This Week PR And DR Were Going AT IT – And I’m Not Just Talking About Baseball


Making fun of each other relentlessly is something Puerto Ricans and Dominicans do often, especially when we are up against each other in world events. As was the case this week with the World Baseball Classic.

Now that el fuego has died down, I wanted to take a moment to discuss the major burns that were happening this week before, during, and after the game, because people were going HAM on Twitter.

As a Puerto Rican, I got a good laugh in myself during the baseball game. ‘Cause sometimes, mi gente, we be wildin’.

What you can’t see in this photo is the three piece Puerto Rico flag suit he’s wearing.

But some folks just don’t get the rivalry.

I get it though, similar food, similar music, similar love for platanos.

Some people were coming hard for the Puerto Rican Adobo love.

What? You never brushed your teeth with Adobo?

Folks fortunate to have a bit of both in their lives were clearly conflicted.

Looks like he’s wishing he’d never been born.

This Twitter user was disoriented by the whole ordeal.

It’s like when your parents are fighting and you’re just like “Can’t we all just eat some tres leche and relax?”

Even the anthem got geeked on.

This updated anthem is modern, and everyone can sing along. We should just vote and make it official already.

Even with all the Puerto Rico shade, some took it in stride and kept it moving.

It’s hard to knock Puerto Rican pride when we represent for breakfast.

My fellow NYC Boricua wasn’t having it.

Word, yo. Puerto Ricans and Dominicans in the hood gotta look out for each other.

And then some folks spoke too soon.

In a thrilling game, Puerto Rico bested the Dominican Republic with a score of 3 to 1.

By the next morning, some were just tired of the comparisons and wanted peace and love.

Can’t we all just get along?

But for others, suspicion was on the rise.

I’d have been more nervous if it was a Morir Soñando.

Others were still licking their wounds from the loss and felt like throwing some more jabs.

To be fair, y’all know Dominican Spanish be fast AF sometimes.

By the following evening, everyone had said their piece, and the only sentiment that really matters was the one:

Mad corny, indeed, my friend. We are all poppin’.

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Ireland's Prime Minister Gave An Emotional Speech About The Power Of Immigration As President Trump Looked On


Ireland’s Prime Minister Gave An Emotional Speech About The Power Of Immigration As President Trump Looked On


Today we learned that Ireland’s Prime Minister, Enda Kenny, DGAF. Standing only a few feet away from President Trump, Ireland’s Prime Minister celebrated the legacy of St. Patrick saying, “And though he is of course the patron saint of Ireland, for many people around the globe, he’s also a symbol of, indeed the patron of, immigrants.” Prime Minister Kenny then went on to list the contributions the original immigrant Irishmen and women brought to the United States.

Prime Minister Edna Kenny’s remarks reminded everyone of the struggles the Irish faced when they first came to America.


Like Latin American immigrants, the Irish played a very important role in the birth of this nation, yet they weren’t always given a warm reception. Kenny referred to the original Irish immigrants as “the wretched refuse on the teeming shore.” And laws were designed to restrict the number of Irish immigrants allowed into the U.S.

Kenny pointed out the contributions the Irish have made to the United States.


The Irish “assisted George Washington to win that war of independence” as well as many other wars. Even the White House, Kenny pointed out, was designed by James Hoban of Kilkenny, Ireland, adding that the architect drew inspiration from Leinster House in Dublin.

Ireland’s Prime Minister brought up the current contributions the Irish make to the United States.


Prime Minister Enda Kenny told reporters, “Here in America, your great country, 35 million people claim Irish heritage, and the Irish have contributed to the economic, social, political and cultural life of this great country over the last 200 years.*”

*Not including the years Conan O’Brien has been on the air.

The Prime Minister reminded reporters that decades ago, Irish immigrants came to the United States in search of a better life.


“We believed in the shelter of America, in the compassion of America, in the opportunity of America. Ireland came to America because, deprived of liberty, deprived of opportunity, of safety, of even food itself, the Irish believed,” said Kenny.

The final moments of his speech have to be heard to really grasp the depth of emotion in the Prime Minister’s words.


The Prime Minister’s speech highlighted how immigrants have historically faced trials and tribulations when assimilating into a new society. However, those people that are willing to fight for a better life, and fight to uphold the values of the United States, those people are what America is all about, whether they come from Europe or the United States’ own backyard.

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