Here Are 21 Beautiful Graduation Moments That Will Make You Cry Tears Of Joy

For many Latino families, college graduation ceremonies are a big deal – especially if you’re a first generation college student who has worked tremendously hard to attain your diploma. Not only is this graduation ceremony about the graduate, but about all of their loved ones who have worked hard to help make this accomplishment possible.

Overall, these graduation ceremonies get emotional AF, and here are pictures that prove it…

Here’s a picture that captures the heart warming moment of meeting your family at the end of the stage.

CREDIT: @yahhmeelii / Instagram / Digital Image / June 11, 2018

Along with this picture, 2018 graduate Jessica said, “Getting here was not easy. I had many bumps, detours, and moments of self doubt, but I stuck to it and without adversities I wouldn’t be the strong mujer I am today.”

And if there’s one picture that illustrates your family’s pride and joy, it’s this one.

CREDIT: @ericegonz / Instagram / Digital Image / June 11, 2018

After graduating from University of California, Riverside, graduate Eric Gonzalez said, “I owe every single blessing and opportunity I’ve had in life to them.”

It’s these types of hugs that make the best graduation gifts.

CREDIT: @karifranco / Instagram / Digital Image / June 11, 2018

University of California, Merced graduate Karina Franco celebrated with her family and said, “Today, after a lot of hard work and struggles, these photos are a testimony to [my parents’] resilience and determination.”

At the end of your graduation ceremony, it’s hard not to smother your loved ones with kisses.

CREDIT: @yiselaanne / Instagram / Digital Image / June 11, 2018

After walking the stage, graduate Yisela Saenzpardo emphasized, “For those of you who are doubting yourself, don’t. Because anything is possible and you are capable. I couldn’t have done it without my family. They should’ve been the ones to walk the stage. Especially my parents.”

And the smiles you see on your family’s faces is absolutely priceless.

CREDIT: @ageee2014 / Instagram / Digital Image / June 11, 2018

Graduate Andreina Small celebrated her moment by stating, “Grandpa this one is for you! Familia, this is for you! Mi raza, esto es para ti.”

Considering the sacrifices your parents have made for you to have a better life, come graduation it’s a very emotional moment.

CREDIT: @camilaronipizza / Twitter / Digital Image / June 11, 2018

In a Twitter post, graduate Camila Silva explained why this moment was especially special to her. She described, “When my school discovered I was undocumented, my scholarship and in-state tuition were taken away. I told my papi that I was going to drop out and work instead. My papi told me he’d cut his arm off before I dropped out. Today I graduated and he’s why.”

You can’t help but to smile, shout and celebrate.

CREDIT: @j.ibar / Instagram / Digital Image / June 11, 2018

College graduate Jeff Ibar celebrated with his mom in receiving his doctorate from the University of Houston.

It’s little moments like this that make your graduation day 100x more special.

CREDIT: @erickitta_ / Instagram / Digital Image / June 11, 2018

College graduate Erica celebrated receiving her Bachelors from California State University, Long Beach.

Graduation day is an explosion of joy for many Latino families, and here’s a photo that proves it.

CREDIT: @wendayymares / Instagram / Digital Image / June 11, 2018

College graduate Wendy Mares leaped into her dad’s arms in celebration and said, “This was made possible because of my amazing parents who sacrificed everything to lead me to a path of success. I can never thank them enough for everything they have done for me. For crossing the border, years ago, to give me a better opportunity. I came to be because of their struggles and sacrifices.”

There’s really nothing like receiving a hug from your parents while dressed in your cap and gown.

CREDIT: @amazing.life24 / Instagram / Digital Image / June 11, 2018

Here’s a special moment captured between a mom and her daughter.

And it doesn’t matter how many flowers and balloons you receive, it’s the warm hugs that make you the most happy.

CREDIT: @whendeee101 / Instagram / Digital Image / June 11, 2018

This college graduate celebrated with her family and said, “I dream it, I work hard till I own it.”

In every single way, it’s a beautiful moment making your parents proud.

CREDIT: @gabya18 / Instagram / Digital Image / June 11, 2018

College graduate Gaby Arroyo celebrated and thanked her mom by saying, “I did it all to make her proud, to let her know that her sacrifices were all worth it, this one is for you Mamá.”

And for some, it’s about making their children proud.

CREDIT: @chelss_lovee / Instagram / Digital Image / June 11, 2018

College graduate Araceli Cueva celebrated receiving her Bachelors degree and thanked her son by saying, “To my son: Thank you for sitting next to me all those nights while I did homework, for waiting up for me after my night classes, for understanding I couldn’t play catch because I had to study, but most of all, for giving me the drive to be ambitious. For giving me a never ending goal of giving you the best life possible. I hope you are as proud of me as I am of you. Mommy loves you and everything I am, everything I do and will do is always going to be for you.”

How cute is this dad rocking his daughter’s university apparel?!

CREDIT: @mlovehdz / Instagram / Digital Image / June 11, 2018

This proud college graduate gave a shoutout to her parents and said, “Para mi Familia. Blessed to have the most amazing family. This wouldn’t have been possible without your guys undying love and support. This ones for you.”

If there’s one thing these graduation ceremonies are for, it’s to celebrate all of your hard work.

CREDIT: @galan3sme / Instagram / Digital Image / June 11, 2018

College graduate Esmeralda Galan held her diploma up high and said, “These past few years have been crazy. I’ve been balancing work, life, and school & for that reason I feel extremely proud and grateful. This is not and end, as I am dedicated in continuing my education. It may take me time to reach my goals, but it takes as long as it takes. Aunque seamos Latinos eso no signifíca que no podemos.”

And it’s also to celebrate the people who helped you and supported you along the way.

CREDIT: @randommadness701w / Instagram / Digital Image / June 11, 2018

This educated Latina celebrated her accomplishment by holding her parents’ hands up high.

After all, your graduation day is ultimately dedicated to your loved ones who have made this accomplishment possible.

CREDIT: @ohgoshgabby / Instagram / Digital Image / June 11, 2018

College graduate Gabby Guera celebrated her graduation with all of her loved ones and said, “It has been their unwavering support that has kept me working hard all of these years. But this degree is for my parents. It’s a small way for me to give thanks for all their hard work and sacrifices they have made in this country.”

And the more difficult the journey was for you, the more valuable the diploma becomes.

CREDIT: @cryssssxoxo / Instagram / Digital Image / June 11, 2018

CSU Channel Islands graduate Crystal Renee hugged her family tight and said, “I still can’t believe this happened this past Saturday. I’m still in awe of myself, for completing something so challenging but yet so worth it.”

Come graduation day, it’s all about smiles, hugs and laughs.

CREDIT: @adriannaduran / Instagram / Digital Image / June 11, 2018

Adrianna Duran joined her best friend at her graduation ceremony and said, “I’m incredibly proud and I cannot wait to see what your next chapter will consist of. Go change the world.”

And it’s also a day to leap up in joy.

CREDIT: @itschrisgaleno / Instagram / Digital Image / June 11, 2018

Even though this was a throwback picture for college graduate Chris Galeno, he does admit that it was one of the happiest days of his life.

One thing for sure, is that graduation day is an emotional day and one of the best days of your college career.

CREDIT: @rossmeri_g / Instagram / Digital Image / June 11, 2018

This educated Latina graduated from Sacramento State University and thanked her dad for being a part of this accomplishment. “My pops and I have our ups and down but I love this man. Ironically, we clash heads because we have the same character but I am thankful because like him I don’t give up, I don’t take no’s for an answer, and I always go after I want. Gracias papa!,” she said.

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This Woman Lost It When She Witnessed Her Uber Driver Read His Acceptance To Harvard And It’s The Purest Explosion Of Emotion I’ve Seen

Things That Matter

This Woman Lost It When She Witnessed Her Uber Driver Read His Acceptance To Harvard And It’s The Purest Explosion Of Emotion I’ve Seen

Unfortunately, we see a lot of terrible stories associated with Uber and other ride-share apps but this definitely isn’t one of them. No, this story of persistence, hard work and the power of being genuinely happy for other people’s success is making the rounds and we can’t stop watching it.

On, July 14th, 2019, Twitter user @718rubyy went viral when she tweeted a short video of her recent Uber ride.

Twitter / @718rubyy

In the tweet, she explains that her Uber driver shared with her that she might just be his lucky charm. What might have read as a pickup line, is actually some really awesome news. The tweet explains that — after two years of trying — the unnamed Uber driver has finally been accepted into Harvard University!

“My God, guys! My Uber driver got into Harvard,” she can be heard cheering. “Black Excellence!”

As if that good news wasn’t enough, the response of his passenger made the announcement even better. The Dominicana Uber patron can be heard on the video celebrating and hyping up her driver.

Her Uber driver took the congratulations with a balance of pride and shyness — ducking away from the camera while recording.

Twitter was quick to join in on the congratulations for this Harvard-bound young man.

Twitter / @Ant_OnPoint

This Twitter user had some words of encouragement and advice for the new Harvard student. When you’ve got good momentum, don’t slow down. We’re sure he’ll keep working towards his unquestionably bright future.

Others users pointed out that his passenger’s excitement on video is positively infectious.

Twitter / @Jodemoted
Twitter / @keetron6000

This Dominicana must know that when one of us win, we all win. So, naturally, it makes sense to celebrate this young man’s accomplishments with the energy that we see on the video.

Some Twitter users suggested the Harvard student should continue to explore his luck.

Twitter / @Sirdarius97

Luck isn’t everything. We’re sure getting into Harvard took a lot of hard work as well. STILL, this new student should take full advantage of this good luck streak and hope for more positivity coming his way.

Like any good story, followers have been looking for the romance in this tale.

Twitter / @r8gue

In fact, some were projecting their own romantic hopes for the pair. No word if there’s a love connection resulting from this Uber meet-cute, but we’ll keep an eye out for updates. In the meantime, we ship it.

However, some Twitter users saw it more as an ingenious pick-up line instead of true love.

Twitter / @cubanlxs

We can see how it would seem that way but the news looks pretty genuine. Either way, we respect his game if it’s truly a line.

No matter what you feel about a possible romance between the two, one thing was agreed upon by all.

Twitter / @brazillianphil

Uber story or not, this is the kind of content we like to see on the TL. Good luck at Harvard next year, mystery Uber driver!

Check out the full video below!

We Are Loving The Respect And Credit These Grads Are Giving Their Farm Working Parents For Their Sacrifices To Give Their Kids The World

Things That Matter

We Are Loving The Respect And Credit These Grads Are Giving Their Farm Working Parents For Their Sacrifices To Give Their Kids The World

Graduation ceremonies are a little slice of life and society. Behind every cap and stole there are stories of heroism and struggle not only involving the graduates but often having to do with their parents. Moms and dads all over the world have done their best to see their children enjoy better opportunities in life. As the value of labor has shifted from privileging manual work and trades to giving more to those who work with information, traditional occupations such as farming have been affected by a decline in wages and by the crushing shadow of big companies (nowadays it is very hard for any farmer to subsist on their own). That is why stories that involve farmer parents seeing their kids graduate from university are so inspiring. If you have worked in the fields as a picker or even if you have done some gardening under the blistering sun you know how much of a toll working in a field can take on your body. If you haven’t, look to a father’s or uncle’s or Abuelo’s hands and focus on the callous surface that endless hours of working with la tierra has done to the skin. Every wrinkle tells a story of survival and proud trabajo

In honor of farmers worldwide, and to celebrate Farm Workers Day, we have chosen some inspirational snippets of life featuring graduates and their farmer parents, who worked with their hands so their offspring’s mind could thrive. There are not enough ways to say gracias, are there? 

This graduate who honors her farmer parents

Credit: Twitter. @UCMerced

Merced Anna Ocegueda is a Latina college senior who graduated from University of California, Merced, earlier this year. This 22-year-old psychology major posted this picture on Twitter. As they say, una imagen dice + que mil palabras. Her parents are still wearing their picking equipment. Her post went viral and soon newspapers started knocking in the door. Ocegueda told The Fresno Bee: “My parents came here for a better future and a better life for their children. “The educational opportunities weren’t great. My parents encouraged me to better my education so I wouldn’t have to work in the fields like them.” 

For Selena Huapilla-Perez graduation she dressed up in her cap and gown and posed in the fruit fields alongside her parents to honor their sacrifice as farmers. ⁣


In a post about her gruadtion, Huapilla said “I always tell my parents, my sisters and brother that this belongs more to them than to me.” This year she graduated with a degree in Interdisciplinary Humanities from Michigan State University. ⁣

This recent grad went above and beyond to make her dreams come true, thanks to her hard work, and her parent’s struggles.

@alfaroerica47b | Instagram

Erica Alfaro, a 29-year-old, dedicated her master’s degree with her parents and celebrated with a powerful photoshoot where they work.

This Brazilian queen who thanked her farmer parents during her graduation ceremony

Credit: YouTube. @AlamedaCasaEditorial

It is a moment worthy of a few tears. A Brazilian student stops the party, descends the stairs and calls her parents. Everyone claps. They all know that her family is de origen humilde and that they have moved Heaven and Earth for her to be there. You can watch this tender and empowering moment here

Farmer parents sure teach some good ethics and excellent saving skills

Credit: Twitter. @KillerPunchZero

If precarious conditions can teach you anything is that you gotta take care of what you got. Farming is such a serendipitous occupation (a flood or a tornado can wipe out the years harvest and any earnings for the coming months, as many farmers have recently experienced throughout our climate-change-stricken planet), that those que trabajan en el campo know that life is better with no debt. What a great lesson. Hard work, dedication. 

De tal palo tal astilla

Credit: Twitter. @BigDuce79

So who is proud of who? The farmer father who sent his son to college or the son whose father sent him? Well, it is both. Struggle can either bring people closer together or split them apart. We hope it is always the latter. 

Can you spare a minute and read this amazing story?

Credit: Facebook. Humans of Bombay

India is a country where social mobility is almost impossible. Many regions of the Southeast Asian country still live under a caste system that basically translates in zero opportunities for those who are born with nothing or with very little. That is why this story from the amazing storytelling collective Humans of Bombay is so powerful. It is the story of a father who had to migrate to the city from his farming village. There, he leads a simple life but makes sure his son goes to university. The son’s attitude will melt your heart. Does the story sound familiar? We are sure it resonates with many Latino families across the United States. 

The son of a Filipino farmer who got a full scholarship at Harvard

Credit: filipino-farmer-son-gets-full-scholarship-from-harvard-university-proves-hard-work-beats-fate-2.jpg. Digital image. The Development Times

The Philippines is one of the most unequal countries in the world, an impoverished nation that up until today has failed to keep up with other Asian economies. As much as 15% of Filipinos work overseas as domestic workers or construction workers. Those who live in the country need to work extra hard just to make ends meet. So the story of Romnick Blanco, the son of a rice and vegetable farmer, is the stuff that dreams are made of. He received a full scholarship to study at Harvard after excelling at his high school in Manila. By the way, he had to cross a river every single day to go to school

Credit: q2-5. Digital image. Readers Portal.

His father was a cocoa farmer and his mother sold coal, he is now a graduate from the University of Pennsylvania

Credit: IMG_20180419_173741. Digital image. Savannah News Online

Conditions for farmers in Africa are tough, as multinational corporations pay low wages for prices products such as cocoa.  Shadrack Osei Frimpong is a Ghanian dynamo who excelled at school and made his way to the United States. He is now giving back to his community, establishing a tuition-free girls’ school in his village. What an inspiring young man. Those who succeed despite a tough beginning are often the most generous and amazing human beings. African youth face many challenges, including guerrilla warfare, human trafficking and disease, so it is amazing to see ow someone from a rural area could actually work towards better conditions not only for himself, but for his whole community. 

Last but not least, this Indonesian son of farmers who graduated from Columbia University in New York City

Credit: 10.-Graduation-S2-1. Digital Image. Mengglobal Indonesia

Robinson Sinurat is the fifth child of a family of seven. His parents did not finish their schooling because of financial struggles, so the odds were stacked against Robinson. He knew that he wanted to study physics, so he borrowed money from a friend to pay for university fees in Indonesia and ate only once a day. After graduating from college he worked in an NGO in the capital city of Jakarta, where he started studying English to apply for graduate school. His academic and professional accomplishments caught the eye of Columbia… and the rest, as they say, is history. You can read all about his improbable journey here.

This hombre hermoso from Thailand whose dirty clothes speak of a tough life

Credit: Facebook. @Chesney O’Donnell

The contrast is striking. This Thai farmer almost looks shy in front of the camera. The moraleja is clear: be very, very thankful for everything that your parents have done for you. 

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