Here Are Etsy’s Top 25 Bardi Gang Swag Under $25 For That Special Fan In Your Life

Cardi B has started a nationwide conversation on Afro-Latinas, and has been unapologetic about who she is: una Dominicana emotional gansta. 
If you’re not in the Bardi gang, I don’t want to talk to you. Here’s how to show your true colors for less than $25.

1. Spirit Animal Cap | $14.99


Wear your spirit animal on your forehead with this gem. I see you wearing this and I trust you.

2. Cardi B. Nail Decals | $4.99

CREDIT: VitaBelloVogue / Etsy

If you really want to splurge, you can order the acrylics from Etsy for $70 to get Cardi B’s signature long-nailed look.

3. Finesse Socks | $7.49


I’m obsessed. Even the style of these socks is so flashback ’90s. See yourself decked out in numbers 1-3 already and feeling good about yourself.

4. Okurr Mug | $10.00

CREDIT: UpbeatShop / Etsy

Yes, Cardi B. saying, “I’m just a regular shmegular degular girl” is like J.Lo saying she’s just “Jenny from the Block.” Understatement of the year.

5. Finesse Enamel Pin | $10.00

CREDIT: SaintNerd / Etsy

Need the spirit of Cardi to flow through you every time you pick up that bag? Dale already.

6. Santa Cardi Velas | $14.99

CREDIT: celebprayercandles / Etsy

Prayin’ you could be like Cardi so you could not give a fuck? Pray to Saint Cardi B for guidance, strength, and a no fucks given attitude. 🙏

7. Bardi Gang Crop Top | $24.50

CREDIT: FunTreasureDesigns / Etsy

I always wondered why the shirts that are cut in half cost twice as much, but that’s the price to be in the new latino gang.

8. Mother Cardi Print $15.00

CREDIT: InWithTheOldPrints / Etsy

As Cardi says, “They see pictures, they say, ‘Goals,’ bitch, I’m who they tryna be.” Keep your eyes on the prize with Santa Cardi B at your entrance and watch your parents faint when they instinctively kneel for her.

9. OKURRR! Enamel Pin | $11.00

CREDIT: MadeAuGold / Etsy

You can never have enough enamel pins, okurr? You’re not in the Bardi Gang unless you’re always repping, so make sure you have a pin on errything.

10. Bardi Watercolor | $25

CREDIT: LaBelleMortArt / Etsy

This is true art. Of course Cardi B’s followers include incredible watercolor artists. 😂

11. “I Make Money Move$” Notebook | $20.00

CREDIT: bybikka / Etsy

How do you think Cardi got to where she’s at? This took planning, dropping some lyrics in a notebook that might have looked like this.

12. “Livin’ My Best Life” Pencils | $2 Each

CREDIT: BaumDesignsShop / Etsy

Don’t even try to make money move$ without using these pencils. How else do you expect to live your best life alongside Chance the Rapper?

13. “Okurrr” Baby Onsie | $19.99

CREDIT: RoyalPrintsShop / Etsy

Cardi’s following has no age requirements. You just have to be a boss, skirt optional.

14. “Run this 💩 like cardio” Dog Bandana | $16

CREDIT: tedsattire / Etsy

AND the Bardi Gang is not speciesist. Dogs taking shits welcome. ✌️

15. “Happy Cardi B-Day” Card | $4.50

CREDIT: HundredwattSupplyCo / Etsy

What better way to celebrate your friend’s birthday than by reminding them that every day is Cardi B Day? JK, it’s a Cardi B-day, get it?

16. “I Make Money Moves” Wine Glass | $10.00

CREDIT: TheVineKnot / Etsy

Cheers to lookin’ like a right swipe on Tinder and a boss in a skirt. Make those money moves, boo.

17. “Be Careful” Mug | $14.95

CREDIT: RatchetvilleGifts / Etsy

Yeah, it’s not a threat, it’s a warnin’ and you can remind all your shady ass coworkers of that with every sip.

18. “Invasion of Privacy” Cap | $15.00

CREDIT: worldwidetrapdealer / Etsy

As Cardi B. once said:

“I think us bad bitches is a gift from God” — “I Do” (feat. SZA)
Recognize your sainthood with this cap.

19. Cardi Socks | $15.95


Pro tip: wear these with Balenciagas. You know, the ones that look like socks. 👅

20. “I’m Livin’ My Best Life” T-Shirt | $18.00

CREDIT: RatchetvilleGifts / Etsy

Cut this shirt in half and sell it for $25 for your MMOD (Money Move of the Day).

21. Finesse Enamel Pin | $9.54

CREDIT: LeeRickCollective / Etsy

Pin this on your denim jacket and don’t even think about not wearing fat hoops with this. I’m crying, she’s so goals.

22. Rolling Stones Iron On Patchwork | $5.00

CREDIT: IamKillaPancakes / Etsy

What else belongs on that denim jacket? This iron on patch featuring none other than hot tamale Cardi B. on the cover of Rolling Stone.

23. Cardi B. Buttons | $6.00

CREDIT: POPButtons / Etsy

One for your backpack, one for your denim jacket, one for grocery bag, one to give the tattoo artist as a guide for your official Bardi gang tattoo.

24. “I do what they say I can’t” Bracelet | $9.00

CREDIT: MaddieJaes / Etsy

YASSSS. Cardi was kicked out of her house when she was 18 and dayum is her 15 minutes of fame lasting a long time. #Shero

25. Bloody Shoes Sticker | $3.50

Bardi Gang
CREDIT: BabyDragonbornShop / Etsy

OK, maybe use this for your tattoo stencil, because this is fierce. No shame in the game in how you get those bloody shoes, boo.

20 Celebrities Who Are Your Other Gemini Half


20 Celebrities Who Are Your Other Gemini Half

lauriehernandez_ / Instagram

If you’re born between May 21st and June 20th, you might have a lot in common with these complex, high-achieving, creative Latinos. Geminis are known to have two personalities, depicted by a pair of twins. One moment, they can be quick-witted, open-minded and sociable and the other, they’re deeply serious, thoughtful and restless. No matter what mood they’re in though they’re known to be creative, artistic and excel in athleticism.

Find your other half from these artistic and inspiring Geminis.

1. Paulina Rubio

CREDIT: @paurubio / Instagram

La Chica Dorada, the Queen of Latin Pop, the one, the only, Paulina Rubio was born in Mexico City on June 17, 1971. Fun fact, she once participated in the Spanish adaptation of the musical “Grease” in 1985.

2. Zoe Saldana

CREDIT: @zoesaldana / Instagram

Born on June 19, 1978, our girl, Zoe, is turning 40 this year. Saldana studied ballet, jazz, and Latin dance in the Dominican Republic back in the day, which landed her a spot on “Center Stage” in 2000. She’s been in the spotlight ever since.

3. Laurie Hernandez

CREDIT: @lauriehernandez_ / Instagram

Hernandez is the first Latina American to make Team USA for the Olympics since Tracee Talavera in 1984. Born on June 9, 2000 in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Hernandez is a second-generation Puerto Rican, ayy.

4. Juan Luis Guerra

CREDIT: @juanluisguerra / Instagram

Can you believe that Juan Luis Guerra is in his 60’s as of this year? We were gifted the joy of música Dominicana on June 7, 1957.

5. Jessie Reyez

CREDIT: @jessiereyez / Instagram

Born on June 13, 1990, the Colombian-Canadian singer is best known for her single “Figures” released in 2016. She sings, speaks, and breathes in Spanglish and is one Latina that should be in your playlist.

6. Carmelo Anthony

CREDIT: @carmeloanthony / Instagram

Anthony is a New York star basketball player. He was born in Brooklyn to Afro-Puerto Rican parents. This May 29 baby has become a 10-time All-Star and has competed for Team USA in the Olympics.

7. Adriana Lima

CREDIT: @adrianalima / Instagram

You might recognize Lima from the Victoria’s Secret runway. The supermodel has been an Angel for a record 16 shows. This Brazilian supermodel was born on June 12, and casually speaks Portuguese, English, Italian and Spanish.

8. Javier “Chicharito” Hernández

CREDIT: @ch14_ / Instagram

He a striker, this one, y no parece como un “little pea”. He was the first Mexican player to join Manchester United back in 2010 and celebrates his birthday on June 1.

9. Eddie Cibrian

CREDIT: @eddiecibrian / Instagram

Cibrian was born to Cuban parents in Burbank, California on June 16, 1973. In Gemini form, he’s explored every creative outlet, landing himself acting gigs on “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,” “Saved by the Bell,” “Criminal Minds,” and starred in “The Young and the Restless” as Matt Clark.

10. Marco Rubio

CREDIT: @marcorubiofla / Instagram

Rubio was born on May 28, 1971 to Cuban immigrants in Miami. He has been a Senator from Florida since 2011. He really made it to mainstream consciousness when he joined the 2016 elections and campaigned against President Trump.

11. Talia Sagginario

CREDIT: @tallyraps / Instagram

Sagginario is a budding rapper and actress who is Mexican, Venezuelan, Puerto Rican and Italian. If you’re born on May 22, then you share a birthday with her! Fancy that.

12. Melanie Iglesias

CREDIT: @melanieiglesias / Instagram

Another Brooklyn-born Puerto Rican, Melanie graced us with her presence on June 18, 1987. Basically since then, she’s been modeling and repping boricuas everywhere.

13. Fonseca

CREDIT: @fonsecamusic / Instagram

Born on May 29, Julan Fernando Fonseca has gone on to bring Colombian rock music to the world. I tip my hat to you, señor.

14. Héctor “El Torito” Acosta

CREDIT: @eltorito33 / Instagram

Acosta was born on May 23, 1987 in the Dominican Republic. He was in the successful “Los Toros Band” before the Gemini in him started pushing him in a solo direction. Listen to his music and try not to dance.

15. Sônia Braga

CREDIT: @gemini_celebs / Instagram

If you’re into old school movies, you recognize actress Sônia Maria Campos Braga. Born on June 8, 1950, Braga starred in “Kiss of the Spider Woman” (1985) and “Moon Over Parador” (1988), which earned her a Golden Globe nomination.

16. Aiyana Lewis

CREDIT: @aiyanaalewis / Instagram

Born on May 26, 1997, this Mexican-Jamaican Instagram has appeared in ad campaigns for brands like Dior. The model has over 430,000 followers on Instagram and is just getting started.

17. Ana Tijoux

CREDIT: @anatijoux / Instagram

The French-Chilean pop star, born on June 12, 1977 has a voice to behold. She’s the daughter of Chilean parents living in political exile in France after Pinochet’s dictatorship in Chile forced them out. Thank you for keeping the culture alive all over the world, Tijoux.

18. Sergio Agüero

CREDIT: @10aguerosergiokun / Instagram

We’ve got another striker folks. I wonder if it’s a Gemini thing? Either way, Agüero has been team Argentina since June 2, 1988 (the day he was born).

19. Mario Cimarro

CREDIT: @mariocimarro / Instagram

He’s Cuban and we know him as Juan from the telenovela “Los Herederos Del Monte.” He was born June 1, 1971 in Havana.

20. Robert Rodriguez

CREDIT: @rodriguez / Instagram

Rodriguez has been a game changer in the film industry. He shoots and produces most of his films in Mexico and Texas, prioritizing Mexican actors and crew. He directed “From Dusk Till Dawn,” “Sin City,” “Spy Kids,” “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl” and has even launched his own cable channel, El Rey.

Geminis, they’re everywhere, changing everything, and the rest of us should be thanking them.

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