This Is What Happens When You Try To Greet A Non-Latino And Things Get Awkward

When you walk into a room of Latinos, you know you’re in for a lot of hugging and kissing. But walking into a room of non-Latinos brings up an anxiety like no other…

Growing up in a Latino family meant I knew what a “proper” greeting was…

It wasn’t extra. For us, it’s totally normal.

A kiss, a hug, and… maybe another kiss.


Repeat and repeat.

And god forbid I ever forgot to say bye to someone.

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This is the cardinal Latinx sin.

After all those years of training, I thought I had it all down…

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That’s what mami said!

Until I started meeting a lot of non-Latinxs who weren’t used to all that affection.

Existential crisis begins.

When I met my first gringa roommate, she waved hello and quickly looked away…

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Hmmm, OK.

I was left hanging even trying to attempt a handshake.

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Nothing to see here, y’all.

When I moved away, my new friends and coworkers included many non-Latinxs who often only offered a nod hello.

I get it. We’re not all used to all this smothering.

In this struggle, I did learn a new technique popular amongst non-Latinxs: The Irish Goodbye.


People actually left a party without saying goodbye to every person in the room!? HOW?

So I applied this every time I had to say goodbye, you know to avoid awkwardness, but my family was NOT having it.

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They have a radar for this sort of thing.

After a few years of dancing around awkward hugs, handshakes, kisses and goodbyes, I decided to embrace it.

CREDIT: HBO/ Insecure

Many of us Latinos have become experts at reading what’s comfortable for every person.

I became the person that always announced, “I’m coming in for a hug!”

CREDIT: Nickelodeon/ Victorious

Come here, just bring it in.

That doesn’t always make it less awkward.

CREDIT: HBO/ Vice Principals

I know hugs and kisses can be a very foreign idea to some.

…But it was a positive if you wanted to say hello to a new cutie in the room.

What can I say? I can’t help it! It’s just good manners!

CREDIT: Empire / Fox


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What is the weirdest or most awkward greeting you’ve ever had with a non-Latino? Let us know!

[PHOTOS] Check Out This List Of The 10 Steamiest Telenovela Kisses And Tell Us You Can’t Feel The Passion


[PHOTOS] Check Out This List Of The 10 Steamiest Telenovela Kisses And Tell Us You Can’t Feel The Passion

Televisa / PandoraRosalez / YouTube

There’s no question that Latinos are responsible for some of the steamiest kisses in television history. The makings of a steamy kiss don’t solely rely on the actors themselves, however. Telenovelas give us all the scandal and suspense that makes the inevitable kiss that much more satisfying.

Whether the couple has loathed each other from the beginning, or that they had been separated because of an evil twin, or that he’s just trying to seduce her to find out who killed his half-brother–context is key. Here’s mitú’s ranking for the steamiest kissed and why.

1. Teresa and Santiago from “La Reina del Sur”

PandoraRosalez / YouTube

Kate del Castillo and Iván Sanchez might be responsible for the Top 3 steamiest kiss scenes in telenovela history. Remember when Santiago lifted Teresa up like nothing? The passion is almost too good to be fake.

2. It’s still #Santeresa from “La Reina del Sur.”

PandoraRosalez / YouTube

They’re literally selling and dealing drugs and getting away with it the sexiest way possible. Teresa saw Santiago in the water and ran to him, where they made out in some pretty choppy water. Then, it cut to this sensual scene, which concludes all the reasoning we need for their second place win.

3. We warned you. #Santeresa again.

PandoraRosalez / YouTube

Kate del Castillo cannot be denied all three awards. The passion is so incredible, they turned this scene which included a mop in the corner, into what seems like the perfect setting for amor.

4. Julianita from “Amar a Muerte”

@JuliantinaIIs / Twitter

When Juliana (Bárbara López) and Valentina (Macarena Achaga) first meet, we all felt the heat rising. As magical as their first kiss in the pool was, their make-out game just kept getting stronger as the season progressed. Their love is so steamy, we’re expecting a spinoff novela this year!

5. Isabel and Pedro José from “El Cuerpo del Deseo”

neurea2 / YouTube

How can anyone forget Isabel and Pedro José’s love-making in the rain? Latinos were confused by “The Notebook” reception after we saw these two strip naked for all of us to see. Brava.

6. Demetrio and Verónica from “La Mentira”

AnaMarisela / YouTube

It’s Kate del Castillo again, but this time, she’s being seduced by Demetrio (Guy Ecker), who’s only using her to get to the truth of who killed his half-brother. The rest of us watching can tell that he’s starting to develop feelings–or are we being duped by the passion too?

7. Bianca and Bruno from “Apunto de Hacer el Amor”

Teresa1444 / YouTube

Their first kiss is iconic. Bruno gains Bianca’s forgiveness and immediately goes in for the kiss. Bianca is forgiving as her mama taught her but she certainly didn’t forget so easily. That kiss is disrupted with a good hard smack to Bruno’s eager face.

8. Rosalinda and Fernando José from “Rosalinda”

AlexanderGalvan / YouTube

There’s nothing like Thalía and Fernando Carrillo’s kisses on the set of “Rosalinda,” the most watched telenovela in the world. When Rosalinda and Fernando José rekindle their romance after the evil mother-in-law’s meddling, Rosalinda’s amnesia and mental breakdown–the sparks fly.

9. Jade and Lucas from “El Clon”

TurskeSpanskeSerije / YouTube

This is basically the Romeo and Juliet love story of our generation. Jade (Giovanna Antonelli) is Muslim and Lucas (Murilo Benício) is from a rich Brazilian Christian family. Their families would never accept their love, which is what makes their secret kisses so magical.

10. Gabriela and Alejandro from “La Patrona”

RimonaShalev / YouTube

Gabriela (Aracely Arámbula) is the only woman working in the gold mine and a single mom at that. She spends so much of the novela schooling her sexist coworkers that when she falls in love with Alejandro (Jorge Luis Pila), the contrast is so tender and beautiful. He loves her! He really loves her!

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Why Latino Dads Don’t Say I Love You


Why Latino Dads Don’t Say I Love You

Growing up in Latino households, the dynamic between parents and their kids is pretty straightforward. They rule the house and what they say goes. While they could be a little strict at times, they show love in other ways such as making homecooked meals, fixing anything that needs fixing and sacrificing a lot for a better life.

In a new video by Mitu, the relationship between fathers and sons is spotlighted as one where discussions about love and sensitivity can be difficult.


In most Latino households, the machismo mentality is very present, and breaking down that wall of emotions is almost impossible to do. Dad’s will undoubtedly say that they do love their children, but they have a difficult time saying the actual words.

In three generations of fathers and sons, each dad admits that they just don’t say “I love you.”


It could be the language barrier or a cultural difference, but hearing “I love you” from a parent to their child is the best thing to help a relationship grow in a nurturing way.

One of the most touching parts of their stories is when the sons tell their fathers how much their love means to them.


Each son spoke so eloquently and told them that they admire their hard work, and everything they sacrificed for them, and how they understand that all they do is to help their families, and others.

A beautiful portion of the video (and you will cry so grab some tissue) is when Sergio Garcia tells his dad Manuel Garcia that he has taught him so much throughout his life.


Sergio says that his dad taught about having a good work ethic, that he knows how much he did for their family, and how to be humble and respectful.

Check out the full video here.

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