20 Famous Latinos Who’ve Publicly Dealt With Mental Illness

When it comes to their public personas, Latinos in the limelight are often burdened by pressures to appear as perfect as we expect them to be. Still, despite how put-together some might seem, many often struggle internally with the often very dark and ugly battles that come with having a mental illness.

Here’s a look at 20 famous Latinos who have endured mental illnesses both publically and privately.

1. Frida Kahlo

CREDIT: fridakahlo / Instagram

Kahlo’s work acted as a very sincere reflection of the traumatic events in her life that ultimately inspired the passionate painter to create her works. Channeling the severe emotional and physical pains that she often endured, Kahlo frequently depicted her struggle on canvas. In August 1953, after her right leg was amputated due to gangrene, Kahlo became severely depressed and anxious causing her to rely on and ultimately become dependent on painkillers. In a diary entry written in February of 1954, Kahlo wrote that she had attempted suicide after learning that her husband, Diego Rivera, had cheated on her. “They have given me centuries of torture and at moments I almost lost my reason. I keep on wanting to kill myself. Diego is what keeps me from it, through my vain idea that he would miss me,” Kahlo wrote. “But never in my life have I suffered more.”

2. Isabel Allende

CREDIT: francescoizzocoach / Instagram

After the death of her daughter Paula in 1992, the Peruvian House of Spirits author fell into a deep depression she thought she would never climb out of. Allende once described the pains of coping with her daughter’s death explaining “If you had told me the day before she fell into the coma that such a thing was going to happen, I would have killed myself. If I had known the amount of pain I would have to endure, I would have killed myself because I would have thought I would never be able to survive this thing –and I wouldn’t have wanted to survive, I would have wanted to die before.”

3. Mariah Carey

CREDIT: mariahcarey / Instagram

In a recent interview with People magazine, Carey opened up about her years-long struggle with bipolar II disorder. After experiencing a highly publicized “breakdown” in 2001, the singer with Afro-Venezuelan roots was hospitalized for “extreme exhaustion” and ultimately diagnosed with the mental health disorder that causes manic and depressive episodes. “Until recently I lived in denial and isolation and in constant fear someone would expose me,” she told People. “It was too heavy a burden to carry and I simply couldn’t do that anymore. I sought and received treatment, I put positive people around me and I got back to doing what I love — writing songs and making music.”

4. Selena Gomez

CREDIT: selenagomez / Instagram

In the summer of 2016, Gomez was in the midst of her Revival tour when she abruptly canceled its last leg. In a statement issued to People magazine, the singer of Mexican descent explained that she had decided to end her tour early in order to seek treatment for anxiety and depression. Last year she talked about her decision to enter treatment in her cover story for Vogue. “Tours are a really lonely place for me,” she told the magazine,” she said. “My self-esteem was shot. I was depressed, anxious. I started to have panic attacks right before getting onstage, or right after leaving the stage. Basically, I felt I wasn’t good enough, wasn’t capable. I felt I wasn’t giving my fans anything, and they could see it—which, I think, was a complete distortion.”

5. Salma Hayek

CREDIT: salmahayek / Instagram

Back in 2012, the Mexican actress talked to the now-defunct women’s magazine, Lucky, about how her struggles with acne led to severe depression. “This acne was so bad it sent me into severe, severe depression,” she said. Highlighting how mental disorders can manifest themselves in physical ways and ultimately cause a cycle, Hakek explained how her depression led her to gain weight, a result, she said, worsened her mental state. “The next stage with that sort of depression is food: too little, or too much,” Hayek said. “Guess what I did? I mean, I was fat and broken out, I couldn’t leave the house and I couldn’t pay the rent!”

6. Eva Longoria

CREDIT: evalongoria / Instagram

Two years after enduring a very public divorce with her now-ex-husband Tony Parker in 2011, Longoria opened up about how she fell into a deep depression after their breakup on “The Dr. Oz Show.” Longoria admitted that she didn’t immediately recognize she was depressed but knew that when friends started to compliment her on her weight loss she knew that there was something wrong. “That’s probably the time I got the most compliments because I was so skinny. I was not eating. I was depressed. I was sad. My diet was coffee. So people kept saying, ‘You look amazing. Divorce agrees with you,’ ” the actress of Mexican parents explained. “And I was like, I don’t feel good. I have no energy.”

7. Gina Rodriguez

CREDIT: hereisgina / Instagram

It’s not uncommon for fans of Rodriguez to see the “Jane The Virgin” star get real about life. Still, when she opened up to fans on Instagram last year about her struggle with anxiety many were surprised by her reveal. In an Instagram post that featured the actress smiling for a 10-second portrait, the Puerto Rican actress wrote of how she has learned to cope with the mental illness. “I suffer from anxiety. And watching this clip I could see how anxious I was but I empathize with myself,” she wrote on Instagram, along with a clip of herself. “I wanted to protect her and tell her it’s ok to be anxious, there is nothing different or strange about having anxiety and I will prevail. I like watching this video. It makes me uncomfortable but there is a freedom I feel maybe even an acceptance. This is me. Puro Gina.”

8. Camila Mendes

CREDIT: camimendes / Instagram

Last year in October, the “Riverdale” star got real about her decision to seek therapy after years of struggling with an eating disorder and straining to adjust to her new life in the limelight. “I can say from experience that eating disorders are a serious mental disorder,” Mendes wrote in an Instagram post. “Growing up, I watched my big sister suffer from one for many years, and I’ve experienced periods of my life when I’ve suffered symptoms as well.”

9. Jennifer Lopez

CREDIT: jlo / Instagram

Lopez opened up about her struggle to keep up with her mental health back in 2014 when she published her tell-all book True Love. The Puerto Rican actress shared how severe anxiety had affected her life back in 2002. At the time, the Puerto Rican artist was sleeping less than 5 hours each night and working for weeks without a day off while balancing her work on the movie “Enough” and recording a new album. “I had worked maybe 55 days in a row without a day off and shooting on a film, and I just one day was walking towards the set and  every time I walked towards the set my heart would start beating and I would start getting frightened.” After feeling as if she was unable to move and her vision began to blur, Lopez explained that she immediately went to a hospital where a physician told her that her work had taken a toll on both her body and mind.  “The truth is, I wasn’t taking care of myself at all. I wasn’t loving myself at all. All I was thinking about was pleasing everyone else and showing everybody else that I could do all these things and that I was fine… I have to take care of myself first before I can take care of anyone else.”

10. Demi Lovato

CREDIT: ddlovato / Instagram

Lovato has been vocal about her struggles with bipolar disorder, addiction, anorexia, bulimia and self-harm for years now. In 2010 it was revealed that the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer sought help for her mental illnesses and entered a treatment facility. Two years later 2012, the Mexican musician talked candidly about her path to recovery in the MTV documentary “Demi Lovato: Stay Strong.” In a 2017 Youtube documentary about her sobriety, the singer admitted to being under the influence of cocaine while being interviewed for her documentary with MTV saying “I wasn’t working my program. I wasn’t ready to get sober. I was sneaking it on planes, sneaking it in bathrooms, sneaking it throughout the night. Nobody knew.”

11. J Balvin

CREDIT: jbalvin / Instagram

Balvin was forced to fight for his mental health when he began to experience paralyzing panic attacks and depression. The reggaeton artist has spoken openly  about his depression and the dark side of fame 

12. Luis Coronel

CREDIT: luiscoronelmusic / Instagram

After the death of his father and a split with his long time girlfriend Adilene Isalie, Coronel found himself without a muse and depressed. “I suffered a lot when we split. We were together a long time and she was the best part of my life,” he said in an interview.

13. Paty Navidad

CREDIT: patricianavidad / Instagram

The Mexican star has been open about seeking help for bulimia and anorexia nervosa. 

14. Cristian Chávez

CREDIT: christianchavezgrbd / Instagram

Back in 2013, the former RBD singer shocked fans when he revealed that he had attempted suicide. In the years since he has been very vocal seeking help and taking care of mental health.

15. Ana Barbara

CREDIT: anabarbaramusic / Instagram

While pregnant In 2011, the Mexican singer fell into a deep depression. At the time she was struggling with anorexia and was ultimately hospitalized. 

14. Bruno Mars

CREDIT: brunomars / Instagram

In public Mars mostly gives off positive vibes, but in a 2016 interview with Rolling Stone he revealed his struggle with anxiety. 

16. Jessica Alba

CREDIT: jessicaalba / Instagram

Alba has been open about her struggle with OCD. “I used to unplug every single appliance in my house. Or I’d double-check every door in my house to make sure it was locked at night,” Jessica Alba once told CosmoGirl. “It was like a panic came over me and I had to do something, and once I did it, I was OK. … It was really me needing to control something.”

16. La Lupe

In the years afte her death, La Lupe’s daughter has opened up about her mothers struggle with drug and alcohol abuse.

17. Eva Peron

CREDIT: _evaperon / Instagram

In 2011, a Yale neurosurgeon, studied Evita’s skull x-rays said that Perón might have had prefrontal lobotomy in the last months of her life, to ease anxiety.

18. Pablo Picasso

The famous Spanish painter and sculptor was known to have struggled with depression throughout his life. 

19. Carmen Miranda

CREDIT: carmenmiranda.fc / Instagram

The famous Portuguese-born Brazilian actress was known to have struggled with alcohol.

20. Cristina Saralegui

CREDIT: cristinasaralegui / Instagram

The Cuba-born journalist often called the Latian Oprah has been open about her struggle with alcoholism. 

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J Balvin Offers Up A Message To Fans About The Real Dangers Of Covid-19


J Balvin Offers Up A Message To Fans About The Real Dangers Of Covid-19

Emma McIntyre / Getty

Updated August, 17, 2020.

J Balvin is the latest celebrity to come forward with a Covid-19 diagnosis. He is part of a running list of Latino celebrities who are warning fans about the virus.

J Balvin has a message for all of his fans about the seriousness and dangers of Covid-19.

“At the moment, I’m just getting better,” J Balvin said in a recorded messages for the Premios Juventud. “These have been very difficult days, very complicated. Sometimes we won’t think that we’ll get it, but I got it and I got it bad.”

He added: “My message to those that follow me, young fans and people in general is to take care. This isn’t a joke. The virus is real and it’s dangerous”

Updated August 13, 2020.

Covid-19 is not done and we are seeing the proof everywhere we turn. Months after the pandemic, more and more people continue to fall ill with the virus and Antonio Banderas joins the pack.

Antonio Banderas shared the news on social media that he tested positive on his 60th birthday.

The iconic Spanish actor had recently celebrated his girlfriend’s 39th birthday before testing positive. Europe is currently dealing with a second wave from Covid-19 and officials are becoming concerned by the spread.

In his post, Banderas talked to his fans about the illness and how he didn’t feel sick, just more tired than normal. Yet, Banderas added: “I will take advantage of this isolation to read, write and rest, continue making plans to begin to give meaning to my newly released 60 years to which came loaded with desire and illusion. Big hugs to everyone.”

Banderas did not explain how he contracted the infectious disease, that as of 13 August 2020, has seen over 20.6 million cases reported across 188 countries. So far, the disease has killed more than 749,000 people.

Last year, Banderas (who is known for his roles in The Mask Of Zorro and The Spy Kids franchise) was nominated for an Oscar for his film “Pain and Glory.”

Original: As beaches, restaurants, and even bars and clubs started to reopen, it was easy to forget that we are still in the midst of a global health crisis – one that continues to hit the Latino community, in particular, very hard. And stars, they really are just like us. Celebrities are also at risk of contracting Covid-19 and over the last few days, we’ve learned that several of Latin music’s biggest stars have in fact been infected with the virus.

The news comes just as states like Florida, California, Arizona, and Texas set new records with sky-high infection rates. It’s an important reminder that nobody is immune to this pandemic and that we all need to do our part to keep our communities safe.

Several major Latin music stars have recently announced they’ve tested positive for Covid-19.

As if a reminder that stars, they’re just like us, several of Latin music’s biggest celebrities have announced that they’ve tested positive for Covid-19. Karol G, Prince Royce, and Chiquita Rivera have all shared their positive diagnosis for the virus and are urging fans to stay home and use masks when they have to go out.

Karol G took to Instagram Live to share the news of her infection with her fans.

During an Instagram live watched by more than 100,000, the “Tusa” singer said that she tested positive two or three weeks ago but had not made it public so her parents wouldn’t worry. “First of all, thank you to all the people that have reached out to me. I hadn’t said anything because my parents are far away and I didn’t want them to worry about me,” she says.

“Because my new single was coming out, I didn’t want coronavirus to be the news. Now that the news is out, my parents are very nervous and if it was under any other circumstance, they’d be here by my side.”

Karol G went on to say that she is feeling well compared to others who have been diagnosed positive. She was diagnosed with COVID-19 a few weeks ago with her friend and sister, and decided to isolate away from Anuel, who she confirmed tested negative. “I feel well. Today, I got another test and hoping this one will be negative.”

Chiquita Rivera also announced that her and her husband have also tested positive for the virus.

Just last week, Mexican-American singer Chiquis Rivera, the daughter of the late Jenni Rivera, revealed she and her husband Lorenzo Méndez tested positive for COVID-19. Also in an Instagram video, Rivera said “We’re contagious so we have to be responsible and we are going to quarantine.”

And Dominican Prince Royce announced he too had contracted Covid-19.

Prince Royce was one of the first celebrities to reveal his diagnosis. he shared he had tested positive for the virus shortly before the 4th of July holiday weekend and urged people to take precautions and be safe – for themselves and others.

In an Instagram video, he shared that he had gone out to restaurants since things had started to open up. He added: “Well, Florida hasn’t been so bad, and New York is the one with the problem. I fell for that and I think many people can fall for that and will fall for that. Don’t be selfish and make the same mistakes that I probably did.”

He urged his fans to do the responsible thing and stay at home.

“I was diagnosed with COVID-19 and I am on day number 12 since my symptoms began,” he wrote on Instagram. “My case has been mild and I am feeling well. I share this with you today to ask you please not let down your guard — this virus is very real and we can have it and spread it without even knowing. I didn’t think I had it as I didn’t feel that bad and had I not gotten tested I would be spreading it to others.”

His caption also added, “For younger people, this is more than just about taking care of ourselves, it is about taking care of others, older people and those with compromised immune systems. Please let’s take this seriously and act responsibly and with compassion. Let’s all take care of each other.”

Their infections come as the virus is raging out of control across the country.

New records are being set everyday across the United States, as severe all states see the virus rage out of control. For the first time ever in the U.S., Florida saw more than 15,000 new cases in just one day. Meanwhile, in Arizona – the per capita infection rate is higher than it was at the peak of New York’s battle against the virus.

As of July 15, the U.S. has 3.48 million confirmed cases and almost 140,000 deaths due to Covid-19 infection. Those numbers are expected to continue to climb as many Americans refuse to follow simple preventive measures, including wearing a mask and staying at home.

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Fans Are Worried After Bad Bunny Was Rushed To Hospital For Emergency Surgery


Fans Are Worried After Bad Bunny Was Rushed To Hospital For Emergency Surgery

Victor Chavez / Getty Images

The year 2020 just won’t stop. Now it’s trying to come for San Benito – and his stans aren’t having any of it. In the same week that we find out Naya Rivera went missing (her remains have since been recovered) and a once cherished brand, Goya Foods, is now under a full scale boycott for heaping praise on Donald Trump, we find out that Bad Bunny went into emergency surgery over the weekend.

Over the weekend, Bad Bunny was rushed into the hospital for emergency surgery.

According to El Heraldo de México, the El Conejo Malo was hospitalized on Friday for an emergency operation due to severe appendicitis. The paper reported that the star was admitted to the Doctors Center in Puerto Rico’s capital, San Juan.

According to the outlet, he will need to stay in the hospital for another four or five days to recover from his emergency surgery, which was reportedly performed within the first hours of his admission to the hospital.

Bad Bunny’s publicist confirmed to Telemundo that “Bad Bunny had an emergency appendicitis surgery yesterday. This is why he was taken into the hospital. He’s doing well and is currently recovering at the hospital.” The publicist told Telemundo that the singer is expected to recover and be fine.

The reggaetónero hasn’t posted on social media since mid-May, making it all the more difficult for fans to piece together the events that led to his hospital admission. Once news broke that he had been admitted to the hospital, rumors started to fly that the “Yo Perreo Sola” singer had contracted the COVID-19 virus. Although appendicitis is no fun and a very serious matter, fans were thankful it wasn’t Coronavirus.

Just last week, San Benito was making history on the cover of Playboy.

Credit: SKILLZ / Playboy

Bad Bunny’s hospitalization comes just days after he graced the cover of Playboy magazine in all his glory – making history in the process. He was the first ever man (aside from magazine founder Hugh Hefner) to land the cover unaccompanied.

Fans were eating it up.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… perfection!” one fan wrote about his Playboy appearance, while another emphasized the magazine spread and accompanying interview were “everything I need.”

The collective reaction on Twitter was one of shock and disappointment.

As if 2020 – hell, even the past week – couldn’t get more intense, Bad Unny had to be hospitalized. Many just can’t comprehend the epic disaster that is 2020. One person on Twitter summed up the last few days succinctly saying: “Naya Rivera is missing. Tiktok is possibly being banned. A Trump supporter disrespectfully put a MAGA hat on Selena’s statue. Goya’s cancelled. Bad Bunny is at the hospital. All in one day. WE GET IT 2020 YOU’RE CHAOTIC AS HELL. STOP DOING THIS TO US.”

But fans from across the world are sending Bad Bunny good vibras.

Twitter erupted with messages of love and support for San Benito.

“Where do I sign up to give a limb, lung whatever he needs bruh,” one devoted fan wrote on the platform upon learning of the star’s health condition.

“Bad Bunny in the f–king hospital,” another lamented, adding that “2020 can’t get any worse.”

“If he goes, I go!” wrote another of Bad Bunny’s ride-or-dies, though we are here to inform that no one has to go anywhere since it appears the singer is in recovery, and should be heading back out and about into the world in a matter of days. 

Get well soon Bad Bunny!

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