20+ Plus Size Bikinis For Your Bangin’ Body This Vacations

It’s almost vacation time, which means it’s boiling outside and offensive to be anything but half-naked. You know what else is offensive? The patriarchal, and TBH racist, expectation that women should barely have a waist, but also Barbie-like curves. That expectation is tenfold for Latina women, who are constantly facing this “Spicy Latina” stereotype we see in the media. That’s not to say that bodies like Sofia Vergara’s aren’t valid, but this post is to say that gimme more Sara Ramirez, America Ferrera and Gina Rodriguez’s.

Our worth is so much more than our curves. But, conyó, mami, flaunt it while you got it.

1. Curvy Kate Maya Red Print Balcony Bikini | $84

CREDIT: @selfcarequeen_ / Instagram

Caption: “I did a brave thing yesterday and I took part in a flash mob, in central London where myself and amazing others celebrated everyBODY, in our bikinis! It was organised by @_natashadevon and #PortraitPositive I can’t believe I fully walked around London shouting chants like “RIOTS NOT DIETS” and “SUMMER BODY, MY BODY” with my imperfect skin out in front of the world!”

2. Eloquii’s Ruffle Strap Bikini Top | $79.90

CREDIT: @eloquii / Instagram

Eloquii always has great sales, so definitely check it out, especially around July 4th sales! Oh, and she comes with an underwire, just the way we like them.

3. Twist Come True One-Piece Swimsuit in Cobalt | $74.99

CREDIT: “Twist Come True One-Piece Swimsuit in Cobalt – Plus Size” Digital Image. ModCloth. 28 June 2018.

Was it just me, or did every Latina mom beg you to ditch the sporty tankini and put on something sexy? When you were 12? IDK, but I’d definitely wear this now.

4. Need I Say Shore? High-Waisted Bikini Bottom in Grey Garden | $29.99

CREDIT: “Need I Say Shore? High-Waisted Bikini Bottom in Grey Garden” Digital Image. Modcloth. 28 June 2018.

ModCloth has some really cute, slightly retro options if that’s your look. Just don’t look at anything but the plus-size options or resist the urge to track down those models and feed them two servings of rice and beans. Psh, I know that’s what you’re thinking (’cause same).

5. Simply Be’s Figleaves Colour Block Swimsuit | $67.49

CREDIT: Untitled. Digital Image. Simply Be. 28 June 2018.

What can I say? I love a deep plunge. Plus, those straps in the back will only make for some sexy tan lines.

6. Swimsuits For All’s Gravitron Swimsuit | $74.10

CREDIT: @swimsuitsforall / Instagram

Swoooooon. I have a thing for hips, and all the ways our skin folds to make them happen, so I love these mesh side panels.

You’ll actually have to use the clothesline your abuelita sent you, though, if you don’t want to ruin it in the dryer.

7. Black & Ivory Push-Up Strapless Scalloped Midkini | $47.34

CREDIT: @torridfashion / Instagram

The strap on the top comes off, which lets you rock a strapless look, but we all know it also ends in a great reveal. Raise your hand if you’re obsessed with this skirt? 🙋🏽

8. Swimsuits for All’s Ritzy Swimsuit | $78

CREDIT: @swimsuitsforall / Instagram

Ashley Graham partnered with Swimsuits for All to give us an entire collection line. I *love* that this doesn’t have an underwire, because sometimes we just want to hang loose.

9. Ashley Graham Icon White Bikini | $63.00

CREDIT: @swimsuitsforall / Instagram

She also helped create this line of essentials. You know when you get a bikini from Forever 21 Junior’s and your Brazilian booty cannot be contained. Well, this bikini line will also not contain it, but will hug it just right. Trust.

10. GabiFresh Roller Coaster Orange Underwire Bikini | $66.30

CREDIT: @swimsuitsforall / Instagram

The perks of built in underwires? Looks like this.

Sign me up for that merry go-round.

11. Printed High Waist Bikini | $64.90

CREDIT: @eloquii / Instagram

They’re stretchy, and the floral print is so ’90s. You’ll probably hear your mama tell you that, “Vale, I had the same, exact one when I was your age. Everything’s coming back!”

12. Eloquii’s Tie Front One-Piece | $119.90

CREDIT: @eloquii / Instagram

Get yourself a chic colorblock one piece with adjustable straps, and (obvi) adjustable tie outs in the front. *Definitely* find a field of adobes to lay in and get Insta ready.

13. GabiFresh SCrambler Underwire Bikini | $66.30

CREDIT: @swimsuitsforall / Instagram

Wait until you see the whole bikini. Imagine a sexy Brazilian bottom with a high waisted mesh on top. It’s the kind of peek-a-boo action that we’re all privileged for being a part of.

14. Beach to Beach Twist Detail Bikini Top | $42.99

CREDIT: @simplybeusa / Instagram

There are no wires, I repeat: no wires in this swim suit. The twist actually helps to support, though the back is a clasp, so make sure you get the right fit or it’s all over.

And, obviously, wear some red lippies with this one.

15. Simply Be’s “The Wow” Swimsuit | $37.99

CREDIT: @simplybeusa / Instagram

Don’t worry friends, I’ll quit it with the deep plunges, but we all know they look so good. Wear this when you want to feel the lively flamingo’s spirit. But if you’re tanning on a Miami lawn, be careful of clashing with the actual flamingos in the yard.

16. Target’s Mesh Cut Out One Piece | $39.99

CREDIT: Untitled. Digital Image. Target. 28 June 2018.

Psst, Target is having a 20% off all swimwear sale right now! Plus, peep that V-neck, and enjoy the tan lines.

17. Diva White Dot High Waist Bikini | $46.80

CREDIT: @swimsuitsforall / Instagram

Rock your Independence Day with a twist on an old classic itty bitty leave-them-wanting-more yellow red polka dot bikini.

18. Set the Serene Bikini Top in Black Blossom | $34.99

CREDIT: “Set the Serene Bikini Top in Black Blossom” Digital Image. ModCloth. 28 June 2018.

This is what 1950s dreams are made of… except we can actually go into the ocean and college and use our brains. #Haute

19. Simply Yours Bardot Frill Bikini Top | $22.99

CREDIT: Untitled. Digital Image. Simply Be. 28 June 2018.

Please, alguien, get this swimsuit and tell me if it actually stays on your body. It’s a full fledged bra with silicone tape, so it should stay on just fine, but I won’t believe it till I see it.

Our mother’s have too many stories from Manhattan’s community pools.

20. Yin Mesh Underwire Swimsuit | $62.40

CREDIT: “Yin Mesh Underwire Swimsuit” Digital Image. Swimsuits for All. 28 June 2018.

This sweetheart neckline will give everyone the wrong impression about you. Honestly, just take me to Havana and fan me with a banana leaf already.

21.  No matter what you’re wearing this summer…

CREDIT: @torridfashion / Instagram

Know you’re fine AF in whatever it is. Companies like Torrid Fashion, Swimsuits for All, Eloquii and even Target have swimwear that will fit a grown woman’s body.

Here’s to loving our summer, winter, and everything in between bodies!

These 19 Straight Allies Are Using Their Fame And Influence To Stand Up For The LGBTQ+ Community


These 19 Straight Allies Are Using Their Fame And Influence To Stand Up For The LGBTQ+ Community

Pride Month 2018 may be over, but the fight has only just begun. If you’re not worried about the future of LGBTQ+ rights, then you’re not paying attention. Our Supreme Court may become the most conservative it’s been in half a century, and all we can do is keep speaking up.

This post goes out to the straight celebrity allies who are using their platform to change hearts and minds. Muchísimas gracias!

1. Naya Rivera

CREDIT: @nayarivera / Instagram

We all know Naya Rivera as the gay icon Santana from “Glee.” IRL, Rivera is just as involved in the community, although she doesn’t identify as queer. The Puerto Rican actor has hosted two GLAAD Media Awards in a row, and continues to speak up for the community on all her platforms. Thank you!

2. Camila Cabello

CREDIT: @_dopecabello / Twitter

Cabello walked on stage in London this month with a rainbow flag draped around her. She raised her fist in the air and wished everyone a “Happy Pride” with images of the Women’s March behind her.

3. Gina Rodriguez

CREDIT: @hereisgina / Twitter

Some celebrities throw support at the LGBTQ+ community by refusing to ascribe to any label. In a lot of ways, this is awesome because we’re all so much more than our sexuality.

4. Demi Lovato

CREDIT: @ddlovato / Instagram

Our girl Demi has long been a supporter, even back when she identified as straight. She was even named Los Angeles’s Pride Grand Marshall in 2014.

In her own words, “I’ve never spoken about this before, but my grandfather was a trailblazer himself. He was brave enough to come out in the 1960s, and I feel that a lot of my spirit has come from him.“

5. Jennifer Lopez

CREDIT: @jlo / Instagram

Jennifer Lopez’s Aunt Myrza was an idol of hers growing up. However, when JLo later realized that Myrza was struggling to feel accepted for being gay, LGBTQ+ issues got personal.

JLo is a producer for the television series “The Fosters,” which features a lesbian couple fostering and adopting five children, several of which are Latino.

6. Mario Lopez

CREDIT: @mariolopezextra / Instagram

Mario Lopez made his break by starring in the film “Breaking the Surface: The Greg Louganis Story” as the gay, HIV-positive Olympic diver.

“A couple of cousins of mine, who I’m very close to, happen to be gay. Just to rally with them and the family. I’m very close with them and like to support when I can.”

7. Zoe Saldana

CREDIT: Sia / YouTube

Zoe Saldana partnered with Sia last year to raise HIV awareness by playing an HIV-positive pregnant woman in Sia’s music video “Free Me.” All proceeds from the song were donated to the #endHIV campaign.

Saldana has been active in the LGBTQ+ community for as long as we’ve known her.

8. Gloria Estefan

CREDIT: @gloriaestefan / Instagram

In 2012, Estefan specifically thanked the LGBTQ+ community, saying, “I want to thank you so much, because the gay community has been behind me 100 percent,” she said during a speech. “‘Conga’ broke through in all the gay clubs before anybody else noticed it was a hot song. You guys have been close to heart and always will be.”

In 2014, she was named one of the Grand Marshals for the 2014 Miami Beach Gay Pride.

9. Howie Dorough

CREDIT: @howie_dorough / Instagram

Backstreet’s back, baby! Puerto Rican Howie Dorough has been part of the Backstreet Boy’s latest video, “In a World Like This”, which featured a clip of two men getting married. The band has also played in Pride concerts in London’s famous G-A-Y club.

10. Rosario Dawson

CREDIT: @rosariodawson / Instagram

When Rosario was a teenager, she lived with her Uncle Frank and his partner Vincenzo. Her involvement in the community is all for the kids. She told Latina Magazine that when she has kids, she’ll be focused on “trying to make the world a better place for my baby.”

She’s a supporter of PFLAG (Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) and HRC.

11. Romeo Santos

CREDIT: @romeosantos / Instagram

If you haven’t listened to “No Tiene La Culpa” yet, go buy some tissues first. The song tells the story of a young queer boy who is bullied to the brink of not wanting to live.

The Dominican and Puerto Rican bachata artist released it to raise awareness for the LGBTQ+ community, and we love him for it.

12. Sofia Vergara

CREDIT: @sofiavergara / Instagram

Sofia Vergara is most well known for her role on “Modern Family,” but she’s also used her platform to partner with GLAAD in their “Be An Ally and a Friend” PSA campaign. She told The Advocate, “We should all be tolerant and respectful of people’s sexuality. We have to appreciate each other’s differences and accept people who have the courage to accept themselves. That’s beautiful.”

13. Los Tigres del Norte

CREDIT: @lostigresdelnorte / Instagram

Los Tigres have sold more than 37 million albums worldwide and have been around for 47 years. A few years ago, they released “Era Diferente,” a song about a lesbian teenager who falls in love with her best friend.

The band recieved a GLAAD award for the first gay love song ever played in the history of the norteño genre.

14. Sergio Martinez

CREDIT: @torresboxing / Instagram

Argentine boxer Martinez actually made a video for the “It Gets Better Project.” Watch out bullies, because this bullied kid grew up to be a world-renown boxer, and he’s using his platform for good.

15. Eva Longoria

CREDIT: @evalongoria / Instagram

We love Longoria for using her fame for a bigger purpose. We see her at Women’s Marches, and pro-immigration rallies, and in the LGBTQ+ community. When same-sex marriage was made law, she tweeted, “This is an incredible day in the history of civil rights in America. I applaud President @BarackObama and all he has done for LGBT Americans. #Equality”.

16. Manu Ginóbili

CREDIT: @manuginobili / Instagram

Argentina is coming in hot for LGBTQ+ support. It was actually the first South American country to legalize same-sex marriage just a few years ago. He shipped it.

17. America Ferrera

CREDIT: @americaferrera / Instagram

Ferrera posed with her “Ugly Betty” co-stars, Tony Plana and Ana Ortiz in a PSA to urge Latino Californians to oppose Prop 8. Needless to say, she tweeted all the support and joy when Prop 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) were overturned.

18. Enrique Iglesias

CREDIT: @enriqueiglesias / Instagram

Iglesias loves his LGBTQ+ fans and he has no problem showing it. He has pulled gay fans on stage and serenading them, performing at gay clubs and festivals.

Imo, one of the best ways to be an ally is just to recognize us, and we love that he puts our love on stage on the reg.

19. Roxanne Vargas

CREDIT: @miamibeachgaypride / Instagram

If you live in the Miami area, then you recognize Vargas from her reporting on NBC. This year, she was the Miami Beach Pride Parade’s Grand Marshal Ally, and we ship any reporter who will report real news about the LGBTQ+ community.

20. Snooki

CREDIT: @snooki / Instagram

Before the Chilean even became a mother, she’s on record saying, “I’m praying I have a gay little boy one day.”

She’s also posed for the NOH8 campaign, and has used her own air time to support gay rights and even host LGBTQ+ events. Thank you!

21. Hennessy Carolina (Cardi B.’s Sister)

CREDIT: @hennessycarolina / Instagram

Cardi B’s sister has a heartwarming message for the LGBTQ+ community, but we’re all still waiting to hear Cardi B officially come out in support of the LGBTQ+ community.

Caption: If you can’t accept the B In (L)LGBTQ..(L)lesbian(G)ay(B)BISEXUAL(T)transgender (Q)ueer, then please don’t speak up for the community if you can’t fully understand ALL of us! A bisexual girl expressing that she sometimes likes to kiss and hook up with girls especially when she gets a little loose when she drinks wine, Sounds human and normal to me! I don’t have a problem with that!! Whether you want to go out, have some drinks and hook up with the same gender for one night or whether you decide to be in a relationship with him/her, it should be no one’s concern or business or even PLACE to tell you how to complete your sexual desire unless you’re a pedophile! You can STILL consider yourself LGBTQ if you to choose too! Bisexual means you’re attracted to both genders. No matter what’s the status of the relationship or what you chose to do with that person … If a woman like to be in a relationship with a man but like to enjoy her sexual desire with a woman from time to time she can still considers herself to be a BISEXUAL! same goes for men….. and please if your still in your confused stage, please don’t talk for the whole community until you can fully comprehend ALL of us! We don’t like to be the judge or to be labeled! We just want be excepted for who we are… Love is love! That being said HAPPY GAY PRIDE MONTH FROM ME AND MY WIFE🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜”

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