20 Latino-Inspired Shows Ready For You To Netflix ‘N Binge This Month

We’re all already fans of Netflix for changing the name of the game with TV as we know it, but they’ve done more than nix the ads for us. Netflix features content made by and for Latinos like no other subscription service. It’s own productions (Netflix Originals) are letting us stream relevant content from Pablo Escobár to Spanish language telenovelas, to stories of Angelino teens just going to high school.

Here are our top picks:

1. “Jane the Virgin,” The CW


As if I could ever not lead with “Jane the Virgin.” It’s America’s first English-language telenovela, and all I want to do is watch star Gina Rodriguez’s face as her character navigates through all the twists and turns of life in present day Miami with a detective boyfriend and a casual accidental artificial insemination.

2. “La Reina del Sur,” Telemundo

CREDIT: Telemundo

Kate del Castillo stars in this hit Telemundo telenovela, which had the biggest budget and highest rated finale of any Telemundo show to date! She plays the character of legendary Teresa Mendoza, who is known as the bold woman who climbed to the top of the drug trafficking ladder. #SheABoss

3. “The Day I Met El Chapo,” Netflix Original

CREDIT: Netflix

If you think Kate del Castillo is a Queen on-screen, check out this docu-series sharing her untold story of her encounter with El Chapo Guzmán, the world’s most wanted drug lord. I’m screaming.

4. “Riverdale,” The CW


Starring Camila Mendes as the Archie Comics brought to real life character, Veronica Lodge, “Riverdale” will make you gasp at the 1950’s inspired, present day drama around every corner. Plus, seeing Latinos as the richest family in town is refreshing af.

5. “Cristela Alonzo,” Netflix Original

CREDIT: Netflix

If you’re into standup, Alonzo will get you a case of the jajas, especially if you also grew up with a Mexican mother. Look out for some Selena warm and fuzzies.

6. “Celia, La Serie,” Telemundo

CREDIT: Telemundo

Colombiana Carolina Gaitán stars as Celia Cruz in this Telemundo series commemorating the life and achievements of the young black singer in 1950s Cuba. Try not to be inspired by the stories of Cruz overcoming racism, sexism and more to make it into your parents radio sets and your AirPods.

7. “Cuba and the Cameraman,” Netflix Original

CREDIT: Netflix

This documentary was filmed over the course of 45 years, and chronicles the fortunes of three Cuban families throughout intense political change from the 1970s to 2016. The filmmaker, Jon Alpert, is an Emmy-winning producer and you can tell throughout this short documentary.

8. “Ingobernable,” Netflix Original

CREDIT: Netflix

Kate del Castillo stars as the First Lady of Mexico, Emilia Urquiza, who is fighting for peace in her country, while she divorces her husband, the President of Mexico. Need some female leadership in your life? Let Kate del Casitllo lead the way.

9. “La Niña,” Netflix Original

CREDIT: Netflix

Just watch this trailer. Ana María Estupiñán stars as the Colombian child guerrilla fighter grown up as she faces her childhood trauma head on, and uses her steady hand to become a doctor. Season 1 is avail for binging!

10. “Los Punks: We Are All We Have”

CREDIT: Netflix

You know that East Side/Echo Park “hipster” look? It came from Punk Latinos who have found community in punk rock music. This documentary features Latino teens in South Central, Boyle Heights and East L.A. and their underground scene.

11. “Malcriados,” Dynamo

CREDIT: Netflix

This Colombian remake of Mexican hit, “Nosotros los Nobles,” features a rich widower cutting off his rich, spoiled children to teach them the lesson of… life? I promise it’s funny.

12. “Marias: Faith in Womanhood”

CREDIT: Netflix

Finally! A documentary that takes a deep dive into the cultural meaning, and ripple effect, of so many Latina women named Maria, after the Virgin Mary. Hear from women in Brazil, Nicaragua, Cuba, Peru and Mexico and what their shared name means to them.

13. “The Fosters,” Freeform

CREDIT: Freeform

This offbeat drama shares the story of an interracial lesbian couple who decide to adopt two twin Latinx kids, and the ups and downs of their developing lives with biological, adopted and foster children. Prepare to cry. And laugh. And binge.

14. “Pablo Escobar, el patrón del mal,” Netflix Original

CREDIT: Netflix

Ok, there are a LOT of shows on Netflix about Pablo Escobar, but this one, starring Andrés Parra is top charting. In a series format, we see the life of Escobar while he was a petty thief all the way up to how he became the head of a drug-trafficking empire.

15. “On My Block,” Netflix Original

CREDIT: Netflix

Please, please, please, watch this show. It’s about the life of four inner-city Los Angelinos who are childhood best friends. We meet these smart, funny and tough teens as they begin high school and I’m here for the whole ride.

16. “Girls Incarcerated,” Netflix Original

CREDIT: Netflix

This docu-series follows the lives of teen girls who find themselves locked up in Indiana’s Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility. Let’s talk about how prison systems are filled with Latino and Black Americans and start when they’re kids. You’ll cry, but you’ll also laugh and be inspired by their bravery to go back to their lives outside the prison. I’m counting down the days till Season 2.

17. “Grey’s Anatomy,” Freeform

CREDIT: Freeform

Grey’s Anatomy has been around for forever, and when Sara Ramirez’s role as Calli Torres first debuted, she was one of the few Latinas on mainstream television. Her character is a badass orthopedic surgeon, who tells it like it is, and whose relationship with her dad, and with her own sexuality develops throughout the series, in ways that only we can relate to.

18. “Narcos,” Netflix Original

CREDIT: Netflix

Confession: I can’t make it past the first 30 minutes of the pilot, because this show about drug kingpin Pablo Escobar don’t hold back on the drama, the violence, and the savagery it takes to make it to the top. Set and filmed in Colombia, it eventually features other drug kingpins throughout the years and is a cult classic.

19. “Mexico Diseña,” Netflix Original

CREDIT: Netflix

Ever bought a copy of Elle Mexico? Here’s the competition show behind the design covers, where 11 fashion designers compete for their work to be featured on the cover, on the runway at Fashion Week Mexico and lots more. The first season is on Netflix and the theme is Total Black.

20. “One Day at a Time,” Netflix Original

CREDIT: Netflix

So, I don’t remember the original this Netflix Original is based off of, but your mom probably does. This reboot gives us a glimpse into a fictional Cuban-American family living in Los Angeles. The show tackles important issues like immigration, sexism, PTSD, homophobia and racism that Latinos face every day.

21. “Orange is the New Black,” Netflix Original

CREDIT: Netflix

Thought I would e v e r  forget OITNB? A true cult classic, “Orange is the New Black” touches on corruption in the private prison industry, the systemic racism that disproportionately locks Latinos and African Americans up, and the drama, the love and communities made behind bars.

‘Orange Is The New Black’ Dropped Their Last Trailer Ever And Twitter Is Filled With Emotion


‘Orange Is The New Black’ Dropped Their Last Trailer Ever And Twitter Is Filled With Emotion

Netflix / YouTube

“Orange Is The New Black” has been captivating viewers for six seasons and we are all bracing for the seventh. In anticipation of the July 26 release of the final season, Netflix has released the last trailer and it has left so many people feeling very emotional.

The last trailer for “Orange Is The New Black” is out and people are feeling all kinds of ways.

Honestly, same. So much time has been invested and we all knew that things were going to come to an end but we just aren’t ready. These women have become a constant in our lives. They have been there with us for years and we have watched them grow and change. Why take them away from us?

People are trying to figure out their futures after the show.

Credit: @dacilgl01 / Twitter

It is like saying goodbye to a family member. It is never easy and people are never ready for such hard goodbyes. When will we see Maritza again? What if I want to hang out with Flaca on the weekends? It’s so hard.

The show was more than just a show for so many.

Credit: @Miss_Kaye / Twitter

For some people, it gave them perspective about the U.S. prison system. We often think of prisoners as separated from the rest of us but they are people just like everyone else. The prison system has had major issues for a long time so it is good that more people are concerned about the happenings impacting the lives of those incarcerated.

Even though the end is devastating, people are so excited to see how the show wraps up.

Credit: @itsmepeterpan_ / Twitter

OMG. What is going to happen with Piper and Alex? We need to see the rest of Gloria’s story. There are so many questions swirling around and we can’t wait to see how they end these very important stories.

Some people did have some hot takes about the trailer, namely, Maritza.

We assume, and hope, that she will be in the final season. Could you imagine if they just cut one of the most iconic characters in the final season? Talk about devastating. We need to see her and her strong af winged tips.

In conclusion, call the OITNB fans in your life today. They could use the comfort.

The entire fandom is fighting through some very mixed emotions. Like, yay for more of the story that has kept us entertained since 2013. Also, boo that the whole story that has become a part of our lives has to end.

Watch the full trailer below.

It’s okay to cry. Just get some tissues so you don’t make a mess.

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SPOILER ALERTS: The Latest Episode Of HBO’s ‘Los Espookys’ Is Proof It Could Surpass GOT In Cult Status


SPOILER ALERTS: The Latest Episode Of HBO’s ‘Los Espookys’ Is Proof It Could Surpass GOT In Cult Status


On June 13 2019, HBO premiered “Los Espookys,” it’s Spanish-language horror comedy from the mind of Fred Armisen. Needless to say, we were immediate fans. Between the subtly hilarious script and its impeccable delivery, the series proved from episode one that it’s worth the watch. Don’t even get us started on how much we love the horror elements we’ve seen so far.

The second episode of “Los Espookys” is just as addictive and entertaining as the first. Titled “El Espanto de la Herencia,” the episode is so good, it demands a recap.

Here are some of the most spooky and most hysterical parts of “Los Espookys” episode two.

Last week, we met Renaldo, Úrsula, Tati and Andrés, four friends bonded by their love of horror.


The gang was encouraged by Renaldo’s uncle, Tio Tico, to pursue that passion and turn it into a career. Calling themselves Los Espookys, they were approached by a mysterious woman who wants to use their terrifying talents. With this in mind, it’s time to brainstorm how they’ll approach this next job.

However, before we can check in with Los Espookys, the series introduces us to the US Ambassador.

Horror DNA

Her name is US Ambassador Melanie Gibbons and she’s received an important letter. The letter — which is in Spanish, not coded as she first suspects — informs her that her friend Ignacio Ferracuti has died. However, he’s left his 18.9 billion peso fortune to whoever can survive a night in his haunted mansion.

To borrow Ambassador Gibbons words, “Okay, twist!” She’s been chosen as one of five strangers to compete for his fortune. It’s all very exciting for her.

Similarily, Los Espookys are excited for this upcoming challenge.

Horror DNA

We finally get to see to the official Los Espookys headquarters — which happens to be Renaldo’s garage. While Andrés pushes for avant-garde and challanging tricks, Renaldo wants to stick to the basics. Úrsula just wants confirmation that they’re going to be paid.

Meanwhile, back in LA, Tio Tico is in an unusual situation.

Horror DNA

Following last week’s encounter at a major celebrity party, Tico has been mistaken for an elusive artist. Due to this mix-up, he’s been roped into speaking at an art panel. The whole thing has snowballed and Tio Tico is just along for the ride.

Unfortunately, Andrés is finding it hard to balance his life as Prince of Chocolate and his spooky calling.


Being the heir to a chocolate fortune is hard. As his boyfriend reminds him, Andrés has duties he needs to commit to or else he will be removed as heir. However, the curious man is preoccupied with uncovering the mystery of his birth and his new side gig. What is a Chocolate Prince to do?

Finally, it’s the big night!

Horror DNA

Too bad Renaldo has been ditched by the other members of Los Espookys. Andrés, Úrsula y Tati have all shown up last minute, leaving Renaldo to set up. What’s worse, nobody hired the actors they need so Renaldo has to step in as the creepy butler. Let’s just say, the role is out of his range.

Still, the goal of the haunted house is to get rid of one contestant in particular. The Mysterious Woman announces to Los Espookys that Sr. Ferracuti’s son is a contestant and must not win. However, he seems impossible to shake with the frankly unimpressive scares.

Los Espookys are in a funk and they need some serious rallying.


Andrés is obsessed with the dead ends he keeps getting in his search for his origin. Úrsula is obsessed with getting paid. Tati is obsessed with Snap Chatting her shady internet boyfriend.

Renaldo is about to give up but some unexpectedly good advise from Tati inspires him. After a rallying call from Renaldo, Los Espookys are back. They’re going to pull off the scariest trick they can.

We don’t want to give away the ending, but the episode wraps up with the possibility of more jobs in their future.


Will Tati continue her internet relationship? Will Andrés learn the origins of his birth? What sort of adventure will Los Spookys get into next week? We’ll have to watch to find out.

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