Back to School Supplies Under $25 That Every Little Activist Deserves

Education is one of the most powerful tools any person can have in their arsenal when it comes to organizing and being an activist. By knowing the system and history of the movement you are joining, you can better understand what needs to be done to succeed. The seed of activism can be planted when you are still making your way through the educational system.

You don’t have to fight for power. You already have it. If you want people to see your power, then you can stark by buying school supplies that show your strength.

What Would Frida Do? Journal | $14

CREDIT: SewRightJournals / Etsy

The answer is always going to be stay true to yourself, no matter what anyone thinks of you. Fight for your right to take up space in this world.

Spanglish Pencil Set | $8.80

CREDIT: JenZeanoDesigns / Etsy

Such inspiring mensajes could only be stamped with gold foil, because Latinxs in power is gold. Plus, a bilingual pencil case has double the punch, right?

Erase the Patriarchy Erasers | $6

CREDIT: FeministPencils / Etsy

If only it were that simple. You have to start somewhere, though, right?

Mamá Didn’t Raise No Mensa Shirt | $24.99

CREDIT: mitú

Let everyone know that you are about to slay this year. You are smart and ready to take on the world, thanks to the way mom raised you. Get your shirt by clicking here.

Proud Latinx Feminist Tote | $24.99

CREDIT: Untitled. Digital Image. Feminist Apparel. 19 August 2018.

I mean, you have to put all your inspiring stationary somewhere, right? Wear it proud. There is nothing stronger and better than a feminist who knows what to do.

Empowered Women Decal | $2.95

CREDIT: TheFilmArtist / Etsy

Because feminism isn’t feminism unless it’s intersectional, and women from all walks of life brought us here. Respeto. Put this sticker on your computer, notebook, locker, car, wherever. The future if female and the future is definitely filled with melanin.

Ponte Las Pilas | $6.00

CREDIT: Very That / Etsy

Translation: Get sh*t done. There’s no better place to stick that than your computer.

Frida Kahlo Mousepad | $14.99

CREDIT: RealArtWorkRAW / Etsy

While you’re at it, might as well have an inspiring mousepad to in your computer workspace. The more Kahlo around you, the better. She overcame incredible physical hardship while challenging the binary and sexual expectations of women. That is a legacy to be proud of.

Bruja Vela | $14.13

CREDIT: lanocheproject / Etsy

To set the mood. 😉 “We are the grandchildren of witches who could not burn.” Respect your ancestors and give them all the credit for getting you to where you are now. A lot of work went into getting you here.

Chingaderas Que Hacer Notepad | $16

CREDIT: “Chingaderas Que Hacer Notepad” digital Image. Artelexia. 19 August 2018.

She’ll keep you motivated to finish every little thing you need to do. It’s also just nice to keep yourself totally organized since there is always so much on that very long list of yours. After all, we have to work twice as hard to compete in these unfair times.

Agenda Stickers | $5.95

CREDIT: Very That / Etsy

Whether you need a “keep your head up high, chula” during exam week or “ganas” to keep the momentum up on a semester long project, these stickers will keep you going.

Feminista Pencils | $8.68

CREDIT: 417Press / Etsy

For when your other pencils become nubs from all that resisting. There is so much homework to do if you plan on taking over the world.

Spell Book Notepad | $20

CREDIT: Untitled. Digital Image. Valfre. 19 August 2018.

As a reminder that we manifest the reality we live in, that the thoughts we write down are released into the universe, and that we have the power to make sh*t happen, eso es.

Smash the Patriarchy Pens | $7.95

CREDIT: bullishshop / Etsy

Machismo is still alive and well in our community and we need to fight back to secure our futures. This matters and your education will take you there.

Vagenda Binder Clips | $10

CREDIT: ScrappyAffirmations / Etsy

Just own your feminist agenda because it is time for you to own your space. Do it up and don’t ever apologize for being yourself.

El Que Nunca Se Pone Las Pilas Phone Case | $19.99

CREDIT: mitú

Let everyone, including your mami, know that you might not totally meet their goals this year. There is nothing wrong with being average and sometimes we just don’t have the energy to make it happen. Get your phone case by clicking here.

Carmen Miranda Journal | $14

CREDIT: SewRightJournals / Etsy

She’s the OG “Si Se Puede” mami, and we want her face on our notebooks. She was one of the first Latinas to make it in Hollywood and worked hard to undo the fruit hat stereotype that was forced on her. She’s a pioneer.

Ponte Las Pilas 2018 Calendar | $6

CREDIT: VeryThat / Etsy

This one is for perspective. Every day might feel long, but when you see it on that little calendar, it’ll make you want to ponte las pilas in .6 seconds flat. Every day is a chance to make your successes come true.

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History | $7.50

CREDIT: thefoundretail / Etsy

Why fight? Why resist? Why break from the status quo? Because things have to start changing around here, for the better, and it’s going to take every single one of us getting creative and giving what we’ve got to what we have. Dale, luchadores.

La Que Nunca Se Pone Las Pilas | $19.99

CREDIT: mitú

And, in case you are tired of being so stressed, know it is okay for you to unplug. Women are doing a lot of the lifting when it comes to saving this world. Some times, you deserve some down time. Get your phone case by clicking here.

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You Can Visit Frida Kahlo’s Casa Azul Right Now With This Incredible 360º Tour


You Can Visit Frida Kahlo’s Casa Azul Right Now With This Incredible 360º Tour

omgitsjustintime / Instagram

Thanks to Coronavirus, you’re likely not hopping on a plane any time soon to go and visit one of the world’s top destinations – Mexico City. Most of us are still following stay-at-home orders and the rest of the world is pretty much off limits to us all right now. But thankfully, we do have access to the World Wide Web, right?

Sure, we could pass the time binge watching our favorite TV shows, but why not take a little time to go on a little museum tour of one of the most famous Mexicans of all time?

Thanks to some super cool tech – and the magic of Google – Frida Kahlo’s famed Casa Azul Museum is at your finger tips. You can pay a visit from your living room, bedroom, patio – where ever you wanna be.

Frida’s Casa Azul is one of the most popular attractions in Mexico.

Credit: omgitsjustintime / Instagram

Before the pandemic, la Ciudad de México had become one of the world’s top destinations. With it’s rich mix of foods and cultures and tons of attractions and museums (the city reportedly has the highest count of museums in the world!), it was at the top of tourist’s lists.

And at the top of the recommended sights to take in – the famous Casa Azul. Located a bit south of the central city in the beautiful colonia of Coyoacán, is the house where Frida Kahlo was born and spent much of her life.

People would often wait in line for several hours to pay a visit to this venerated museum and garden complex. In fact, it was rated by Salma Hayek as one of her favorite things to do in the city, in an interview with Vanity Fair. But now, Google is bringing the museum to you and it’s incredible. You can follow along with the following tour using this link.

With this virtual tour, you get the chance to pop into the artist’s famed studio.

Credit: Google Arts & Culture

Inside Frida’s studio, you can truly visualize her experience as an artist. The space is filled with giant windows letting in all sorts of natural light. There’s also a large collection of books and prints that likely provided her with inspiration for her pieces.

Visitors also get a glimpse of her workstation, filled with paints, brushes, canvases and other supplies.

You can visit her kitchen…

Credit: Google Arts & Culture

Easily one of my favorite parts of the house, is the cocina – which is beautifully decorated in traditional Mexican style. It’s home to a large collection of pottery and woodworking which lends it a very cozy feeling.

Take a look at the thousands of art pieces that are located inside the museum.

Credit: Google Arts & Culture

Several rooms of the house and its hallways, are now dedicated to displaying thousands of Frida Kahlo’s works. In fact, Casa Azul is home to the largest collection of Kahlo pieces in the world – which makes sense since this was her actual home.

From photographs and writings, to famed paintings and sketches, a Frida Kahlo fan could easily spend hours walking through these galleries.

Along with many of her iconic fashion looks.

Credit: Google Arts & Culture

Perhaps one of the most popular exhibits at the museum, is the dress vault. This gallery is home to some of the artist’s most famous looks. And let’s face it: Frida Kahlo is a fashion icon in so many ways.

The museum often rotates the clothing that is on display so visitors are often treated to new looks.

And the museum is well-known for its gardens, which you also get the chance to visit.

Credit: Google Arts & Culture

Casa Azul is also well-known for it’s beautiful gardens. Often home to roaming peacocks, it’s a tranquil setting in the midst of the bustling city and likely one of the top draws for visitors.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Back to School Morning Routine


Getting the Most Out of Your Back to School Morning Routine

People say marathons are exhausting. Those people do not have kids. Because at least in a marathon there’s a finish line, and it’s over. In parenthood, there is no finish line. Every morning I find myself running full speed and huffing and puffing trying to get them to class on time.

Throughout my years of experience as a parent, I’ve learned some helpful hacks to save time during morning routines so I can better spend more time enjoying the company of my chiquitos. All you need is just a few handy accessories and thankfully they’re available at your already favorite Back to School shop, Target. 

Just one speedy trip to Target or a few quick clicks on the app and you’ll have these multi-use products in your home ready to spring yourself and your kids into the new semester. 

1. Put the kids in the mood to jump out of bed — with música. 


Young or old, no one really likes waking up early. My mom used to open the blinds and pull the covers off of me to get me to wake up, but that never made getting up any fun. There’s something that universally puts everyone in a good mood — and that’s music. I started using music as an alarm clock and it has been life-changing. All I do is play the kids’ favorite music from my phone and into the JBL Bluetooth speaker that I purchased from Target, and it’ll slowly start waking them up. The kids wake up in the mood to rumba and this gets the drag out of the morning. 

Click here to shop JBL Charge 4 Bluetooth Wireless speaker at Target.

2. Get outfits ready the night before. 


A great outfit is such an immediate mood booster for adults and kids alike. However, I know my fashion sense isn’t always the sharpest at 6 a.m. I like to get my little fashionistas’ OOTDs ready the night before, so there’s no scrambling in the morning. We pick their looks together the night before, lay them out on the side, so when they wake up, they’re excited to jump into their cool, well-planned getups. To get two steps ahead of the morning routine, I made sure I got my Back to School shopping done a few weeks before. I went to and picked out a handful of outfits, that way my kids were extra excited to plan their outfits for the week. 

Click here to shop this toddler girls’ short sleeve unicorn graphic t-shirt.

3. Make a list, check it twice. 


There have been times when my kids and I were out the door when I realized someone had forgotten to pack their instrument, their notebook or their lunchbox. All it takes is one forgotten item to turn your morning into a whirlwind. That problem was solved when I created a routine chart. I never thought I could find dry erase products in such a fun, thin material until one day I stumbled upon these decals at Target! These are great because they’re not bulky and don’t take up much space. So, I placed these fun dry-erase decals by the door so they can look at their personalized checklist every day before walking out ¡y listo!

Click here to shop Wall Pops! Dry erase decals. 

4. Make sure everything has a casita. 


A checklist is only useful if I know where everything is. When I initially purchased our dry erase decals, my chiquitos still struggled to make it out the door on time because they were scrambling to find the items on the list. I made an addition that single-handedly improved our productivity in the morning — a cubby! Now cada cosa tiene su lugar and they know to place each item on the checklist in their cubby the night before, and where to find it in the morning. Target has a great assortment of cubby textiles and colors. We especially love our Pillowfort cubbies we bought from the Target app. 

Click here to shop the entire selection Pillowfort cubbies at Target.

5. Have breakfast, lunch and snacks prepped and ready to go.


The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach and kids are no different. I know that when I pack my kids a unique meal and something that speaks to their culture, they appreciate the effort I put into making sure they have a delicious meal. I love being able to provide snacks and lunches that I know not many other kids have. However, I know that cooking breakfast and lunch isn’t realistic during the morning marathon, so I make sure to pack their meals into containers the night before. I’m a huge fan of these Stasher sandwich bags I purchased from Target. They’re flexible, easy for my kids to handle and they hold enough food to keep them full all day. Prepping these containers the evening before saves time and also the guesswork of what I’m going to feed them that day. 

Click here to shop Stasher food storage containers at Target.

6. But first… café!


This mamá is only as strong as my coffee. So before I start playing tunes for my kids to wake up, before I start gathering their belongings, I make sure I have my extra-strength mom juice ready to help me tackle the morning with my favorite humans. I’ve tried a few different coffee makers and these days I’m obsessed with my Keurig K-Mini Single-Serve K-Cup Pod coffee maker I was gifted from Target. For years, I wanted a coffee maker that wasn’t bulky but had the strength to get me going in the morning. I received this coffee maker as a gift and instantly loved how it fit perfectly on my kitchen counter without taking up much space — but that wasn’t even the best part. My favorite thing about this Keurig is how easy it is to use! When I’m half-awake in the morning, this tiny but mighty machine takes charge and does all the hard work for me. 

Click here to shop Target’s Keurig K-Mini Single-Serve K-Cup Pod coffee maker

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