Camila Cabello Is The Queen Of Airport Photoshoots, And Here’s Proof

Calling all Camilizers! Our sweet, dorky, voice-of-an-angel #womancrusheveryday is giving her fans what they want: another impromptu airport photoshoot. With all of her concerts and tours, there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing a lot more of Cabello in airports. The question is, will she grace us with more paparazzi mockery?

With her new album out, Cabello is bound to get caught at the airport during her tour travels.

CREDIT: @CamrenUpdates1 / Twitter

I did all the stalking for you, so you can find every dorky “Camila at the Airport” pose on the interwebz. Let’s start with the classics:

“The Flamenca”

CREDIT: @NiallHoranBH / Twitter

Let’s begin with the throwbacks, shall we? Behold, the beginnings of Cabello’s trolling just a few weeks ago. Doesn’t it just make you proud?

“The Look-Back-At-It”

CREDIT: “Camilla Cabello Posing While Going Through TSA Security at the Airport.” Digital Image. Cosmopolitan. 09 April 2018.

Because when you’re Cabello, there are only graceful runs through TSA. Look at the TSA officer’s face.

“The Glide and Smize”

CREDIT: “Camilla Cabello Posing While Going Through TSA Security at the Airport.” Digital Image. Cosmopolitan. 09 April 2018.

The story goes that she was on her way to perform in Argentina when she decided to give the paparazzi a pre-show. Also, to teach every single one of us how to properly toss your jacket into the x-ray machines. ?

“The At The Club”

CREDIT: “Camila Cabello, LAX.” Digital Image. EOnline.com. 09 April 2018.

I don’t know how to feel. Do you think this is sexy or dorky Cabello? Tell us in the comments, and please note that mitú does not advise you to try this at your local TSA.

“The Bachata en Still”

CREDIT: “Camilla Cabello Posing While Going Through TSA Security at the Airport.” Digital Image. Cosmopolitan. 09 April 2018.

I’m smoldering, Cabello. TSA is officially sexy. OK, prepare yourself for her latest headlining poses at LAX.

“The Pin-up”

CREDIT: “Camilla Cabello Posing While Going Through TSA Security at the Airport.” Digital Image. Cosmopolitan. 09 April 2018.

This image is brought to you because, yes Cabello is bae. However, the TSA agent in the background is the real star of these photos.

It’s amazing how friendly Cabello is with her camera-attached paparazzi.

CREDIT: “Camila.” Digital Image. JustJared. 09 April 2018.

Unlike most celebrities who pretend the posse of paparazzi following her just doesn’t exist, Cabello is taking a new approach.

Even her mom gets in on the act.

CREDIT: @mambaskarla / Twitter

And like any good Cubana, she shined bright for the spotlight. Tbh, Cabello get’s at least half of her “it” factor from her mama, no doubt.

And she seems to be the perfect photo shoot partner for her daughter.

CREDIT: @mamabaskarala / Twitter

It is amazing to see her mother laughing as Cabello strikes pose after pose, using her mother for support. Seriously, mothers are all the support we need.

Here we have “The One-Legged Twerk.”

CREDIT: @PopCrave / Twitter

Cabello debuted some new poses for us the other day. Or was she just stretching? Nope. She’s here for us, fam.

Followed by “The Mirando Arriba, Dolce Edition.”

CREDIT: @PopCrave / Twitter

She’s too good for us. Also, where are the admiring TSA agents? #sob

“The Kissy Face”

CREDIT: @CamilaKCE1997 / Twitter

These two are too adorable to handle.  

“The BFF pose”

CREDIT: @CamilaKCE1997 / Twitter

I mean, could there really be any other translation to this pose? These two are so cute. Thanks for the memories, but note that my internet scouring did not stop at this last airport incident.

“BRB, Gotta Do a Cartwheel”

CREDIT: @beaulrx / Pinterest

I wish I knew the backstory, you guys, but I guess we’ll have to let this picture do the thousand word talking.

“Airport Ballerina”

CREDIT: @elipizza / Pinterest

Airports energize her, OK?! That’s all we can presume, which just further confirms her status as a magical creature not of this earth.

“The Squat and Pose”

CREDIT: @elipizza / Pinterest

Her poses are one of a kind.

“Happy To Be Off The Airplane”

CREDIT: “Camila Cabello touch down at Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan.” Digital Image. CelebsFirst.com. 09 April 2018.

Cabello just landing in Tokyo is everything. Keep scrolling to find out what got her so happy.

“The Fan Love Pose”

CREDIT: “Camila.” Digital Image. JustJared. 09 April 2018.

Turns out there was a whole crowd of Camilizers to greet her when she landed! Such a classic look for ya, baby girl.

“Da Fuq Is Up With All This Papparazzi”

CREDIT: @CabellocamilaYE / Twitter

Ok, for real, Cabello is human like all of us, which makes her extra special for making every moment an opportunity to have fun and be herself. #LatinaRoleModel

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Everyone Has Thoughts And Concerns About Camila Cabello And Shawn Mendes’ Quarantine Walks


Everyone Has Thoughts And Concerns About Camila Cabello And Shawn Mendes’ Quarantine Walks

E News/ Twitter

There’s no denying that throughout their relationship, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have drawn in attention. Particularly when it comes to their behavior.

Need proof? Just remember that out-of-the-blue moment last year when the two felt compelled to show the world that they french “normally” after fans roasted them for when they “kissed like fish.” The two seemed to have a pretty great sense of humor about of course because they responded with a very strange make-out video.

Now the two singers and bf/ gf duo are raising eyebrows again amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

The two were caught on a stroll in Miami, walking hand-in like zombies.

Walking as slowly as can be, the two were caught walking at a snail’s pace.

Fortunately, the couple is taking part in some much-needed self-quarantine for the sake of the public’s health and they are doing so in Miami. The two have been spotted taking long walks around Miami and have also been creatively productive. Recently they both performed alongside each other in Cabello’s home for iHeart Radio’s concert series.

Fans of Cabello and Mendes have been teasing the two for taking their sweet time on this walk.

In response to the walk, E! News tweeted, “Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s walk is as slow as the month of March feels.”

But who can really blame them?

We’re all pretty exhausted from all of the self-isolating.

Many are joking that Covid-19 has mutated into a zombie situation.

TBH it does feel kind of a lot like we’re in one.

Of course, people had some hilarious memes to roast these two with.

TBH their slow walk is pretty much all of us waiting to get out of quarantine.

Normani Finally Opens Up About Camila Cabello’s Text Calling Her The N-Word


Normani Finally Opens Up About Camila Cabello’s Text Calling Her The N-Word

normani / Instagram

When news first emerged of Camila Cabello’s racist remarks from the past, just about every Fifth Harmony fan was hurt.

Earlier last year, old Tumblr racist posts that had been created by Cabello resurfaced and made the rounds hurting fans and at least one of her group members.

The old Tumblr posts which had been shared by Cabello between 2012 and 2013 surfaced on Twitter and showed that she had used the N-Word and other derogatory language. She also was shown to have once mocked Rihanna for her 2009 physical assault by then-boyfriend Chris Brown. Soon after the posts were released, the old Tumblr account had been deactivated and Cabello issued an apology stating she was “uneducated and ignorant” at the time of the posts and apologized for using “horrible and hurtful” language.

In once instance, a message between Camila Cabello and her good friend Marielle Guzman, reveals that the “Havana” singer called her own group member, Normani Hamilton, the N-word.

Cabello’s career started with the musical girl group Fifth Harmony, an all women’s lineup that had been touted and celebrated by its fans for its diversity and push for sisterhood. As the only Black singer in the group, Normani had already faced quite a bit of racial attacks from the bands fans and critics. In an article by The New York Times, published in 2016 just before Cabello left, the news outlet observed how “In fan enclaves across the web, a subset of Fifth Harmony followers called Ms. Kordei “Normonkey,” “coon,” and “nigger.” One said she “deserves to be lynched.” Another Photoshopped her face onto the body of a woman hanging from a tree.”

No doubt, Cabello’s comments were damaging but they also have put her former group member in physical harms way.

In a recent profile for Rolling Stone, Normani said that she had been “hurt” by Camila Cabello’s racist Tumblr posts and were made even more difficult by constant racial abuse from trolls.

“It would be dishonest if I said that this particular scenario didn’t hurt me,” the singer said in her interview with Rolling Stone. “It was devastating that this came from a place that was supposed to be a safe haven and a sisterhood because I knew that if the tables were turned I would defend each of them in a single heartbeat. It took days for her to acknowledge what I was dealing with online and then years for her to take responsibility for the offensive tweets that recently resurfaced. Whether or not it was her intention, this made me feel like I was second to the relationship that she had with her fans.”