This Quinceañera Theme Was So Legit, Even The Centerpieces Followed The Theme

My mom would have said NO if I asked her to have a quinceañera like this, but luckily this 15-year-old was able to get approval and go all out with her Harry Potter-themed quince. Yes. Harry Potter.

Every quince has a different theme and color scheme, but this quinceañera took it to a whole other level – with a legit Harry Potter theme.


Already feel like I’m at Hogwarts.

The entire venue was set up to look just like the dinner hall in Hogwarts.  


Okay, now I’m just waiting for Harry, Ron and Hermione to enter the room.

With wands by every dinner plate and a golden snitch above every champagne glass, this quinceañera really went above and beyond.


I wonder if tías fought over these centerpieces.

To personalize it even more, she cropped out Hermione Granger from the picture and photoshopped herself in it.


Bye Hermione.

Since Harry Potter and Ron Weasley couldn’t make an appearance, the chambelanes were dressed up as wizards instead.


Of course he had to dab in his wizard robe.

Her family joined in on the fun as well, ready to pose in their wizard robes and magical wands at hand.


Soooo cute.

Even though this type of theme is not the typical theme for a quince, having the quinceañera’s loved ones join in on the Harry Potter spirit, is really what made it a *magical* night.


This is a dream come true for every Harry Potter fan.

To see the rest of the details of this quinceañera, check out the full video below.

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How This Non-Mexican Became The Biggest Spicy Food Lover


How This Non-Mexican Became The Biggest Spicy Food Lover

Brooklyn Nine-Nine/ FOX via Giphy

A lot of non-Latinos assume we all love spicy food and are born with chilis in our mouth, and well, that’s not true. For some of us, our cuisine is more centered around fried corns and flour with cheese, leaving us having to learn the ways of spicy food the hard way. But, for me, the journey was delicious.

My parents are from Colombia and Ecuador, two countries not typically known to have super spicy dishes.

CREDIT: credit: Giphy via YouTube

Not at all.

Growing up, we didn’t have hot sauce bottles in the house. We mostly had garlic. A lot of it.

CREDIT: credit: Jane The Virgin/ CW via Tumblr

As a Miami girl that ate a lot of Cuban food, I can tell you that Cuban food doesn’t have much spice either.

Typical meals included a lot of rice, arepas, platanos, potatoes and grains.

CREDIT: credit: Desus & Mero

A lot of their dishes tend to be carb-heavy.

My idea of adding zest to meals was piling on the CHEESE.

CREDIT: credit: Giphy

But I definitely had a thing for green peppers and cilantro.

When I first had Mexican, Indian or other spicy food, I generally stayed away from the salsas, assuming they’d be too hot.

CREDIT: credit: Bruno Mars/ YouTube via Rebloggy

(They usually were.)

People would meet my dislike for spicy food with, “But aren’t you Latina?”

CREDIT: credit: Love & Hip Hop/VH1 via Giphy

I know, I know. I’m supposed to be super spicy and crafted out of jalapeños. Sorry to disappoint!

In high school, I started exploring Tabasco and Sriracha along with my friends…

CREDIT: credit: First We Feast/ YouTube

I became all about hot wings, and thought, “This isn’t bad!”

And then, I met Cholula and Tapatío.

CREDIT: credit: OITNB/ Netflix via Tumblr

It was just perfect for my unaccustomed taste buds.

I became that person that carries hot sauce with them everywhere.

CREDIT: Credit: YouTube/Beyonce via Giphy

No shame.

On my next trips to South America, I always had to ask for hot sauce.

CREDIT: credit: The Voice/NBC via Giphy

…Which was usually sitting on some forgotten table, looking untouched for at least two years.

But the ají was usually jus cilantro, garlic and lime.

CREDIT: credit: FOX/ Glee via Blogspot

Although, that little aji for empanadas DID have a kick.

My family found it very important to tell everyone, “she puts hot sauce on everything!”

CREDIT: credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine/ FOX via Giphy

She was so proud.

However, I do recognize my limits…

CREDIT: credit: Late Show With Stephen Colbert/ CBS via Giphy

Like when my doctor said I should actually cut back, so… I stocked up on the Tums.

And although I still love the food I traditionally grew up with…

CREDIT: credit: Jane The Virgin/ CW via University Primetime

Nothing beats it.

A little drop of salsita doesn’t hurt, right?

CREDIT: The Voice / NBC via Giphy


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Did you grow up not liking spicy and now can’t get enough of it? Which Latino dishes do you think are better with spice? Let us know!

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