25 Latinas Defying The Aging Process

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Yes, Latinas are often blessed with skin that seems to age at a glacial pace. Wrinkles just have no place on these faces, but for some they are nowhere to be seen. Granted, celebs have access to the best plastic surgeons, Botox and Lord knows what other rich people anti-aging secrets. Still, you can’t deny the results. And these 25 Latinas are the proof!

1. Luna Lauren Velez

CREDIT: lalunavelez / Instagram

The 53-year-old TV and film actress has appeared on tons of red carpets, and always looks radiance from head-to-toe. She sticks to her favorite brands of beauty products, like Bobbi Brown foundation, to keep her skin as lovely as it is.

2. Gloria Estefan

CREDIT: gloriaestefan / Instagram

Guys, guess how old Gloria Estefan is. No, really, guess. Did you guess 60? Because that would be the correct answer and you are currently blown away right now. How! Look at her! Perhaps it’s the dewy Miami weather that keeps her skin hydrated. If so, :moves immediately:

3. Sofia Vergara

CREDIT: sofiavergara / Instagram

Since she made her mark on “Modern Family,” Sofia has become the definition of a MILF. She’s 45, but really with her sassy attitude, one-liners, ripped bod and radiant skin, the 45-year-old proves she’ll one day be a GILF.

4. Ilia Calderon

CREDIT: iliacalderon / Instagram

The Univision anchor has broken barriers in her career, and looked amazing every step of the way. Perhaps being informed on current events is good for the complexion, or perhaps she has a few secrets in her medicine cabinet. Whatever it is, it’s working for the 45-year-old.

5. Constance Marie

CREDIT: goconstance / Instagram

The woman who once played J.Lo’s mother and daughter is still as ageless as ever, even at 52. How has she maintained such great skin over the years? She attributes it to her healthy lifestyle, eating vegetarian and taking care of herself from the inside out. It’s working, girl!

6. Salma Hayek

CREDIT: salmahayek / Instagram

At 51 years old, Salma proves that aging can be done totally flawlessly! And her go-to skin care routine is totally accessible to anyone who shops at Marshalls. The actress keeps it natural when it comes to her skin. One of the mainstays of her beauty routine is spritzing her face with rose water.

7. Daisy Fuentes

CREDIT: daisyfuentes / Instagram

Back in her MTV days, Daisy was always the fun girl with the great face. And really, nothing has changed. The 53-year-old (Can you believe that???) still looks radiant, and her nighttime cleansing routine is the thing she has to thank for it.

8. Jessica Alba

CREDIT: jessicaalba / Instagram

At 36, the actress and mama of three has managed to keep a fresh face. It might have something to do with her commitment to organic products found in her Honest Co. Or it might just be that she has insanely good genes. Whatever it is, she regularly posts makeup-free selfies and looks flawless.

9. Ana Ortiz

CREDIT: therealanaortiz / Instagram

The actress and singer makes 47 look incredible! While she once starred on “Ugly Betty” there’s not a damn thing looking bad about her. Seriously, what is in the water at her house?

10. Andrea Navedo

CREDIT: andreanavedo / Instagram

She plays a total MILF on “Jane the Virgin,” and it’s really no different in real life. At 40, Andrea makes wellness a major part of her daily routine. That make have had a great effect on her complexion because her face just glows.

11. Judy Reyes

CREDIT: itisijudyreyes1 / Instagram

Are you ready for this mind blowing information? Judy Reyes. Is. 50. There are zero wrinkles on her face! That’s insane. It might have something to do with her vampire-like skin routine. Reyes avoids the sun at all costs, using sunscreens, hats, and anything else to block the harmful rays. She and Gina Torres should hang!

12. Mariah Carey

CREDIT: mariahcarey / Instagram

She tries to hide her age at all costs, but the 47-year-old diva is doing a much better job doing so on her face. While one could assume Mariah bathes in almond milk every night, or has water from Iceland shipped to her home and uses it as toner, Mimi keeps it pretty chill. She keeps the makeup to a minimum, which makes a big difference.

13. Rosie Perez

CREDIT: roseiperezbrooklyn / Instagram

From the time she went down that Soul Train line, working her moves all the way to “In Living Color,” Rosie has looked completely fierce and fresh. And at 53, it’s amazing to see she’s still holding it down, giving every Latina out there hope that they can age gracefully.

14. Gina Torres

CREDIT: ginatorresfanpage1 / Instagram

At 48, Gina Torres has got some of the most enviable skin in Hollywood. She takes a cue from what many dermatologists have told us for years: avoid too much sun exposure. The sun is warm and lovely, but it also is not great for your skin.

15. Roselyn Sanchez

CREDIT: roselyn_sanchez / Instagram

Roselyn makes 44 look incredible, doesn’t she? Her skin is absolute perfection, and it’s all thanks to regular facials done with her “Devious Maids” co-stars. Girl time is vital to any woman, and probably totally helps your pores.

16. Nina Garcia

CREDIT: ninagarcia / Instagram

Nina Garcia epitomizes effortless cool, and the 50-year-old doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. When it comes to maintaining her firm, glowing look, she sticks to creams that keep her skin completely quenched. Chanel Sublimage is especially a favorite.

17. Marilyn Milian

CREDIT: thepeoplecourttv / Instagram

The 56-year-old TV judge may hand down some tough verdicts when she’s wearing her robes, but when they come off she stays looking classy and vibrant. If judging people is good for the skin, and by the evidence presented by Marilyn it’s easy to believe that, then hopefully pettiness does too.

18. Eva Longoria Baston

CREDIT: evalongoria / Instagram

The 42-year-old actress hasn’t aged a day in 20 years. What’s her secret? Pretty simple: good skin care. Longoria Baston ensures she washes, exfoliates, and moisturizes, but her secret is not overdoing it on the makeup and powder. Too much powder shows fine lines off. Good to know!

19. Thalia

CREDIT: thalia / Instagram

Maybe it’s the pink hair she just debuted, or maybe it’s her girlish spirit, but at 46, Thalia has managed to stay looking fresh over the years. It’s very likely she can thank her own skin line for her perfect complexion.

20. Eva Mendes

CREDIT: evamendes / Instagram

Ready to have your mind completely blown? Eva Mendes is actually 43 years old. Like, how is that even possible? It’s easy to assume that she just stopped aging at 28, but alas she is a mortal being like everyone else. Tinted moisturizer is always in her makeup bag, which could account for her skin always looking smooth and glowing.

21. Paulina Rubio

CREDIT: paurubio / Instagram

La Chica Dorada is not so much a chica anymore. She’s 46, and has learned a few lessons about proper skin care to maintain a youthful glow. After spending years tanning, the singer developed sun spots that she’s worked to lose. Staying out of the sun has been a major step in keeping her glow.

22. Zoe Saldana

CREDIT: zoesaldana / Instagram

While she hasn’t cracked into the 40-something club, Zoe isn’t too far off at 39 years old. But you would never, ever think it! She looks exactly the same as she did when she twirled in “Center Stage” back in the day. The Dominicana’s secret: coconuts. Eating them, drinking their milks, and moisturizing with its olis, butter and milk on her skin.

23. Soledad O’Brien

CREDIT: soledadobrien / Instagram

The award-winning CNN anchor also has award-winning skin. Well, there wasn’t a trophy handed to her but there should be because the 51-year-old keeps a taut and fresh face. Might be those 5:30 a.m. wake ups followed by a run that’s part of her daily routine.

24. Jennifer Lopez

CREDIT: jlo / Instagram

So, J. Lo is 48. Forty-freaking-eight?!! How is that possible? Ahh yes, good genes, great skin care, and a strict regime of  no alcohol, caffeine, or cigarettes. Her discipline isn’t just in the studio or the stage. It’s in the way she cares for herself, and it shows.

25. Penelope Cruz

CREDIT: penelopecruzoficial / Instagram

In her 43 years on Earth, the Oscar-winner has crushed it on screen, playing complicated women with depth and sincerity. That must have had a good effect on her complexion because she hasn’t aged since her film debut at 16 years old. She’s a forever babe!

Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Latino Celebrities In 40 Years Thanks To FaceApp


Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Latino Celebrities In 40 Years Thanks To FaceApp


By now you’re probably fully aware of FaceApp and their whole “we own your photos and do whatever we want with them forever” terms of use, but that certainly doesn’t make the novelty of the aging-app any less fun. Plus, for those of us who’ve already used it, the damage is done — so, uh, YOLO we guess. In truth, FaceApp’s terms of use are very similar to most of the apps we frequently use on a daily basis like SnapChat or Instagram, so you’ve probably already given up a significant portion of your privacy anyway.

We’re all doomed and this won’t be the death stroke. Just relax and settle into looking old now, while you can, before the apocalypse precludes that.

And the icing on the cake are these 13 LAtino celebrities who either took the FaceApp challenge or we did it for them.

1. J Balvin

Credit: Getty Images / FaceApp

Well this is just unfortunate. Sure the photo being in black and white probably doesn’t help much but OMG this is probably the worst of the FaceApp photos I’ve seen so far. Thankfully, he’s still an amazing musician and though his looks may fade he’ll always have that.

2. Maluma

Credit: maluma / Instagram / FaceApp

Ok…#swoon. Maluma baby is giving me full on zaddy vibes and I don’t care if he’s sixty years old I want this man now and forever.

3. Becky G

Credit: Getty Images / FaceApp

Looking fierce as ever.

4. Luis Fonsi

Right…so here’s the thing. Luis is already a good looking guy. I mean look at that hunk of a man. Goergeous. Those arms. And if Luis Fonsi has those same arms at 50 or 60 then I’m totally on-board with old Luis.

5. Shakira

Shakira looks like a timeless beauty in this photo and we know that age will be good to her as she gets older.

6. Cardi B

Credit: Getty Images / FaceApp

In a since-deleted Instagram post, Cardi B predicted this is how she’ll probably look at 80. I mean if that’s Cardi at 80…science must have found a fix for aging.

7. Daddy Yankee

View this post on Instagram

El Sugar Daddy 👨🏽‍🦳😂

A post shared by Daddy Yankee (@daddyyankee) on

Maybe we need to start calling him Daddy Yankee the Sugar Daddy…?

8. Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez proves he’ll never be too old for those AC Slater vibes.

9. Camila Cabello

Credit: Getty Images / FaceApp

I feel like Camila will definitely have a future in telenovelas as the villain.

10. Natti Natasha

Credit: Getty Images / FaceApp

Natti is kind of giving me Demi Moore vibes and I’m totally her for it.

11. Don Omar

Ayyyñ Don Omar…pobrecito. Ageing does not look like it will be kind to you.

12. Ricky Martin

Again, absolute pure zaddy vibes. 100%. Ricky Martin is already a total DILF but this FaceApp takes it to the next level.

13. Demi Lovato

Ok…so Demi Lovato just doesn’t age at all? What gives? Fierce and as beautiful as ever.

Some Of Hollywood’s Biggest Celebrities Weren’t Even Born In The U.S.


Some Of Hollywood’s Biggest Celebrities Weren’t Even Born In The U.S.


There’s no denying the fact that the entertainment industry has vastly become an amalgamation of artists from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds. After all, it was largely built, in great part, by migrants who either fled war-torn countries or arrived in the U.S. with nothing to build a better future. Since the early days of Hollywood, when European migrants fled the two world wars and then the Cold War, showbiz has been accommodating to creative minds searching for a conduit to tell their stories through song, words or film. In these days in which many question the value of cultural diversity, it is important to remember how much migrants have contributed to the social, cultural and political foundations of the United States and other Western countries.

Here are 17 individuals who wouldn’t take no for an answer, and we thank them for it!

1. Gloria Estefan

Credit: Instagram. @gloriaestefan

Country origin: Cuba
Now lives in: the United States

One of the most influential personalities among the Cuban community in Miami was born in 1957, right in the middle of the Cold War, in Havana. Her father was a soldier and motor escort for Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista, so the the family moved to Miami when the Revolution struck. Estefan’s dad later fought in Vietnam. Gloria Estefan is a famous opposer to the revolutionary regime in Cuba. Her dad suffered from the effects of Agent Orange after Vietnam, so Gloria’s mom was her source of support. She has said: “My mom was a source of strength. She showed me by example that women, regardless of how difficult life may get, can do it all”.

2. Kumail Nanjiani

Credit: Instagram. @kumailn

Country origin: Pakistan
Now lives in: the United States

The star of The Big Sick was born in Karachi, Pakistan, and grew up in a religious Muslim family. He moved to the United States when he was just 18-years-old and he completed a major in computer science and philosophy, a combination that later led him to his iconic role in the HBO hit comedy “Silicon Valley.” Being a Muslim in America in this day and age is not easy, and Kumail has found a way to sublimate these struggles through his art.

3. Salma Hayek

Credit: Instagram. @salmahayek

Country origin: Mexico
Now lives in: France, previously in the United States

Salma Hayek has generated hundreds of jobs in the United States through her movies and her production house, as well as millions of dollars in revenue. She arrived to the United States and initially overstayed her visa before getting a green card. She is open about this, and she has become a citizen of the United States. She lives in France for most of the year with her husband, billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault.

4. Jim Carrey

Credit: Instagram. @jimcarrey_

Country origin: Canada
Now lives in: the United States

If we think of politically engaged actors in Hollywood, we have to think about Jim Carrey. He was born in Ontario, Canada, but has lived in the United States for decades. He is often outspoken when it comes to politics and he became a citizen in 2004 to be able to vote in the presidential elections. He is as funny as he is intelligent: his political stances are humanitarian in nature and fierce in practice. His philosophy is encapsulated by this awesome phrase: “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer”. Just wow.

5. Natalie Portman

Credit: Instagram. @natalieportman

Country origin: Israel
Now lives in: the United States

The Oscar-winning actress holds both an Israeli and an American passport. Besides being an actress, Portman is a consummate scientist and has authored academic papers. She graduated from Harvard, by the way. Todo un cerebrito la Natalia! She also serves some harsh truths: “Smart women love smart men more than smart men love smart women”.

6. Sofia Vergara

Credit: Instagram. @sofiavergara

Country origin: Colombia
Now lives in: the United States

The highest-paid actress in television was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, and moved to Miami to find fame and fortune. She also found a home in the United States. She is outspoken about Latino rights and bragged happily when she passed her citizenship test with a perfect score. Te queremos, Sofia, te queremos.

7. Filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan

Credit: Instagram. @kevins_personalities

Country origin: India
Now lives in: the United States

Once touted as the next Steven Spielberg, M. Night Shyamalan was born in Puducherry, India, in 1970. His parents migrated to the United States when he was barely six years old and he was raised in Hindu, which made his cultural adaptation harder. He is an honorable member of the American-Indian community and he always shows his ethnicity proudly on his sleeve.

8. Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer

Credit: Instagram. @cesarsway

Country origin: Mexico lindo y querido
Now lives in: the United States

One of the greatest stars of reality television arrived illegally and with a mere $100 USD in his pocket. He chased his American Dream and he found it thanks to his amazing ability to get into the minds of dogs and into the hearts of celebrities and lay people alike. A true standout among Latino entertainers.

9. Singer Regina Spektor

Credit: Instagram. @reginaspektor

Country origin: Russia (then the Soviet Union)
Now lives in: the United States

She was born in Moscow in 1980, in the then Soviet Union. Her parents fled the communist regime when she was nine, seeking a refugee status in the United States with the help of HIAS (the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society). Spektor is a classically trained musician that has experimented with all sorts of genres. Know that amazing opening song in “Orange is the New Black”? Well, that’s her!

10. Music legend Carlos Santana

Credit: Instagram. @carlossantana

Country origin: Mexico
Now lives in: the United States

One of the godfathers of Chicano rock was actually born in Jalisco, Mexico. The family moved to the border town of Tijuana when Carlos was a kid, and then the young musician tested his luck in San Francisco. The rest, as they say, is musical history. Santana is a true hijo de la frontera.

11. Novelist Isabel Allende

Credit: Instagram. @allendeisabel

Country origin: Chile
Now lives in: the United States

The legendary author of The House of Spirits was born in Chile, and denounced the many atrocities of the Pinochet military regime. She did so in her books, and also in her outspoken political persona. She is a Chilean-American dual citizen and in 2014 then-president Barack Obama awarded her with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She often lectures on literature in US colleges. She settled in California in 1989 and was awarded her citizenship in 1992.

12. Hollywood legend Anthony Quinn

Credit: Instagram. @cinema.classic

Country origin: Mexico
Lived in: the United States

Antonio Rodolfo Quinn Oaxaca was born in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. This legendary actor, the epitome of the rugged Hollywood type, was born during the Mexican Revolution to a Mexican mother and an Irish immigrant father. The family later relocated to Los Angeles.

13. Actor Andy Garcia

Credit: Instagram. @lovelikefilm

Country origin: Cuba
Now lives in: the United States

One of the most vociferous opponents to the Castro regime and a prominent member of the Cuban-American community. He was born in Havana, but his family relocated to the United States after the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion.

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