11 Crucial Life Lessons I Learned, Not From My Parents, But From Telenovelas

There are a few things that were never discussed growing up: relationships, periods, sex. Probably in that order.

The only advice I ever got on love and relationships was from watching TV. But of course rated R movies were prohibited in our house, however, my parents had no issue with telenovelas.

From telenovelas, I learned it all: how to handle scandals, how to have passionate sex, romance, and how to deal with malditas who betray me. You could say that Univision and Televisa served as my sex-ed — and all of these lessons took me very far in life.


This 1984 telenovela from Venezuela told the story of young Topacio. She is blind, poor, and very beautiful. She meets Jorge Luis who comes from a wealthy family. But here’s the catch, they were switched at birth!

Moral of story: your parents might not really be your parents. 

Baila Conmigo

If you think “High School Musical” or “Glee” changed your life, you haven’t watched “Baila Conmigo.” This 1992 novela dealt with many things that high schoolers go through like rejection, betrayal, and first loves. And the entire thing was a musical!

Before I had ever seen this novela, I didn’t know the term “bad boy.” After watching it, it definitely made me feel like I wanted to be with the “bad boy” because it was probably the best way to rebel. It took me YEARS to get that notion of wanting the bad boy out of my head. Sad but true.

Moral of the story: If you see a guy in a leather jacket, chances are he’s the bad guy. So stay away from him! (Even though you won’t.) 


I didn’t have a quinceañera nor did I want one, but this novela really made me see what could have been. The theme song on its own is great, and it really deals with the hardships that girls go through.

The novela is actually more controversial than I realized at the time but I learned a lot about real issues that no one ever talked about in my family such as rape and drug use.

Moral of the story: Just because you had your big birthday party doesn’t mean your life will turn out for the better. 

Los Ricos Tambien Lloran

Growing up, I had no idea my family was poor. I suppose I had no gauge of understanding what poverty or wealth really was. But then I was introduced to “Los Ricos Tambien Lloran.” While I didn’t understand our financial situation, I knew we didn’t have the money problems that these people faced. In fact, the people in this novela were downright evil.

Moral of the story: Money isn’t everything. 

Dos Mujeres Dos Caminos

This novela is as porny as you can get, or at least that’s how I understood it to be as I was a kid. For starters, the main dude who’s stringing along two ladies, is the dude from Chips! It made no sense. However, this show made it seem like all men cheat. It wasn’t a positive way to see men, but then again they also glorified his actions on this show.

Moral of the story: Dump a dude if he seems sketchy or too good to be true. 

Cuna de Lobos

The funny thing about this telenovela is that I couldn’t really pay attention to the drama because the matriarch of the family was missing an eye! Throughout the series, this lady wore an eye patch – a really fancy patch, so it was hard to focus on other things.

Moral of the story: Make nice with family or else they will leave you out of their will. 

La Fea Mas Bella

This storyline, which has spawned similar novelas worldwide, is one of the very few that I could actually relate to. Letty, a simple girl with big aspirations, is career minded but also in dire need of love. This girl will stop at nothing to get to to the top and get to her man, who seems like he might be out of her league.

I was Letty in so many ways. I was the girl out of place, the girl looking for love, and the girl that wanted it all. Watching Letty climb the corporate ladder and defying all odds was really inspiring to me as a kid. It made me feel like I could do whatever I wanted, and it didn’t matter what I looked like because eventually the guy of my dreams would see the person inside.

Moral of the story: The awkward girl is more awesome than you think. 

Amor En Silencio

This novela is kinda bonkers but insanely good. The storyline revolves around Marisela and Fernando who, naturally, should not be together for a variety of reasons but it technically comes down to his mother. Either way, these two get together and shit goes down at the wedding. And that’s only the beginning!

Parents should be informed that you should never ever tell a child what they should or shouldn’t do because they’ll end up doing the opposite. The more my mother said to me: “you shouldn’t be with him,” the more I wanted to. But also, never hook up with your third cousin, that would be the talk of every family reunion.

Moral of the story: Be careful who you fall in love with because they might be your relative. 

Maria Mercedes

I really thought of my older sister as Maria Mercedes. They both had the same problems. She had to take care of her siblings and basically be the adult and could never live a proper life. In the novela, Maria’s life is turned upside down when a wealthy man takes her just because he feels sorry for her. While that never happened to my sister, it did make me feel like the only way out of a miserable situation is if a man got you out of it. Not true by the way, but try telling that to an impressionable kid, especially one that would like to look like Thalia.

Moral of the story: Men will not save you, only you can do that. 

Maria la del Barrio

Speaking of popular Thalia telenovelas, “Maria la del Barrio” is also a lesson on true life. This novela is very similar to “Los Ricos Tambien Lloran,” however, this one features the one and only Itatí Cantoral, which makes it even better.

One important teaching in this novela, like many others, is that just because your life sucks now doesn’t mean it won’t get better. Or perhaps I should say, just because you’re a gem living on the bad part of town doesn’t mean you can never end up a rich lady ruling her throne. For me, it was more like “good comes to those who wait.”

Moral of the story: Work as a maid with rich people and one day they might work for you! (Or go insane, one or the other.)


I could not relate to this telenovela at all, but that’s why I loved it even more. If you’d ever want to know what the other side lives like — you know, the rich, attractive, talented, and popular, these kids were it. “Rebelde” was my way of being part of the in-crowd without ever leaving my house

I really took notes from watching these characters because I really felt that one day I’d be put in the spotlight, or a cute guy would ask me out, or I’d get invited to hang out with the cool kids. And when those things happened, I’d know exactly what to do.

Moral of the story: Being beautiful and talented also comes with a heavy price so count your blessings.

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Did you watch any of these telenovelas? Share this story and let us know in the comment section below. 

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‘Club Mundo Kids’ Is a New Children’s Show Aimed At First and Second Generation Latino Children


‘Club Mundo Kids’ Is a New Children’s Show Aimed At First and Second Generation Latino Children

Screenshot via YouTube

It’s no secret that there’s a shortage of programming out there for Latino children. Latino children are expected to consume children’s programming that features mostly white protagonists and simply put up with it. And when it comes to bilingual programming? Forget it. But a new show called “Club Mundo Kids” is trying to change all that.

“Club Mundo Kids” is a bilingual, educational program aimed at children of first and second generation Latino children.

The new show, hosted by former ABC News correspondent, Romi Puga, is aimed at the underserved audience of American Latino children who speak Spanish as their first language. However, “Club Mundo” also smatters in some English words here and there as part of their programming.

“There is very little content being created that is speaking to U.S. Hispanic, Latinx children and telling their stories,” Romi Puga recently told The New York Times. “The younger generation doesn’t really have anyone breaking things down and talking directly to them in a way that is digestible.”

Unlike “Dora the Explorer” or “Elena of Avalor“, “Club Mundo Kids” aims to talk to children about Latino life in a real world context.

While “Dora the Explorer” and “Elena of Avalor” are invaluable for showing Latino kids versions of themselves on screen, they function more as escapist entertainment. “Club Mundo Kids”, however,” features real-world Latinos in front of the camera–as well as a few Latino puppets.

Romi Puga hosts “Club Mundo Kids” from her backyard along with her “neighbors”, a friendly pink puppet named Maya and Coco, an adventurous puppet shaped like a coconut.

Together, Romi and her friends educate their young audience on important, real-world topics, like space exploration, recycling, and the Endangered Species Act.

They also discuss topics directly related to Latindad, like why different Latin American countries use different words and have different accents.

“We do a lot of that,” Romi told NBC News. “Just opening their minds to, ‘Hey, my classmate speaks Spanish but his Spanish doesn’t sound like mine. Why is that?’ And so we’re explaining that but in a fun way, and our hope is to encourage empathy, curiosity and that feeling of identifying with this show, which embraces multicultural identities.”

Above all, the creators of “Club Mundo Kids” hope that the show will create a space for American Latino children who feel like they don’t completely belong in either culture.

Since 2018, more than 1 in 4 newborns in the U.S. are Latino. These children have a complicated, multicultural identity that is being overlooked by the mainstream media. Romi, who was born in Miami but has parent from Chile and Argentina, understands this conflict firsthand.

“To me, that’s what I want ‘Club Mundos Kids’ to be — that group for kids, a place to identify, where they don’t need to pick one or the other,” she told NBC News. “They don’t need to pick English or Spanish but they can celebrate and be proud of their multicultural identities.”

“Club Mundo Kids” is currently airing on both Televisa and Universo.

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Here’s What We Know So Far About The ‘Rebelde’ Reboot Coming To Netflix


Here’s What We Know So Far About The ‘Rebelde’ Reboot Coming To Netflix

Nostalgia has a way of taking us right back to who we were when we saw and heard some of our favorite things. “Rebelde” is definitely one of the top nostalgic moments in most Latino childhoods. Well, get ready because Netflix is bringing “Rebelde” back so you can dive back into the stories that will forever hold a special place in your heart.

“Rebelde” is coming back and this is definitely not a drill.

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After years of being off the air, the historic and iconic show “Rebelde” is back and people cannot wait. The original cast has been good at keeping our love for them alive as they toured and created music. Most recently, RBD, the surviving band of original Rebelde members, dropped a new single to make the pandemic a little more tolerable.

We already know who is reprising their role in the reboot.

Celina Ferrer, played by Estefanía Villarreal, is coming back as the principal of the school. The official announcement letter was signed by the Elite Way School alumna.

“EWS is renowned for the excellence of its illustrious student body, young people ready to dazzle the world. In these halls, we have shaped icons who have gone on to entertain millions with their talent, and our classrooms have turned students into stars, ready for the big stage,” reads the letter. “Today, our Board of Directors is proud to present the next generation of young people who will become part of our prestigious institution in the upcoming 2022 school year. We welcome our future students Azul Guatia, Sergio Mayer Mori, Andrea Chaparro, Jeronimo Cantillo, Franco Masini, Lixeth Selene, Alejandro Puente, and Giovanna Grigio, who have been selected from an impressive list of applicants. The new students will start wearing the EWS uniform during orientation, which will start on March 1 of this year, thus preparing themselves for the upcoming 2022 school year at this institution, always committed to educating the leaders of tomorrow.”

Here’s a quick look at the new class.

Azul Guaita

Guaita is best known for her impressive TikTok account. She also starred in telenovelas ‘Mi marrido tiene familia” and “Soltero con hijas.” The 19-year-old Mexican actress has garnered more than 2 million followers on TikTok.

Sergio Mayer Mori

Mayer Mori is son of Mexican actor and producer Sergio Mayer and Uruguayan-born Mexican actress, model, producer and writer Bárbara Mori Ochoa. The young actor was in “Un padre no tan padre” in 2016.

Andrea Chaparro

Andrea is the daughter of famed Mexican actor Omar Chapparo. Hopefully the actress brings her unapologetic grunge vibes to the set in her role.

Jeronimo Cantillo

Cantillo is best known for his role in Verdad Oculta and Los Morales as well as his reggaeton music. The actor is bringing his award nominated acting chops and musical stylings to the highly anticipated Netflix reboot.

Franco Masini

Masini is one of the biggest names attached to the new “Rebelde” reboot. With several projects under his belt and more than 1 million Instagram followers, Masini is definitely bringing a large following to the Netflix show.

Lizeth Selene

Selene has made a name for herself as a musician and model. It is pretty impressive that her first acting job is going to be as part of the newest Rebelde class.

Alejandro Puente

Puente is an actor, writer, and director with a lot of success in Mexico. He is best known for his role as Todd Anderson in the Mexican stage adaptation of “Dead Poets Society.” He also stars in “El Club,” a crime drama television show in Mexico.

Giovanna Grigio

Grigio comes to the Elite Way School with 6 million Instagram followers and a lot of experience. The Brazilian actress has starred in several television shows and movies and will definitely bring some strong talent to the show.

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