22 Products Under $30 To Show Your Gay Pride

It’s Pride Month so that means it is time to wear your pride everywhere. Pride is the political birthday of the Stonewall riot, the moment LGBTQ people rose up against being silenced and criminalized for their sexuality. And let’s not forget that we have Gay Rights thanks to Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson, two trans women of color, for starting the infamous Stonewall Riots. We’ve gained some serious strides, but LGBT Latinos have even more to fight for.

Wearing a pin might seem like nothing, so here are 21 other ways to tell the world, we’re here, we’re queer and we’re here to stay.

1. Make America Gay Again Flag, $24.90

DrumpfDotWTF / Etsy

I mean, this picture says it all. Trump is our President, therefore, we need more gay flags like this one. Props to the guy who photoshopped the POTUS onto that guy.

2. “Be Quiet” T-Shirt, $18

EpicStop / Etsy

They make a good point. America would be like an actual peaceful place to live, especially if the racists and homophobes could just let people live their best lives.

3. Rainbow Piñata Pin, $8.29

CorazonPompom / Etsy

Be subtley queer and Latino and get this rainbow piñata pin, because when people try to beat us down, we’ll just chuck tamarindo candies in your hateful face.

4. Mexican LGBT Loteria Cards, $25.00

felixdeon / Etsy

It’ll be the most entertaining game of lotería you’ll ever play. Take these out with your family this Christmas and let us know how it goes. Just kidding. These are definitely only for you and your besties.

5. “Soy Gay” T-Shirt, $10.99

UniTeeInternational / Etsy

For that special somebody who is unapologetic about their sexuality and wants everyone to know it. This is how you can make an entrance at any family gathering to remind the relatives that keep “forgetting” that you came out already.

6. Unicorn Rainbow highlighter, $17


Basic highlighter just won’t do during pride month because you need everyone to know. Like, if you can’t be really gay during Pride, when can you be really gay?

7. Queer Latino/a/x Pride T-Shirt, $24.99


Show your pride on your shirt with our very own “Queer Latino/a/x Pride shirt. If you want Latino, click here. If you want Latina, click here. If you want Latinx, click here.

8. Rainbow Titties T-Shirt, $11.00

Condorapparel / Etsy

For only $11 you can proudly wear the rainbows that will follow you everywhere this month. Tbh, you can wear this any time because it is too fun for just one month.

9. Rainbow Pin, $5.99

TrinketDragon / Etsy

It’s a classic but a goodie. Pro tip: don’t assume your parents will take the hint when you come home decked out like this. You’ll still have to spell it out for them. And yes, we will see them in heaven, but ours will have more rainbows.

10. Rainbow Muscle Tee, $21.00

DentzDenim / Etsy

I get it, you have muscles to show off. It’s basically a Pride celebration right of passage. Be #GayStrong with this shirt.

11. “sounds gay i’m in”, $11.00

wildblacksheep / Etsy

Talk about getting to the point. With all of the Pride parties and parades happening across the world, it is a time of a lot of gay things. Clearly they are going to be a lot of fun this month.

12. Galactic Gay Pin, $10.00

gloriousweirdo / Etsy

Because the gay travels through time and space. There is no church, mosque or temple; no planet or ruler; nada ni nada that can hide the gay. We’re basically superheroes.

13. “I Just Look Straight,” $19.99

slothshirts / Etsy

???????????? This one is for all the femme women and butch men out there who are tired of making the first move, all the time. You might not want the haircut that tells men to keep walking, but now you can have the shirt.

14. Rainbow Heart Earrings, $9.00

KeychaineryCo / Etsy

Que cute. Let your ear lobes show their pride, too, with these cuties. There is something about a subtle hint that can go a very long way.

15. Pico De Gayo T-Shirt, $25.00

andres.hurchata / Instagram

A fun play  on words is always a solid way to showcase your pride. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy being reminded of the great Latino culinary contributions to the world?

16. “Love is love” Rainbow Heart Pin, $7.62

worksbeautifully / Etsy

Here’s the truth: wearing our gay pride on our sleeves is the most successful versions of ourselves we could be, no matter who told us we were a failure for being who we are.

17. “Queer Brown & Cute AF” T-Shirt, $24.99

Just another of letting people know that you are cute and brown and also queer. I mean, sometimes you have to be obvious with things.  

18. Rainbow Temporary Tattoo, $6.00

LoudMouthInk / Etsy

The good news? Our ancestors and the people before us have been fighting the same bag of bullshit for hundreds of years. It makes our fight that much easier, and all the more fabulous.

19. Pride Mexican Flag Beach Towel, $27.95

BoldSurface / Etsy

Take your pride to the beach with this gorgeous towel that will not only tell everyone that you are proudly gay, but also Mexican and owning it.

20. NASA Gay Shirt, $15.03

WonderTeesShop / Etsy

TBH, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to get that gay is good. We just have to really believe it, on a core level, to remind others that they need our perspective

21. Rainbow Glitter Pots, $8.22

AubreysAccessoriesUK / Etsy

If there’s any time of year to go all out and smother glitter and sequins all over body, it’s this month. There are no rules, there is no dress code, there is just glitter.

22. Rainbow Papel Picado, $14.00

AyMujer / Etsy

Finally, you can’t have Pride party without pride flags around the perimeter, especially when it is papel picado. Either way, now you have all the goods to have the most decked out Pride month of all time.

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Armed Police In Tulum Arrested A Gay Couple For Allegedly Kissing On The Beach

Things That Matter

Armed Police In Tulum Arrested A Gay Couple For Allegedly Kissing On The Beach

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Mexico has remained a popular tourist destination as people seek out places with fewer restrictions. However, Mexico’s popular beach destination of Tulum apparently still has some restrictions – for LGBTQ folks – that the police are quick to enforce.

A Canadian couple was briefly detained by police for allegedly kissing on the beach.

Police in the popular resort town of Tulum, about 90-minutes south of Cancun, briefly arrested a gay couple for kissing in public on a beach, alleging that the couple was not allowed to kiss in public because children were present.

According to local media reports, police said they were reacting to a report by someone else on the beach who had claimed that the men were “committing immoral acts.”

The couple were handcuffed together and ordered in to the back of a patrol vehicle until a crowd of onlookers formed and began to shout disapprovingly at police after one of the men explained to the crowd why they were being detained.

Outraged bystanders gathered around the couple and urged the police to let the men go.

The crowd began shouting in support of the couple, calling the actions homophobic and demanding the couple’s release.

The pressure from the crowd apparently prompted officers to release the men after a few minutes of dialogue. The presence of Escalante herself might also have been a factor.

In response to the arrest, Quintana Roo Tulum Police said: ‘We are an inclusive and impartial police both for residents and tourists who visit the state of Quintana Roo. So no abuse of authority will be tolerated.’

Video of the incident quickly went viral on social media with outrage being the common reaction.

Video and photos of the arrest went viral after on social media accounts, including that of local politician Maritza Escalante Morales, who denounced the actions of the officers. Escalante happened to be at the beach with her family when she noticed the officers approach the couple, she said, and joined the crowd to advocate for the couple’s release.

“I want to file a PUBLIC COMPLAINT, because the treatment and type of authorities we have in our municipality is inexcusable. Yesterday while I was on the beach with my family, we noticed around 4:30 that 2 police squads in their ATVs approached a group of young foreigners. After about 20 minutes, a patrol arrived and proceeded to arrest them with handcuffs,” she explained on TikTok.

“The policemen were VIOLENT,” Morales added, “and gave arguments such as ‘there are families and children and they cannot be seeing this. I am FURIOUS because it is not possible that in the XXI century this type of oppression against the LGBT+ community continues. We all deserve the same treatment, and appropriate sanctions must be applied to these authorities.”

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Pedro Pascal Supports His Sister, Lux, As She Publicly Comes Out As Trans: ‘Mi Hermana, Mi Corazón’


Pedro Pascal Supports His Sister, Lux, As She Publicly Comes Out As Trans: ‘Mi Hermana, Mi Corazón’

Credit: Getty Images; pascalispunk/Instagram

We always knew there was a reason that Pedro Pascal was one of the internet’s favorite boyfriends. He has always radiated an energy of warmth and kindness–turns out he also walks the walk.

On Tuesday, Pedro Pascal took to Instagram to support his sister, Lux Pascal, who recently came out as a trans woman.

On his Instagram page, Pascal shared a picture of his sister on the cover of Spanish-language Chilean magazine, Ya. The caption read: “Mi hermana, mi corazón, nuestra Lux.”

In an interview with Ya magazine, Lux Pascal opened up about how supportive Pedro has been of her transition.

Lux explained that Pedro “has been an important part of [my transition].” Lux, who is currently studying acting at Juilliard, says that Pedro was able to be a “guide” to her because of his artistic spirit.

“He’s also an artist and has served as a guide for me,” she said. “He was one of the first people to gift me the tools that started shaping my identity.”

But her brother wasn’t the only one that was very accepting of her decision to transition. Lux explained that her transition has been “been something that’s very natural for everyone” in her family.

And like many folks who are gender non-conforming, her family seemed to have known ahead of time. “It’s almost something that they expected to happen,” she said.

Lux revealed to Ya that, for a number of years, she identified as non-binary. But she eventually realized that she actually identifies as a woman.

“Moving through the world as a woman is much more simple for me, but I still advocate for nonbinary identities to have a space in society,” she explained. While she says that existing as a woman was the right decision for her, she still “advocates for nonbinary identities to have a space in society.”

Lux is also passionate about LGBTQ activism, saying that the world needs trans activists who are good, smart, informed, and who can be strong voices against transphobia, homophobia and racism.”

When asked if she feels discomfort at seeing images of herself before her transition, Lux said, “I don’t feel anxiety when I see old photos of mine. The same happens to me with theater: I see someone who was doing what they liked.”

As for her new name (she was previously known by the name “Lucas”), Lux said she didn’t want to lose the meaning of her old name, which meant “he who brings the light.”

She looked to one of her favorite movies for inspiration. “One of the characters in Sofia Coppola’s ‘Virgin Suicides’ was named ‘Lux’ which is light in Latin,” she said. “I was pleased with my childhood memory and that my previous name had signified something I was looking for myself.”

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