McDonald’s Was Trying To Be Cute When They Put These Characters On Cups But It Didn’t Take Long For People To Discover This Major Design Flaw

Look – I get it. As a working graphic designer I ask, who among us has not inadvertently created a something not quite ready for the general publication ? It is a surprisingly easy mistake to make, and I know I have had to scrap a project or two for inappropriate thermometers and light bulbs. Even in the small team that I work with, there’s a whole review process that makes sure accidental genitals, stray cups of booze, and unfortunate phrasing like “pitch a tent” stay off of our family-friendly publications and marketing materials.

At McDonald’s, it seems that no one was around to take that one last look that is all the difference between a sweet, summery cup and a social media prompt for the depraved.

McDonald’s locations in Japan are distributing cups that feature a guy and a girl that when tipped in certain directions, depict the two lovebirds in some naughty situations.

Here’s the designer’s vision of how this cup is supposed to work:

But as we know…these didn’t turn out exactly the way they were supposed to. Or rather, the design team didn’t anticipate just how juvenile people can be.

If you are dedicated to law and order and keep the bottom of the cup on the table, when you finish your drink the two characters come together in a cute, romantic fling. 

But let’s be honest…if we know we can be immature and make these cute couples look naughty, we’re totally doing it.

Each of the three available cups, show the couple engaged in a chaste kiss.

So cute. If only it had stayed that way.

So innocent! So pure! It almost doesn’t belong in 2019! 

Not straight? Not a problem! Nestle two cups on top of each other and this cup is gay rights.

But we live in a universe of absolute, unbridled chaos and people started tipping those cups every which way. The results? 

From one angle, it looks like the guy is grabbing the girl’s butt. And in a different angle of the same cup, you might see that the girl is kissing the guy’s butt. A little juvenile. Not so bad though, right? We all see what we want to see.

Oh no! In these two examples, our couple appears to be getting a bit carried away…

As with so many things in life, I suppose it all depends in your point of view. 

I thought animal-style was an In-N-Out thing? I’m still rooting for these two to make it though. Let’s check in on our gay couple.

What can we say? It’s hot in these streets.

After the 2004 documentary Super Size Me drew a lot of criticism to the McDonald’s brand, the company has been trying to rehabilitate its image. Their supersize option is no longer available and newer, supposedly more healthy options have made their way on to the menu. McDonald’s has also opted for the sleeker look of competitors like Starbucks. Many franchise establishments have gotten a facelift, moving away from a garish red and yellow motif to a neutral tone look and offering free WiFi

Lately, McDonald’s has gotten into the specialty drink game. You can now drive through for a vanilla latte or a fruit smoothie, assuming the machine is working. The cups came about through a marketing campaign for McDonad’s McFizz drinks – carbonated, fruity beverages that come in a variety of colors that photograph beautifully as a backdrop for the design. 

You have to admit, it started out as a cute idea, but when producing new designs, one has to remember that Twitter exists and stays ready to drag. It’s always good practice to look things over a few times. Look once for spelling and grammar. Look a second time with the eyes of a thirteen year old boy who will take every opportunity to make a sexual innuendo. And I guess we have reached the point where we probably need to look a third time from every possible point of view so that your product doesn’t become a trending topic on Twitter for unforeseen reasons. a

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The McDonald’s x J Balvin Collaboration Is No Longer Happening


The McDonald’s x J Balvin Collaboration Is No Longer Happening

Update January 19, 2021

If you have been looking forward to the J Balvin and McDonald’s collaboration, you might be disappointed. After months of anticipation, the collaboration is no longer happening.

The highly anticipated J Balvin and McDonald’s collab is not happening.

J Balvin fans were so excited to get their hands on some limited edition J Balvin and McDonald’s merch, including sandals and beanies. McDonald’s was hoping to cash in on the J Balvin fandom like they did with Travis Scott. There was a J Balvin mean which consisted of a Big Mac with no pickles, medium fries with ketchup, and an Oreo McFlurry.

According to Business Insider, the collaboration was canceled due to production issues. Namely, the products did not reach their expectations. An email to customers who placed orders states that everyone will receive a full refund along with a beanie and note from J Balvin.

Original: If you thought J Balvin couldn’t get any more successful than he already is, you were wrong.

On Monday, McDonalds announced a surprise collaboration with the chart-topping Colombian reggaeton singer.

According to their press release, McDonalds and J Balvin have teamed up to create a signature “J Balvin Meal”. The meal will consist of a Big Mac, fries with ketchup and an Oreo McFlurry. Customers who order the meal through the app will get the McFlurry for free. The meal will be available until November 1st, so it is indeed, a limited-time offer.

“As a longtime McDonald’s fan, I am excited to join the short list of global icons who have had a meal named in their honor,” Balvin said in the press release. “I am looking forward to sharing my signature order with my fans, along with more surprises that are to come with this partnership. ¡Lego!”

McDonald’s had been teasing the meal for days, tweeting out messages like “reply to this tweet and we’ll tell you a secret about our next collab meal”. They also sent out a cryptic tweet where they just posted a bunch of rainbow-colored circles (for those of you who don’t know, J Balvin loves rainbow colors so much that he named his fifth studio album “Colores” and called his tour the “Arcoiris” tour).

The J Balvin x McDonald’s collab comes on the heels of the fast food chain’s wildly successful collaboration with rapper Travis Scott.

The Travis Scott Meal (which was literally just a quarter pounder with cheese topped with lettuce and bacon, fries with barbecue sauce, and a Sprite) was so popular that McDonald’s reported nationwide shortages of the meal’s key ingredients, like lettuce, slivered onions, and bacon.

It makes sense that the most popular artist in the world is getting his own McDonald’s meal. And naturally, fans have some thoughts…

The opportunity to express their opinions about this unconventional collaboration was just too tempting to pass up.

The memes about the possibility of multi-colored burgers were plentiful.

If McDonald’s offered multi-colored burgers, something tells us they would have people lining up out the door.

Of course, people couldn’t help but take a jab at McDonald’s *constant* broken ice-cream machines.

McDonald’s might as well have added a disclaimer to their press release explaining that the McFlurries would only be available at locations in the U.S. with working ice-cream machines (all ten of them).

Some people were even brain-storming ideas for the next famous artist and McDonald’s collab:

Considering McDonald’s prides itself as a family-friendly establishment, we’re not sure how they could pull this one off…although we’d love to see them try!

We wonder what artist McDonald’s plans to collaborate with next!

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McDonald’s Now Has Quarter Pounder Scented Candles That You Definitely Didn’t Ask For


McDonald’s Now Has Quarter Pounder Scented Candles That You Definitely Didn’t Ask For

You know that friend whose car always smells like the food they ate the night before? You know the one, it’s the same friend who also has a collection of takeout Wendy’s, Taco Bell and McDonald bags shoved into the pocket of their backseats. Well now, you too can be that friend. Thanks to McDonald’s you can make literally anywhere smell like oily takeout.

McDonald’s announced this week that it will make a six-pack of scented candles that will smell like your favorite Quarter Pounder ingredients.

McDonald's six candles come in all the scents you'd expect.

Anyone familiar with the key ingredients in the beloved QP knows these scents include bun, ketchup, pickles, cheese, beef, and ooh baby onions. In honor of the Quarter Pounder’s 50th birthday, McDonald’s is also releasing a line of merchandise that includes calendars, lockets, mittens, shirts, and pins.

Draw up a romantic bath for you and yours that smells like an oily stove and pickles by getting the items here on the McDonald’s fan club website.

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