What You Expected Your Summer To Be Like Versus How It’s Actually Going

At the start of each summer we all have our expectations of what we want our summer to be like. We are now halfway through summer and by now it has already shaped itself and made pretty clear how the rest of our summer is going to be. So, has it been all we’ve wanted it to be? Probably not, but if you are within the few that has had all of their wishes come true this summer then congrats to you. If you are within the people that their summer has just fallen short of what you expected it to be, just know that you are not alone. So this ones for you. Here are ten expectations that have fallen short this summer.

You probably pictured yourself lounging by a pool day in and day out.

yumikoscintu / Instagram

Let’s face it, during the summer every Snapchat or Instagram has pictures filled with pools and margaritas. So, of course, when the heat comes in and the sun is bright our motto is always “suns out, buns out.”

But, every Latino knows your mom probably pictured you cleaning day in and day out, so that’s what you did.

esmeraldaaa07 / Instagram

Who do you think won that battle? So you probably have spent days cleaning and cooking and the only time you felt water touch your skin was from the tears you shed as you watched all of your friends sun bathe every day through social media.

You probably thought you’d be partying every night with your friends.

ludokes / Instagram

You probably thought you’d spend your summer nights with your friends partying it up and making memories. I mean isn’t that what summer is all about?

But the only parties you went to were of your primas, primos, tios and tias.

suicide.froggy / Instagram

I mean jumpers and piñatas are fun too, right? At least there was bomb food.

Maybe you thought you’d be vacationing at some beach resort.

tinaaa_eb / Instagram

That typical summer vacation we all crave is far far from home. Yup, we definitely all picture ourselves in front of a view like that. How relaxing, right?

But you forgot that since you’re home, “tienes que cuidar a los niños.”

dogsncats / Instagram

So you had to deal with your siblings all summer and never leave the house. How fun. ????

Maybe you hoped you would be dining out at luxurious restaurants and trying some new things.

unionbankwinebar / Instagram

Because summer is about being spontaneous and why not be spontaneous by trying out some new food? Plus that delicious meal would be a great picture for your Instagram.

But you were probably broke most of the summer so you spent your days eating frijoles your mom made.

sadchihuahua / Instagram

And all you could do was just dream about the fancy meals you could have had this summer.

You might have even wanted to just sleep in because why not?

samanthalashbrook / Instagram

You’ve woken up early every day so why not take a day to just sleep in? That’s definitely one way a lot of us choose to spend our summers.

That’s funny though, you thought your mom would let you rest.

samuelharris2526 / Instagram

As soon as the sun rises, she’ll be calling you to help her around the house. Well there goes your beauty sleep.

Maybe you wanted to go on a shopping spree and buy a whole new wardrobe, as one does.

stephanie.currie21 / Instagram

Because everyone wants to look good in the summer and what better way to do it than with a whole new wardrobe. Get ???????? it. ????????

But the only shopping you did was at the swap meet.

villagesofkapoleiassociation / Instagram

Because according to your parents, why would you go anywhere else? Tbh, it is really cool to spend time at the swap meet.

You thought this would be the summer you’d finally have your summer body.

somagically / Instagram

Duh. It’s summer and it’s the time for pool lounging and sun bathing so you are finally going to buckle down and get that summer body. You’ll make everyone jealous of your gains.

But the tacos were too good to resist.

leela_thespacecorg / Instagram

Forget skinny, tacos are worth the extra weight. Maybe next year you’ll get that summer body.

Maybe you wanted to have a classy summer with some wine and friends.

pearlsrooftop / Instagram

It seems like the best pictures on social media always come from wine drinking. There’s something classy about holding that wine glass.

But you’re night probably quickly turned into tequila nights because who can resist a margarita?

rosierozzayy / Instagram

It might not be as classy as wine, but it is more fun and more colorful.

Movie nights with friends is always a fun idea.

acoupleandatripod / Instagram

Summer nights are just as good as summer days so why not spend them with some friends, right?

But you only have one tv at your house and the novela is on and your mom can’t miss it.

wreck_1t_ralph / Instagram

Well there goes movie nights, I guess. It’s fine because these shows can get just crazy enough to suck you in.

Perhaps water parks were on your summer to-do list.

thingstodoindubaicity / Instagram

The only lines you want to be waiting in are the ones that will guarantee a wet and refreshing result.

But you actually spent your time waiting for the sprinkler to come around to your side.

bigmancgc / Instagram

No rides but at least you still get that wet and refreshing result. Plus, you got to spend time with your family and that’s great.

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You’ll Want To Stay At Home After Finding Out What It’s Really Like To Fly During A Pandemic

Things That Matter

You’ll Want To Stay At Home After Finding Out What It’s Really Like To Fly During A Pandemic

There’s no denying that being locked up in our homes – sometimes with extended family – with little to do has many of us itching for a vacation from all of this madness. It seems like everyday we’re hit with another dose of bad news or some other worrying detail about the 2020 election, Coronavirus, police brutality – of course we want to get away.

But right now is not the time to be heading to the airport for that flight to some distant (or even not so distant) destination.

Experts agree that flying and spending time in airports is one of the riskiest things you can do during the Coronavirus pandemic. Sure, many airlines and airports say they’re taking extraordinary measures to protect travelers but several news reports and viral videos have shown that isn’t always true.

Air travel is considered a high-risk activity when it comes to the Coronavirus pandemic – and here’s why.

Air travel means spending time in security lines and airport terminals, which puts you into close contact with other people. As travel slowly recovers, planes are becoming more crowded, which means you will likely sit close to other people, often for hours, which raises your risk.

But if you can’t wait until a vaccine arrives to travel by air, you should understand the risks and know that there are measures you can take to stay safe. Flying is risky for several reasons, but the main concern is being in close proximity to other people from all over the country or the world. 

One of the best ways to protect yourself (besides wearing a mask) is social distancing. And when it comes to flying, the reality is that it’s almost impossible to truly socially distance on a plane. Even if the flight you are on is not completely booked, the chances that you will encounter someone — either a fellow passenger or flight attendants — within six feet of you is very high. You will likely also encounter people within six feet while getting through airport security and boarding a plane.

Once on a plane, most viruses and other germs don’t spread easily because of the way air circulates, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Airlines also say they are focusing on sanitizing the hard surfaces that passengers commonly touch.

Airlines say they’re adjusting their policies to accommodate social distancing but that isn’t always the case.

Several major U.S airlines (including Alaska, Delta, and JetBlue) have said that they’re blocking middle seats or limiting capacity. Other airlines (such as American) were doing that but have since started booking flights to capacity to make up losses revenues. But even if every middle seat is empty you will likely be closer than the recommended distance of 6 feet to another passenger now that planes are getting fuller.

Once you’re onboard, many airlines have completely eliminated food and beverage service, since it can be a vector for spreading the virus.

And although all U.S. airlines now officially require ‘appropriate face coverings’ while onboard, not all are enforcing this rule equally. And what’s to keep an anti-masker from taking off their mask mid-flight? Is an airline really going to reroute an entire aircraft wit hundreds of passengers for an emergency landing to kick off a passenger who refuses to use a mask?

Enforcement on airlines is much different than their official policies.

Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Recent travel stories and viral videos have shown the stark difference between official airlines policies and actual flying conditions. For example, travelers have reported that flights on United are suppose to notify travelers if the flight will be full but they show up to the airport only to then discover that they’ll be elbow to elbow with fellow travelers. That’s not good to say the least.

Airlines have increased sanitation and cleaning protocols with deeper and more frequent cleanings. Major airlines affiliated with Airlines for America saidthey are meeting or exceeding CDC guidelines for cleaning and sanitation. Many planes are utilizing High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters to ensure the air flow is filtered and circulated as much as possible. Still, you should remain vigilant about hand hygiene on board, and bring your own disinfectant wipes so you can wipe down your seat and tray when you board. 

Most experts agree that plane travel – unless absolutely necessary – is a big no no right now.

Credit: Jeffrey Groeneweg / Getty Images

In an interview with Buzzfeed News, Gerardo Chowell, an epidemiologist, said “No vacation this year at all. There’s no point, and being an expert and trying to advise the public, we are not taking any vacation. It’s a very simple summer for us this year. We’re grateful we have some green areas around our house here in Decatur, Georgia, and we go out for walks almost every day. But that’s it. We’re not going anywhere because the risk is very real, now more than ever.

Meanwhile, Susan Kline, a professor of medicine, told Buzzfeed News that she is “not very comfortable getting on a plane still. My biggest concern is once you’re on a plane with a large number people, usually it’s in tight quarters and you’re all sharing the air, so I do think that’s the highest-risk situation: indoor spaces with a relatively large number of people in a relatively small space, plus add in you’re often sitting very close to people and you can’t control who you sit next to and you have no idea if they have any symptoms.

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Summer Is Here And Here’s How You Are Enjoying It Considering Everything Else Going On


Summer Is Here And Here’s How You Are Enjoying It Considering Everything Else Going On

There is no denying that COVID-19 is definitely changing a lot of our summer plans. However, there are a lot of plans this summer that we can still enjoy to the fullest, no matter what is happening in the world. Here are some of the ways you are making summer fun at home.

Nothing like a visit from the paletero.

Credit: yasislas / Giphy

There is nothing more summer than the paletero, according to @kclovesgg. He is the first person many of us fell in love with because he represented pure joy and always made us happy. Hearing that little bell clanking in the distance is enough to still make our hearts race.

On the other end, mami’s unending caldo is a summer staple.

Credit: Campbell’s

Our moms have this theory that it is beneficial for us to eat soup when it is hot outside. It isn’t to boot our immune systems or make us healthier. It is low key a way for them to save on the A/C. While Instagram users like @lulu_hern might remember it fondly, it is important to know that mom thought you would not feel as hot after eating such a hot meal. Therefore, she wouldn’t have to turn on the A/C.

There is something so important about the first carne asada of summer.

Credit: RobertRBlackmon / Giphy

We all know that papi, tío, abuelo, and every Latino man loves to be the carne asada house every summer. Fortunately, this summer, because of *waves frantically* everything, he can be the carne asada house every day. You better buckle up, @carmabelle91. Get ready to eat your family’s cooking all summer.

Some of you think margaritas are a summer drink when they are really acceptable at any time of year.

Literally, there is never a wrong time of year for a refreshing margarita because: tequila. While the freshness of lime juice and the blended ice to make for an exceptionally refreshing beverage for summer, don’t limit yourself. Enjoy your margaritas all year and make a special mix for those hot summer months, @cagirl_72.

The ability to go outdoor got a mention from you all because it’s the little things some times.

Credit: Partizan / Giphy

Being able to walk around outside is just one of the many joys we can enjoy without spending money. Being able to walk around your neighborhood or through nature is vital right now. We have been isolated at home for months and we have had to roll back openings because of spiking cases. Don’t let yourself go stir crazy. Walk around and breathe. @reynadelamiche knows what’s up.

Who doesn’t love a little baseball right now?

Credit: mlb / Giphy

The sporting world was one of the first to respond to COVID-19. All professional sports suspended their seasons when COVID-19 started to spread in the U.S. However, baseball is on its way back in the U.S. Despite the pandemic, the MLB will be restarting the season and taking actions to keep players safe, @riossr.alonso.

A big thing you want, according to IG comments, is justice for Breonna Taylor.

Several of you commented that you want to see justice for Breonna Taylor who was killed by police in Louisville, Kentucky. Her case has drawn a lot of attention because the police officers executed a no-knock warrant and entered the wrong address.

Taylor was shot and killed in her home and the police who killed the innocent woman have not been arrested. People have demonstrated across the country demanding justice for Breonna Taylor. Though the police have not been arrested, Breonna’s Law was passed by Louisville eliminating no-knock warrants.

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