20+ Plus Size Bikinis For Your Bangin’ Body This Vacations

It’s almost vacation time, which means it’s boiling outside and offensive to be anything but half-naked. You know what else is offensive? The patriarchal, and TBH racist, expectation that women should barely have a waist, but also Barbie-like curves. That expectation is tenfold for Latina women, who are constantly facing this “Spicy Latina” stereotype we see in the media. That’s not to say that bodies like Sofia Vergara’s aren’t valid, but this post is to say that gimme more Sara Ramirez, America Ferrera and Gina Rodriguez’s.

Our worth is so much more than our curves. But, conyó, mami, flaunt it while you got it.

1. Curvy Kate Maya Red Print Balcony Bikini | $84

CREDIT: @selfcarequeen_ / Instagram

Caption: “I did a brave thing yesterday and I took part in a flash mob, in central London where myself and amazing others celebrated everyBODY, in our bikinis! It was organised by @_natashadevon and #PortraitPositive I can’t believe I fully walked around London shouting chants like “RIOTS NOT DIETS” and “SUMMER BODY, MY BODY” with my imperfect skin out in front of the world!”

2. Eloquii’s Ruffle Strap Bikini Top | $79.90

CREDIT: @eloquii / Instagram

Eloquii always has great sales, so definitely check it out, especially around July 4th sales! Oh, and she comes with an underwire, just the way we like them.

3. Twist Come True One-Piece Swimsuit in Cobalt | $74.99

CREDIT: “Twist Come True One-Piece Swimsuit in Cobalt – Plus Size” Digital Image. ModCloth. 28 June 2018.

Was it just me, or did every Latina mom beg you to ditch the sporty tankini and put on something sexy? When you were 12? IDK, but I’d definitely wear this now.

4. Need I Say Shore? High-Waisted Bikini Bottom in Grey Garden | $29.99

CREDIT: “Need I Say Shore? High-Waisted Bikini Bottom in Grey Garden” Digital Image. Modcloth. 28 June 2018.

ModCloth has some really cute, slightly retro options if that’s your look. Just don’t look at anything but the plus-size options or resist the urge to track down those models and feed them two servings of rice and beans. Psh, I know that’s what you’re thinking (’cause same).

5. Simply Be’s Figleaves Colour Block Swimsuit | $67.49

CREDIT: Untitled. Digital Image. Simply Be. 28 June 2018.

What can I say? I love a deep plunge. Plus, those straps in the back will only make for some sexy tan lines.

6. Swimsuits For All’s Gravitron Swimsuit | $74.10

CREDIT: @swimsuitsforall / Instagram

Swoooooon. I have a thing for hips, and all the ways our skin folds to make them happen, so I love these mesh side panels.

You’ll actually have to use the clothesline your abuelita sent you, though, if you don’t want to ruin it in the dryer.

7. Black & Ivory Push-Up Strapless Scalloped Midkini | $47.34

CREDIT: @torridfashion / Instagram

The strap on the top comes off, which lets you rock a strapless look, but we all know it also ends in a great reveal. Raise your hand if you’re obsessed with this skirt? ????????

8. Swimsuits for All’s Ritzy Swimsuit | $78

CREDIT: @swimsuitsforall / Instagram

Ashley Graham partnered with Swimsuits for All to give us an entire collection line. I *love* that this doesn’t have an underwire, because sometimes we just want to hang loose.

9. Ashley Graham Icon White Bikini | $63.00

CREDIT: @swimsuitsforall / Instagram

She also helped create this line of essentials. You know when you get a bikini from Forever 21 Junior’s and your Brazilian booty cannot be contained. Well, this bikini line will also not contain it, but will hug it just right. Trust.

10. GabiFresh Roller Coaster Orange Underwire Bikini | $66.30

CREDIT: @swimsuitsforall / Instagram

The perks of built in underwires? Looks like this.

Sign me up for that merry go-round.

11. Printed High Waist Bikini | $64.90

CREDIT: @eloquii / Instagram

They’re stretchy, and the floral print is so ’90s. You’ll probably hear your mama tell you that, “Vale, I had the same, exact one when I was your age. Everything’s coming back!”

12. Eloquii’s Tie Front One-Piece | $119.90

CREDIT: @eloquii / Instagram

Get yourself a chic colorblock one piece with adjustable straps, and (obvi) adjustable tie outs in the front. *Definitely* find a field of adobes to lay in and get Insta ready.

13. GabiFresh SCrambler Underwire Bikini | $66.30

CREDIT: @swimsuitsforall / Instagram

Wait until you see the whole bikini. Imagine a sexy Brazilian bottom with a high waisted mesh on top. It’s the kind of peek-a-boo action that we’re all privileged for being a part of.

14. Beach to Beach Twist Detail Bikini Top | $42.99

CREDIT: @simplybeusa / Instagram

There are no wires, I repeat: no wires in this swim suit. The twist actually helps to support, though the back is a clasp, so make sure you get the right fit or it’s all over.

And, obviously, wear some red lippies with this one.

15. Simply Be’s “The Wow” Swimsuit | $37.99

CREDIT: @simplybeusa / Instagram

Don’t worry friends, I’ll quit it with the deep plunges, but we all know they look so good. Wear this when you want to feel the lively flamingo’s spirit. But if you’re tanning on a Miami lawn, be careful of clashing with the actual flamingos in the yard.

16. Target’s Mesh Cut Out One Piece | $39.99

CREDIT: Untitled. Digital Image. Target. 28 June 2018.

Psst, Target is having a 20% off all swimwear sale right now! Plus, peep that V-neck, and enjoy the tan lines.

17. Diva White Dot High Waist Bikini | $46.80

CREDIT: @swimsuitsforall / Instagram

Rock your Independence Day with a twist on an old classic itty bitty leave-them-wanting-more yellow red polka dot bikini.

18. Set the Serene Bikini Top in Black Blossom | $34.99

CREDIT: “Set the Serene Bikini Top in Black Blossom” Digital Image. ModCloth. 28 June 2018.

This is what 1950s dreams are made of… except we can actually go into the ocean and college and use our brains. #Haute

19. Simply Yours Bardot Frill Bikini Top | $22.99

CREDIT: Untitled. Digital Image. Simply Be. 28 June 2018.

Please, alguien, get this swimsuit and tell me if it actually stays on your body. It’s a full fledged bra with silicone tape, so it should stay on just fine, but I won’t believe it till I see it.

Our mother’s have too many stories from Manhattan’s community pools.

20. Yin Mesh Underwire Swimsuit | $62.40

CREDIT: “Yin Mesh Underwire Swimsuit” Digital Image. Swimsuits for All. 28 June 2018.

This sweetheart neckline will give everyone the wrong impression about you. Honestly, just take me to Havana and fan me with a banana leaf already.

21.  No matter what you’re wearing this summer…

CREDIT: @torridfashion / Instagram

Know you’re fine AF in whatever it is. Companies like Torrid Fashion, Swimsuits for All, Eloquii and even Target have swimwear that will fit a grown woman’s body.

Here’s to loving our summer, winter, and everything in between bodies!

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Model Denise Mercedes Is Using Her TikTok To Empower Women Body Positivity


Model Denise Mercedes Is Using Her TikTok To Empower Women Body Positivity

denisemmercedes / TikTok

Dominican-American model Denise Mercedes and her friend Maria Castellanos are showing the world how every body is beautiful. Mercedes, a plus-size model, and Castellanos are sharing a series of TikTok videos showing what the same outfits look like on two different body sizes.

Denise Mercedes is using her TikTok account to celebrate body positivity.

Credit: denisemmercedes / TikTok

The fashion industry has long been criticized for its impact on unhealthy body images among young women. Recently, the fashion industry has started to change with some fashion designers embracing and celebrating all body types. This has given rise to some plus size models that have become household names.

Mercedes, along with friend Maria Castellanos, is showing the beauty of all body sizes.

Credit: denisemmercedes / TikTok

Who doesn’t like rocking a little overall every now and then? The outfit is as annoying as a romper but denim is everything so it makes it all worth it. If you have ever wanted to rock some overalls, take them for a spin in your apartment right now.

Never shy away from a little bit of midriff, especially over the summer.

Credit: denisemmercedes / TikTok

The hotter it gets, the less you want to wear. No one wants to spend the summer sweating. It isn’t a good look. Let your body feel the sun this year and just rock your style, mija.

This bestie brunch chic look is stunning.

Credit: denisemmercedes / TikTok

The top is all fancy business and the blue jeans make it comfortable and fun. Plus, who doesn’t like a cinched waist via an oversized belt? This is one look that anyone can rock and everyone should.

You can definitely enjoy a comfy t-shirt dress.

Credit: denisemmercedes / TikTok

Again, the waist belt is all you really need to give your hourglass figure the kind of attention it deserves. Curves are beautiful and something our community knows a lot about. Let’s celebrate them.

It is summer so why not wear a fun summer piece.

Credit: denisemmercedes / TikTok

Get some safe, socially distanced sun and fresh air this summer. We are all allowed to go outside to get fresh air and spend time being active in parks ad beaches. Don’t gather, obviously, but go get that summer tan you love by walking on the beach if you can.

And, of course, some ’90s-inspired looks are always nice to bring back.

Credit: denisemmercedes / TikTok

A nice little dress with some black, patent leather boots is a solid look, y’all. As we see here, it is one look that we can all get comfortable wearing around.

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This Latina Model Has A Growing Clothing Line For ALL Women


This Latina Model Has A Growing Clothing Line For ALL Women

@denisebidot / Instagram

Denise Bidot is one of the world’s most famous plus-size models, and she is taking a stand for body positivity like never before. The Puerto Rican-Kuwaiti model, who was raised in Miami, wants everyone to know that There Is No Wrong Way To Be A Woman.

Denis Bidot is a plus-sized model with a mission: making women comfortable with their bodies.

As a part of her mission, Bidot is posting photos of herself on Instagram without any retouching.

And she looks damn good doing it.

She has also started a clothing brand called There Is No Wrong Way To Be A Woman.

ITS HERE ??? #Repost @thereisnowrongwaytobeawoman ・・・ Welcome! “There Is No Wrong Way To Be A Woman” campaign has officially launched and I couldn’t be happier! The movement creates a safe place for women from all stages in life to come together without judgment. It’s my home of self-love and confidence and I’m so excited to open the door to everyone who feels inspired and wants to carry on the message! Over the next few weeks I’m going to feature the “There Is No Wrong Way To Be A Woman” Class of 2016. This diverse group of women range in age from 18 to 60, sizes 2 to 22, and come from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Their differences are exactly what make them beautiful! I encourage you to visit and read their stories about what being a woman means to each one of them. I promise, you will be inspired. In fact, I’d love for you to be a part of the extended Class of 2016 by sharing your stories using the hashtag #NoWrongWay. Post pictures and videos of you and all the fearless women you know and be sure to tag @thereisnowrongwaytobeawoman. Or send your videos to for a chance to be featured on the website! Can’t wait to hear your inspiring stories!

A photo posted by Denise Bidot (@denisebidot) on

“The strength of a woman is unparalleled and society’s definition of beauty often overshadows it,” Bidot wrote on the website. “I want to show that not only are we strong, but our differences are exactly what makes us beautiful. After all, a rainbow would be pretty boring if it was just one color and size.”

Originally, Bidot wanted to be an actor. But she was constantly turned down for roles because of her weight, according to The Cut.

“I actually moved to L.A. in 2005, and I wanted to be an actress. I would go out on all these Disney show auditions, and it was so easy to be yourself,” Bidot told The Cut. “Then I turned 18, moved to California, and was constantly being told that I needed to lose weight. I was like, ‘Look, I should be enough. Why is talent not enough?'”

Now, it’s important to know that her campaign is not anti-straight-size women. It is an inclusive campaign aimed at accepting women of all sizes and colors.

“I get asked all the time that we don’t look the same as straight-sized models and I am like, ‘Why does it have to be a versus.’ Why does it have to be straight-sized vs plus-sized,” Bidot told E! News. “I think it is one big industry. I am doing amazing things. I have to say we work out, we run around town, we most of the time are traveling so it’s hard not to be running through airports. We are just us.”

Bidot never expected to be a model until a chance encounter with a photographer.

According to her interview with The Cut, Bidot was doing makeup for a plus-sized model when the photographer asked if she would be interested in modeling. This was after the model had given up on her acting career.

“Shortly after I shot the images with her, she started getting calls like, ‘Who is this girl? Who is she signed to? What’s she doing,'” Bidot recalled to The Cut. “I ran through the door and realized what an amazing opportunity it was.”

She credits social media with the wider acceptance and success of plus-sized models and for the success of her own body positivity campaign.

“Social media had put the power back in the consumer’s hands,” Bidot told The Cut. “[Modeling] is a way to speak up, be recognized, and to be that person that I never had growing up.”

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