Here Are 11 Girl Codes That Every Latina Either Swears By Or Totally Hates

If you and your friends live by the girl code, you know there’s bound to be some drama if anyone breaks the rules. But are these codes really serious, or are they kind of silly? Check them out and decide for yourself…

1. Never hate on another woman’s success.

It’s all about empowering one another, not bringing each other down.

2. Don’t judge your best friend unless you’re giving positive criticism.

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So if you know your friend is getting herself into some trouble, let her know!

3. Always keep it real. ?

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You just have to be upfront and completely honest with each other.

4. Never date your best friend’s ex.

Just find yourself another boyfriend. Friends are harder to find than friends.

5. Also, don’t ever think about dating your best friend’s brother or sister.

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It’ll just be weird and awkward for all of you.

6. Never let another woman cry over someone who isn’t worth it.

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Just SLAP her out of it if you have to.

7. If your best friend doesn’t like someone, then you don’t like that person either.

That’s just the rule.

8. If your best friend gets into a fight (within reason), you have to have her back.


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And you have to be there in 0.5 seconds.

*PS – We don’t condone violence of any kind.

9. If your friend needs you to make up a lie for her, then you do it.

…no matter how extreme the lie is.

10. When you go out to a bar or club with your friends, always stick together.

Drunk or sober, you just can’t leave each other behind.

11. Most importantly, if another woman is on her period and doesn’t have a pad or tampon at hand, HELP. HER. OUT!

Now this one is CODE RED…literally.

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What girl codes do you follow? Comment and hit the share button below!

Here Are 11 Hilarious Lies That Your Mom Always Tells You, Yet She Swears She Never Lies


Here Are 11 Hilarious Lies That Your Mom Always Tells You, Yet She Swears She Never Lies

No matter how much your mom emphasizes that being dishonest and lying to people is wrong- truth is, she also lies (quite often without even realizing it). And here are just a few of your moms’ famous lies that never get old:

If there’s one thing your mom looooves to lie about, it’s the time of day, especially when she wakes you up early AF in the morning…

… which is why it’s almost impossible to sleep in during the weekends.

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And if you get mad at her for lying to you, she’ll quickly respond with yet ANOTHER lie:

“Keep making that face y se te va quedar asi la cara por siempre.” 


No, your face will not stay like that for the rest of your life.

In an effort to make things better, your mom will lie to you AGAIN and say:

 “Ven mija, I just want to talk.”

And she’ll say it in such a calm voice just to fool you.

And if she senses that you’re hiding something from her, she’ll trick you into spilling the beans by telling you:

“Just tell me the truth, I won’t get mad, I promise.”


LIES!! You know damn well she’ll get mad and will end up getting you in huuuge trouble.

Basically, the more your mom says she’s NOT going to do something, the more likely she WILL… so be careful.

It’s a TRAP! Don’t fall for it!!

And just to make you feel a little worse, she’ll then tell you:

“I neverrrrrr used to talk back and give my parents attitude.”

But truth is, she used to have more attitude with her parents than yourself.

Even on her good days, your mom will STILL lie to you and say:

“Un día alguien te va querer igual or más que yo te quiero.”

…yet you’re still single AF. ?

So if you’re single and your mom calls you “handsome” or “chulo” ten times a day, then you KNOW she’s lying.

But at least she’s trying to boost your confidence.

When asking for permission to go out with friends, if your moms says “I’ll think about it,” chances are she’s lying.


Nope, she’s not going to think about it. She already thought about it and guess what her answer is…NO.

So if you’re not out with your friends, you’ll end up getting dragged to hang out with your mom and her comadres. And if you ask her, “What time are we leaving?” she’ll hit you with this little lie:

“Ya nos vamos a ir.”

But TRUTH is: *5 hours pass and you’re still there*

And of course, the same lie applies when she goes shopping and tells you:

“I’ll be quick, I just need to buy one thing from the store.”


…but then she comes out of the store 7 hours later with a bunch of bags in her hand. Lies I tell you.

But it’s not like your mom lies to you on purpose just to hurt your feelings — that’s just how she is, and you wouldn’t change anything about her.?


Yeah, she might sprinkle a few lies here and there, but who doesn’t?

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What are your moms’ famous lies? Comment and hit the share button below!

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