Latinos Have Captured Some Of The Best Overheard Moments And These Tweets Prove It

The beauty of the internet is that someone can say something stupid in The Bronx and we’ll hear all about it in Los Angeles. Gracias a overheard hashtags and social media posts. We’ve memorialized the finest nuggets of gold Latinos have overheard around America. Tbh, some of these are absolute gold and worth reading.

You’re welcome.

Parents talking about Cardi B takes the top spot.

CREDIT: @margioxx / Twitter

I would have loved to see Cardi B as power ranger. That would have been an amazing moment in cinematic history.

There are also some existential musings that will make you really think.

CREDIT: @anthonyvaladez / Twitter

Santa Monica gente actually see their therapists. That was a $175 gold nugget you just consumed.

We’re all upset about prescribed gender roles.

CREDIT: @justyna_o_ / Twitter

My feet are bigger than your brother’s and I prefer olive green to pastel pink. Also, they’re cheaper. However, buy whatever socks you want.

Being a girl has its benefits, tho.

CREDIT: @yoitpaul / Twitter

You’ll make more money and will probably never be harassed or assaulted, but us girls cry it out and live longer. That’s just science.

Sometimes, we hear the strangest things.

CREDIT: @moviemanny / Twitter

Us Latinos, we’re all a bunch of sweaters. It’s how we survive that tropical life. Cry it out, sweat it out, whateva, we’re thriving.

Corroborated fact: Cardi B is all our Reina’s.

CREDIT: @JulissaB / Twitter

“They see pictures they say goals.” I’m seeing Latinos infiltrating Beverly Hills and I’m here for it.

This overheard can mean only one thing.

CREDIT: @SadDiego / Twitter

Someone’s target audience was the Dalai Lama and nobody course corrected that until the screenplay was done. Get better friends, mija.

It’s 2018 and I need therapy for this one.

CREDIT: @reneerdz / Twitter

I’m not saying we haven’t all considered it ourselves, but I feel triggered re: desperate times. Can there just be affordable tuition or something already?

When your parents only take you to the nice part of town.

CREDIT: @nicnacc1 / Twitter

Unfortunately, you can’t believe everything you hear…or think. It’s pretty clear that these two young ladies live in a privilege bubble.

If you ever wondered what LA was like in a nutshell.

CREDIT: @luisapthomson / Twitter

A truer tweet about Angelenos does not exist. Most things enter someone’s home because of the whimsical fancy it makes them feel.

We all need to know where this one happened.

CREDIT: @morinotsuma / Twitter

We’ve all seen videos of people interacting with bats. Some videos show them being adorable little furbabies while other show them flying around the house like assassins. How do you even begin getting one out without being bitten?

We like to insert ourselves while we are eavesdropping.

CREDIT: @manatcell / Twitter

Hebrew and Russian is an interesting mix, but so is Spanglish. So, adding dale for some flare here would make some sense.

Some true, and disturbing facts, were made.

CREDIT: @guavarrama / Twitter

Might as well embrace your flaws. How else will you be able to succeed in this world?

Mystery solved: this mom was Latina.

CREDIT: @GiselleMaBell / Twitter

Our mami’s have been tricking us for our whole lives to make cleaning feel like either a game or a birthright. It usually worked but now we know the tricks.

Reminders that life is worth living:

CREDIT: @anacastela / Twitter

The mere truth that you survived middle school means you can survive anything. They say life gets harder, but I’ll take the bills and work life over the torture of being surrounded by tiny humans going through puberty… while you’re in puberty.

Some of these really took a turn that we did not expect.

CREDIT: @reallyandrea / Twitter

Woah. That’s some disrespectful language happening there.

Everything about this is so offensive.

CREDIT: @Oscardemuriel / Twitter

How is this phrase even a thing?

Never let nerd speak go quietly into the night.

CREDIT: @ariabonito / Twitter

Always blast it on Twitter, especially when it’s a dad joke beyond saving.

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Cardi B And Sister Sued Over Video Claiming To Show ‘Racist MAGA Supporters’


Cardi B And Sister Sued Over Video Claiming To Show ‘Racist MAGA Supporters’

iamcardib / Instagram / @iamcardib / Twitter

Cardi B and her sister are being sued for defamation of character after a viral video taken by Hennessy Carolina Almánzar. The video shows two men, one wearing a MAGA hat, and one woman telling Hennessy to move her car, which is parked on the beach.

Earlier this month, Cardi B shared a video taken by her sister showing a confrontation over where a car was parked.

Cardi B, who is notorious for having widely broadcast Twitter feuds with people, posted the video in response to a tweet from Candace Owens. Owens is a controversial conservative figure whose brand is all about shock and awe. Owens famously said she thinks it would be okay if “Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well.”

Immediately, there was skepticism about the incident since the video starts during the confrontation.

Responding to nay-sayers, Cardi B shared a video of her sisters voice messages sent to her IG DMs. Hennessy claims in the messages that the white men were the aggressors against her and her girlfriend while they were on the beach.

The videos did not convince some people that her sister wasn’t in the wrong.

Cardi B’s tweet is filled with responses questioning the video and denying its authenticity. The argument immediately turned political because of the mention of Trump and Trump supporters. The conversation on Twitter is divided among people who believe Cardi B and her sister and those who don’t.

Now, Cardi B and Hennessy are being sued by the beachgoers in the video.

“These peaceful Suffolk County residents were quietly enjoying a Sunday at the Smith Point beach with their families, when rap celebrity Hennessy Carolina suddenly approached them, raging, spitting, insulting, assaulting, defaming and threatening them, all the while videotaping them because one of them wore a MAGA hat,” beachgoers’ Miller Place attorney John Ray said, according to ABC7NYC.

The lawsuit claims defamation of character because of the language used in the video against them.

According to Billboard, plaintiffs Peter Caliendo, Pauline Caliendo, and Manuel Alarcon claim that they had approached Hennessy and her girlfriend, Michelle Diaz, blocked them in with how she parked her car. The lawsuit states that the men asked for Diaz to move her car and that’s when Hennessy started to record the video and hurl names and insults at them.

This story is developing and mitú will be updating as the story unfolds.

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A Texas Man’s Taco Truck Was Saved By A Tweet And This Is The Story We Need Right Now

Things That Matter

A Texas Man’s Taco Truck Was Saved By A Tweet And This Is The Story We Need Right Now

TaqueriaElToritoOficial / Instagram

In a story that’s becoming all too familiar amid the global Coronavirus pandemic, one man’s taco truck was on the brink of going out of business.

Many small business owners throughout the country continue to struggle through the pandemic. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, more than 100,000 small businesses have not survived – and that number is on the rise.

However, one woman came up with an idea to help her father’s Houston-based taco truck and thankfully for them – and us (we all could use some good news right now!) the idea has seemed to work. Proving that the phrase “Hey Twitter!!” might just save the economy — one taco truck at a time.

It all started with a Tweet that ended up saving one man’s business.

One daughter, who was trying to help us her father’s struggling taco truck, turned to Twitter for help. And it delivered better-than-hoped-for results for Elias Aviles after his daughter, 21-year-old Giselle Aviles, posted a simple plea after learning that her hardworking father had made just $6 in a day, his business slammed by the pandemic.

“Hey Twitter!!” she tweeted of her dad’s Houston-area business, Taqueria El Torito. “I wouldn’t normally do this, but my dad’s taco truck business is struggling. He only sold $6 today. If you could retweet, I would appreciate you so much!!”

Thanks to Twitter, they could — and so could thousands of others. In fact so many people streamed in — he found people waiting when he arrived to open up at 8 a.m. the next day, on a line that had started forming at 6 a.m. — that he had to close down twice, once to restock and again when he simply ran out of product, CNN reported.

Gisele knew she had to do something to help out her father – who had put six years of his life into the taco truck.

Thanks to the Coronavirus, things have been tough for Elias Aviles and his truck, Taqueria El Torito. Some days earnings have been as low as $60, sometimes even just $20.

But one day he earned just $6 for a full 12-hour shift, and his daughter was shocked into action. She told CNN, “I just said well we have nothing to lose and I decided to make the tweet that day.”

Her plea to the world worked. Her Tweet has since been retweeted more than 10,000 times and has 9,800 likes.

But neither of them were prepared for just how much of an effect the Tweet would have.

Credit: TaqueriaElToritoOficial / Instagram

Although Gisele admits she did warn her father to get ready for some new customers, nothing could of prepared her for the magnitude of support from the community.

By 8 a.m. the next day, Elias had a line of customers waiting for his fresh tortas Cubanas—and some had been waiting there since six in the morning. It was such a busy period that Elias even had to close the truck for a short while in order to restock. Luckily, Giselle was able to help out with orders that day.

During her Monday shift, Giselle estimated that more than a hundred customers came through for Mexican specialties.

“I’m so moved because finally people know that his food is good,” Giselle told KHOU. “There were so many people, and [my dad] was kind of shocked because he didn’t think there would be a turn around that quickly.”

Since then, Giselle has helped her dad set up an Instagram account for his business.

Gisele has since helped modernize her father’s business by helping him setup an Instagram account.

She told KHOU, “I’m so moved because finally people know that his food is good. There were so many people, and [my dad] was kind of shocked because he didn’t think there would be a turn around that quickly.”

The string under her original tweet lists a photo array of offerings so mouthwatering that people from around the U.S. are offering to contribute. One commenter even offered to buy out his entire truck to feed a hospital staff.

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