Here Are The Unofficial Job Titles You Had While You Lived With Your Parents

Lets be real, most of us lived with our parents for more than 18 years but we probably took for granted how much they helped us strengthen our resume. Yep! More than you could imagine…

If there’s one job you’ve developed years of experience in after living with your parents, it’s in Information Technology (IT).

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You nourished these skills every time you helped your dad fix the television or set up the wifi. You also got a ton of experience showing your mom how to upload a picture onto her Facebook account. You are, and always will be, their personal IT department.

And your set of skills only expanded after taking on the full-time position as translator.


If your parents weren’t 100% fluent in English, then you were the one handling all important paper work and phone calls for them.

When it came to urgent mandados, you became your parents’ personal GPS.


There was no need for Google Maps or even Apple Maps, because they had you.

But if your mom or dad didn’t feel like driving at all, then you would take on the position as her chauffeur.


And this was the most stressful job ever, because you had to listen to them yell and complain about your driving skills.

After so many hours, you would even hit overtime with your weekend job as janitor.


Mom doesn’t care if you already work as a full-time student. Your clock is her extra loud music and you’re getting up at 7 a.m. on the dot.

And just when you thought you had a few vacation days to relax, you then had to head to your part-time job as babysitter to your younger siblings or primos.


Your days off of school were spent with crying babies, dirty diapers and hundreds of baby wipes.

In addition to babysitting, you were also responsible for being the intel informant every time you were left in charge of your siblings.


As the intel informant AKA the chismosa, you were responsible for notifying your parents every time your siblings misbehaved.

But once you grew tired of being indoors and making phone calls all day, you then moved on to different outdoor, volunteer opportunities.

Elissa Fdez Tiburcio : facebook

As a mechanical engineer intern, you learned the names of every tool and became proficient at holding your dad’s beer whenever needed.

Even though it was hard work, all of the labor really helped you get in great shape.


Business trips to la tienda with your mom were probably the most exhausting.

But no matter how many tasks your parents assigned you, it would be enough to pay them back for what they do for you.

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Vanessa Bryant Forced To Respond To ‘Beyond Hurtful’ Comments Made By Her Own Mom On ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’


Vanessa Bryant Forced To Respond To ‘Beyond Hurtful’ Comments Made By Her Own Mom On ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’


Within just nine months, Vanessa Bryant has (like all of us) had to deal with the stress and uncertainty of a pandemic, racial crisis and injustice, and the threats of unstable political leadership. She has also had to deal with the almighty devastation of losing her husband and daughter on the same day. You think this would be enough to ensure that she receives only sympathy, support, and light during this time but not so.

Recently, the wife of the late basketball great Kobe Bryant is dealing with negative claims taken to the press by her own mother.

In an interview with Univision, Bryant’s mother Sofia Laine claimed her daughter had kicked her out of her home.

Appearing on “El Gordo y La Flaca,” Laine claimed that her 38-year-old daughter had forced her out of a family home and made her return the car she used.

In a statement to People, Bryant defended herself saying “My husband and daughter passed away unexpectedly, and yet my mom has the audacity to do an interview on TV talking negatively about me while shedding tears about a car and home that wasn’t in her name.”

“She has removed all her diamond jewelry, emptied her apartment that I provide, and put the furniture in storage to appear as though she is without support,” Bryant went onto claim. “My husband and I have financially supported her over the past 20 years, and I continue to do so, in addition to her monthly alimony.”

Bryant went onto add that “contrary to previous reports, she has not been physically present or emotionally supportive for my daughters and me after my husband and daughter passed away. Going forward, I see what is most important to my mom and it is beyond hurtful. I hope this public airing of our personal relations will stop here.”

Bryant lost her husband, the late NBA star, and the couple’s second-oldest daughter Gianna in a tragic helicopter crash in January.

The crash claimed the lives of seven other people including Payton Chester, 13, Sarah Chester, 46, Alyssa Altobelli, 14,Keri Altobelli, 46, John Altobelli, 56, Christina Mauser, 38, and the helicopter’s pilot Ara Zobayan, 50.

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An Abuelo Got A Hurtful Note From Bad Neighbors About His Decorations And Latino Twitter Came Into Comfort Him

Things That Matter

An Abuelo Got A Hurtful Note From Bad Neighbors About His Decorations And Latino Twitter Came Into Comfort Him

@goldenstef / Twitter

We are rarely more defensive than we are for our abuelos. The viejitos have always been there for us and seeing them treated unkindly is just heartbreaking. That is what one Twitter user experienced after her abuelo got a wretched note about his decorations outside his home.

This is the horrid letter left for @goldenstef’s abuelo by undesirable neighbors.

The letter, which is filled with misspelled words, calls the abuelo’s house an example of a “low class Mexican family.” The letter was written anonymously by neighbors and delivered to the abuelo in an attempt to shame him into changing his decorations. One of the most bizarre moments in the letter is when the angry author criticized the homeowner for having too many American flags claiming he isn’t patriotic and can’t fool the neighbors. Like, which one is it people?

The Twitter user followed up with photos of the house to show the decorations their abuelo has out front.

People flooded the Twitter post with comments supporting and sending love to the abuelo. Fellow Latinos are ready to stand with the abuelo and some just want the names of the people behind the letter so they can talk to them. Some people are stunned at how far the author was willing to go out of their way to be mean to an old man who just wants to decorate his home and front yard.

Latino Twitter wants to come together to let the abuelo know that his decorations are adorbs.

We need to come together to give her abuelo all of the wonderful decoration we love. Let’s turn his house and front yard into a showcase of all of the greatness that Latin America has to offer.

People are falling in love with this viejitos yard.

Honestly, this is a great yard. Who wouldn’t want a yard like this? This yard is original and adorable and worth all of the praise that we can muster. Thank you to people like this for making their yards something unique and worth seeing.

@goldenstef wants everyone to know just how much they appreciate the sweet messages about their abuelo’s yard.

It costs nothing to be kind. It is even better when you can be kind about something someone clearly cares so much about. Who cares if someone decorates their lawn a little too much. At least they are having fun with their lives and that is something we all need more of right now.

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