CrossFit Has Been Taking Over The Fitness World And These 20 Latino Athletes Are Slaying On It

CrossFit has been taking over the fitness world for the last several years and Latinos have been making their place in the workout craze. Sure, most of us struggle just walking up a flight of stairs but these Latinos really show off with their skills. Check out these top athletes who are crushing their WODs.

1. R. Paul Castillo

rpcastillo / Instagram

R. Paul Castillo was named by Men’s Journal as one of the Top 20 Men to Watch at last year’s Crossfit Games. He was named the 2017 champ of the Central East Regionals in Nashville, a surprise finish as a newcomer.

2. Margaux Alvarez

321gaux / Instagram

Self Magazine named Margaux Alvarez as one of the 19 Best Female CrossFit Stars to follow on Instagram. Alvarez’s work ethic expands past doing a killer number of burpees—she is also a business owner and winemaker for The Vine Yard Varietals.

3. Itzel Cadena

ItzelFit / Instagram

Mexican CrossFit athlete Itzel Cadena has competed four times at the Latin America CrossFit regionals. Besides posting workouts and introducing her followers to the athletes she helps train, Cadena also likes to post photos of her dog, Ronda.

4. Pablo Chalfun

pablochalfun / Instagram

Brazil’s Pablo Chalfun finished at the top of the leaderboard for this year’s Latin America Men’s Regional competition. The 25-year-old finished over 40 points ahead of his closest competitor.

5. Luis Oscar Mora

jrluisoscar / Instagram

Finishing in second place at the 2018 Men’s CrossFit Latin America Regional, 19-year-old Mexican athlete Luis Oscar Mora delivered impressive stats for his young age. Imagine what he can accomplish in a few years!

6. Florencia Fourcade

florfourcade_ / Instagram

Communications student Florencia Fourcade is able to balance it all—including her studies and weight lifting. This Argentine Crossfit athlete will give you some #summerbod inspo with her Instagram posts.

7. Andre Sanches

af.sanches / Instagram

This 30-year-old Brazilian CrossFit athlete is holding his own against the young guns at this year’s Men’s CrossFit Latin America Regional. He placed third at the competition.

8. Anthony Vazquez

avazzer / Instagram

This former pro footballer placed 17th in the Crossfit North East regional competition this year. If you’re looking to get into shape, well step on up, he’s accepting athletes to train right now.

9. Cata Guimarey

cataguimarey / Instagram

If you’re not pumped up by Argentine Crossfit athlete Cata Guimarey pumping some iron, then she might pump you up with the quote at the top of her Instagram page: Outdream Yourself. The GNC and Reebok ambassador has also competed at the regionals in 2017.

10. George Sanchez

Georgeasan / Instagram

George Sanchez’s goal come 2019 might be to squeeze into the top 5 of the Western region CrossFit leaderboard. He came in sixth place in this year’s regional games.

11. Brenda Castro

brenditacastro / Instagram

At the top of this year’s leaderboard for the CrossFit Games Latin America region is Brenda Castro. The 29-year-old has grabbed medal after medal for her home country of Mexico, taking home the prize three years in a row. She definitely deserves the title of ‘Fittest in Latin America.’

12. Melina Rodriguez

Lis Ra / YouTube

Aiming to catch up to Brenda Castro is Melina Rodriguez, who missed out on getting to first place by just 12 points at this year’s Latin America regionals. The 22-year-old still has plenty of time to build up her muscles.

13. Christian Lucero

Christianvluc / Instagram

Rounding out the top ten of the Crossfit Games West Regional this year is 25-year-old Christian Lucero. When he isn’t squatting or jump roping at the box, Lucero likes to rock climb and hike.

14. Diego Fernando Lenis Calderón

ninja.diego / Instagram

The TV producer and presenter is a CrossFit athlete with the dream of representing Colombia at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo in the sport of karate. He has already represented his home country at the World Series and the Panamerican Championship.

15. Daviel Ostolaza

daviel_osto / Instagram

Daviel Ostolaza was ranked as the 16th Fittest Teen on Earth last year. The 18-year-old Boricua Crossfit athlete is also a coach at a gym in Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico.

16. Cecilia Ramírez Villamil

Cecilia Ramírez Villamil “Negra” / Facebook

Twenty nine-year-old Mexican CrossFit athlete Cecilia Ramirez Villamil calls herself “Negra,” and she is more than a dark horse candidate when it comes to the CrossFit Regionals. Ramirez Villamil placed fourth at this year’s Latin America regionals.

17. Tata Rebane

tatarebane / Instagram

Tatiana Giordano Rebane is a Brazilian wonder woman. She placed in top 5 at this year’s women’s CrossFit Latin America regionals.

18. Harol Chavez Pinedo

harol2491 / Instagram

This Peruvian CrossFit athlete also keeps up with his WOD as a basketball player as well. He is intent on growing the CrossFit community in Peru little by little, one box jump at a time.

19. Eliana Jimenez

nutrielijimenez / Instagram

One of the premier CrossFit athletes from Panama, Eliana Jimenez made history for her country by winning her heat in the fifth event at the women’s CrossFit Latin America regionals.

20. Nicolas Bidarte

nicolasbacha / Instagram

This 24-year-old placed fourth at this year’s men’s CrossFit Latin America regionals and has a lot more to improve on when it comes to dumbell hang squat cleans.

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These Athletes Had To Face The Consequences Of Their Horrific Crimes

Things That Matter

These Athletes Had To Face The Consequences Of Their Horrific Crimes

Being a professional athlete, like any other career, does not mean you are immune to the law. There has been a lot of criticism when it comes to how NFL athletes have recently been treated for protesting racial inequality yet some players face no consequences for domestic violence. However, some athletes do have to face the consequences for their actions. Here are some athletes who were arrested and, in some cases, convicted of some horrific crimes, ranging from kidnapping to murder.

1. Bruno Fernandes das Dores de Souza

Often referred to as Bruno, this Brazilian football player was arrested in July 2010 after the woman he was having an affair with disappeared a month earlier. She had told him her son was his and was suing him for child support. Bruno was charged with kidnapping, murder, hiding a body, corrupting minors and forming a criminal gang. His 17-year-old cousin told police he had helped Bruno kidnap his girlfriend. The gruesome details of the crime included cutting up the body and burying parts under concrete while other parts were fed to dogs. Bruno ended up serving close to 7 years in prison out of his 22-year sentence, and then was arrested in 2017 after his defense team had partial blame in delays for his appeal.

2. Omar ‘El Gato’ Ortiz

Former Mexican goalkeeper Omar ‘El Gato’ Ortiz was arrested in 2012 for allegedly being part of a kidnapping ring targeting wealthy families in Mexico. The kidnapping gang even targeted families Ortiz knew personally. Ortiz admitted to picking out two members of a wealthy family for the ring. He is currently still in jail despite not receiving a sentence.

3. Robinho

Robson de Souza, a Brazilian player known by his nickname Robinho, was convicted in 2017 in Italy along with five other men for gang raping a woman at a club in Milan in 2012. Until the appeal process is completed, Robinho’s sentence cannot be enforced under Italian law.

4. War Machine

MMA fighter Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver (whose mother is Mexican and is known by his name War Machine), was arrested in 2014 after porn actress Christy Mack alleged War Machine had assaulted her and her associate. Mack suffered broken bones, missing teeth, a broken nose, a ruptured liver and a fractured rib after the brutal assault. In 2017 he was convicted of assault with a weapon and kidnapping, among 29 felony counts. War Machine was sentenced to life in prison with possibility of parole after 36 years.

5. Tony Ayala Jr.

In the early ‘80s, Mexican-American former boxer Tony Ayala Jr. was convicted of two assaults on women and convicted of the brutal assault of a schoolteacher in the home he burglarized. In 2000, he broke into another woman’s home. Ayala Jr. died of an apparent overdose in 2015 in Texas.

6. Carlos Monzón

Former Argentine professional boxer Carlos Monzón was charged with beating and killing his wife, model Alicia Muñiz in 1988 after strangling her and throwing her off a balcony. The couple was vacationing in Mar de Plata when the brutal attack occurred. After being found guilty, he received an 11-year prison sentence.

7. Aaron Hernandez

Before former NFL player Aaron Hernandez committed suicide in prison, he was arrested and convicted for the murder of Odin Lloyd, a semi-professional athlete. He was found dead in his cell after being acquitted of a double homicide. Hernandez’s death has sparked a growing debate about football players and concussion injuries from the sport.

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