What You Expected Your Summer To Be Like Versus How It’s Actually Going

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At the start of each summer we all have our expectations of what we want our summer to be like. We are now halfway through summer and by now it has already shaped itself and made pretty clear how the rest of our summer is going to be. So, has it been all we’ve wanted it to be? Probably not, but if you are within the few that has had all of their wishes come true this summer then congrats to you. If you are within the people that their summer has just fallen short of what you expected it to be, just know that you are not alone. So this ones for you. Here are ten expectations that have fallen short this summer.

You probably pictured yourself lounging by a pool day in and day out.

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Let’s face it, during the summer every Snapchat or Instagram has pictures filled with pools and margaritas. So, of course, when the heat comes in and the sun is bright our motto is always “suns out, buns out.”

But, every Latino knows your mom probably pictured you cleaning day in and day out, so that’s what you did.

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Who do you think won that battle? So you probably have spent days cleaning and cooking and the only time you felt water touch your skin was from the tears you shed as you watched all of your friends sun bathe every day through social media.

You probably thought you’d be partying every night with your friends.

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You probably thought you’d spend your summer nights with your friends partying it up and making memories. I mean isn’t that what summer is all about?

But the only parties you went to were of your primas, primos, tios and tias.

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I mean jumpers and piñatas are fun too, right? At least there was bomb food.

Maybe you thought you’d be vacationing at some beach resort.

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That typical summer vacation we all crave is far far from home. Yup, we definitely all picture ourselves in front of a view like that. How relaxing, right?

But you forgot that since you’re home, “tienes que cuidar a los niños.”

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So you had to deal with your siblings all summer and never leave the house. How fun. 🙄

Maybe you hoped you would be dining out at luxurious restaurants and trying some new things.

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Because summer is about being spontaneous and why not be spontaneous by trying out some new food? Plus that delicious meal would be a great picture for your Instagram.

But you were probably broke most of the summer so you spent your days eating frijoles your mom made.

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And all you could do was just dream about the fancy meals you could have had this summer.

You might have even wanted to just sleep in because why not?

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You’ve woken up early every day so why not take a day to just sleep in? That’s definitely one way a lot of us choose to spend our summers.

That’s funny though, you thought your mom would let you rest.

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As soon as the sun rises, she’ll be calling you to help her around the house. Well there goes your beauty sleep.

Maybe you wanted to go on a shopping spree and buy a whole new wardrobe, as one does.

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Because everyone wants to look good in the summer and what better way to do it than with a whole new wardrobe. Get 👏🏾 it. 👏🏾

But the only shopping you did was at the swap meet.

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Because according to your parents, why would you go anywhere else? Tbh, it is really cool to spend time at the swap meet.

You thought this would be the summer you’d finally have your summer body.

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Duh. It’s summer and it’s the time for pool lounging and sun bathing so you are finally going to buckle down and get that summer body. You’ll make everyone jealous of your gains.

But the tacos were too good to resist.

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Forget skinny, tacos are worth the extra weight. Maybe next year you’ll get that summer body.

Maybe you wanted to have a classy summer with some wine and friends.

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It seems like the best pictures on social media always come from wine drinking. There’s something classy about holding that wine glass.

But you’re night probably quickly turned into tequila nights because who can resist a margarita?

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It might not be as classy as wine, but it is more fun and more colorful.

Movie nights with friends is always a fun idea.

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Summer nights are just as good as summer days so why not spend them with some friends, right?

But you only have one tv at your house and the novela is on and your mom can’t miss it.

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Well there goes movie nights, I guess. It’s fine because these shows can get just crazy enough to suck you in.

Perhaps water parks were on your summer to-do list.

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The only lines you want to be waiting in are the ones that will guarantee a wet and refreshing result.

But you actually spent your time waiting for the sprinkler to come around to your side.

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No rides but at least you still get that wet and refreshing result. Plus, you got to spend time with your family and that’s great.

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Here Are The Latino Sodas You Need To Try Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Here Are The Latino Sodas You Need To Try Based On Your Zodiac Sign

nataliedrawn / topochicousa / Instagram

While the rest of society is tapping into how nature is a significant signaler to our emotional and spiritual needs, Latinos grew up finding meaning in every change in the wind, and every dream. We’re superstitious AF, but we’re also highly in tune with nature.

We’re also chugging soda and eating Goya beans from a can because it’s 2019 and we have full-time jobs and three other gigs to get to. Whatever you have on your plate today, these zodiac-aligned sodas are destined to be more effective for you, hijo de las estrellas.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Credit: steph_joachim / Instagram

Honey, the arrangement of the stars this summer is signaling you to stay off the ‘gram. Get away from social media and get out of your head. There’s nothing like a sweet, tropical Jupiña to take with you to the beach or mountains.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Credit: titan_doom / Instagram 

Taurus’s are often misunderstood as lazy, but the fact is that you are more in touch with your self and your needs than any other sign. You’re free from the shame of indulging as an act of self-love. So when you have a Malta, you definitely add condensed milk to it to maximize the effects of every self-treat. Plus, it reminds you of drinking Malta as a niño and feeling like you could kick your feet up with the beer-drinking adults.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Credit: ztiworoh / Twitter

You’re represented by celestial twins–signifying a range of meanings, primarily to represent your many interests. The story goes that the goddess had so many passions, she doubled herself to get it all done. Cuba’s Iron Beer hasn’t decided whether it’s root beer or cream soda, and that’s because, like you, it can be both. 

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Credit: jarritos / Instagram

This summer, your space is yours. Whether you’re staying home to reflect and refuel your tank or burning up that gasolina on the dance floor, Jarritos stay with you. Nourishing both your home realm and your social side will be important for you. Pro tip: spiked Jarritos is even better.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Credit: @coastward / Twitter

Leo, your allure could be spotted from a mile away. Inca Kola’s neon yellow bubble gum flavors will make you glow in the dark. Don’t play like that doesn’t sound like your dream.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Credit: topochicousa / Instagram

The energies of the lunar eclipse in Capricorn is still inspiring productivity like never before in you, hermit. Topo Chico is not a soda, per se, but it is a bubbly drink that you can enjoy anytime. Whether you’re drinking it straight from the bottle at your desk or adding your favorite fruits, Topo Chico is the only bubbly you need to keep you in the zone.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Credit: lovelovegoose / Instagram

Ooh, Libra, your summer is set to look very physically (read: so much sex) active. You always have many people vying for your attention, but as you work on building trust with your chosen partner, you’re going to need to hydrate. Materva is brewed with mate leaves, giving you a bit of caffeine (alongside 40 grams of sugar, but who’s counting) to fuel your love life.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Credit: CityandStateUS / Instagram

Like Mexican Coke, you, scorpion, have a cult following. But this month isn’t about what other people think of you. No matter the expectations of you, it’s time to turn inward and go back to old wounds that cause all the classic drama in your life. Don’t worry, when you let it go, you’ll still be a classic inside and out.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Credit: squirrelseatnuts / Instagram

Travels are in your future, Sagittarius. There’s nothing more germane to its country of origin than Colombiana soda. Its bubble gum scented cream soda flavors will always remind you of the importance of honoring the place you visit.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Credit: sidralmundet / Instagram

Fellow sea goats–it has been un mes tan pesado. No te preocupes–instead of trying to find out where you fit, it’s time to realize you belong everywhere in this world. You’re not just a Mundet, you’re an elusive green apple cider. Embrace your individuality. It will set you free.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Credit: sylver907 / Instagram

You, Aquarius, are in a humanitarian activist mode. With Puerto Rico’s police force firing tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters, PR’s favorite soda, Kola Champagne, will be fuel for your fire.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Credit: coco_ricooficial / Instagram

Our favorite water-lovers can take their game to the next level this summer with Coco Rico. This soda is here for you when you want to drink out of a coconut on the beach, but with more sugar and carbonation. It’s next-level water, básicamente.

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These Latino Fashion Designers Are Putting Culture First In Swimwear


These Latino Fashion Designers Are Putting Culture First In Swimwear

lena_cali / Instagram

As good as it will feel to support any of these Latino-owned swimwear brands, you’ll feel so much better actually wearing their designs. Like always, knowing you’re supporting a Latino entrepreneur feels good, but these designers are putting Latino culture first in their products.

Ranging from birthplaces in Los Angeles to Puerto Rico to Brazil, these brands have their finger on the pulse of Latin culture and are either preserving 1940’s Cuban fashion or setting new trends. You can’t go wrong with these brands.

Viva La Bonita

Digital Image. Viva La Bonita. 3 July 2019.

Based in Los Angeles, every year, Viva La Bonita comes out with a new print for it’s open-backed, one-piece swimsuits, and we’re obsessed. Last year the print read “Allergic to Pendejadas.” We have a feeling this year’s suit will leave you feeling chingona-level bella.

Agua Bendita

@aguabenditasw / Instagram

Born out of their love for design that honors their Colombian heritage, Catalina Álvarez and Mariana Hinestroza have joined design forces to create Agua Bendita. Their brand also features other local artisans to elevate Colombian artistry around the world.

Jessica Milagros Swimwear

@jmilagrosplus / Instagram

Jessica Milagros had spent her career as a plus-size model and was disappointed with the swimwear available. It just wasn’t highlighting the beauty of curvy bodies. So she teamed up with JCPenney to create a line of plus-size, affordable swimwear.

Nicolita Swimwear

@laura.roque.a @brendalonso18 / Instagram

We love that this brand is all about preserving the fashion of 1940’s Cuban swimwear, while using today’s technologies to keep it comfy. Opt for heavy ruffles or a simple I ❤️ Cuba halter.

Del Mar by Berjheny

@delmarswimwear / Instagram

Venezuelan-born designer Berjheny Del Mar grew up in Aruba and knew her expertise was in coexisting with the ocean. Del Mar promotes ethically sourced fashion and says they aid “highly impoverished community of single mothers by providing them with an income, training scheme, stability and property in their communities and donations from the sales to their local charity.”

Yemaya Swimwear

@yemayaswimwear / Instagram

Paraguayan designer Carla Pallares has dedicated her line to the Goddess of the Ocean, Yemaya. The brand is committed to women being able to live care-free in comfort and style—whether it’s standing up on that surfboard or roasting in the sand.

MarAcuyá Swimwear

@maracuyaswimwear / Instagram

Based in Puerto Rico, MarAcuyá uses four-way stretch lycra made in Colombia, printed with their custom designs for a comfortable and stylish way to lay on the beach, surf or yoga. Their 2019 catalog is on sale now–and with so many of the pieces made with reversible fabrics, it’s like a twofer.

Mauna Loa Beachwear


Made in Venezuela, this Etsy company is “inspired by the tropical heat of its origin country” and it shows. You must check out designer Andreina Oliver pieces to see how traditional wear has translated into ruffled bikinis and one pieces alike.


@peixotowear / Instagram

Colombian designer Mauricio Esquenazi created Peixoto to honor nostalgia and classic beauty. You’re not going to find a tanga bottom here. For them, it’s all about “mystery, sophistication and elegance, without giving it all away at first glance.”

Luli Fama

@lulifamaswimwear / Instagram

Another Cuban fashion genius, Lourdes “Luli” Hanimian created Luli Fama to honor all of Latin America. Growing up in Miami, Luli wants to honor the bold prints of our culture with contemporary fits. People just don’t understand how so many of her swimsuits are universally flattering, but they are.


@lybethras / Instagram

Luciana “Lu” Martinez founded Lybethras in 2007 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The brand name “Lybethras” means ‘source of muses’ in Latin. By the time Lu started her brand at age 19, she was creating muses left and right. Her goal is to create swimwear for all bodies, and her success is worldwide.

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