20 Stages Of Breaking Up As Told By The Most Dramatic Telenovela Moments

We all know breakups can be tough, especially if you’re the one being broken up with. And telenovela seem to know EXACTLY what you’re going through.

1. First, your boo utters the dreaded words “we need to talk.”

CREDIT: Televisa/YouTube/niny03

You have a bad feeling about this. And you’re trying ~really~ hard to keep it together during the “it’s not you, it’s me” portion of the convo. #StayStrong

2. You start thinking to yourself, “Is this what I look like to you?”

CREDIT: Televisa/YouTube/MarcoR

Don’t start second-guessing your #NoFilter beauty or personality! Abort, abort!

3. And then there’s the dramatic ~walk away.~

CREDIT: Televisa/YouTube/niny03

Nothing feels real anymore. Why did it have to end? ? Will I see the light soon? ? How did I get all these tears in my michelada? ?

4. You realize your love for tacos and Club América soccer matches were not enough for him.

CREDIT: Univision/Flipboard

? Why doesn’t he like me??? What does he not see in me??? ?

5. Eventually, you tell your girls that you and bae are officially over.

CREDIT: YouTube/tlnovelas12

Start passing around the tequila; this is going to be a lonnngg night.

6. Just when you think you’re OK, you find something that belonged to him, like his favorite Caifanes T-shirt.

CREDIT: Televisa/YouTube/MarcoR

The smell of grilled onions on that t-shirt reminds you of the first time he remembered your al pastor taco order without any questions. ?

7. When you run into THE EX again, you see he’s already found a new chica. Internally, you’re ready to scream “WTF?!” ? ? ?

CREDIT: Televisa/YouTube/SMariaAlejandra

Stay classy, gurl. Don’t let him see you crack!

8. So instead of becoming the incarnation of Soraya Montenegro, you decide to just wistfully look away.

CREDIT: Televisa/YouTube/inTERESAdaRubi

If ANYONE asks, “Why you crying?!,” just say it was because the elotero passed, and you didn’t get to put your order in on time. #WorksEveryTime

9. After getting over the *shock* of seeing your ex truly moving on, you decide to do the same. So you jump on creating your Bumble profile and feel on ? when you start getting matches.

CREDIT: Televisa/YouTube/josephsantana

Duh! Who could doubt your hotness? His loss!

10. After giving your thumbs a rest from swiping left and right, you decide to put on some Selena, dab on some contour and go party with your friends.

CREDIT: RGB Entertainment/YouTube/Telenovela

Dancing is an instant pick-me-up!

11. You post pics of the fun weekends you’ve been having, and el ex decides to “like” them on Facebook.

CREDIT: Televisa/Gif-i-pedia on Tumblr

Not like you need any validation from him, but at least he’s seeing how fab your life can be on your own.

12. When you’re trying to handle your cruda at work:


Nobody disturb me.

13. When your cheating ex texts you asking for a second chance:

CREDIT: TELEVISA / Gif-o-Pedia on Tumblr

Ahahahhahahahahahahahaha! ¿No que no?

14. When you decide to go a first date:

CREDIT:Televisa, cremosinhaa on TUMBLR

Nothing like spitting in his face to break the ice. If Mia Colucci can get away with it, so can I.

15. When you wake up and realize you sent them a drunk text.

CREDIT: Univision/ Flipboard

¿Ahora qué voy a hacer?

16. When your mom finds out and blasts your phone with texts asking what happened:


Here’s what she can do with that.

17. When someone asks, “y tú novio?”:

Credit: Televisa / LipstickAlley

Quiet, boo.

18. When you’re real mad at bae, but he’s too damn fine:


You hate giving in, but what can you do? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

When you’re trying to handle your cruda at work but bae pops into mind


Nobody disturb me.

19. After a few weeks, you start feeling like yourself again. El mundo is now ready for the NEW you. ?

CREDIT: Univision/YouTube/UniNovelas

The world starts smelling like pan dulce fresh out of the oven, colors are as bright as your folklórico costume from middle school, and you feel ready to take on the world. ?

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