For Her Make-A-Wish, She Chose Disney World Over Her One Direction Crush So Her Family Could Experience It With Her

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Daisy is a 7-year-old from Houston, who, according to E!, was diagnosed at birth with a form of Dwarfism called Achondroplasia and has had to deal with surgeries to her limbs, head and back ever since. These struggles led a nurse from Children’s Health in Dallas to nominate her for Make-A-Wish.

Daisy, a 7-year-old with Achondroplasia, was nominated for Make-A-Wish and said her wish was to go to Walt Disney World to meet her hero, Belle.


She showed up on her special day looking fabulous while dressed to the nines in Belle’s famous yellow gown. Her best accessory, though, was the smile she wore from ear to ear when she finally met her favorite Disney princess.

Daisy may be a tiny tot, but she’s got a big heart. Given the option between meeting her favorite One Direction singer and going to Disney World, she chose Disney so her entire family could enjoy this experience together.

Daisy And Siblings

If you’re not teary-eyed yet, you should check your pulse, because you may be dead inside.

After meeting and speaking with Daisy for a bit, Belle had the great idea of giving Daisy a personalized tour.

Literally can’t tell the difference, just two Disney princesses walking.

That’s when the tears came from everyone in a 20 foot radius.


Her aunt Patricia, told E!: “Daisy was jumping up and down from excitement and was balling her eyes out when Belle told her she would take her on the tour.”

And they lived happily ever after… But wait, there’s more!


The internet, being what it is, has a Twitter campaign going to get Louis Tomlinson from One Direction to meet Daisy.

We hope she gets her cake and gets to eat it too!

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20 Latina Badasses That Disney Should Use For Their Latina Disney Princess

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20 Latina Badasses That Disney Should Use For Their Latina Disney Princess

When it comes to their collection of princesses, the Walt Disney company has reached back in history and used a lot of famous and influential women to inspire the stories of their royals. There was Mulan, Pocahontas even Elsa from “Frozen” has her own real origins. Well, for the next time Disney decides to create a princess we’re offering up these famous and influential Latinas.

We Recast 9 Disney Princesses As Latinas And The Results Are Beautiful


We Recast 9 Disney Princesses As Latinas And The Results Are Beautiful

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For many, Disney princesses are an iconic part of many of our childhood. Many of us dressed up as Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” or Blancanieves for Halloween. However, until recent Disney leads like Elena and Moana, we didn’t see ourselves in many of the main characters. Here’s what some of the old school Disney fairytales would look like if they starred Latinas.

Jackie Cruz would make a chill Queen Elsa of Arendelle.

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Imagine Cruz using her voice to give “Let It Go” some new dimension.

And, of course, Cruz’s bestie would have to play Princess Anna of Arendelle.

CREDIT: Christina Henderson / mitú

They are already the most adorable friendship on social media and IRL so it just makes sense to cast them as sisters.

Bella Throne would totally fit in as part of Ariel’s world.

CREDIT: Christina Henderson / mitú

She’s a redhead, grew up in south Florida, and can channel that Caribbean vibe via her Cuban roots.

Shakira can definitely add some beauty and great dance moves as Princess Aurora.

CREDIT: Christina Henderson / mitú

Plus the three fairies can be reimagined as fussy and nosy tías to up the humor level of this Disney classic.

Gina Rodriguez would stun as a modern version of Belle.

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She’s got the heart, the hair, and the bubbly and determined personality that made Belle the princess of the people.

Who wouldn’t want to watch Jennifer Lopez play Princess Cinderella?

CREDIT: Christina Henderson / mitú

Her Met Gala look was already giving us some Cinderella vibes so why not just make it legit and make her this iconic princess. Just so long as she doesn’t mind wearing some glass heels and losing one at the stroke of midnight.

Paulina Rubio can definitely bring the energy and playfulness needed to pull off Princess Merida of DunBroch.

CREDIT: Christina Henderson / mitú

The Mexican singer and actor also has the hair needed to sell this roll.

Imagine getting tangled up watching Camila Cabello bring Rapunzel to life.

CREDIT: Christina Henderson / mitú

Get it? Cabello = hair. ?

Last, but not least, Selena Gomez would leave us like ? as Snow White.

CREDIT: Christina Henderson / mitú

She was a Disney kid thanks to “Wizards of Waverly Place” so it wouldn’t be a total stretch to see her give this Disney movie a little update.

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