From ‘Karen’ To Covid, These Halloween Costumes Will Be Everywhere This Year

It wasn’t long ago that it seemed like Halloween may just be ‘normal’ this year. In fact, several major amusements parks had planned just that, with the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) suggesting that despite the pandemic, Halloween events should still go ahead as planned.

However, when that statement was released the U.S. had 1.5 million confirmed cases of coronavirus and almost 92,000 deaths, but those numbers have since climbed to more than 7 million cases and 200,000 deaths. Although some theme parks have opened against the advice of health officials (we see you, Disney World), a ‘normal’ Halloween looks increasingly unlikely.

That’s not to say that Halloween is totally over though. So put together your plan for a socially-distanced Halloween or that digital costume party and hopefully you get some inspiration from these 11 top costume ideas for 2020.

Anything from the ‘WAP’ Music Video

In early August, Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B teamed up to bring us the summer anthem to end all summer anthems. The music video and accompanying explicit track, broke tons of records and is instantly recognized as one of the year’s top songs.

Featuring some unforgettable looks, the video included a custom leopard print Mugler corset on Cardi B; matching pink and yellow feathered bodysuits by Nicolas Jebran for both artists; and a Naomi Campbell-inspired getup, involving a houndstooth bodysuit by Venus Prototype Latex, on Normani. Personally, we suggest the python scene, which would involve wearing lace-up heels and a cut-out lingerie onesie in either jade green or mustard yellow. And a snake! 

Lil Nas X at the 2020 Grammys

Credit: Steve Wanitch / Getty Images

Wanna ride ’til you can’t no more? Good, then you’re ready to dress as Lil Nas X. His 2020 Grammys look was nothing short of stylish, complete with a hot pink cowboy hat, bright boots, and a matching jacket and jeans that lit up the red carpet. Wear an all-pink ‘fit with a matching hat and boots, and be sure to load up on the gold accessories. Giddy up!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Credit: Dan Sodevilla / Getty Images

If Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was your personal hero, putting together an RBG costume is as easy as finding a black robe and a lace collar. Lace collars are selling out fast, however, so if you miss getting one, it’s pretty easy to make your own with some lace trim.

Animal Crossing Avatars

Another simple Halloween costume that’ll still bring in a lot of likes? Dressing up as your own Animal Crossing character. Hear us out: All you have to do to take your own everyday wardrobe and make it AC-friendly is head to the local supermarket and pick up some turnips. To really round out the look, borrow a watering can from your next-door neighbor (don’t forget to sanitize).

Sister Night from Watchmen

Credit: Watchmen / HBO

A long hooded black cape with a white top and a long black skirt will transform you into Sister Night. Wear a large face mask and keep your hood up.

‘The Karen’

Credit: JasonAdcock78 / Instagram

With Halloween fast approaching, it looks like the costume of the year might be “The Karen.” One Etsy seller is offering Karen wigs, styled in that asymmetrical haircut that has become synonymous with screaming about having to wear a mask at Wegmans, and leaving one-star reviews for understaffed chain restaurants. 

And Jason Adcock, a Los Angeles artist, has added made-to-order latex Karen masks on his Etsy shop, calling it “the scariest thing you can be.” Each $180 mask is handmade, with painted makeup, blond hair, and a scrunched open-mouthed expression that looks like she was sculpted while screaming “ALL LIVES MATTER” in a stranger’s face. 

The Tiger King

Credit: Tiger King / Netflix

Few costumes will be as instantly recognizable this year as Tiger King Joe Exotic, and Amazon actually sells a perfect dupe for his turquoise sequined shirt. Add a stuffed tiger and some extra-tight jeans, and you’re ready to go.

Sexy Tiger Queen, your prima’s go-to retailer for crotchless body stockings, has released a “Tiger Queen” costume that takes Joe Exotic’s unmistakable fit and reimagines it as a sequin tiger print bodysuit with a denim-look brief, a leg holster, and a hot pink trucker hat.

Carole Baskin

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, it’s about time you start thinking about how exactly you’re going to dress up like the great Carole Baskin from the Netflix smash hit, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness, this Halloween.

On the bright side, dressing up as the owner of Big Cat Rescue isn’t all that complicated. Rather, all you really need is a leopard print muumuu, a flower crown, and a long, straight wig. Bonus if you bring along a four-legged furry friend.

Zoom Call Outfits

Working from home – for those of us lucky enough – is peak 2020. Zoom calls – and dressing for them – have become the point of so many jokes and skits.

Essentially, the rule of thumb when logging onto a Zoom call, whether it’s work- or social-related, is stylish on top, comfy on bottom, resulting in many a call that involves sweatpants below the screen and a button-down above it. And why should Halloween be any different? Just throw on your go-to sweats and your cleanest oxford shirt, and you’ll be good to go. If you’re feeling snarky, you can also attach a tag that says, “This call will end in 40 minutes.”

USPS Mail Carrier

Your local mail carrier is as much a 2020 hero as any doctor or nurse. Mail carriers have worked tirelessly amidst a global pandemic and budget cuts to make sure our quarantine letters, mail-in ballots, and important packages make it where they are going. All you need to pay them tribute is a blue uniform shirt, a USPS patch, and a package or bundle of letters to deliver.

We know Halloween is scary this year – and not because of ghouls and goblins. We are all facing a very real pandemic that has taken so many lives. So as we get ready to celebrate one of the funnest nights of the year, let’s remember to stay safe and follow the guidelines recommended by health experts to ensure we’re all doing what we can to minimize the risk of Coronavirus.

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Met Gala 2021 Is Happening And Amanda Gorman Is Set To Host The America-Themed Fashion Event


Met Gala 2021 Is Happening And Amanda Gorman Is Set To Host The America-Themed Fashion Event

Alex Wong/Getty Images

It’s 2021 and the Met Gala is back this year – after being canceled in 2020 thanks to a pandemic – with superstar poet Amanda Gorman being eyed to host the fashion event of the year. Given the 23-year-old’s show-stopping performance at the inauguration, the theme fittingly will be a celebration of America and American designers.

The Met Gala will return in 2021 with a very special guest as host.

Vogue’s “Oscars of Fashion” famously takes place on the first Monday of May. However, this year it’s been pushed back to September 13, in hopes that life will have returned to something closer to normal by then.

Epic poet Amanda Gorman is reportedly in talks to co-host the event alongside Tom Ford, who is the academy’s president. The breakout star of President Biden’s inauguration, Gorman is on the cover of the magazine’s May issue and the subject of a relentlessly glowing profile inside.

The black-tie gala, which raises funds for Met’s Costume Institute, is normally fashion’s biggest night and sees guests from Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B to Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and even Maluma.

The event was canceled in 2020 thanks to a global pandemic.

The world’s most glamorous party was canceled in 2020 because of COVID-19, which was (and still is) raging the planet at the time. There was a virtual event in place of the 2020 event, with celebs like Julia Roberts, Priyanka Chopra and Amanda Seyfried showing off their looks from home and stars like Mindy Kaling and Adam Rippon taking part in the #MetGalaChallenge, recreating looks from past years.

This year’s event will draw inspiration from all things USA.

The theme of this year’s Met Gala has not been announced, but Page Six says the night will be devoted to honoring America and American designers, following the 18-month-long COVID crisis in this country.

Recent past themes for the event have included “Camp: Notes on Fashion” (2019), “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” (2018), and “Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between (2017). And don’t forget 2016, when Zayn Malik wore robot-arms to Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology.

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Tourists To Mexico Are Getting COVID And Are Shocked They Can’t Return To U.S.

Things That Matter

Tourists To Mexico Are Getting COVID And Are Shocked They Can’t Return To U.S.

Since late-January, the United States has required a negative COVID test from anyone traveling to the U.S., including tourists returning from vacation in Mexico. So, what happens when you test positive while in a foreign country?

Well, many U.S. tourists are finding out the dark side of traveling during a global pandemic as those who test positive for the virus aren’t being allowed back into the country. And they are outraged.

U.S. tourists shocked they can’t return to the U.S. with a positive COVID test.

Even though the government has made it very clear that anyone traveling to the U.S. will require a negative COVID-19 test (at least anyone over the age of 2), many U.S. tourists abroad are shocked they’re not able to return to their home country once they’ve caught the virus.

Korey Mudd, who was on vacation in Cancun when he tested positive, told USA Today, he couldn’t believe this was happening. “It would have been better just to stay home, for sure, unfortunately,” he said.

The hotel initially told him he had to stay until he tested negative, which freaked Mudd out since people who get the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 can test positive long after they’ve recovered from the virus. The resort they stayed at, which covers the cost of the extended stay for travelers stranded by COVID-19, eventually settled on 10 days after his first test if he had no symptoms.

The U.S. implemented the testing requirement shortly after President Biden took office.

Since late January, anyone traveling to the United States is required to provide a negative COVID-19 test or proof of vaccination or recovery from the virus. However, this new requirement hasn’t stemmed the flow of tourists from the U.S. traveling to Mexico amid the pandemic, hoping to escape the tighter lockdowns that exist in some parts of the U.S.

But if you’re abroad and test positive, you can’t fly home until you are cleared by a doctor or provide proof of a negative test. Hotel and airline interpretations of the CDC rules vary, but travelers who’ve been stuck say they were told between 10 and 14 days in isolation.

When the requirement was announced on Jan. 12, travelers rushed to cancel plans or shift their vacation plans to U.S. vacation spots that don’t require COVID-19 tests. But the bookings rebounded as some hotels announced free testing and a free quarantine stay if they tested positive and vaccination rates have increased.

Do you need a test to fly?

Travelers don’t need a COVID-19 test to fly to Mexico, but they can’t board a flight back to the United States from the country or any international destination without showing a negative test taken no more than three days before departure or proof of recovery from COVID-19.

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