Meet The Trailblazing Latinos That Made It Onto The Forbes ’30 Under 30′ List

Forbes just released its “30 Under 30” list, which highlights 600 young people across 20 industries who are already making an impact in their respective fields. From music and entertainment to law and tech, the Forbes list features an impressive collection of innovators, including several Latinos, proving that you don’t have to be an abuelo to be influential. Here are some of the standouts:

Makeup artist Manuel Gutierrez, a beauty influencer with a large following on social media, made it onto two lists: “Celebrities” and “Art & Style.”

Gutierrez, who goes by Manny Mua on social media, took to Instagram to announce his excitement at being included on the list: “I can’t even breathe! This is so nuts! Such an honor!” Gutierrez is clearly both talented and humble.

After an amazing couple of years, Brazilian MMA fighter Amanda “The Lioness” Nunes made it to the “Sports” list.


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After defeating UFC champion Ronda Rousey in under a minute — 48 seconds to be exact — late last year, Nunes established herself as a force to be reckoned with in MMA. Nunes, who is undefeated in her last six bouts, is also MMA’s first openly gay champion.

On the “Hollywood and Entertainment” list is Juan Pablo Martinez Zurita.

LIFE IS A FIESTA ? … it's up to you if you enjoy it ? • BTW check out my fiesta playlist! Link in bio ??

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Zurita is a social media influencer from Mexico — he has nearly 31 million followers — has gone from making comedy videos to using his voice for humanitarian efforts. And he’s only just getting started. At 21, he’s one of the youngest on the list and has been making digital content for the last four years. He’s also a model and has his own clothing line. Busy boy, huh?

In “Education,” Jonathan García is following in his parents’ footsteps, helping others reach for their dreams.

Credit: Jonathan García/ Linkedin

The son of undocumented Mexican immigrants, García has led efforts to raise over twenty-one million dollars from private investors to help students reach their educational dreams in San Francisco. He now leads similar efforts for Portland’s public school system.

Brooklyn-based rapper Young M.A. made it to the “Music” list after releasing the triple-platinum hit “OOOUU.”

These eyes tell a story #HERstory

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After releasing an EP titled “Herstory,” she’s looking to drop her debut album, “Herstory In the Making,” in 2018. In an industry dominated by tough guys, M.A. proves she can thug as hard as any of them. Her raw style screams New York and her lyrics will make any grandma blush. But she pushes the envelope by moving into rap territory and topics normally utilized by men.

Rounding out the music list is Cardi B, rap queen of 2017.

Thank you Forbes ,30 under 30 ???????? @forbes !!!!

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Her song “Bodak Yellow” topped the Billboard charts at number one and set the record for weeks atop the list by a solo female rap artist. The only time another solo female rap artist topped the list was Lauryn Hill, some 20 years prior. Cardi B’s unapologetic style, music, and persona show that she’s here to stay and doesn’t give a shit what anyone has to say about her.

Mexican boxing sensation Canelo Alvarez made it to the “Sports” list. As a three-time champion, it’s no surprise.

¡Atrévete! ?? Bring it! #TeamCanelo @caneloteam @FrenchMontana

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Canelo’s only loss came at the hands of Floyd Mayweather, who is currently retired. After his blockbuster bout with Gennady Golovkin, Canelo is poised to become the most important fighter in boxing.

Houston Astros player Jose Altuve may not be the biggest guy on the baseball field, but he’s definitely got a huge heart.

We love you Houston ❤️

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Altuve was an essential part of the team that won the 2017 World Series trophy for Houston. After nearly being eliminated by the New York Yankees, Altuve and the Astros bounced back and won the first championship Houston has ever seen.

What Latinos would you have chosen for this 30 under 30 list? Do you feel like anyone was left? Mention them in the comments below.

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Dodgers Win First World Series Championship Since 1988 And It’s Great To Be An Angeleno


Dodgers Win First World Series Championship Since 1988 And It’s Great To Be An Angeleno

Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

The Los Angeles Dodgers are the champions after 32 years. The bizarre year of Covid and social distancing was also a year of wins for Los Angeles after both the Lakers and Dodgers bring home the championships. The city was alive with energy after the historic and wonderful win.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are the new World Series champions.

The baseball team has not won a World Series championship since 1988. This year, after a long 32-year drought, the Dodgers broke that curse and delivered LA a win during the time of Covid. The Dodgers went against the Tampa Bay Rays and battled it out in a nerve-wracking and nail-biting World Series.

Of course, there is a lot of love being showered on the Latino players.

Latinos are a major part of the Dodgers and their fanbase is huge. There is a reason that the nickname of the Dodgers is Los Doyers. There are four Latino pitchers on the Dodgers and they made themselves crucial parts of the team this season leading the team to the championship.

The Dodgers triumphed over the Tampa Bay Rays in the World Series on Game 6. The teams kept battling it out for the first four games with the Dodgers winning the first and third. The Tampa Bay Rays won the second and fourth. Yet, the Dodgers came through at the end with victories in the fifth and sixth game to clinch the title.

The story overpowering the coverage of the Dodgers’ World Series win is Justin Turner.

The third baseman tested positive for Covid-19 during the game and was removed when the test came back positive. However, when the Dodgers won the sixth game, Turner ran onto the field without a mask. He was photographed holding the trophy, posing with the team for photos, and even taking selfies without wearing a mask.

It is a clear violation of Covid guidelines for the MLB. According to reports, officials sent security to remove Turner from the field because he was breaking safety guidelines. He allegedly refused to leave the field.

Fans have a lot of questions about how Turner caught Covid since the league was supposed to be operating in a bubble.

The MLB has had issues with some teams dealing with Covid infections but it had been a while since one had happened. Turner was tested the day before the game but it came back inconclusive, a pretty common issues with Covid testing right now. Turner was then tested before the game and when the results came back positive in the second inning, Turner was immediately removed.

The MLB has launched an investigation into Turner’s outright refusal to comply with Covid safety guidelines.

“Following the Dodgers’ victory, it is clear that Turner chose to disregard the agreed-upon joint protocols and the instructions he was given regarding the safety and protection of others,’’ the Commissioner’s Office said in a statement. “While a desire to celebrate is understandable, Turner’s decision to leave isolation and enter the field was wrong and put everyone he came in contact with at risk. When MLB Security raised the matter of being on the field with Turner, he emphatically refused to comply.’’

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The Los Angeles Dodgers Are Playing In The World Series And People Are Excited


The Los Angeles Dodgers Are Playing In The World Series And People Are Excited

Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

The World Series is still happening despite Covid because baseball just can’t be held down. The Dodgers are playing their first World Series game today and fans are so excited to finally get some more baseball in their lives.

The World Series is here and Los Dodgers are playing their first game.

Baseball is America’s pastime and few teams have a fanbase as energized as The Dodgers. Ask any Dodgers fans about how difficult it is to get to the stadium and their commitment to the team is clear. It is not anywhere accessible by public transportation so you really have to want it.

People are super energized to celebrate and support their team.

The Dodgers made it to the championship game against the Houston Astros in 2017. The Dodgers lost to the Astros that year but three years later the Astros had the title stripped because of a cheating scandal. Now, The Dodgers have a chance to make win a title and Dodgers fans are excited to see it happen.

Even the furry fans are getting excited about the games.

It’s a fact that if a team has furry fans then they have the best fanbase. Who doesn’t want to end up at a stadium or party with these cute fluffers walking around in their Dodgers’ gear? These four-legged fans are better than child fans because they are going to get everyone’s spirits up.

The team has a lot of big names behind them cheering them on.

Los Angeles is home to some of the top celebrities and athletes. It must be nice to know that some of the most influential people are out there pushing for you to make it all the way. Bonus points if they are other athletes who know just how exciting and hard it is to compete at the elite level.

Let’s go, Dodgers!

The Dodgers play the Tampa Bay Rays tonight at 5:11 PST. Be sure to tune in and cheer for your favorite baseball team as they try for the championship again.

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