Here’s What Your Childhood Looked Like If You Grew Up Obsessed With The Power Rangers

If you were one of those hardcore Power Rangers fans growing up, this will bring back memories…

Whether it was waking up super early every Saturday morning, or running to your house every day after school, you made sure you NEVER missed an episode of “Power Rangers.”


Because missing an episode was like missing a meal – it’d put you in a terrible mood.

And as a hardcore Power Rangers fan, you used to rock everything from Power Ranger pencils, lunch bags, backpacks and t-shirts.

But it wasn’t like you were obsessed or anything.

The only thing y ou didn’t own were the Power Ranger toy swords because according to mom, they were super dangerous and they’d put you on the wrong path.

According to her, you’d end up a serial killer. All because of a plastic weapon that lights up when you press a button.

But even if you didn’t have the toy sword, you still practiced all the stunts. Because in your mind, you were a legit Power Ranger.


You even knew all the major quotes from the show.

Since you knew the Power Ranger moves and lingo, it wasn’t even a question who you were going to be for Halloween.

Even after Halloween, you kept the costume and wore it to sleep every day night.

With its popularity, you only hoped that none of your friends or cousins would dress up as your favorite Power Ranger.


And it was SO ANNOYING when they did. ?

There was always an argument about who was which Power Ranger and it would get settled with: “I called it first,” “I’m the oldest,” or with a quick game of rock, paper, scissors.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 3.46.25 PM

And even if you didn’t win, you would STILL argue.

If you were a romantic or there was someone you liked, you would say that you and your crush were the Pink and Green Ranger. ?

#PowerCouple #PowerRangerCouple #MrAndMrsRanger #MrAndMrsJohnson #WCW

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They were the original relationship goals.

Tommy and Kimberly forever. ?

You were so obsessed, you had dreams of being a Power Ranger.


Dreams that you wanted to turn into a reality.

Which is why you were convinced that your name was meant to be the same name as your favorite Ranger.

But of course, your parents wouldn’t actually change your name. So it would just become your nickname at most.

And if there was one thing you wanted to be when you grew up, it was definitely a Power Ranger. ⚡️

Yes you wanted to be a Power Ranger and if someone didn’t take you seriously, that was their problem.

And you weren’t joking…

Because sometimes dreams turn to reality if you really believe.

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