You Might Be #Adulting, But Here Are 11 Ways Mom Can Still School You

Being an adult is awesome. You can eat pan dulce for every meal. You can stay out as late as you want. And you can pay rent and work 40 hours a week. Yeah, it’s not always that awesome. Sometimes the responsibility of being an adult gets a bit heavy and you think it would be great to be a kid again, maybe have your mom help you fight your battles. Yeah, she might have made your life hell sometimes, but your mom always had your back when it came down to it. Here are 11 times we wish our mother could step in to fight our adult battles.

When you’re sick…


One of the worst things about being sick as an adult is that you have to take care of yourself. Yeah, you’ve got a temperature of 100 plus, but that cold medicine isn’t going to buy itself. Now’s the time when you wish you could just be a baby and let mama take over.

… And when you want to call into work.


Sometimes you’re just tired and you need a day off, but you already called in 4 days last week. No one knows how to go to bat for you like your mother, who’ll give your boss an earful if they try to make you come in.

When a sleazebag is hitting on you at the bar.


They say that you should never get between a mama bear and her cub. If any one corners you at the bar, call in mama to maul that would-be player.

Out drinking? Instead of a Lyft, call your mom to come pick you up.

The Late Late Show with James Corden / CBS

Driving around in a Lyft is always an interesting experience. Sometimes your driver is all kinds of chill, but other times they force you to hear their homemade trap songs or talk politics with you. Woof. If moms had a car service, you know you’d get home safe and you’d probably get to hear the latest chisme.

And fix the next morning’s cruda.

Nothing like mama’s menudo to get rid of the morning after blues.

When someone is lying right to your face but you can’t prove it.


Whether it’s your roommate or a complete stranger, people are going to lie to you. And while you might not always be able to prove it, the one person who could always sniff out a lie is your mother. In those moments when no one will admit to being dishonest, it’d be nice to have mom roll up and put the liars on blast.

When you get pulled over and you need someone to charm the cop.


We’ve all been pulled over, right? As angry as moms can get, they can also pull out the charm and sweet talk their way out of any jam. Think about where you learned that skill…

When you’re broke and she feeds you.


Short of committing a crime, you’ll pretty much do anything to get some of your mom’s homemade cooking. Especially when you’re a few days away from your next paycheck. Luckily mama always thinks you look skinny and will feed you until you’re old enough to have kids of your own.

When you throw a dinner party.

Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party / VH1

I’m not as good as a cook as my mom is, TBH, and when I throw a party, the snacks are never a highlight. But mom’s got the bomb ass skills in the kitchen and loves to show them off. So nothing would make her happier than having a room full of my friends telling her how awesome her homemade carnitas are.

She’s also the best person to have when you need to kick everyone out of the apartment.


Sometimes you invite people over and then you can’t get them to leave. That’s where mama steps up. She might make a great host, but she’s definitely not shy about telling everyone to GTFO after she’s hit her damn limit.

But most importantly: she’s always there for you when you just need her.


Since day one, she’s always had your back. While she might have taken away your rights from time to time, she did it so you would grow up to be the best adult you can be. So be sure to take time out being an adult to give her a call or a hug this Mother’s Day!

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Maluma Stirred Up A Massive Debate This Weekend After Posting This Photo On Mother’s Day Where He Plants A Huge Kiss On His Mom’s Lips


Maluma Stirred Up A Massive Debate This Weekend After Posting This Photo On Mother’s Day Where He Plants A Huge Kiss On His Mom’s Lips

maluma / Instagram

This weekend we saw everyone post sweet messages of love about their moms and everything they have done for them. With these sweet posts, there are obviously a lot of photos showing mom and her children all happy and proud of each other. However, there is one Mother’s Day post that everyone is talking about and it is Maluma’s. Here’s the war waging on social media about Maluma’s Mother’s Day post.

This is the Maluma post that has created a major debate on social media.

@maluma / Instagram

Maluma, like any good child, made sure to post something sweet about his mother for her special day. It is really sweet when you ready the caption. “Happy day love of my life. Happy Mother’s Day. ❤️” However, people are flipping out about the image.

People immediately had serious questions about why they were kissing like that.

Credit: @havanagetaway / Twitter

Sure, it might look like a real shocking situation. However, everyone’s family is different and, for some, kissing on the lips is totally acceptable. It feels a lot like Tom Brady and how he kisses his son.

Some people first thought that the post was about his girlfriend.

Credit: @wukster / Twitter

Tbh, the kiss seems a little more aggressive than one you would give to your mom or dad. It does look like they might be dating rather than mother and son.

The issue seems to be with how open his mouth is.

Credit: @JoeyMoon_ / Twitter

Some people have a lot of time on their hands to really examine these photos. On a day that is supposed to be about our mother’s some people were out there sleuthing to figure out if Maluma and his mom were too close.

A few people wanted to make sure they weren’t being offensive with their critiques.

Cultural nuances are so easily lost in the age of social media and digital communication. Some things are just hard to understand if you have never been part of the other culture nor have a point of reference as to what is normal in that culture.

People who have a similar culture defended Maluma and his post.

There are so many ways to show love with your parents. This is a little too much for a lot of people but it also depends on what culture those seeing the photo grew up in.

There are some people who are really just over the over-sexualization of people.

Credit: @Jonmicol / Twitter

Some people just relate on different levels. Some families have different levels and versions on intimacy. It is interesting that some people took a photo of a mom and son and turned it into something sexual.

Like, some people really made this a super creepy situation by wishing to be Maluma’s mom.

Credit: @airuhgo / Twitter

It is fine to feel how you want to feel about people. However, it is really questionable to put your sexual and romantic feelings on a photo of a son and mom.

Some people have been finding the humor in the whole conversation.

LOL. Could you imagine his aunt being jealous over the kiss? I mean, clearly, she is not out there being upset over the son-mother kiss. What do you think about the kiss between Maluma and his mom?

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VIDEO: Father Begs Son To Forgive Him After They Were Separated At The Border While Seeking Asylum In The U.S.


VIDEO: Father Begs Son To Forgive Him After They Were Separated At The Border While Seeking Asylum In The U.S.

While the nation celebrated Mother’s Day with Instagram and Facebook posts of their Mother’s Day brunches, a Tweet went viral showing how some moms spent May 10th: suffering and separated from their children.

A tweet went viral on Mother’s Day weekend that served as a reminder that mothers and children continue to be separated from one another.

Muslim activist @_SJPeace_ tweeted video of a little boy being reunited with his father last year when the “zero-tolerance” policy was in full swing.

The video centers around Franklin, an 8-year-old boy, from Guatemala that was taken from his parents, only to be reunited months later.


According to AZCentral, Franklin was taken from his mom and dad in March 2018. After a federal judge ordered the Trump Administration to end their policy, Franklin was reunited with his dad even though he was deported back to Guatemala. The pair were reunited months later and were taken back to their home country afterward.

They were one of the few to be reunited.

Thousands of families remain separated in part because the U.S. government failed to keep track of those who crossed the border.

Less than a month ago, another federal judge ordered the government to identify kids that were separated from their families. The Trump Administration has six months to get all of that information to the courts, but who knows if that will be possible since they have yet to reunite the families.

There’s no way of knowing how many kids were ultimately separated under last year’s policy.

Families Belong Together Chair Jess Morales Rocketto told Newsweek it’s impossible to know the exact number especially because the government has different ways of identifying units as families.

“The Trump administration characterizes family units as mothers, fathers, and children and you need to have a birth certificate to be recognized as a parent or guardian. So, that makes it really difficult to know,” Morales Rocketto said.

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