21 Latino Beauty and Fashion Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow ASAP

Instagram has become the place to go for beauty, hair and fashion. It is packed with inspiration, tutorials and brands.  We could easily spend hours mindlessly browsing everything the social media platform has to offer.

We say now is time to update your newsfeed with some fresh Latino fashion and beauty. Most of our influencer picks use it as a tool to complement their blogs. Others have made snapping photos for IG a career.

Before you spend hours searching for the best IG accounts to follow read this, because we have done the hard work for you! Here are 21 of the most stylish Latino accounts you NEED to follow ASAP:

#1 Pam Hetlinger

Credit: @pamhetlinger

Pam Hetlinger (@pamhetlinger) is originally from Panama and now resides in Los Angeles. On her Instagram account she shows her dedicated following how to always be glam, and it is clear that when it comes to fashion she likes her neutral shades with the occasional burst of color. In her wardrobe a good blazer is a staple as is crisp whites and sleek blacks. We have serious hair envy as her lob (long bob) is pure perfection. With almost 200K followers, Ms Hetlinger is doing something right.

#2 Jenny Lopez

Credit: @lopezjennylopez

Follow Jenny Lopez (@lopezjennylopez) on Instagram and you will be met with a regular dose of inspiration from a Mom, model and beauty and style icon. Currently living in Miami, she is a fashionista who doesn’t mind experimenting with color, fabrics and unusual designs. Jenny Lopez has the confidence and the bod to pull off any look and she is a fan of a good accessory.

#3 Dulce Candy

Credit: @dulcecandy

What does it take to hit over a million Instagram followers? Ask Dulce Candy (@dulcecandy) as she has made a name for herself on the social media platform. As a wife, mama, Iraq War Veteran, author and designer, Dulce Candy is Instafamous and we love her for her makeup looks, pretty dresses and hair which suits any shade of the rainbow. With dark brown eyes, she knows how to make them stand out with the right makeup. And, her eyebrows are perfection.

#4 Grasie Mercedes

Credit: @grasiemercedes

Grasie Mercedes (@grasiemercedes) is an actress, writer, director and content creator. She certainly has her hands full! On Instagram she inspires with her cool casual clothing but we can’t get enough of her curly locks. Grasie shows girls who may be otherwise self conscious of their hair that they can rock it…just like she does. Originally a Dominican from New York, Grasie currently resides in LA.

#5 Melissa Flores

Credit: @melissaflores

Next we have the Dominican Melissa Flores (@melissaflores) who runs a blog and is known for her vlogs (video blogs). Her theme is lifestyle and beauty but there is a fashion element as Melissa knows how to style her feminine curves. Her taste in clothing is fitted and flattering, and she is one to sport a pair of skinny jeans. There is even the odd cute puppy dog photo thrown into the mix. With over 40K followers and growing, Ms Flores is one to watch.

#6 Anny Vela

Credit: @annyradarfashion

Based in Mexico City, Mexico, Anny Vela (@annyradarfashion) is a mama with excellent taste in fashion for both herself and her little one. Some of the backgrounds will make you dream of travel, and her long locks will make you want to change your hairstyle the next time you visit your hairdresser. Anny will teach you how to style a pregnant belly, and how to get the casual mom cool look.

#7 Gaby Gómez

Credit: @modacapital

Gaby Gómez (@modacapital) uses her Instagram account to share fashion, travel and lifestyle shots. This busy little Latina lady is always being snapped on a new adventure as she lives a life most of us can only dream of. She nails her summer-friendly outfits every time. This “it girl” isn’t ashamed to wear a budget buy and is often captured in a pretty dress.

#8 Mila Plaza

Credit: @styleinlima

Another Instagrammer influencer worth following is Mila Plaza (@styleinlima). As a blogger and mom, Mila’s looks are often wearable with a touch of the unique. She lives in Lima, Peru and has travelled extensively. It is not uncommon for Mila to be wearing a pair of denim jeans and a singlet – yet somehow she makes even this basic pairing look classy.

#9 Amparo Zepeda

Credit: @fashionfromaz

Guatemala’s Amparo Zepeda (@fashionfromaz) is a fashion designer and content creator. With almost 70K followers, her IG page gives you regular photos and inspo. She doesn’t mind those soft, candy shades and statement pieces. With her blonde ends she often experiments with her hair and on occasion even color matches it to her clothing. We love Amparo’s style, hair and makeup.

#10 Martina Ritter

Credit: @martinaritter

Blogger and digital influencer Martina Ritter (@martinaritter) has gained a following on Instagram with her bold fashion choices. She isn’t afraid to try something new and has an eye for high fashion finds. With her sleek blonde hair, the Brasil based Ms Ritter is a trendsetter. We really love the mixture of candid and styled shots on her IG account.

#11 Andrea Desde el Trópico

Credit: @desdeetropico

Costa Rican Andrea Desde el Trópico (@desdeetropico) is a blogger who prefers natural beauty products. Her lips are often the statement and we are obsessed with her positive vibe. Browsing through her Instagram feed you will find outfit inspiration. But, even more interesting is the earthy backgrounds she selects for her photo shoots. The whole look and feel is refreshingly natural.

#12 Naomi Giannopoulos

Credit: @vegas_nay

Naomi Giannopoulos (@vegas_nay) has a whopping 7.3 million Instagram followers. This one is all about the makeup. Packed with shots of sultry eyes and pouty lips, you will learn a few tricks of the trade. Naomi knows cosmetics, and has even teamed with Eylure to create a range of Vegas Nay eyelashes. Just gorgeous!

#13 Pam Allier

Credit: @pamallier

Introducing Pamela Allier (@pamallier). If you aren’t already following her on Instagram, you should be. As a blogger and Vblogger residing in Mexico, she is fashion forward and shows fans how to style a variety of looks. It is little wonder she is always smiling with beaches, hot air balloons and yachts snapped in her pics. We love that she can be comfortable in any outfit and makes fashion fun.

#14 Ely Marino

Credit: @elymarino

As a busy mama, YouTuber Elizabeth (@elymarino) hasn’t posted much recently. However, her IG feed is full of makeup tutorials. Learn how to master eyes, lips and perfectly shaped brows. If you love cosmetics and like to work with color this is a good starting point. We hope to see more work from this talented lady soon.

#15 Lou Flores

Credit: @lou_flores

Based in LA, Latino Lou Flores (@lou_flores) is a male makeup artist with over 1 million Instagram followers. What makes this page different is that he masters the looks on himself. Check out those cheekbones! Bold eyes and plump lips are his specialty and it is all about being glam. Every now and then Lou will post a makeup free selfie but his work is incredible.

#16 Camila Coelho

Credit: @camilacoelho

Is Camila Coelho (@camilacoelho) the number one beauty blogger in Brazil? She is certainly a hit on Instagram with her 7.5 million followers. Camila has gained popularity for her ability to put together those must have beauty and fashion looks and her pouty lips are her signature. Now she even has her very own range of lipsticks which has taken her to the next level of makeup royalty.

#17 Jacky Castro

Credit: @slbrunette

Jacky Castro (@slbrunette) is a Latina in Salt Lake City. While still fairly new to the scene, as a style expressionist and mom her looks are refreshing. This is fashion inspiration you can wear anytime, anywhere with denim jeans a wardrobe staple. Jacky effortlessly styles her outfits with simple yet effective backgrounds.

#18 Erika Batista

Credit: @byerikabatista

Youtuber, Blogger and Mom Erika Batista (@byerikabatista) is another face you need to follow on Instagram. Living in New Jersey, Erika shows off her outfit styling. Plus, there is the odd photo of her equally fashionable kidlets. She is proud of her curves and her photos are mostly candid as she lives her best life. And, that long flowing hair is leaving us feeling a little jealous.

#19 Loreana von Plocki

Credit: @thedailybella

Loreana von Plocki is behind The Daily Bella (@thedailybella) and this Columbian lives in Miami. She is into fashion and fitness and is a proud mom. Her style includes a range of understated whites and she generally chooses a muted, neutral clothing palette. Simple yet glam, Loreana looks pretty in anything she chooses. We love the beachy themes!

#20 Daniela Ramirez

Credit: @nany

Next on the list we have Daniela Ramirez (@nany) who is a popular blogger living in Miami. This is a girl who loves her fashion and she doesn’t mind showing us her cutest accessories…her family. With fashion and travel inspiration, Daniela has a taste for quirky clothing. After all, fashion is meant to be fun! Follow her, you won’t regret it.

#21 Dylana Lim Suarez

Credit: @dylanasuarez

When it comes to Dylana Lim Suarez’s (@dylanasuarez) Instagram account, we are following her for the photography.  This blogger has an eye for the bohemian things in life. Browsing her feed reminds us of a high fashion mag. Bliss. Her sister Natalie is also a blogger and model and sometimes the pair are snapped together. Travel and fashion go hand in hand, and that is what you will find here.

The World Can’t Get Enough Of J Balvin, He Is YouTube’s Most Streamed Artist Worldwide


The World Can’t Get Enough Of J Balvin, He Is YouTube’s Most Streamed Artist Worldwide

Roger Kisby / Fotógrafo autónomo / Getty Images

¡Mi gente! Your faves could never. Latin music domination continues around the world with the top spots of global streaming platforms being stacked with Latinx artists. What a time to be alive. Remember when we all had to pretend Drake was Dominican to get some kind of representation out here? But when you think about the sheer number of people on the planet that speak Spanish, it totally makes sense that Latinx artists would have such a massive reach. 

And let’s be real, while fluency helps, you really don’t have to be proficient to enjoy reggaeton. The energetic, pulsating beats can compel anyone to move. Do you really think everyone in the United States knew the English translation of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito” in order to enjoy it? Music transcends language and so does Colombian trap artist J Balvin apparently. Do you think anyone even noticed that the lyrics in “Harlem Shake” are largely in Spanish? Nope. 

J Balvin is here to stay.

For six consecutive weeks, J Balvin has chopped the global charts on YouTube. That’s a total of 1.26 billion views on the platform. 

“Artista más visto en YouTube Global,” Balvin wrote in an Instagram caption.

This comes as no surprise to Balvin fans. In 2018, Balvin ousted drake as the most-streamed artist worldwide on Spotify. The singer surpassed 48 million monthly listeners last summer thanks to his single “X” with Nicky Jam which streamed over 327 million times. Balvin is in great company on the global charts with Daddy Yankee, Bad Bunny, and Ozuna all in the top 10. The trio’s single “China” with Anuel AA and Karol G is currently number 1 on the YouTube global charts and number 2 in the United States chart. However, we’re pleased to note that “Señorita” by Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendes is topping the charts in the states. 

Balvin shouts out his Latinx fans. 

“Artista más escuchado en el mundo en @spotify posición #1 que celebro con todos mis latinos y los soñadores. Gracias Gracias Gracias,” Balvin wrote in the caption. 

Our boy is famous basically everywhere?

The top countries streaming Balvin’s music are Mexico with 240 million views, Argentina with 121 million views, and Colombia with 121 million views. The United States is in fourth place with 112 million views, followed by Spain, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil, and Venezuela. But fear not, Balvin has fans in at least 100 different countries according to YouTube. 

We stan a humble king of the masses!

Like, literally could you imagine how this level of adoration and attention would completely warp your mind? I would be a monster. I would build a house out of fan mail and then set it ablaze just to laugh at my stupid fans. I’d have so many, who cares! Meanwhile, the artist, who typically regales his followers with personal messages on Instagram every morning at 5 a.m., knows how to connect with his fans. Balvin even served ordinary people from a coffee cart in New York City the other day. 

“Buenos días , buenos días , buenos días !!!!! ARCOÍRIS TOUR empieza 30 de Agosto en Puerto Rico !! Choliseo,” he wrote on Instagram. 

 We stan a humble king of the masses!

This isn’t the first Latin wave (and it won’t be the last).

In the 1990s, the late and great Selena catapulted Tejano and Cumbia music into the mainstream American consciousness. This ushered in the era of the “Latin Explosion” where legends were born. Ricky Martin, Thalía, Marc Anthony, Enrique Iglesias, and Jennifer Lopez made their marks. Hell, even Frank Sinatra personally invited Luis Miguel to record a duet of “Come Fly With Me” on his 1994 album Duets II. 

In the 2000s, there was the “Latin Pop Boom” that saw the likes of Shakira, Paulina Rubio, and Christina Aguilera topping the charts. You may even remember non-Latinx artists trying to ride the wave with Beyoncé collaborating with Shakira on the duet, “Beautiful Liar,” and releasing a Spanish language version of the single “Irreplaceable.” It almost feels odd to call these decades different waves or eras when it is pretty clear Latinxs have been consistently rocking the charts since Gloria Estefan in the 1980s. Since then, in the United States, we have been blessed with many more Latinx acts including the likes of Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Camila Cabello, Becky G, and Cardi B. And of course, there are all the amazing imports from Latinx countries around the world. If we want to continue this Latinx chart domination, I only have one piece of advice: stream “China” by J. Balvin on YouTube and Spotify!

Sparking Tequila: It Better Be On The Menu At Your Next Pool Party Or I’m Not Going


Sparking Tequila: It Better Be On The Menu At Your Next Pool Party Or I’m Not Going

@AzulanoTequila / Twitter

Summer 2019 is officially the summer carbonation took over the hearts and minds of the the adult beverage industry. Natty Light, PBR, Four Loko, and practically any alcohol company with a pulse who can make and bottle boozy seltzer jumped on a train that continues to bubble out of control.

The next phase of the sparkling beverage boom: Sparkling tequila.

LA-based Pure Azul just announced that it will be rolling out Azulana sparkling tequila this week in California, producing the first and only beverage on the market made with 100% blue agave tequila and sparkling soda.

Crafted in Jalisco, Mexico, it comes canned in three flavors: Original (… tequila-flavored sparkling soda), Lime, and Pineapple Rosemary. Azulana sparkling tequila will be released in 12-oz. cans, containing 4.3% ABV with 145 calories.

In other words, the legit perfect drink for summer. You just may want to break out some sal y limon to fully enjoy it. 

The three flavors are each unique and, not gonna lie, sound straight up tasty.

Credit: @AzulanoTequila / Twitter

According to the company’s website, the “Original” flavor goes down smooth with a “lightly sweet” and “slightly tart” taste.

The “Pineapple Rosemary,” meanwhile, boasts a fruity, herbal flavor somewhat reminiscent of flowers, while the “Lime” option is zesty and tropical.

Sparkling tequila is the the latest in a total takeover of the alcoholic beverage industry by sparkly, bubbly bebidas. 

Clearly, Azulana looks to capitalize on two glaring beverage industry trends: The proliferation of sparkling hard seltzer and the continued success of tequila, which Azulana notes “continues to thrive.” In 2017, for example, the US saw an 8.5% increase in tequila liter sales over the previous year, according to the Distilled Spirits Council.

In a press release, Katie Pittman, Head of Sales and Marketing at Pure Azul notes, “Our goal is to help others understand that tequila isn’t just enjoyed during a wild night out – with Azulana, it can truly be enjoyed during all occasions – anywhere, anytime.”

It’s also good timing – tequila sales are up up up across the US. 

It may not seem like it to those of us who regularly order the Patron or some Cuervo when we having a party, but it’s true. Tequila sales are booming in the US. In 2017, for example, tequila sales were up 8.5% from the year before. 

So if there was ever a time to enter the tequila business – it would be now. Make them coins. 

The grand unveiling was August 22nd at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA.

And, of course, it made its debut at a Rolling Stones concert. Because I guess tequila and Stones go together like…sal y limon? 

But don’t worry if you didn’t make it to that concert. You won’t have to wait long. The sparking tequila beverage will be available at Bristol Farms supermarkets in Southern California from August 28th before expanding to other markets and regions from then. 

While some seemed to at least be open to the idea…

I mean, it all really depends on your feelings towards sparkling drinks to begin with. If you’re already a fan, then sparkling tequila isn’t too much of a stretch. 

Mexicans were openly skeptical.

But let’s note, many on Latino Twitter basically said they were simultaneously fascinated and disgusted by the idea of sparkling tequila.

And a few people pointed out that summer is nearly over. 

But if you have sparking tequila at your house…is summer ever really over? I don’t think so. 

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