These 20 Latinx Hotties Totally Stole The Show At Coachella On And Off The Stage

From the lineup, to the celebs in attendance, Latinos owned the Coachella 2018 stage. A record 15 Latino performers this year, up from 11 in 2017, and we’re here for it. While we’re here to celebrate Latinx representation, we want to note that Coachella’s owners continue to fund anti-gay organizations. And Latinx continued to slay.

I mean, Cardi B. actually stole the show. Here’s the highlight reel:

1. Cardi B.

CREDIT: @iamcardib / Instagram

She’s hella pregnant and was straight up twerking on the stage. She made a guest appearance on The Ellen Show this week and told her that she wanted to show people how she got pregnant. LOL

2. Kehlani

CREDIT: @kehlani / Instagram

Only way to make Cardi B.’s set even better? She brought out Chance the Rapper, Kehlani and 21 Savage to the stage. *sob*

3. Princess Nokia

CREDIT: @princessnokia / Instagram

Princess Nokia, our Afro-Boricua queen  s l a y e d  at Coachella this year. You might remember her from the stories about her throwing soup on a train passenger for being racist. And she gay. ? ? ?

4. Ibeyi

CREDIT: @11onevisualsibeyi / Instagram

They are so much more than the Tegan and Sara of Cuba. They’re music will haunt you and their performance will chill your bones. You might recognize them from Beyoncé’s “Lemonade.” They chilled my bones then, too.

5. Kali Uchis

CREDIT: @kaliuchis / Instagram

Yo, her guitarist just straight up didn’t show up to Coachella. Then, she brought out Tyler, the Creator. That was pretty much the end of everyone in the crowd.

6. Miguel

CREDIT: @miguel / Instagram

Yes, Miguel won the big stage, but he also made an appearance at a karaoke bar in Indio. When “Sure Thing” came on, he was a total sport and joined the girl singing. #Dreams

7. Ocho Ojos

CREDIT: @ochoojoscv / Instagram

They describe themselves as “psychadelic cumbia” and man, ese grupo had Coachella swaying. For real, this was basically their debut and they are taking off! #ValleDeCoachella

8. Señor Kino

CREDIT: @senorkino / Instagram

This surf punk Mexican band brought all the punk to Coachella. That something everyone could benefit from. They define the meaning of cool, don’t you think?

9. The Marías

CREDIT: @themarias.mp3 / Instagram

The Marías have the sweetest, crispest sound and if you haven’t heard them yet, prepare your ears for the sounds of angels. This is a major set for them.

10. Los Ángeles Azules

CREDIT: @angelesazulesmx / Instagram

Honestly, these guys were basically headliners. When tens of thousands of people are swinging to cumbia sonidera, you know Latinos are winning.

11. Helado Negro

CREDIT: @heladonegro / Instagram

Helado grew up in Miami and is now based out of Brooklyn, NY. When he found out, he said “Holy shit I’m playing at Coachella.” Ay ohhh!

12. Cuco

CREDIT: @cucopuffs / Instagram

Rounding out the headlining Latino presence is Cuco, the Chicano solo artist that is so underground LA smooth. Plus, his instagram handle is @cucopuffs. lol

13. Alessandra Ambrosio

CREDIT: @alessandraambrosio / Instagram

Brazilian model and Victoria’s Secret angel captioned this “Sun worshipper.” TBH, I’d worship the sun all day if it was on a unicorn floatie like this one.

14. Bella Thorne

CREDIT: @bellathorne / Instagram

Mitad Cubana, Bella Thorne, debuted her new electronic group Filthy Fangs at a party in Coachella this last weekend. They even had body painters there! How’s that for a debut?

15. Camila Mendes

CREDIT: @camimendes / Instagram

One of our Camilas made an appearance at Coachella, and was worshipping the sun, too.

Caption: “desert thot ? @nastygal #nastygalsdoitbetter #ad”

16. Christina Milian

CREDIT: @christinamilian / Instagram

I knew overalls were back. Christina Milian crushed the Coachella look like nothing else.

Caption: “Saved the best look for last. good vibes only. I?Coachella.”

17. Hailey Baldwin

CREDIT: @haileybaldwin / Instagram

Half Brazilian Hailey Baldwin also made an appearance at Coachella looking hot as ever. I’m having FOMO for not going.

18. Rebecca Black

CREDIT: @msrebeccablack / Instagram

YouTuber and singer Rebecca Black thankfully did not sing “Friday” at Coachella this weekend. I mean, I would still be here for it if she did.

19. Victoria Justice

CREDIT: @victoriajustice / Instagram

Half Puerto Rican Victoria Justice was hanging with Camila Mendes poolside. They forgot to invite me but it’s ok. I forgive them.

20. Sweet Rolled Tacos

CREDIT: @sweetrolledtacos / Instagram

I couldn’t talk about Coachella without including these crazy fancy, delicious ice cream tacos. I don’t just wear gold. I eat it, too. That’s what Coachella is all about!

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