11 Things My Abuela Thinks Will Get Me When I Move To LA

As a Brooklyn native, and a Puerto Rican of the “shout ‘Boricua!’ until hoarse” variety, moving to Los Angeles to begin as an editor at mitú has raised all the red flags for my grandmother. I just turned 30 and she still reminds me to zip my coat, wear a helmet when I cycle, and to never ever go out in the cold after a hot shower. To say she’s concerned about my move doesn’t even cut it. This is what she’s freaking out about…

1. “El tiempo siempre está cambiando, te vas a enfermar en California. Ponte Vaporú.”

2. “Cuidado, las calles están tragándose la gente.”

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Cali, help me out, fam. Your streets are literally eating cars. Grandma thinks I’m going to end up an asphalt snack.

3. “Sometimes, no water y drought. Sometimes too much water y you drown.”

Crazy #larain #laflood massive river through my property

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3. “¡Que bochorno! Allí tu quiere vivir? ¿Nene, por qué no usan Drano?”

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Ma, overflowing dams are a little more complicated than plunging a big deuce.

4. “¿Tu va vivir cerca de todo esos fuegos?”

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I will be living nowhere near the forest, but to her the entire state is on fire.

5. “El fuego cae del cielo como la lluvia allí. No jueges.”

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Just going for a leisurely drive up the the mount… Ah! Oh my God, why! Am I going to regret not listening to mami?

6. “¿Se rompe la tierra como en ‘San Andreas’ allá?”

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Surprised she even noticed Earth split open here, grandma loves her some Dwayne.

7. “Y los earthquakes?”

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This is just as bad as “Primer Impacto,” which she clearly is already watching too much of.

8. “Nene, where are you going to eat Puerto Rican food? Do they even have Pernil?”

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Food is a religious experience in our household. Amen.

9. “What time difference? Don’t be making excuses. ¡Me llamas, malcriado!”

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She’s not having no excuses. I’m calling every day. Or else.

10. ¡Ten cuidado! It’s dangerous over there…


Ma… it’s dangerous everywhere. Have you seen who our president is?

11. They don’t have real winters. You’re never coming back are you?

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Of course I’ll be come back to visit! Don’t cry – you’re gonna make m– ?

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New Netflix Docuseries Explores The Summer The Night Stalker Terrorized Los Angeles


New Netflix Docuseries Explores The Summer The Night Stalker Terrorized Los Angeles

Bettmann / Getty Images

Richard Ramirez, a.k.a. The Night Stalker, spent the summer of 1985 terrorizing Los Angeles. Ramirez murdered 13 people during his reign of terror in Southern California. Netflix’s new docuseries is exploring the crime by interviewing law enforcement and family of the victims.

“Night Stalker: The Hunt For a Serial” killer is now streaming on Netflix.

“Night Stalker: The Hunt For a Serial Killer” is the latest Netflix docuseries diving into the true crimes that have shaped American society. Richard Ramirez is one of the most prolific serial killers of all time and single-handedly terrorized Los Angeles during the summer of 1985.

Ramirez fundamentally changed Los Angeles and the people who live there. The serial killer was an opportunistic killer. He would break into homes using unlocked doors and opened windows. Once inside, he would rape, murder, rob, and assault the people inside the home.

The documentary series explores just how Ramirez was able to keep law enforcement at bay for so long. The killer did not have a standard modus operandi. His victims ran the gamut of gender, age, and race. There was no indicator as to who could be next. He also rarely used the same weapon when killing his victims. Some people were stabbed to death while others were strangled and others still were bludgeoned.

While not the first telling of Ramirez’s story, it is the most terrifying account to date.

“Victims ranged in age from 6 to 82,” director Tiller Russell told PEOPLE. “Men, women, and children. The murder weapons were wildly different. There were guns, knives, hammers, and tire irons. There was this sort of feeling that whoever you were, that anybody could be a victim and anybody could be next.”

Family members of the various victims speak in the documentary series about learning of the horror committed to them. People remember grandparents and neighbors killed by Ramirez. All the while, police followed every lead to make sure they left no stone unturned.

“Night Stalker: The Hunt For a Serial Killer” is now streaming on Netflix.

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Video of an Anti-Mask Mob Storming a Los Angeles Grocery Store and Angrily Confronting Customers Goes Viral

Things That Matter

Video of an Anti-Mask Mob Storming a Los Angeles Grocery Store and Angrily Confronting Customers Goes Viral

Screenshot via SamBraslow/Twitter

We may have officially left 2020 behind us, but the drama surrounding the pandemic is still alive and well in 2021. As safety precautions like social distancing and masks remain in place in order to curb the spread of the virus, COVID-deniers and anti-maskers have become further emboldened.

But there hasn’t been such a blatant and obnoxious display of anti-masker activism as what happened recently in Los Angeles.

On Monday, a video went viral of an anti-mask woman screaming and appearing to attack a young man in the grocery store.

The video shows an anti-mask woman angrily running after a young man wearing a mask, at one point trying to plow him down with a shopping cart. As she charges towards him, she cusses at him and accuses him of having tried to hit her. There is no footage of the alleged hitting.

The woman follows the man throughout the grocery store as he tries to get away from her. She continues to strike at and scream at him. At one point, the young man tries to ask a security guard for help to no avail. More anti-mask protestors surround him and yell at him as he tries to distance himself from the situation.

The video was one of many incidents incited by an anti-mask mob in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The mob stormed Los Angeles’s Century City mall and nearby Ralph’s grocery store on Sunday. The group held pro-Trump and anti-mask signs, as well as signs that expressed doubt over the severity of the coronavirus.

In a Twitter thread, reporter Samuel Braslow documented the hours long “protest” of a group of anti-maskers. As the group swarmed the popular Los Angeles Century City mall, they were loud, relentless, and sometimes violent. They yelled inflammatory rhetoric such as “F–k communist China!”.

The Twitter thread also shows the mob storming into a Bloomingdales and chanting “No more masks!”. At one point, a few members of the group start performing a “MAGA” version of the YMCA.

The incident in the grocery store wasn’t the only time that the group had aggressive run-ins with onlookers.

Various videos show the group getting into various arguments, including with a food court worker, a shopper walking with his girlfriend, and an emotional woman who revealed to them that her mother was in the hospital with COVID-19. A male protestor responded: “A lot of people are. That’s life. People die. Your father [sic] is not special.”

While the LAPD and mall security ended up closely monitoring the situation, they never tried to arrest the protestors or force them to leave. According to Braslow, they opted to instead only intervene “when necessary”.

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