Anyone Who Has Ever Been To Colombia Is Guilty Of Bringing These Regalitos Back

When family, friends, or you visit Colombia, everyone will obviously bring back the real goods like arequipe, aguardiente and chocolate. But you better believe the Colombian treats do not end there, because this country is full of glorious regalitos with colors and textures that will have all your non-Colombian friends jealous.

1. Mugs

CREDIT: Mola Mugs.La Caleñita es artesanias.s.f

You need the right cup for those beans.

2. Keychains

Have to let everyone know where you have been and where you’re from…AT ALL TIMES.

3. Sombrero Vueltiao

CREDIT: sombrero_vueltia/Instagram

A true symbol of Colombia.

4. Colombian Flag Bracelets

Amigos forever #ColombianBracelets ???

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If you’ve ever been to Colombia, you have worn yellow, blue and red on your wrist at some point in your life.

5. And More Bracelets…

Your arm must have woven bracelets nearly up to your elbow to be a real one.

6. Coconut Earrings

I love the how resourceful we are. Not only do we cook the coconut and drink it, we make everything from jewelry to place mats with it!

7. Balcon Artesenal

Every Colombian has one of these gorgeously crafted balcónes hanging somewhere in their home…I promise.

8. A Woven Something

There is not material left untouched, recycled and bedazzled.

9. Clay Chiva Colombiana

Gracias #CarrielesRestaurante por mi #ChivaColombiana

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They are fragile, but if they make the journey back home, they bring a pop of color to any room.

10. Colombian Soccer Jersey

Nothing more beautiful than seeing all that yellow in a crowd.

11. Mochila

Stemming from indigenous tradition, mochilas Wayuu are vibrant handmade bags whose unique patterns and rich history are found in la Guajira region of Colombia. Everyone with the Forever 21 knockoff versions will be a bit jealous. ?

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What are some of your favorite souvenirs from Colombia? Let us know!

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Boyle Heights, a neighborhood just east of downtown Los Angeles, is the epicenter of a gentrification battle that shows no signs of letting down. For years, the tight-knit community has fought tooth and nail against developers who they believe are only interested in installing high-priced residences and businesses in the area, which would lead to higher rents and a more expensive cost of living, resulting in the displacement of many people who live currently there. Activists have protested against the development of luxury apartments, a trendy coffee shop and retail/medical buildings near Mariachi Plaza.

Some activists have also taken a hard-line stance against art galleries for laying the groundwork for gentrification. One of the galleries visited by protestors was Self-Help Graphics, a Latino-founded art gallery that has served the community since the ‘70s. The decision to protest Self-Help Graphics didn’t make sense to Guadalupe Rosales, the Boyle Heights artist behind the popular Veterans and Rucas Instagram. A new mini-doc, “The Town I Live In,” captures Rosales’ struggle with being an artist who supports the fight against gentrification but also has ties to artists and galleries that were the target of activists. “This issue — it’s not just black and white. And I don’t know what I’m supposed to do as an artist from Boyle Heights,” says Rosales.

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