away.

19. Becky G is a Dodgers fan, true LA girl

Credit: Instagram. @iambeckyg

Becky is a true Cali girl and a Dodgers fan. The Dodgers have a long history of attachment to the Latin American community of California, with legendary players such as the Mexican pitcher Fernando Valenzuela being key in the team’s long, glorious history.

20. … and also a Guadalupana

Credit: Instagram. @iambeckyg

Like many Mexican-Americans, Becky G is a devout guadalupana and has let her amor for la virgencita be known on her social media accounts, particularly her Insta.

21. Becky G cares


Credit: Instagram. @iambeckyg

Above all, Becky G is a sensitive human being. When the Vegas mass shooting put the whole world into alert and sent hundreds of families into mourning, Becky G quickly sent out a message of support.

People Lost It When They Saw Michael B. Jordan Eating Tacos At A Truck In Miami


People Lost It When They Saw Michael B. Jordan Eating Tacos At A Truck In Miami

@michaelbjordan / Instagram

Here at mitú, we love our tacos. They’re pretty much the perfect food. A soft corn or flour tortilla filled with your choice of chicken, carnitas, beef, veggies and pretty much anything else you can imagine topped with pico de gallo, salsa, cilantro, and avocado? Um, excuse us while we drool. We aren’t the only ones who crave a good taco though.

Celebrities aren’t immune to their siren’s call. The only difference is, they usually look a lot hotter while eating them than we do. 

Take, for example, Michael B Jordan. The “Black Panther” star was spotted getting some late-night tacos over the weekend and we can totally relate to his need for a midnight snack. 

Twitter / @PageSix

According to PAGE SIX, Jordan rolled up on Saturday night at Keith Menin’s Bodega Taqueria y Tequila in Miami, Florida. Dressed casually in shorts and a T-shirt, the actor arrived at the taqueria around 1 am in a black SUV with his bodyguard and four friends. Jordan enjoyed tacos, burritos, guacamole, and frozen margaritas as he chilled out with his friend group. TBH, It sounds like a pretty great Saturday night to us. 

Sources say that Jordan was friendly with other restaurant-goers, flashing his signature smile at the many girls who walked by his table to get a sneak peek of the star. 

“He was being friendly, smiling back saying hi,” said the PAGE SIX informant. “Very low key. Very nice all around.” 

This Jordan taco sighting got us thinking about other celebrities out there, chowing down on tacos while looking amazing. 

So, we decided to compile a list of some of our favorite photos of celebrities taking down one of our most beloved foods. Be warned: this list is sure to make you hungry in more ways than one. 

1. Kylie Jenner


We don’t usually require a cowgirl hat when enjoying some Tex-Mex food, but it does make for a nice photo op. In this pic, Kylie Jenner wears a sparkly, silver cowgirl costume as she takes down a four-count of tacos. Get your grub on, girl. 

2. Karlie Kloss

TMZ / Instagram

Some people don’t worry about getting messy when eating while others take a more dainty approach. Model Karlie Kloss seems to be one of those delicate types. Still, we have to admit it’s a cuter look than being covered in guacamole. 

3. Chrissy Teigen

TMZ / Instagram

On the contrary, there’s something really attractive about someone who isn’t afraid to go for it. That’s Chrissy Tiegen all the way. We aren’t even going to touch on how suggestive that taco’s filling looks but we’re all thinking the same thing. 

4. Justin Timberlake

Instagram / @justintimberlake

What did Justin Timberlake do when he won a 2014 People’s Choice Award? He went to Taco Bell to celebrate. While we wouldn’t call the fast-food chain our favorite place to grab a taco, we do have to appreciate JT for keeping it real. There’s definitely something sexy about that. 

5. Michelle Obama

Huffpost.com / Twitter

We didn’t realize it was possible to be elegant while stuffing one’s face with tacos, but former First Lady Michelle Obama has proved us wrong. We have to acknowledge the beauty and grace she has while tasting this treat. We could never be this composed mid-munch so we’ve got to give her props. 

6. Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez isn’t afraid to eat and there’s something appealing about that. For a past birthday, the singer and actress opted for a non-traditional cake to show off her taco appreciation. Instead of icing, she went in on a taco cake made up of Jake In The Box’s vegan tacos. 

7. Jared Leto

Instagram / @celebritieseatingthings

Next time Jared Leto digs into some scrumptious tacos, we’re going to need him to pull his luxurious locks back into a bun. Still, we appreciate the gusto he’s snacking with. 

We may be divided by differences in customs, beliefs and social standing, but one thing in universal: tacos are delicious. 


An Instagram User Tried To Shame Adrienne Houghton For Not Having Children And Latinas (And Her Husband) Rose To The Occasion


An Instagram User Tried To Shame Adrienne Houghton For Not Having Children And Latinas (And Her Husband) Rose To The Occasion

Adrienne Houghton is being shamed for not having children, and her husband is not having it. On Sunday, The Real co-host posted a boomerang on Instagram of her and partner Israel Houghton sharing a sweet kiss on their wedding day three years ago during a Seine River boat ride in Paris. 

Houghton’s post quickly generated a discussion about mom-shaming after one user made a comment.

“The best yes. 11:11. I love you more than ever,” the 35-year-old actress captioned the post. “Best decision I’ve ever made. There will never be another. You and me. Eternally,” Houghton, 48, responded in a comment.

The charming visual, which showed the Eiffel Tower in the background, mostly received kind, congratulatory remarks. However, because someone always has to rain on happy people’s parade, there was one troll who questioned why after three years of marriage Houghton hasn’t yet had a baby.

“3 years and no kids,” commenter @tysonleelee wrote, adding a few sad emojis.

There’s so much wrong with the unsolicited statement. To start, it’s intrusive. Just because the Puerto Rican-Ecuadorian celebrity is in the public eye doesn’t mean her private life is open for comment or questions. Even more, it’s insensitive. The commenter has no idea if Houghton and Houghton have been trying to have children, and remarks like such could feel like jabs during their struggle to reproduce. Finally, it’s sexist. Womanhood isn’t tied to motherhood. Houghton, who is a stepmother to Houghton’s four kids from a previous marriage, doesn’t need to bear children simply because she is in a relationship. Women’s autonomy means making our own reproductive choices, which includes deciding whether we, not observers, want to get pregnant or carry pregnancies to term. 

As can be imagined, most people came to Houghton’s defense.

“Can you believe it? People actually get married bc they want to be together and spend as much time enjoying each other’s company,” one commenter responded, suggesting that not all couples get together to form larger families. “There is no time limit on kids and marriage. They are happy and in love. That’s all that matters,” another replied.

Still, no answer was as comprehensive or potent as hubby Houghton’s clap back.

“Tyson, my brother. Do you really want this smoke right now,” the Christian musician started his rant. “I’m gonna let you go and find something worth worrying about. In the meantime, and in-between time: May I suggest perhaps an online etiquette class? Couple things you don’t inquire about — women’s age, women’s weight and as someone eloquently put it in these comments — unless invited STAY OUT of a women’s uterus.”

Houghton, who also noted that people never know a couple’s private struggles with starting or expanding families, politely told the commenter to worry about his own life and be kinder and gentler to people.

“Maybe find a girlfriend or a wife and worry yourself to your heart’s content about her pregnancy journey and plans,” he said. “By the way, when we do announce a pregnancy, I expect nothing but polite well wishes from you. If you’re planning anything other than that, thou shalt be blocked life. May the Lord God bless you real good as you go find a good thing/wife. Thanks.”

Houghton, who also compassionately responded saying she and her man are madly in love and are in no rush to have children together, has in the past spoken out about her troubles conceiving. In a September 2018 segment of her talk show, the “Cheetah Girls” star discussed how difficult it has been for her to get pregnant, how insensitive people could be about it and why she remains faithfully trusting in her God.

“I think as an audience, we should be sensitive to the fact that everybody doesn’t get pregnant right away,” she told co-host Loni Love. “I think, for myself, I thought it would happen so easily for me, and it just hasn’t happened that way.”

Despite the difficulty and haters, though, the Latina said she is hopeful that she will birth a child of her own one day.

“I’ve had to come to peace that it will happen when it’s God’s timing,” she said. “I believe in that and I have faith in all of that, but it can be really discouraging and it can be really frustrating. I would love nothing more than to be a mom, but I want it when God wants it for me.”

Houghton and her husband aren’t new to fans dissecting and criticizing their relationship. The pair started dating soon after the singer-songwriter divorced his ex-wife of 21 years. Together for just under a year, the two wed in a small and charming ceremony in Paris in November 2016.

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