These Are Our Favorite 13 Latino Hipsters

To be a hipster is to be a part of a subculture of hipsters. Hipsters have been generally identified by their very lax style that is also specialized. It used to be wearing many layers, or just layering patterns in an interesting but still aesthetically pleasing way. In general, people who are hipsters are defined as being, in some way, different from the broader culture. People who are hipsters are generally unapologetically themselves. They simply wear what they want to wear and therefore there are many types of hipsters. Here are 13 Latinx Hipsters with distinct and fun styles.

1. Gael Garcia Bernal

Credot: Instagram @autocom_mx

Gael Garcia Bernal was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico to parents who were both in creative fields. He began his acting career as a child starring and practicing in short films and even a soap opera called “El Abuelo y Yo” (1992).  He is known for receiving a Golden Globe award as Best Actor in a Comedy Series in the series “Mozart in the Jungle” in 2016 and most recently known for his part as the voice actor for the character Héctor in the acclaimed animated movie “Coco” (2017).

Credit: Instagram @sassy_little_hobbit

With a relaxed t-shirt, colorful baseball cap, gray drawstring pants, and bright chevron bracelet Bernal reflects the hipster style well. The choice of boxier glasses, as well as the stubble on his chin, also pulls the look together. When he isn’t wearing a suit, he often opts for outfits such as these.

2. Diego Luna

Credit: Instagram @diegoluna_

Diego Luna Alexander is an actor and director who was born in Toluca de Lerdo and raised in Mexico City. Both his mother and father were heavily involved in the creative arts and shared that passion with Diego. Diego has starred in many telenovelas and co-owns a film company with his father called “Canana Films” which documents the unsolved murders of three hundred women.

Credit : @diegolunadaily

The dull, but the interesting color scheme is what seems central to Luna’s hipster style. That mesh of professional with comfortable is what creates his looks. The vest with the button up underneath shows this, but the orange sunglasses and white sneakers bring an aspect of fun to the image. This mesh can be seen in many of Luna’s outfits.

3. Michelle Rodriguez

Credit: @mrodofficial

Michelle Rodriguez is an actress who was born in San Antonio, Texas, to a Dominican mother and Puerto Rican father. She spent time in both countries growing up. She is best known for her role as a boxer in the independent film Girlfight (2000).  She has also starred as Letty Ortiz in The Fast and the Furious films and other successful films such as S.W.A.T, Avatar, and Resident Evil. She has had a great career in not only films but tv shows such as Lost and video games, as a voice actress, such as Call of Duty.

Credit @michellerodr.iguez

Rodriguez’s style can be defined only as entirely her. It is defined but mostly comfort with aspects of style intertwined. In the images above, she e wearing t-shirts, but she styles them very differently in each outfit. In the first, the blocky black letters stand as a contrast to the white background that goes down to her pants. In the second image, she is wearing slouchy pale pants, a beanie, and a corroded leather jacket which adds character to the outfit. It mixes grunginess with cuteness and comfort. This is something that can be seen in many of her outfits.

4. Leon Larregui

Credit : @zoe_infinity_

Leon Larregui is a singer and songwriter who was born in Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico.  He is best known for the songs he’s written as a vocalist in the Mexican band Zoé and his work as a soloist artist. His solo albums are titled “Solstis” (2012) and “Voluma” (2016).

Credit: Instagram @leonlarregui

The black blazer contrasting against the brightly patterned button up is what makes Larregui a hipster icon in this photo. He often meshes the business professional look with the casual/fun look. It makes him look like he’s always ready for a good time.

5. Bella Thorne

Credit: Instagram @bellathorne

Surprised that Bella Thorne is on this list? Don’t be. Bella Thorne was born in Pembroke Pines, Florida to parents Tamara Thorne and  Delancey Reinaldo “Rey” Thorne who was Cuban. Thorne has starred in many television shows such as Big Love and Shake It Up as well as many movies such as Forget Me Not (2009) and Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad  Day (2014).

Credit: Instagram @bellathorne

Bella Thorne is one of the more eccentric hipsters. Whereas it is conventional to wear duller colors in general with bursts of colors or interesting patterns dispersed throughout the outfit, Thorne has taken more to the “against the norm” approach of the hipster. The bright colors she wears and her mixing of different textures and colors gives her a voice through her outfits that is entirely hers.

6. Aubrey Plaza

Credit: Instagram@akaironman

Aubrey Plaza is an actress and comedian who was born in Wilmington, Delaware to Bernadette and David Plaza. Aubrey is best known for her character as April Ludgate on the popular sitcom Parks and Recreation. She has led a successful career as mainly a comedy actress in recognized films such as Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010), Life After Beth (2014), and Dirty Grandpa (2016).

Credit: Instagram@plazadeaubrey

Aubrey Plaza shows off her hipster style by layering in many of her photos. She is able to look professional with a twist, by adding patterns and textures to her outfits. Many of her outfits are simplistic yet fun.

7. Nicole Richie

Credit: Instagram@nicolerichie

Nicole Camille Richie-Madden is a fashion designer, author, actress and television personality who was adopted by parents Lionel Richie and Brenda Harvey. She was adopted from her biological parents (Peter Michaeld Escovedo and Karen Moss) at the age of 3. She is mostly known for starring in the reality series The Simple Life with her then best friend, Paris Hilton.

Credit: Instagram @nicole_richie_outfits

Richie’s outfits are well planned out with aspects of comfort coming through as one of the largest needs. The accessories are what really bring out the hipster style in Richie. Whether it’s a cardigan, scarf, or pop of color purse there is no doubt of her uniqueness when it comes to outfits.

8. Oscar Issac

Credit: Instagram @oscarissac.ig

Oscar Isaac is an actor who was born in Guatemala to María Eugenia and Oscar Gonzalo Hernández-Cano. He was then raised in Miami, Florida. He is most known for his role in Ex Machina as Nathan, his role as Llewyn Davis in Inside Llewyn Davis, and his role as Poe Dameron in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Credit: Instagram @oscarissac.ig

Isaac shows off his hipster style with this fun blocky sweatshirt that doesn’t need any accessorizing. Issac also seems to be a fan of wearing plain shirts with suit pants or with a blazer ontop. He easily spazzes up any outfit with one piece of professional wear.

9. Jackie Cruz

Credit: Instagram @ecarenphoto

Jackie Cruz is an actress, singer, and former model who was born in Queens, New Your City, U.S. by her single mother. She grew up between Los Angeles, California and Santiago, Dominican Republic. She is best known for her role as Marisol ‘Flaca’ Gonzales in the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black where she became a series regular. She has had lesser roles in other popular television series’ such as My Own Worst Enemy and Blue Bloods.

Credit: Instagram@jackiecruz

Jackie Cruz is another more eccentric hipster whose style flows into even her instagram posts. The bomber jacket and sunglases are statements with the pants making it less conventional. There is both an aspect of comfortability and fashion that she wears well. She wears many of her outfits with attitude which makes all of them very unique and very hipster.

10. Lauren Jauregui

Credit: Instagram@laurenjauregui

Lauren Jauregui is a singer who was born in Miami Florida to parents Michael Jauregui and Clara Morgado. She is best known for her part in the girl group Fifth Harmony.

Credit: Instagram @laurenjauregui

Lauren Jauregui obviously has a good time putting together her outfits. She puts together patterns and blocks of color that work together to create a unique look. A snakeskin turtleneck top or bodycon under a black overall dress with no patterns is just one example of her doing something new with a pair of clothes. This constant mesh of different colors and patterns is what makes her hipster.

11. Gina Rodríguez

Credit: Instagram@ginarodriguezph

Gina Rodríguez is an actress and activist who was born in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. to parents Magali and Genaro Rodríguez. She is best known for her role as Jane Villanueva in popular television series Jane the Virgin however she has also appeared on shows such as Law & Order, The Mentalist, and Army Wives.

Credit: Instagram @hereisgina

Gina Rodriguez is a fan of styling around the tshirts. This can be seen in most of her posts, but she does so in fun and relaxed ways that create looks. Her no makeup makeup look and hairstyles also add to to cuteness of many of her looks. Her style is very her and simply shows her wearing exactly what she wants to wear whenever she wants to wear it.

12. Wilmer Valderrama

Credit: Instagram @wilmervalderrama_fan

Wilder Eduardo Valderrama is an actor, producer, singer, and television personality who was born in Miami, Florida to parents Sobeida and Balbino A. Valderrama. He is best known for his role as Fez in popular television show That ’70s Show and as host of the MTV series Yo Momma. He was also the voice of Manny in child television series Handy Manny.

Credit: Instagram @wilmervalderrama

Valderrama is a prolific lover of denim. In many of his photos he simply tosses a denim jacket over his clothes and it works. He plays with textures and fabrics in order to change things up and keep that unique style. His rectangular glasses and 5 o’clock shadow are also aspects in his personal hipster style.

13. Christina Milian

Credit: Instagram @milianupdates

Christina Milian is an actress, singer, songwriter, and business woman who was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, to parents Don Flores and Carmen Milian. She definitely remains busy. She is best known for her album “Christina Milian” in which two of her singles charted within the Top 40 of U.S.’s Billboard Hot 100.

Credit: Instagram @christinamilian

Christina Milian’s style is often very comfortable with aspects that seem to come straight from the runway. She also plays with textures and patterns in her style. She maintains a very classy and calm style that also offers some fun with her use of accessories, shoes, and bags.

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Avocado Bar Opens In Brooklyn Then Runs Out Of Avocados In Three Hours


Avocado Bar Opens In Brooklyn Then Runs Out Of Avocados In Three Hours

Avocaderia / Instagram

A new restaurant opened in Brooklyn this week that promises to serve a menu almost entirely comprised of avocado-infused dishes.

Credit: Alex G May / Youtube

Even Becky is on the Avocado train.

On Monday, the Avocaderia opened up in Brooklyn. It’s a restaurant opened by three friends from Italy who tasted avocados in Mexico and knew what they had to do.

A post shared by Avocaderia (@avocaderia) on

Francesco Brachetti, one of the three friends, was interviewed by the New York Times and said “They’re tasty and healthy, and I ate them every day,” when discussing his discovery of avocados on his trip to Mexico.

Guys from Italy went to Mexico, discovered exotic fruits, and decided to cash in? Sounds very familiar. Even the dude on the left is like, “Um, hey guys, is this a good idea?”

The Avocaderia is located in “Industry City,” which is neither a city, nor is it itself an industry.

Credit: Industry City

It’s some sort of collective for hipsters to go and drink exclusive free-range, fair-trade, vegan, gluten-free, top-knot, flannel, macchiatos, or whatever.

Some natives of the area, myself included, think Brooklyn has had enough trendiness.

Hipster Pack

Industry City is the real world embodiment of “SoDoSoPa” (“South of Downtown South Park”) from “The City Part Of Town.”

Credit: Comedy Central

This South Park episode focuses on gentrification. In it, the locals build an entire downtown area where there wasn’t one, displacing and inconveniencing the poor people in the area, to attract the alien overlords of Whole Foods to open a location in the area.

What happened to the Brooklyn I knew? Am I just out of touch? Old fashioned?

Credit: andrewsantiago1 / imgur / Lion King / ABC Disney

Am I just nostalgia-ridden for a time when Industry City was just another unwalkable part of Sunset Park? An area me and the homies enjoyed having as a scary area you just don’t go to, unless you were looking for a scary area to go to?

Man, I have severely digressed in this article. Um. Avocados. Right. Anyway, the food looks delicious as fuck.

A post shared by Avocaderia (@avocaderia) on

Now, the real question is how do I hold this? Do I need white privilege, or can I just use my hands?

According to reports, on its first day, the new restaurant ran out of ripe avocados, their main ingredient, within three hours. The fruit is notorious for its ripening pattern.

Apparently, they didn’t run out of avocados, they had plenty of those, they just weren’t ripe. Sounds like they were a bit unprepared. They discovered avocados like yesterday, so you can almost forgive them for not knowing. Almost.

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Here’s Why Reinventing Mexican Food Is A Waste Of Hipster Chef’s Time


Here’s Why Reinventing Mexican Food Is A Waste Of Hipster Chef’s Time

We all know Mexican food is great, but nothing is more annoying when we hear our food-fetishizing, non-Latino friends say, “Have you heard of this great artisanal street corn? I think it’s called, ‘e-loat’?” Yes, we know it’s good. And it’s not pronounced “e-loat.”

What these bandwagon foodies don’t understand is that Mexican food was perfected a long time ago. We don’t need a hipster chef’s re-interpretation of corn to “discover” how great Mexican food can be. And while we would love to get really in the dirt on this topic, the truth is that the OCWeekly’s Gustavo Arellano already aired this exact grievance in a great article: “10 Mexican Dishes Hipster Chefs Need to Get Over Already.”

Check it out in the link below and let us know if you think he’s on the money, or a little too hard on these “hipster chefs.”

[H/T] 10 Mexican Dishes Hipster Chefs Need to Get Over Already

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