Selena Y Los Dinos Songs Ranked from Best to Bestest

This past Saturday we celebrated the 23rd anniversary of Selena’s untimely death and to celebrate her life and legacy we decided to create a list of what we consider to be the best 20 Selena Y Los Dinos Songs… but if you think we missed something don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below.

20. Ámame.

Credit: Ámame. EMI Latin.

“Ámame” is the 4th single from her 4th studio album, Entre a Mi Mundo. The song peaked at #27 on Billboard US Hot Latin Songs in 1993.

19. Besitos.

Credit: Selena. EMI Latin.

“Besitos” was one of track no. 4 in Selena’s self-titled 1989 debut album. She recorded this album when she was only 17 and peaked at #7 on U.S Billboard Regional Mexican Albums by 1990.

18. Ya Ves.

Credit: Ven Conmigo. EMI.

“Ya Ves” is the 1st track on her second studio album, Ven Conmigo. The album came out in 1990, the same year she won as Female Vocalist of the Year at the Tejano Music Awards.

17. Missing My Baby.

Credit: Entre a Mi Mundo. EMI Latin.

“Missing My Baby” is considered to be a contemporary R&B ballad, which peaked at #22 on US Billboard Rhythmic Top 40. The song was later covered by R&B group, Full Force and even helped them won gold and platinum discs.

16. No Debes Jugar.

Credit: No Debes Jugar. EMI Latin.

“No Debes Jugar” is the lead single from her 1st life album, Live!. The song peaked at #3 on the US Billboard Hot Latin Songs and earn two nominations for Best Song of the Year in 1994 by Tejano Music Awards and Premios Lo Nuestro.

15. Donde Quiera Que Estés.

Credit: Donde Quiera Que Estés. EMI Latin.

“Donde Quiera Que Estés” was a collaboration with Barrio Boyz for their 2nd studio album. The song reached #1 on the US Billboard Hot Latin Songs for 6 weeks and later became the 6th most performed Latin song of 1994.

14. Fotos Y Recuerdos.

Credit: Amor Prohibido. EMI Latin.

“Fotos Y Recuerdos” is a single from her 4th studio album, Amor Prohibido. The song is a cover version of the 1983 song by the Pretenders, “Back on the Chain Gang”, many agree that Selena’s cover outshines the original. It reached #20 on the US Billboard Hot Latin Songs of All-Time and was even included as #47 on the “50 Best Songs of the Nineties“ by Rolling Stones Magazine.

13. La Llamada.

Credit: Selena Live. EMI Latin.

“La Llamada” is Selena’s 2nd single from her album Live!. The song peaked at #5 on the Hot Latin Songs in 1993 and then #10 on the Regional Mexican Digital Songs in 2011.

12. Si Una Vez.

Credit: Amor Prohibido. EMI Latin.

“Si Una Vez” is included on the album Amor Prohibido. The song won Single of the Year at the BMI Pop Awards and was covered by many artists like Alicia Villarreal and salsa singer Manny Manuel, whose cover later became Billboard’s 14th Most Successful US Tropical Song.

11. El Chico del Apartamento 512.

Credit: Amor Prohibido. EMI Latin.

“El Chico del Apartamento 512” was recorded for the Amor Prohibido album. This one is considered one of Selena’s Most Memorable songs and even reached #1 on Billboards Regional Mexican Digital Songs in 2011.

10. No Me Queda Más.

Credit: Amor Prohibido. EMI Latin.

“No Me Queda Más” is the 3rd single for Amor Prohibido. The song is a mariachi-pop mix that that was later covered by Pepe Aguilar. It reached #1 on the Billboard US Regional Mexican Airplay and also became Billboard’s Most Successful Latin Song in 1995. The song has been praised by many and has even been called the Spanish counterpart of The Beatle’s single “Yesterday” in terms of fan popularity.

9. Tú Sólo Tú.

Credit: Dreaming of You. EMI Latin.

“Tú Sólo Tú” is the 2nd single of Selena’s last album, Dreaming of You and it’s a cover from Pedro Infante. The song became the 1st single in Spanish released after her death. It was #1 on the Billboard US Hot Latin Songs for 10 weeks, making it her longest run at number 1 and making her the 2nd performer ever to have 2 singles in the 1st two spots of the Billboard Hot Latin Songs Chart.

8. Techno Cumbia.

Credit: Amor Prohibido. EMI Latin.

“Techno Cumbia” is track no. 7 on Amor Prohibido. Critics believe that the song predates the Latin Urban Genre that became popular in the 2000s and led the way to a new style of music. The song peaked at #4 in both Billboard US Hot Latin SOngs and Regional Mexican Airplay. Today the Techno Cumbia is an all-time classic.

7. La Carcacha.

Credit: Entre a Mi Mundo. EMI Latin.

“La Carcacha” is the 2nd single on the Entre a Mi Mundo album. The single fell short on the charts after “Como la Flor” but it gained popularity after Selena’s death.

6. Baila Esta Cumbia.

Credit: Ven Conmigo. EMI.

“Baila Esta Cumbia” is the 2nd single for Ven Conmigo. The song peaked at #21 on the Billboard US Latin Pop Digital Songs is and is one of her most popular songs. In 2005 the Kumbia Kings made a cover who also entered the charts.

5. I Could Fall in Love.

Credit: Dreaming of You. EMI Latin.

“I Could Fall in Love” is the 1st single for Dreaming of You. It’s a Pop and R&B ballad that won her The Tejano Music Award for the Tejano Crossover Song of the Year. Many critics compared her to Celine Dion. The song gained international success as it peaked at #17 on the Billboard US Top 40 mainstream, reached Top 10 on the singles charts in Canada and New Zealand, was one of the most performed songs in 1995, became the most played song in Miami, Boston, Kansas City and 2nd most played in Los Angeles.

4. Dreaming of You.

Credit: Dreaming of You. EMI Latin.

“Dreaming of You” is the lead single of Selena’s last album. It reached the Top 10 singles of 1995 and earned comparison to songs recorded by other pop artists like Madonna and Paula Abdul. The single earned a spot on international charts around the world and reached #22 on the Billboard Hot 100. It earned a place in the book “The 7500 Most Important Songs of the Rock Era”.

3. Como la Flor.

Credit: Entre a Mi Mundo. EMI Latin.

“Como la Flor” is the 1st single on the Entre a Mi Mundo album. The song is credited by many to be her signature song and the reason why her career took off in Mexico. The single peaked at #6 on the Billboard US Top Latin Song charts and #11 on the Latin Streaming Song charts.

2. Amor Prohibido.

Credit: Amor Prohibido. EMI Latin.

“Amor Prohibido” is the 1st single from her 4th studio album. It is considered to be her most successful single by many critics. The song reached the top of the Billboard US Hot Latin Song charts for 9 weeks and became the most successful Latin single of 1994. It also earned several awards, including Song of the Year on the Billboard Latin Music Awards and was the 1st song in Spanish to won a Broadcast Music Award in pop.

1. Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.

Credit: Amor Prohibido. EMI Latin.

“Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” is the 2nd single of Amor Proibido. The song topped the Billboard US Hot Latin Songs chart for 4 weeks and became the most played song in 1996. Some consider that Selena’s performance of the song in Houston’s Astrodome is one the biggest highlights of her car
eer. The single has been covered by many artists both in the US and Latin America, including Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez.

Cardi B Faces White Judges In Scathing “Press” Music Video Sparking Conversations Online


Cardi B Faces White Judges In Scathing “Press” Music Video Sparking Conversations Online

Cardi B / YouTube

The day after Cardi B pleaded “not guilty” to the assault of two bartenders at a strip club in August 2018, she dropped her long-anticipated music video for summer banger “Press.” In the five hours since the video was published, it’s reached nearly 2 million views–a new record for the rapper.

Just last week, Cardi performed for a Los Angeles crowd to announce “I ain’t going to jail.” “Press” offers an entirely different narrative, all of which can only prove Cardi B’s artistry beyond a reasonable doubt.

The video opens with Cardi B heavy making out with a girl.

@akacardiscrown / Twitter

Of course, everyone has an opinion on this–ranging from it being a stance against homophobia to queerbaiting. All we know is that she uses the makeout for her opening shot and, well, okay.

Next thing we know, Cardi B is casually smoking a cigarette when she pulls out a gun.

Cardi B / YouTube

After the make out session, the screen fades to black, then to a muscular man getting involved in the beginnings of a sex scene. The screen fades to black and we see Cardi looking like a chingona. Shots are fired. The screen fades to black.

We see crowds of Cardi B fans outside a courthouse with two black women acting as police officers.

Cardi B / YouTube

This video does an excellent job of illustrating a dystopian reality where women are in charge. Fans are having discussions about the undertone of experiencing police uniforms instill a credible sense of safety in the viewer.

Once again, Cardi B is a fashion icon.

Cardi B / YouTube

We see her get dragged into an interrogation room looking fly. Twitter user @BlasianMimi is worked up: “Cardi fucking ATE you hear me she did not come to play. The subliminal messages, the visuals, the fashion, the acting. Everything was perfect #PressMusicVideo”

Then, we see Cardi B completely naked with blood dripping down her arms.

@ebuzz33 / Twitter

This feels like a personal message to the women pressing charges against Cardi for allegedly throwing bottles at them.

“B****es in my business, they tryna plot (woo)
Hoes poppin’ sh** like they hot but they not (no)”

In Cardi B’s directorial debut, we get to see her vision come to life.

Cardi B / YouTube

That vision is an army of back up dancers and Cardi herself completely nude with their nipples and crotches blurred out–a recreation of Barbie dolls. In an Instagram post, Cardi thanks her team for making their crotches look “pleasant” because it was “really difficult” to make that happen in editing.

As she walks to court, she’s in all white from her hair to her eyebrows to her toes.

Cardi B / YouTube

That vision is all Cardi B. She says she was very specific about getting that look, and fans have so many opinions about it. White is a symbol of innocence, but whiteness in a courtroom is a metaphor for invincibility.

Her entire legal team is made up of young women, mostly women of color.

Cardi B / YouTube

Everyone is wearing the costume they’re meant to wear in the arena of life. Cardi B’s white outfit is meant to mean something to the judges.

But all the judges are old white men.

@CardiBCharts / Twitter

Sounds familiar right? One Twitter user was aghast, “14 white and old judges, wow.” Others retweeted that this was the U.S. Supreme Court in a nutshell.

There are white men everywhere screaming at Cardi B.

Cardi B / YouTube

In the trial, all the people transcribing are young black women. All the people in power are white men.

“Done with the talkin’, I’m open to violence
Ask anybody, they know I’m about it”

All the haters are white.

Cardi B / YouTube

The people giving testimony against Cardi B are white men and women alike. Cardi’s all-white outfit doesn’t “pass” for the power as white skin. Cardi is sentenced to prison.

To be clear… she’s committing violent crimes all over the place.

Cardi B / YouTube

We saw her shoot the gun during her threesome earlier on and now, her entire back up dance team are murdered on the ground. Everyone in the courtroom is bloodied, on the ground.

Cardi B is walked to her cell where she ends up drowning her cellmate in a toilet.

Cardi B / YouTube

Why did she drown her cellmate? Cardi shared on Instagram that she “really wanted to drown somebody in the toilet and kill them ‘cause that’s just such terrible way to die.”

Of course, the haters are out there, but the Latino Bardi Gang has her back.

@lilcubanbackup / Twitter

With over 3 million views in less than 7 hours and climbing, Cardi ‘s getting more press, whether she needs it or not. Congrats on your upcoming Emmy, girl.

You can watch the full music video below.

What do you think about Cardi B’s new music video?

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San Antonio Fans Got Treated To J.Lo Singing ‘Si Una Vez’ And We Have Serious FOMO


San Antonio Fans Got Treated To J.Lo Singing ‘Si Una Vez’ And We Have Serious FOMO

Discover Laredo / YouTube

Jennifer Lopez arguably became a household name after she portrayed Selena in the biopic about the iconic Mexican-American singer. Since then, J.Lo has become a musical, acting, and producing force in the entertainment industry. Now, at 50, the Puerto Rican superstar is on a new tour and fans in San Antonio were treated to a special cover when she belted out “Si Una Vez” by Texas legend Selena Quintanilla.

J.Lo really showed up for her San Antonio audience with her “Si Una Vez” song after admitting it was her favorite.

At the beginning of the video, J.Lo asks the audience if they want to hear a little Selena. Like, what kind of question is that to ask a Texas audience? Of course, they want to hear some Selena. After asking the crowd which song would be best she told them that “Si Una Vez” is her favorite and that sent the crowd into a frenzy.

Fans were so excited to learn J.Lo’s favorite Selena song because we all have one.

Finding someone with the same favorite Selena song as you is so amazing. Legit, one of the most telling signs of how long your friendship and relationship will last is the Selena test. Do they know who Selena is? Do they like her music? Do you have the same favorite Selena song? This is crucial

Seeing the woman who brought Selena to the big screen was one of the most touching moments for so many people.

Credit: @delunz21 / Twitter

Hearts fluttered. Angels got wings. Moods were lifted. It was a physical moment for so many people who could feel the love from the stage. It was as if Selena was on stage in J.Lo’s body giving us the concert we have been craving.

While all of the concertgoers were melting down, social media people also lost their minds over the cover.

Credit: @TickleMe_Elma / Twitter

It’s like Thalía taking time during her concert to give the fans a taste of Jenni Rivera. Who wouldn’t want to be there for that moment? It feels like a special connection between the singer and the audience as they give praise and attention to a shared icon.

This is one way to ring in your 50th birthday, J.Lo.

Credit: @cruzjay05 / Twitter

There is one thing everyone knows for sure, J.Lo is a force that cannot be overlooked. She is a strong and powerful singer. A recognizable actor. A successful producer. But, most importantly, she is a Selena fan who gives the Tejano singer the respect and love she deserves.

Watch the full performance below.

Thank you, J.Lo. You know how to make your shows something to remember.

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