23 Airbnbs In Costa Rica to Save Your Money For

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Costa Rica is known for it’s ecotourism for a reason: it’s protected rainforests are rich with waterfalls, sloths, toucans, and monkeys. You’ll be hard pressed to find Airbnbs in Costa Rica that isn’t powered by solar energy, or nestled 20 feet above the ground.

Here are the best castles, treehouses, and glamping spots you can Airbnb in Costa Rica.

1. Enjoy a backyard waterfall.

Airbnbs in Costa Rica
CREDIT: Gerald / Airbnb

This Airbnb comes with 15 acres of private rainforest, plus an actual house (not pictured). It’s all yours for $105 a night. Did I mention the waterfall?

2. Or rent out a castle.

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This is a “fully loaded brand new castle ready to host large groups like bachelor bachelorette parties, buck’s nights, large groups” with cleaning services included. You can choose from a menu of different adventure activities to tack onto your trip. This kind of service will cost you $743 a night (but you can have unlimited guests, dang!).

3. Casually Airbnb in an oceanside villa.

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Panoramic ocean and surf views, completely remodeled modern living in a 3-bedroom that’s just a 15 minute walk down the hill to the beach for just $93 a night during off season.

4. Or this $98 a night “treehouse.”

CREDIT: Alexander / Airbnb

It’s allegedly an 180-year-old Indonesian farmhouse but feels modern, with a small plunge pool and outdoor showers. “Treehouses” are hugely popular in Costa Rica’s eco-tourism industry, and you can probably guess why.

 5. Casa Blue is a mountainside mansion.

CREDIT: Alejandra / Airbnb

It’s 5 bedrooms and 5 and half bathrooms and has two treehouses on the property. Wake up to see pink skies clearing over Tamarindo, and do your nature watching from the infinity pool. Grab yourself nine friends and rent this bad boy for $773 a night (that’s ~$80 p/night each).

6. Feel like a Tollhouse Cookie Elf.

CREDIT: Topo / Airbnb

Or just bring them with you to this 3-story treehouse built around the trees. Like, literally one wall of the house is actually the tree. Visitors see sloths, toucans, and even Jesus lizards. They’re a real thing, for just $228 a night.

7. Rent your own rainforest and private beach for $232 a night

CREDIT: Eva and Brian / Airbnb

It’s so untouched that you need a four-wheel drive to gain access to the area this is the perfect place for a secluded vacation. People who have stayed there before say the place is a “true work of art.”

8. If you think it looks too rustic for you, imagine waking up here.

CREDIT: Eva and Brian / Airbnb

This is glamping like nothing else. You’re not on the ground so you don’t have to worry about creepy crawlers, and just get to wake up to the sounds of song birds, and the ocean crashing. Take me here already.  😭 $232 a night.

9. If you’re here for the environment or eco-system, try living up in this tree.

CREDIT: Peter / Airbnb

You have to hike to get here, and rope climb 8 stories to a solar-paneled tree house that does not puncture this tree with a single nail. Paying $412 a night allows for fair wages for the members of the Talamanca and BriBri tribes that help guide visitors.

10. Don’t worry, this treehouse has stairs.

CREDIT: Finca / Airbnb

If you want to be in nature but feel close to people, you can stay in this treehouse community. Basecamp has yoga classes and wifi, but your own treehouse is private, and a 10-minute hike from basecamp. Spend $232 a night to get the best of both worlds.

11. Find your balance in the trees.

CREDIT: Joseph / Airbnb

The host for this one says that this tree house is based on sacred geometry located on an active organic farm. This treehouse will keep you elevated, given that it’s nestled within the trees instead of on stilts.

12. You’ll never get a better bathroom view than this.

CREDIT: Joseph / Airbnb

If you’re afraid of heights, just take a breath and remark on que raro that there’s a full fledged toilet up there. Get this adventure pod for just $71 a night.

13. Get this million dollar view for $188 a night

CREDIT: Jeffrey W / Airbnb

Plus an infinity plunge pool (with a water yoga platform, of course), a wildlife viewing platform and surfing conditions within eyesight. I can’t believe people would vacation in any other country.

14. This treehouse is unsafe for 4-year-olds and under.

CREDIT: Kathy + Bernie / Airbnb

So if you’re looking for a thrill, you should probably just relax in this 2 bedroom that’s nestled within 35 acres of rainforest. Plus you get access to 12 natural hot and cool springs and rainforest trails for just $129 a night.

15. You can be in nature, and stay on the ground, too.

CREDIT: Laura / Airbnb

For $140 a night, get roundtrip transportation to Isla Bejuco, and all your meals and cocktails. Enjoy traditional Costa Rican meals, and a stunning boat ride to your lil slice of nature.

16. Stay in a studio on a coffee ranch.

CREDIT: Phil / Airbnb

This is rainbow country. The host says they get more than 50 rainbows every Spring. Enjoy the bows from an 8-acre coffee plantation, which means unlimited café con leche for just $72 a night.

17. Want to talk about eco-luxury?

CREDIT: Pura Vida Ecolodge / Airbnb

How about you just live it and enjoy an infinity pool overlooking the ocean, with volcanic views and your morning alarm clock are monkeys on the deck. Entirely run by solar panels, you don’t need to leave your own slice of the rainforest for adventures or relaxation, all for $209 a night.

18. Infinity pools overlooking la playa?

CREDIT: Raj / Airbnb

What was the last thing you spent $150 on that wasn’t a night enjoying this entire villa with an infinity pool, almond wood floors, and ocean views? Reconsider your spending.

19. “Glamping”, his words, not mine.

CREDIT: Rodrigo / Airbnb

So, yes, this looks like a spaceship, but you actually have WiFi, a functioning toilet, and kitchen under a mosquito net canopied bed 20 feet high up in the trees. You’re also only 5 minutes from down and 10 minutes from the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. $170 a night.

20. Live in this Modern Tropical Zen Retreat for $155 a night.

CREDIT: Rosie / Airbnb

Enjoy all the modern comforts of a well-designed, stone-lined home deep in the woodsy jungles of Costa Rica. If you visit this Airbnb’s page, you’ll see photos of Toucans, sloths, and other wildlife that visitors could see just outside their window!

21. Stay so high up in the trees, you’re on monkeys’ level.

CREDIT: Ruth / Airbnb

Just last month, a visitor said a whole group of howler monkeys visited them. A few days later, whitefaced monkeys showed up and played in these here rocking chairs. Plus, you have a private rainforest, with a trail leading to the river, and easy access to Punta Islita. $178 a night

22. Or do some of the same for cheaper here

CREDIT: Thomas + Lili / Airbnb

If you’re looking to be nestled into nature on the cheap, try this $52 a night spot. The treehouse is above the Marina Quepos jungle, and expect to see toucans, sloths and other wildlife from your bed.

23. This “Hobbit Cottage” is near everything.

CREDIT: William / Airbnb

If you’re in Costa Rica to see it all, try this cottage in the dry rainforest of Guanacaste and find yourself an hour from cacao farms, national parks, beaches, and hot springs. The hosts literally built this cottage from clay, sand, straw and horse poop, so say you did that once in your life for $61 a night.

This Costa Rican Plane Hotel Boasts More Monkeys Than People And It Is The Perfect Escape


This Costa Rican Plane Hotel Boasts More Monkeys Than People And It Is The Perfect Escape

hoteisinusitados / Instagram

Latin America wins the Most Creative Hotels Award, and it’s possible that Hotel Costa Verda is the clincher. Suspended above a private rainforest, adjacent to protected Manuel Antonio National Park, is a refurbished 1965 Boeing 727 airplane.

The vessel has been refurbished with hardwood floors, walls, and ceiling. It is a coveted private suite among a rainforest resort. They’re calling it an “Avion Hotel,” but we’re calling it Latin magic.

This spot beats any Bali treehouse hotel.

@hotelcostaverde / Instagram

The plane itself is suspended by a 50-foot pedestal. It might seem counterintuitive to relax on an airplane, but wait till you see inside it.

The furniture is hand-carved Indonesian teak wood is as beautiful as it sounds.

@hotelcostaverde / Instagram

The main suite is two bedrooms, each with a private bathroom. It also includes a kitchenette and dining area. Talk about a sweet suite.

Plus, you get jungle-side ocean views all in one frame.

@journeyingwithtab / Instagram

Every glimpse outside one of your dozen little airplane windows is breathtaking. Plus, you might even get up close and personal with the wildlife.

The hotel boasts “Still More Monkeys Than People🐒” as its Instagram description.

@hotelcostaverde / Instagram

So you’re going to see monkeys galore. A recent traveler shared a tip on TripAdvisor, “If you love wildlife, this is the place to stay. Monkeys every day would visit us, as well as beautiful Toucans, and other birds and animals. We did hear the Howler Monkeys every morning and they became our alarm clock.”

The Avion Hotel has become a wedding destination for obvious reasons.

@milbesoscr / Instagram

This is what the plane looked like before it was renovated. If you follow @hotelcostaverde, you’ll see the amount of machinery it took to properly place the plane.

You don’t have to get married to stay here.

@hotelcostaverde / Instagram

The hotel offers dozens of rooms that all include access to several pools, sunning decks and all the same wildlife. In fact, for some guests, it was too much wildlife.

Some suites include private outdoor bathtubs surrounded by jungle sounds.

@taivag / Instagram

Although, one TripAdvisor reviewer from Massachusetts noted that it can come with a catch. “‘Creatures’ can get in, a salamander greeted us in the bathtub,” TyBL15 wrote.

You can walk through the jungle to the beach or take a bus.

@hotelcostaverde / Instagram

With warm ocean waters nearly year round, it’s both beautiful to look at, and access. If you’re not feeling it, you can just stay in the pool and look out at the ocean.

There is an adults only section.

@marii_quesada / Instagram

Which includes its own pool and patio, free from children. Whether you’re looking for a family vacation with a plane out of a museum for your kids to enjoy, or a relaxing stay, Hotel Costa Verde seems to have it all.

Plus, apparently “Willie the bartender makes the best frozen drinks.”

@elavionrestaurant / Instagram

At least according to one reviewer. Plus, Costa Rican fruit drinks are fresher than anything you’ll find stateside. Often, you can find some of the fruit growing around the property.

There are four restaurants on the property.

@miamiappetite / Instagram

Kristin recently wrote that “the food was amazing and the portions were huge. We learned to start splitting some meals because they provide “Costa Rican portions.”

We don’t know that there’s any other place like it in the world.

@hotelcostaverde / Instagram

One reviewer gave it to us straight: “The images on their site do this place no justice. This place is gorgeous and very cool with the airplane cottages.”

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Puerto Rico’s Airbnbs And Experienced Will Take Your Vacation To The Next Level


Puerto Rico’s Airbnbs And Experienced Will Take Your Vacation To The Next Level

Mark / Airbnb

Aside from just straight donating to charities, visiting Puerto Rico is one of the best ways to help the island continue its recovery from the damages of Hurricane Maria. The island has a long history of relying on tourism to boost its economy, and it’s for good reason: es bellísima. 

Learn to rappel down a waterfall | $135

CREDIT: Diego / Airbnb

If you came to Puerto Rico for the waterfalls, then climbing several small waterfalls with Diego to reach the top of El Salta Waterfall is for you. He’ll teach you how to rappel down the 80 foot waterfall and then zipline out of the forest. Plus, reviewers say that Diego’s family accommodated their vegan dietary needs for a home-cooked meal afterward!

Tree House | $62 p/night

CREDIT: Enrique / Airbnb

I see you outdoorsy people. Enjoy a stay in a five star rated modest treehouse in Utuado, close to rivers, lakes beaches and caves. One reviewer raves, “A magic, romantic and private place for anyone who like wilderness and peace. Much better than i expected. Crazy for going back there. And centric for whoever visit and is planning to adventure the whole island.”

Culebra Snorkeling Getaway | $115

CREDIT: East Island / Airbnb

This sold out experience gets you six hours of Caribbean Sea views, both above board and under water. Enjoy Culebra’s beautiful beaches and coral reefs at your leisure, along with a lunch buffet and all snorkeling gear included.

Pool House with Underground Jacuzzi Grotto | $850 p/night

CREDIT: Max / Airbnb

If you’re swimming in dough or have a big group of friends, you’ll enjoy this 8-bedroom mansion complete with an underground jacuzzi. The home itself is a piece of history, complete with private pools and unique features.

Rainforest Water Slide Tour | $89

CREDIT: Chris / Airbnb

This is Airbnb’s #1 adventure tour in Puerto Rico for a reason. You’ll get to go to remote giant rainforest water slides and jump off of 30 foot cliffs into crystal clear water.

Body Rafting™ & Caving ∙Nature Reserve | $110

CREDIT: Mimi / Airbnb

Mimi is a scientist who has spent 7 years surveying the geo hydrology of Tanamá caves. She takes adventurers in life vests to float downstream and get a nature tour of the caves she studies so intimately.

Horseback Ride on Luquillo Beach | $99

CREDIT: Alejandro / Airbnb

You guys. Bring your boo to “traverse the crystal clear waters of the Mameyes River to finally reach Luquillo’s Gold Coast” on horseback. Then, relax on the beach, have a drink and enjoy the breeze.

Casablanca | $79

CREDIT: CasaBlanca / Airbnb

Rent out your own air conditioned space just blocks from Ocean Park beach in San Juan. When you’re not taking in San Juan, you can relax on your own hammock in a tropical private garden.

Condado City Lights – LED Night Paddle | $49

CREDIT: mark / Airbnb

If your idea of enjoying San Juan’s nightlife is from an LED lit paddle board, then Mark has you covered. The glow face paint is included. ; )

Sail San Juan Bay | $75

CREDIT: Ivan / Airbnb

Spend a couple hours with Ivan on a romantic sunset sail on San Juan Bay. His complimentary drinks really hit home with reviewers, along with his excellent photography skills. Get that couples’ shot with flying manta rays. This is your vacay.

Mofongos! Mofongos! Mofongos! | $29

CREDIT: cristian / Airbnb

You haven’t been to Puerto Rico until you’ve drooled while eating its famous mofongo. Join Cristian and his family in learning how to make the dish, offered to meet your dietary needs.

Entire Condominium in San Juan | $115 p/night

CREDIT: Annet and Andrés / Airbnb

A recent guest says it all about this gem: “A rare piece of history and beauty. An incredible opportunity to see, hear, and experience Old San Juan from the most premier location. The Victorian doors and windows were stunning. The open balconies on the interior was fascinating and incredible – facilitating a constant warm ocean breeze when the louvers and shutters were open. A roof porch in the center of town. Great views of the lively colors of the city. Thanks to Lourdes for her kindness, recommendations, and welcomeness. Kind neighbors downstairs. Muchas gracias!”

Go Paddleboarding in a scenic lagoon with Julio for $25

CREDIT: Juilo / Airbnb

Check out Puerto Rico’s manatees, sea turtles and sting rays in a beautiful lagoon adjacent to the city of San Juan. His staff are all certified by the American Canoe Association to give you the best experience possible of the Condado Lagoon.

Surfing with Local Brian Ramos! | $70

CREDIT: Brian / Airbnb

Brian promises to take you to uncrowded spots where beginners are able to get 10+ waves in a short two hour lesson. If you’ve never surfed before, trust that this is huge.

Experience Tropical Camping at a Cabin Close to the Ocean | $95 p/night

CREDIT: Francis / Airbnb

Call this glamping, complete with post-modern minimalist decor, AC and a nearby beach. Reviewers truly *rave* about their host: “We loved staying at Francis’ place. It was immaculate and furnished with great attention to detail. There was a nice bottle of red wine and chocolates. Francis was very hospitable and easy to talk to, and he gave us two fresh coconuts and straws to drink from. What makes this Airbnb special is the beach nearby and the local friendliness in the area. The beach is right across the street and through a little trail. It is very private besides a few surfers in the morning. The sand is soft and the waves are beautiful. We spent a lot of time collecting sea shells and swimming. We will definitely be back!”

Exotic Flower Farm Stay | $39 p/night

CREDIT: Britton / Airbnb

Yup. You can stay in a cabana on a tropical fruit and flower farm with ocean views. Grab a mango from the garden and head to the beach for some good surf, all at a very reasonable price.

Barefoot Studio Sanctuary Prime Location Surf Yoga | $50 p/night

CREDIT: Joy / Airbnb

The best part about this studio, complete with a king bed and private garden filled with tropical flowers for your picking, is how integrated other activities are with your stay. You can walk to the beach, take surf and yoga lessons offered by the same company.

Eco-Chalet up in the mountains | $100 p/night

CREDIT: Juan Carlos / Airbnb

Enjoy your stay at the only Puerto Rican eco-lodge listed on Airbnb. The house is on 144 acres of private tropical rainforest. The only electricity in the house comes from solar energy, and you can expect to be completely unplugged from the internet. This place has 100 five star reviews.

Cave Tubing and Ziplining Adventure | $75

CREDIT: Noel / Airbnb

It’s the lazy river for not so lazy people. This trip into the Arecibo area includes a 250 foot biplane, rafting into caves, and hikes through the famous El Yunque rainforest.

El Yunque Rainforest River Trail! | $89

CREDIT: Safuan / Airbnb

Safuan offers transportation to and from the famous El Yunque rainforest. From there, you’ll embark on a short hike to a less traversed swimming hole, complete with a swinging rope, a natural stone slide, and local beach.

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