If You Love Beaches, These Latin American Beaches Are Vacation Destinations To Consider

If you love swimming in the ocean and sunbathing out on the sand, here are a couple of Latin American beaches you’ll want to add to your bucket list.

Some of these beaches are known for their crystal-clear waters, while others are known for their spectacular views and amazing underwater life. Check them out and find out which beach you want to make your next vacation destination. 

1. Jericoacoara Beach, Brazil

CREDIT: @triporld / Instagram / Digital Image / April 6, 2018

If you love the feeling of having sand between your toes, then this Brazilian beach is for you. Jericoacoara is located in Ceará, Brazil and is known for its large dunes and calm waters.

2. Baía do Sancho Beach, Brazil

CREDIT: @kaio_germano / Instagram / Digital Image / April 6, 2018

This secluded beach can only be accessed by boat or by a narrow staircase that leads you to the cliffs. But the crystal clear water and beautiful views make it completely worth it. The only time people are forbidden to visit the beach is between January and July, between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m., which is turtle spawning season.

3. Itamambuca Beach, Brazil

CREDIT: @adrianeadvogada / Instagram / Digital Image / April 6, 2018

Itamambuca Beach is located in Ubatuba, Brazil, surrounded by acres of rainforest. If you enjoy surfing, the waves at this beach are ideal.

4. Praia do forte, Brazil

CREDIT: @alexfmachado / Instagram / Digital Image / April 6, 2018

Praia do forte is located in the northeastern part of Brazil. This long beach is known for its clear waters, natural pools and tropical rainforest climate. What makes this beach so attractive is its weather – remaining sunny almost all year long.

5. Ipanema Beach, Brazil

CREDIT: @viktorishka5 / Instagram / Digital Image / April 6, 2018

Ipanema is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The view of the two mountains, called the Dois Irmãos (Two Brothers) is what makes this beach so spectacular.

6. Playa Sirena, Cuba

CREDIT: @vanaroundtheworld / Instagram / Digital Image / April 6, 2018

As seen in the image above, Playa Sirena is known for its crystal-clear water and fine white sand. This beach is located at the western tip of Cayo Largo in Cuba and is the widest beach of the island.

7. Varadero, Cuba

CREDIT: @leahrhee / Instagram / Digital Image / April 6, 2018

Varadero is a beach town in Cuba that is located on the Hicacos Peninsula. The beaches in Varadero are popular tourist destinations, with access to beach front hotels, resorts and fun activities.

8. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

CREDIT: @zeebalife / Instagram / Digital Image / April 6, 2018

Punta Cana is a resort town known for its beautiful beaches and fun tourist attractions. With such clear waters, activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving and deep see fishing are very popular.

9. Playa Rincón, Dominican Republic

CREDIT: @endless.exploration / Instagram / Digital Image / April 6, 2018

Playa Rincon translates to “Beach in the Corner,” which gives you a hint that this beach is a hidden gem. Due to being so secluded, this beach is very clean and spacious which is what makes it so beautiful.

10. Cancún, Mexico

CREDIT: @manav_10usus / Instagram / Digital Image / April 6, 2018

Cancún is a Mexican city that borders the Caribbean Sea. If you want to relax, but also want to explore the night life, this is the place to be.

11. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

CREDIT: @cachetbeachcabo / Instagram / Digital Image / April 6, 2018

Cabo San Lucas is a resort city located on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California. This popular spring break destination is known for its beaches, outdoor activities and night life.

12. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

CREDIT: @swifty12351 / Instagram / Digital Image / April 6, 2018

Puerto Vallarta is located on Mexico’s Pacific coast, surrounded by blue water and mountains. And just minutes away, you can explore the city life, with access to restaurants, shops and night clubs.

13. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

CREDIT: @lauren_2311 / Instagram / Digital Image / April 6, 2018

Known for its vibrant coral reefs and underwater caverns, Playa del Carmen is the place to be if you want to go deep sea diving. This beach city is located along the Caribbean Sea, in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico.

14. Cozumel, Mexico

CREDIT: @celiacchicks / Instagram / Digital Image / April 6, 2018

Cozumel is an island in Mexico surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. Similar to Playa del Carmen, Cozumel is also known for its amazing coral reefs, offering some of the best snorkeling and deep diving experiences.

15. Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica

CREDIT: @memorableview / Instagram / Digital Image / April 6, 2018

Playa Tamarindo is located on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. If you’re looking for strong surf waves, this is the beach to be at.

16. Playa Samara, Costa Rica

CREDIT: @interim.imago / Instagram / Digital Image / April 6, 2018

Playa Sámara is located on the northern Pacific coast. This tropical beach is known for its green forests and calm waters, which are perfect for swimming and kayaking.

17. Margarita Island, Venezuela

CREDIT: Wikimedia Creative Commons / Digital Image / April 6, 2018

Margarita Island is the largest island in Venezuela, located along the Caribbean Sea. With a spectacular view of the mountains, this island offers activities such as windsurfing, scuba diving and horseback riding.

18. Playa Brava, Uruguay

CREDIT: @fred_barbas / Instagram / Digital Image / April 6, 2018

“Playa Brava” translates to “Rough Beach,” which gives you a good idea of how rough the waves at this beach are. So if you’re a surfer looking for a challenge, this is the place to be.

19. Punta del Diablo Beach, Uruguay

CREDIT: @leo_seg / Instagram / Digital Image / April 6, 2018

Punta del Diable is a small fishing town located on the eastern coast of Uruguay. This beach town is mainly filled with fisherman, crafts people and backpackers.

20. Máncora Beach, Peru

CREDIT: @juan_kimm / Instagram / Digital Image / April 6, 2018

Máncora beach is located on Peru’s northwest coast. It is popular for its large waves and is the beach in Peru that brings in the most tourists. With access to beachside hostels, bungalows and houses for rent, Máncora makes the perfect vacation destination.

21. Playa Punta Sal, Peru

CREDIT: @ahimeespinoza / Instagram / Digital Image / April 6, 2018

Playa Punta Sal is known for its warm and clear waters. If you’re a fan of seafood, you will enjoy the local restaurants that offer fresh shrimp, lobsters, fish and more.

22. Playa Blanca, Colombia

CREDIT: @mariawanderluster_ / Instagram / Digital Image / April 6, 2018

Playa Blanca is located on the Colombian island, Barú. It is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Colombia and the picture above definitely proves that. The sea water here is warm, calm, and crystal clear.

23. San Andrés, Colombia

CREDIT: @kakostgo / Instagram / Digital Image / April 6, 2018

San Andrés is an island surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. This island is known for its white sand beaches and lively reggae music.

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Which beach destination are you adding to your bucket list? Tell us in the comments and hit the share button below! 

Barbie’s Dream House Is Real And You Can Stay There With Three Friends For Just $60 A Night

Things That Matter

Barbie’s Dream House Is Real And You Can Stay There With Three Friends For Just $60 A Night


Dreaming of being a Barbie girl in a Barbie world? Well, now is your chance to make that dream come true.

Thanks to a partnership between Mattel and Airbnb, they’re making Barbie’s iconic Malibu Dream House available to a guest and up to three friends. The house overlooks the Pacific Ocean and brings the spirit of the toy Dream House to life, with a plethora of pink decor and odes to Barbie’s history throughout the house.

Guests will have full access to the Malibu, California, house for the duration of their stay, and it comes with plenty of amenities, according to an Airbnb press release.

It’s true! Barbie’s Malibu Dream House could be yours for two nights!

Credit: airbnb

Through booking site Airbnb, travelers can make their childhood fantasy — a stay at a full-sized Malibu Dreamhouse-themed mansion on the coast of southern California — come to life.

In celebration of the iconic brand’s 60th anniversary, the glamorous Barbie Dreamhouse Airbnb Experience boasts amenities such as an infinity pool with a water slide, an open-air meditation room, a small movie theater, third-floor basketball court and panoramic views of the Pacific.

With Barbie’s aesthetic in mind, the decor is chic, modern and, naturally, awash in pink.

All of this is possible because Barbie is celebrating her 60th birthday!

Barbie’s Malibu Dream House will be available on Airbnb for a two-night stay in honor of the doll’s 60th anniversary. Airbnb is partnering with Mattel to make the Dream House a reality for Barbie fans.

In honor of Barbie, Airbnb will also make a donation to the Barbie Dream Gap Project GoFundMe initiative, which aims to encourage young girls to pursue any career path they choose and increase the representation of women in all fields.

The house can sleep four guests, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The larger bedroom features a pink accent wall and a walk-in closet.

Credit: airbnb

Though Airbnb makes it clear that if you’ll be visiting with more than one other guest, you’ll have to share a bed. I mean I’m in Barbie’s Malibu Dream House. I think I can manage that.

Barbie’s Malibu Dream House also has an infinity pool and a water slide. And a meditation space, because being Barbie can be stressful.

And yes, even the closets are decked out in all things Barbie.

Credit: airbnb

The walk-in closet comes with clothes from Barbie’s many careers over the years. No word on whether or not you’ll be able to have your own Barbie fashion photo shoot or if they’re just there for decor but fashion lovers rejoice.

But your Barbie Dream House experience comes with a whole mix of other Barbie-centric activities.

Credit: airbnb

Lucky guests will also have the opportunity to take part in just the sort of culturally enriching hobbies Barbie enjoys, led by other impressive women like herself: Fencing pro Ibtihaj Muhammad will be on-hand for private lessons; Jill Meyers, an aerospace engineer, is offering in-depth tours of the Columbia Memorial Space Center; and local chef Gina Clarke-Helm can teach you how to cook with California’s farm-to-table fare.

But it’s all temporary. After the birthday celebration, the house will then return to its regular Airbnb listing (without the Barbie décor). So get your booking on!

The Natural Wonders Of Mexico Are Straight Up Out Of A National Geographic Dream

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The Natural Wonders Of Mexico Are Straight Up Out Of A National Geographic Dream

Hierve el Agua Natural Petrified Rock Formation in Oaxaca, Mexico / Pintai Suchachaisri / Getty Images

So, it’s the end of summer break, and it’s back to the daily grind. Or is it? After all, spring break will be on its way in no time! And you know what that means? You’ve got time to travel, babes. We know you want to go to Mexico, so we’ve saved you the hard work of researching where the best places are to go in Mexico to see it in its natural glory.

Find out where you should go next with our list of natural wonders in Mexico!

1. Lake Chapala, Jalisco

Instagram / @amberina_smiles

Being the largest freshwater lake Mexico has to offer, Lago de Chapala is one hella gorgeous body of water to spend your time around. It’s home to thousands of indigenous plants and animals, which means that it’s just teeming with unique wildlife that’ll liven up your ‘gram. That being said, you should be aware that the lake is also a sacred location for the Huichol Indians of Mexico’s southwest – so make sure you’re respectful!

2. Nanacamilpa, Tlaxcala

Instagram / @jexmar11

We’ve written about the wonders of Nanacamilpa before, so of course, we have to mention it here, too. It’s home to a forest just filled with fireflies when it’s warmer, setting the place aglow with their tiny butts. The locals are working on preserving the firefly population, so it’s best to follow the rules when you’re on tour for the fireflies: no using your phone, and no talking.

3. Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca

Instagram / @clickbusmx

Hierve el Agua has one of the strangest optical illusions that will have you questioning your existence. Is it a waterfall, or a rock formation? If you chose rock formation, you’d be right! The mineral pools in the area are absolutely gorgeous, and not too far from ancient canals that are thought to have been built by the Zapotecs around 2,500 years ago.

4. Copper Canyon, Chihuahua

Instagram / @coppercanyons

The name “Copper Canyon” is a little misleading – it’s not one, but a group of six, canyons. The copper part, though? No, actually, that’s also misleading. The area’s known more for its gold and silver deposits. It’s the copper-green of the canyon walls that give Copper Canyon its name. One of the best times of year to visit is usually just after the summer’s rainy season since that’s when the upper region of the canyon blooms with wildflowers – so it’s time to get the ball rolling and make your way there!

5. Marieta Islands, Nayarit

Instagram / @amazing_destination_locations

Formed thousands of years ago by volcanic activity, the Isalas Marietas are a group of small, uninhabited islands just off the coast Mexico. It’s popularity as a tourist destination springs largely from two things: the famous “love beach”, or Playa del Amor, and the fact that the islands have an abundance of marine life just chilling around its waters. Fishing and hunting are prohibited by the Mexican government here, so leave your fishing gear at home.

6. Sumidero Canyon, Chiapas

Instagram / @miamadomexico

Cañón del Sumidero is a deep natural canyon which formed around the same time as the Grand Canyon in the US, meaning that if you’re looking for an impressive canyon in Mexico, this is it. Funnily enough, about 80 percent of the visitors to the Sumidero Canyon are Mexicans themselves, who go for the eco tourism and extreme sports. If you’re less keen on hanging around the water, you could try seeing the Ruins of Berlin, which are also located in the Sumidero Canyon.

7. Espíritu Santo Island, Baja California Sur

Instagram / @afelandrina

The last time that there was a proper human presence on Isla Espíritu Santo was estimated to be around 9,000 years ago. Whew. More recently, UNESCO declared the site a Biosphere Reserve in 1995, and for good reason: it’s the only known habitat of the black jackrabbit. Plus, the Ensenada Grande beach on Isla Partida was voted the most beautiful beach in Mexico by The Travel Magazine, making Espíritu Santo Island a must-see.

8. Rosario Sanctuary, Michoacán

Instagram / @laurelkent

Otherwise known as El Rosario, the sanctuary is part of a larger world heritage site known for hosting literally millions of butterflies. The reserve is dedicated to preserving its butterfly population, which means that the Rosario Sanctuary is only one of two colonies in Mexico that’s open to the public. Guided tours are on offer, so it means that you can learn more about beautiful butterflies that frequent the area.

9. Nevado de Toluca, State of Mexico

Instagram / @sebamoraleshinojosa

Nevado de Toluca is the fourth highest peak in Mexico, after Pico de Orizaba, Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl. Classed as a stratovolcano, it boasts two crater lakes on the floor of the basin – the Lago del Sol and the Lago de la Luna – which were created by the volcano’s melting snow. While you’re in the area, look up the Nahuatl legends that explain the mythology behind why Nevado de Toluca looks the way it does.

10. Cenotes, Quintana Roo

Instagram / @mochilerosquintanaroo

These jaw-dropping, gorgeous sinkholes, created by the collapse of limestone rock, can be found throughout the state of Quintana Roo. That’s not all there is to see in Quintana Roo, considering that it’s got a coastline that serves as one of the best manatee habitats in the world. But, visiting the cenotes is a good start, if you really want to experience the beauty of Quintana Roo.

11. Potrero Chico, Nuevo León

Instagram / @gnarbox

Rock climbing aficionados, this is the place for you to be! Potrero Chico boasts peaks which stretch to around 2,000 feet, and have some really amazing views at the top. While a lot of the area around Potrero Chico is considered a protected zone, it’s not an actual national park, which means that there’s not as much conservation happening in the area as what there could be.

12. Chinampas, Mexico City

Instagram / @kilaceruti

The Valley of Mexico still has plenty of chinampas, or island farms, that can be seen today. The agricultural practice has been around for almost a thousand years and is unique to the area. These days, produce such as lettuce, cilantro, spinach, cauliflower, celery, mint, chives, rosemary, corn and radish are grown in the chinampas. Whether you can actually try them straight from the chinanmpa is another matter!

13. Las Coloradas, Yucatán

Instagram / @demirkazik

You’re probably less interested in the actual fishing village, and more interested in touring the pink – yes, pink – lake and salt flats surrounding Las Colaradas. It’s entirely possible that you’ll see flamingoes while you’re hanging around the lagoon, so keep your bird-watching binoculars on you at all times!

14. Basaltic Prisms, Hidalgo

Instagram / @mexicodestinos

The Basaltic Prisms of Santa María Regla are basically the Mexican version of Northern Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway, except that the Basaltic Prisms also have two waterfalls running through it. The natural canyon, which was created by the slow cooling of volcanic lava, has been modified with stars, walkways, and bridges so that tourists can easily access the Basaltic Prisms. It’s basically made for you to come and visit!

15. Tamul Waterfall, San Luis Potosi

Instagram / @ebtravelturismo

The Tamul waterfall is known for its gorgeous, crystal-clear water that’ll make you never want to leave. At 344 feet, the waterfall is one of Mexico’s largest, and is usually accessed by boat. How. Heckin’. Awesome.

So where will you be heading next? Tell us about it on Twitter – you can find it by clicking on the logo at the top of the page.