These Santería Stories From Miami Took Sad And Dark Turns For Everyone Involved

Miami is famous for its beaches with crystal clear water, partying nightlife—and an active Santería religious community. The religion has its origins in the Caribbean as a religion that was brought over by the enslaved Yoruba people.

Once in Cuba, enslaved people kept aspects of the religion and also mixed it in with some elements of Roman Catholicism. It is practiced throughout parts of Latin America and in the United States as well, specifically in the Cuban-influenced city of Miami.

Like any religion, there are some bad apples that ruin the meaning of the religion for some people. Here are some stories about how some folks in Miami took Santería to disturbing places.

1. Injured chicken found by Parks Department employee in South Beach.

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Y tú sabes cómo atender a orumila ??????🤔🤫 Para atender a orumila no hay un día especifico es tu deida y orisha así que lo puedes atender cualquier día lo recomendable es , bien temprano en la mañana, para atenderlo es necesario no haber mantenido relaciones sexuales por lo menos cuarenta y ocho (48) horas previas, no puede estar disgustado, ni haber tomado bebidas alcohólicas previamente, esto es de estricto cumplimiento, porque resulta peligroso y ofensivo para Orula. Las mujeres no pueden estar menstruando para poder atender a este Santo. Si llegara a caer este Santo al piso debe recogerse con la boca para que no se sienta despreciado o que lo botaron intencionalmente. El día que se atiende este Santo debe ponérsele algo que a él le gusta (Addimú) y dejarlo alumbrado con dos (2) velas que se colocan en 2 platos o candelabros. Sele unta un poco de corojo y sele da nuestro aliento al atenderlo 🗣🗣🗣 Los Addimú (Ofrendas) que se le pueden ofrendar a Orula son los siguientes: Ñame: Entero o picado, crudo, sancochado, en bolas, torre, puré, frito. Granos: Cocidos o sancochados. Frutas: Enteras o picadas. Vegetales: Crudos o sancochados, enteros o picados. Arroz Amarillo: Con camarones, pescado o carne. Pescado: En cualquier forma preferiblemente enteros y con salsa, básicamente pargo. Dulces y Confituras: Todo tipo, caseros e industriales, preferiblemente de almíbar o capuchinos o que contegan almedras. Flores: Rojas, girasoles 🌻 entre otras pueden ser cuatro (4), ocho (8) o dieciséis (16). NOTA: Todos los alimentos deben probarse delante de Orula. 🌍 (Ifa todo lo contiene )🙏🙏 De nosotros es la responsabilidad de formar valores en nuestros hijos y ahijados Ashe iboru iboya ibosheshe saludos – – siempre pidiendo la bendición de bogbo “orisha”🕯🙏 – #osha #santeria #orisha #santerosdelmundo #yoruba #new #chile #italia #barcelona #olodumare #venezuela #eleggua #laroye #panama #nyc #instagood #italy #yemaya #shango #oya #oshun #obatala #oggun #oshosi #jimaguas #ifa #palomayombe #paleria #eggun #usa

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In 2013, a Parks Department employee was walking in South Miami Dade and found a chicken in an injured state. The Miami New Times got ahold of the email that was sent to the city’s parks department that details a family photo was pulled out of the live chicken as well as artifacts that were sewn onto the chicken. Someone or some family cut into a live chicken and stuffed artifacts inside and sewed him shut.

2. Dead chickens in the streets.

In a recent article from the Miami Herald, Miamians are seen as the second-most annoying neighbors in the country out of 24 cities. Miamians voted so themselves.

One of the main reasons Miamians have issue with their neighbors is because of the mess left behind from some Santería rituals. Miamians have reported seeing the bodies of dead chickens littering the streets and sidewalks after such rituals.

3. Looking to adopt a pet in Miami? Try rescuing a rooster.

Payo the rooster got a second chance at life with the help of a caring Miami family who persuaded a Santería priest to sacrifice another animal instead of him. However the neighbors aren’t feeling like they’re lucky and are starting to hate Payo.

His name with his neighbors? El terrorista (the terrorist) because he sticks his chest out to demand for food, attacks dogs, cats and even people, and also crows very loudly very early in the morning. Payo might be shipped off to a neighboring farm if his owner doesn’t get him to be a more considerate rooster.

4. Murder, Santería and fleeing to Argentina.

In one of the most Miami-esque stories, a jeweler named Hugo Quesada was determined to be a Santero. He claimed he asked for the help of a father and daughter duo of Santería followers, but when they refused, he strangled them and stuffed the father’s body in a shed.

He also pleaded guilty to the murder of the man’s wife as well. Quesada fled to Argentina until he was found by Argentine agents and extradited to Florida.

5. Slaughtered horses are “not uncommon” in the area.

In January of this year, a woman was walking around Northwest Miami-Dade and found the body parts of 20 slaughtered horses. The crazier part? Rachel Taylor of the Animal Recovery Mission said “It’s not uncommon in this area.”

Investigators are having a hard time figuring out who committed the heinous act and why. Taylor said the horses could have been slaughtered for horse meat or also for Santería rituals, which complicates the search for answers.

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Are you a Miami native that has heard of some chilling Santeria rituals? Let us know in the comments below and share this article with your friends.

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A Dating Website For Uniformed People Claims A Married Cop Suing Them Isn’t As Innocent As He Claims


A Dating Website For Uniformed People Claims A Married Cop Suing Them Isn’t As Innocent As He Claims

If you’re in a relationship, hold on to them tight. If you’re not, good luck out there because the dating world is mad crazy. Trying to meet people, especially online (is there any other way?) it is rough. Millions of people are trying to find love via dating websites, which means the competition is steep. It’s also challenging to make people not swipe left, meaning, getting someone to be interested in you based on your picture alone is the ultimate goal. So what makes people interested in someone else? If you’re a woman attracted to men, it’s pretty much the same thing since the beginning of time: tall, dark, handsome, and a man in uniform. That brings us to this hilarious yet unfortunate story.

A Florida cop has filed a lawsuit against a dating website for using his picture for marketing purposes. Oh yeah, and he also happens to be married.

Credit: @wackymoe / Twitter

Before we go on, we know what you’re thinking: this cop lied to his wife, set up a dating profile online, and got caught, so now he’s suing the company, acting like he had nothing to do with it. 

However, companies of all sorts have been caught in the past for wrongfully using images without permission simply because they came across a random image online. Also, the man is hot! So, of course, these online dating websites would want to attract users by using the image of an attractive young police officer (in uniform) as a way to lure in people who are starving for love (or something else, wink wink). 

David Guzman alleges that he had no idea his image was being used as a marketing ploy for online dating websites until his friends came across his advertisement.

Credit: @Kaygirl8Lawana / Twitter

According to court documents, last year Guzman said his friends told him that they had seen his picture and informed him like ‘hey, dude isn’t this you?’ Another person who found out: his wife! Yikes!!

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that his wife asked Guzman why his picture was on a dating website, and he responded to her by saying he “had no idea.” Okay, like that’s going to be enough for her to believe him. By the way, the advertisement that accompanied his picture said: “Bulletproof vest? Nah, it’s all muscle” Catchy and enticing! But yeah, he said he did not write that either. 

The 33-year-old police officer contacted the owner of the dating websites and demanded that they take down his picture from

Credit: @joshuarhett / twitter

NSI Holdings, owner of and, didn’t take down the picture. First, they demanded that Guzman show identification, which he did promptly. Then NSI Holdings alleges that they found a dating profile that included his name, his age, and his birthdate and his email address.

Their argument is they have a right to use his picture because he apparently has a dating profile. They’re saying that either Guzman or someone close to him, started a profile and used his information. NSI Holdings also found that the person attached to that dating website did go on and “that creation of the profile was a momentary dalliance.”  

Furthermore, people who use NSI Holdings dating website sign the terms and agreements which state that they can use your image and information as they please “to reproduce and broadcast the information contained in your profile including your name, photograph” and other submissions “for marketing and other purposes,” without compensating the user. Now that is some kind of bullshit. 

Guzman alleges that the company has still not taken down his picture, and he’s not rolling over and taking this kind of harassment.

Credit: @FCN2go / Twitter

It’s unclear what Guzman is asking for in his lawsuit, aside from the company taking down his picture, but we’re sure some monetary payback is in order.

“Defendant’s use of plaintiff’s image, likeness and/or identity in connection with a dating service impugns plaintiff’s character, embarrasses him, and suggests — falsely — that he, a married person, is presently dating and seeking out other partners,” the lawsuit states according to the New York Post

Legal docs go on to state, that Guzman is “a married man and respected member of his community who has been caught with a profile on an online dating website.” Or perhaps he just got caught with his pants down, so to speak. No! We remain Team Guzman. 

Who do you believe? Let us know in the comments.

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