Here Are Some Of The Most Fabulous Pride Products You Can Get On The Internet

Pride Pins. Digital Image. Bella Dona. June 28, 2018.

There are a million reasons queer Latinos might not want to flaunt their rainbow flag, and a million different ways to do it anyway. In these politically dark times, it’s more important than ever to fearlessly wear those rainbow nipple tassles and wave that pride flag. Latinos have to deal with a lot of stuff when they are queer from family and society so might as well own that identity. The internet has gifted us many ways to adorn our bodies and our homes with identity affirming messages, flower crowns and LGBT pride.

1. Frida Rainbow Flower Crown | $45.00

CREDIT: BloomDesignStudio / Etsy

In honor of one of the most sexually fluid Latinas in history, I’m dressing as Frida Kahlo to the next Pride parade I go to. All of the blossoms attach to a thin metal headband that is also lined with eco felt, so it’s comfortable to wear.

2. Rainbow Cap | $16.00

CREDIT: ScreensNThreat / Etsy

Get your caps in black, white, or baby pink. You know you look qt in every color.

3. LGBT Pride Rainbow Ribbon Headband Fascinator | $135

CREDIT: FabHatters / Etsy

FabHatters knows how to dress up a queer pride float. All the reviews are from queens who know how to show up to a party. It might be pricey but good fashion always is.

4. Rainbow High Waist Booty Shorts | $22.00

CREDIT: DillyDuds / Etsy

Literally the description: “Be the rainbow in somebody’s cloud!”

The world is a cloud, so you should probably get one for every day of the week, imo.

5. Rainbow Tutu | $15.00

CREDIT: LittlePigletBoutique / Etsy

As if you’d ever leave the house without it. Plus, you can use it again for Halloween when you’re a creepy, sexy clown. 🤡

6. So Gay enamel pin | $12.00

CREDIT: Pride Pins. Digital Image. Bella Dona. June 28, 2018.

Y’know, just in case the rainbow tutu and headband didn’t tip anyone off. Plus these pins let you wear both your Latinx heritage and your unapologetic queer pride. Win-Win.

7. LGBTQ: Rainbow Nipple Pasties | $20.46

CREDIT: KittybitsBoutique / Etsy

Like, you might as well just go for it. Sure, it might make some people uncomfortable to see you in these but those are just people who shouldn’t.

8. Unicorn Skin Rainbow Highlighter | $17.00


This Latina owned business has been featured all over the place for her incredible rainbow highlighter. It comes in one palette, and in one fell sweep.

9. LGBT Pride Temporary Tattoo Mix & Match Pack | $15.00

CREDIT: LoudMouthInk / Etsy

Gift your boo this tattoo and you can claim them yours for at least 1-2 weeks. JK, tattoos fade, but true love won’t.

10. Rainbow Choker Necklace | $6.82

CREDIT: HappyGayAccessories / Etsy

We all went through that emo phase when we were in middle school. This is just a chance for you to relive those days with a little something extra.

11. Gender Affirming Transgender Nonbinary Pronoun Pins | $11.00


Find pride in your pronoun, whatever you’ve chosen to identify as! GENDERGEMS makes it truly stylish to not just have pride, but show it off to everyone you meet.

12. Make America Gay Again Flag | $24.90


Wear it as a cape for the weekend, and then hang it up outside your house. Wouldn’t you like everyone to know who you truly are without having to explain it?

13. Bi Pride T-Shirts | $24.99

CREDIT: @feministapparel / Instagram

Feminist Apparel is apparel made up by women and the queer community, for women and the queer community. This one’s for all my bi brothers and sisters, who make up the majority of the LGBTQ community and have the least awareness.

14. Queer Black & Cute AF T-Shirt | $24.99

CREDIT: mitú

Show that queer Afro-Latinx pride off everywhere you go. After all, you have a lot to be proud about so you might as well show it off.

Buy this shirt at the mitú shop by clicking here.

15. Keith Haring Inspired Pride iPhone Case | $15.95

CREDIT: ImotVoksimTees / Etsy

Protect your phone from the dusty day to day with a shiny new, rainbow pride case. It’s so cute, I’m screaming. ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜

16. Love is Love Umbrella | $55.00

CREDIT: CassaRaptorCreations / Etsy

Don’t let the haters rain on your parade (literally). This umbrella is handpainted, so you’ll already be arriving next level. Or just show up in a white t-shirt and live your life. 😉

17. Drag Queen Lotería Shirt | $45.00

CREDIT: wilberthgonzalez / Instagram

Do you love “RuPaul’s Drag Race”? Do you love lotería? Then this shirt is for you.

18. Rainbow Earrings | $6.00

CREDIT: AnyaCloudJewellry / Etsy

So go ahead, go out with your rainbow earrings, your nipple pasties, body glitter and tutu for a nice casual night out.

19. Puro Pride Shit | $24.99

CREDIT: mitú

Because some times a simple two-word sentence is all you need to get the point across.

Buy this shirt at the mitú shop by clicking here.

20. Gay Pride Socks – LGBT Socks | $27.27

CREDIT: SocksSmile / Etsy

Put on your gay pride socks (suggestion: peppered in Karamo Brown’s gorgeous face). You can personalize these socks to put anyone’s face on it, so gift your face to your boo or gift yourself. Because you’re doing this all over again tomorrow! Happy Pride, queeros!! 😘

Bad Bunny And Ricky Martin Killed A ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill In Puerto Rico Furthering LGBTQ+ Rights In The Caribbean

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Bad Bunny And Ricky Martin Killed A ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill In Puerto Rico Furthering LGBTQ+ Rights In The Caribbean

badbunnypr / ricardorossello / ricky_martin / Instagram

Governors in the U.S. have tried and failed multiple times to enshrine discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community by passing “religious freedom” bills. At the heart of these bills is the idea that someone’s religion is enough to discriminate against those of different faiths, sexual orientations, and gender identities. Puerto Rico tried to follow the same failed path as Indiana and the backlash was swift and victorious after Ricky Martin and Bad Bunny (Benito Martinez) spoke out against the bill forcing Governor Ricardo Rosselló to backtrack on his bill to discriminate.

In April, Puerto Rico’s Governor Ricardo Rosselló presented the Puerto Rican House of Representatives a “religious freedom” bill.

Credit: @lgbtpr / Twitter

The bill was months in the making and Gov. Rosselló showed his full support for the bill, House Bill 2069. The bill would have allowed for government employees to openly discriminate against people who went against their religious beliefs.

Ricky Martin spoke up against the measure and called out the Puerto Rican government and their willingness to legalize discrimination against LGBTQ+ people.

“While the world calls for equality, respect for diversity and the defense of human rights, members of the Senate and the House of Representatives and the Governor of Puerto Rico are pushing for a measure that goes against all of the above and it encourages division, prejudice, hatred and the lack of respect for individuality,” Martin wrote on his fan website. “It does so under a premise that undermines the constitutional protections against discrimination on the basis of race, sex or belief, and in its place, justifies an irrational protection of the religious convictions of government employees.”

“As a member of the LGBTT community, I join the constituency that affirms that there has never been a willingness among our LGBTT people to allow for the validation or legalization of discrimination against us.”

“House Bill 2069, filed at the request of Governor Ricardo Rosselló and promoted by Representative Charbonier, achieve nothing more than opening the doors to hatred towards anyone who doesn’t share the same ideology, who simply belong to the LGBTT community, or who don’t  have the same color skin, amidst many other discriminatory measures.”

“Authentic religious freedom calls for respecting everyone equally.”

Bad Bunny also used his platform to stand up for the LGBTQ+ community in Puerto Rico.

Credit: badbunnypr / Instagram

“While we ‘bad guys’ do out to unite people and try to send a message of respect and tolerance, the leaders of my country work to do the opposite,” he wrote on Instagram. “We cannot take steps backwards, NEVER! @ricardorossello you make excellent coffee, I know that you can also make an excellent decision.”

Calle 13’s Residente joined his Puerto Rican peers to call out the Puerto Rican government’s wishes to strip LGBTQ+ people of their humanity with the law.

These calls against the action came during Pride month when the U.S. is supposed to be celebrating and uplifting the LGBTQ+ community, which still faces discrimination and violence.

After the outcry, Gov. Rosselló reversed his support for the bill and ordered the Puerto Rican House of Representatives to shelf the bill.

Credit: @ricky_martin / Twitter

“WE WON! The recent years, Western countries have made significant advances in guaranteeing equal right for the LGBTT community,” Martin tweeted.

Martin celebrated the decision by educating his followers about what the measure would mean for the LGBTQ+ community.

Credit: @ricky_martin / Twitter

“These advances were threatened recently in Puerto Rico, where the House fo Representatives passed legislation that endangered the progress won in the last decade and risked feeding the division, prejudice, and tensions between the communities.”

He did not sugar coat the true meaning behind the legislation.

Credit: @ricky_martin / Twitter

“By granting government employees the power to act in accordance with their religious convictions, personal values, and principles, this regressive legislation would have sanctioned the practice of institutional discrimination on the part of those who committed themselves to a life in public service.”

Congratulations, Ricky!

Credit: ricky_martin / Instagram

It just goes to show that enough public outcry can make politicians listen to the majority instead of the vocal minority.

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Zuri Moreno Made Sure The Trans Community In Montana Remained Safe

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Zuri Moreno Made Sure The Trans Community In Montana Remained Safe

aclu_montana / Instagram

There’s no question that in metropolitan cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami, that gay rights must be respected. With such huge LGBTQ+ communities in those cities, Pride is like 4th of July, but in smaller cities and states that is not the case. There are still places, like Montana, trying to attack LGBTQ+ rights and one nonbinary Latinx activist stood up and defeated an anti-trans bill.

In Montana, lawmakers introduced a measure that would strip rights away from the trans community and one person would not have it.


The bill — I-183 — would be a change a Montana law that would allow the permission to discriminate against transgender people.

I-183 would force people to use public accommodations like restrooms and locker rooms that align with the gender on their original birth certificate instead of the gender by which they live and identify.”

That means that a trans woman could not use a female bathroom and a trans man could not use a male bathroom. Furthermore, “I-183 would 1) make work, school, and recreation unsafe for transgender Montanans; 2) put local government and state agencies at risk of expensive, unnecessary lawsuits; and 3) fail to further protect anyone from assault or rape, as these things are already illegal in Montana. I-183 would also jeopardize your privacy by forcing you to prove your gender to anyone who requests to see your paperwork before you enter a public facility.”

Essentially, the Montana government was ready to tell trans people that they have to adhere to the sex they were assigned at birth. This would strip away the most basic right for trans people, and one most Americans enjoy, of self-determination.

Thanks to Zuri Moreno that bill never saw the light of day.

Moreno, who describes themselves as queer, nonbinary, multiracial, and Latinx, made sure their community remained safe in Montana and fought hard to make sure that the bill was blocked.

“My life and my passion focus on racial equity and access in the community,” Moreno said to The Advocate.

The LGBTQ+ community is no stranger to state and the federal governments from attacking their basic rights. North Carolina tried and failed to limit trans people from using the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity. Indiana tried passing a “religious freedom” bill that would have allowed anyone to legally discriminate against anyone in the LGBTQ+ community.

It is because of their fight for trans rights in Montana that The Advocate named them among the 2019 Champions of Pride.


“Montana still does not have an explicit sexual orientation and gender identity nondiscrimination law,” the 32-year-old said to the magazine. “Although a handful of municipalities have passed local nondiscrimination ordinances, at the state level progress is hindered by transphobia, disinterest from non-LGBTQ people, and a lack of political will. There is still a lot of work to do around bringing awareness and dispelling misinformation about trans, nonbinary, and two-spirit identities.”

The federal government is also fighting over a similar measure. H.R. 5 and S. 788, also known as the Equality Act, is a simple piece of legislation that has been embroiled in legal battles for years. The Equality Act seeks to protect LGBTQ+ American from discrimination based on “sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity.” That’s right. The Equality Act would finally close loopholes in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and legally address discrimination against women based on sex. So, the LGBTQ+ community and women would benefit if the Equality Act were passed.

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