Proof That Our Childhood Costumes Can Be The Inspo We Need For Our 2018 Costumes

We’re finally starting to cherish the ’90s like it deserves. We’re also living in an era where we’re all fighting to rip the sheep’s clothing off the wolves, and desperately trying to think of a creative Halloween costume for 2018. The good thing is that we can also reach for the nostalgic feelings to fuel our creativity. Growing up Latino meant going hard at Halloween, and not in the Heidi Klum sense.

Our moms sewed the most raggedy costumes for us, or made the best out of a plastic tablecloth. For every photo of you in a different Halloween costume, there’s one of your older brother or prima wearing it the year before. We’re a village and the costumes we have circulating around the family honestly belong in a museum. Or this very cute listicle.

We all wore a felt Barney costume at some point.

CREDIT: @ClarkShawnie / Instagram

Your mom just bought a smelly old Barney costume off a drunk Barney impersonator and used the fabric to craft you this. “Pero just rub hydrogen peroxide on anything y se limpia.”

You never felt DIY fly in a bubble of balloons.

CREDIT: @griechenland_luciano / Instagram

You definitely cherish the #throwback pic nonetheless. It did give you a nice buffer from Nina’s too tight hugs.

If you’re a girl, you 100 percent were dressed as an angel.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Danielli Marzouca

If you’re a boy, you’re a clown, hands down.

P.S. Check that pumpkin with the false lashes.

P.P.S. That is me looking so angelic. ????????‍♀️

You were forced to be a duo with your little hermano.

CREDIT: Untitled. Digital Image. First For Women. 28 September 2018.

He was always pretty happy about it but you felt like a dummy in front of your friends. Plus, Superman didn’t wear a turtleneck under the cape.

I was a flamenca for four years straight and it’s fine.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Danielli Marzouca

I could remember when the dress touched the ground and when it went above my knees. Ask your mom to be something different this year and it’s all, “Mira que es la princesa now. Where’s your prince?” I don’t even know what to say to that.

When you and your brother couldn’t fit into your superhero duo costumes, you graduated to a payaso.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Danielli Marzouca

You were damn proud. I’m hiding because my mom made my Pippy Longstocking costume that year and I was super embarrassed. The boys always get the store-bought costumes. ????

Some of us had moms who swore they were costume designers.

CREDIT: @rjpaez / Instagram

We were thrilled about it. This is a true payaso right here. He has the tears and everything. Honestly, we were happy to have a costume that really stood out.

Then, there were the “just raid my closet” costumes.

CREDIT: Untitled. Digital Image. First For Women. 28 September 2018.

Yes, she is wearing a polka dotted skirt for a beard and seems very proud. Best part is you can decide what you want to be based on how the costume turns out.

All of us were power rangers at one point.

CREDIT: @AdigaSilk / Twitter

You couldn’t see through the masks and those safety hazards are a thing of the past. They were just 100 percent opaque plastic and your mom had to guide you everywhere or else the gig was up.

Cada bébe was a pumpkin.

CREDIT: @yes_jpg / Instagram

If you don’t have a baby photo of you dressed like a pumpkin, you missed out on the greatest cosmic joke of all. We come from the same patch because I wore that same costume the year after my prima.

Mientras, Selena Gomez has crushed Halloween since birth.

CREDIT: Dreamer / Pinterest

It is so obvious that she was born to be a star. She’s not hiding behind anyone. Plus, remember those extra squishy foam flip flops? Workin it.

And she always had good taste.

CREDIT: Dreamer / Pinterest
To our credit, these look like her mom didn’t make these costumes. Selena was a vampire before it was cool to be a vampire.

Remember “I Dream of Jeannie”?

CREDIT: Dreamer / Pinterest

Your dad was really into the show and your mom poked fun at his crush on Barbara Eden. Literally it was a show about a beautiful genie who gets Stockholm syndrome and falls in love and marries her “master.” The ’70s. ????

Whether Selena was Jeannie or just a really cute lil genie, she rocked it.

Sometimes, our moms just painted our face and bought us an animal print sweater.

CREDIT: Dreamer / Pinterest

I mean, she already had the yellow eyeshadow (it was the ’90s). What else is lip liner for than to give your budding celebrity daughter whiskers?

If you were a princess, you were going to be Belle.

CREDIT: @nrc_inc / Instagram

Your parents approved of her dedication to education and reading. She’s the only one who is buena gente, and if you asked to be her, they were really proud.

You know you’re Latino when you bring an empty food container to collect your candy.

Now we know that our parents were just being practical. Take the container we’re going to store the candy in for the next four winters. Feed two birds with one scone and all that.

At one point, you were a Flinstones character.

CREDIT: A / Pinterest

If your mom was really savage, she just used a dried out bone from lechón and put it in your hair. You cannot doubt that this has happened to some Latino child out there.

We also celebrated that one time a Cuban landed a Cuban role via “I Love Lucy.”

CREDIT: @misspartymom / Instagram

It doesn’t happen very often, but when a 1950’s sitcom actually put Cuban-born Desi Arnez on mainstream television, we’re here for it. Sure, I see some problems with this picture, but, again, it was the 90’s.

Sometimes, we just dressed up like our culture.

CREDIT: @jorjesantamaria5 / Instagram

White people and non-Mexicanos, you cannot do this. Literally this is one mami trying to put the clothes your abuelitos gave her to good use because there is no real occasion any more to get this dressed up. We’ve taken on American values. Stretchwear always.

Never forget the plastic poncho costumes.

CREDIT: Buzzfeed / Pinterest

It was crazy sweaty under those plastic sheets, but I’m sweating just looking at someone dressed as an indigenous Indian. And now a moment of gratitude that it’s 2018 and we don’t have to put up with any types of sweating anymore.

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JetBlue Issued An Official Apology After One Employee In Florida Dressed Up As A Hurricane Maria Victim

Things That Matter

JetBlue Issued An Official Apology After One Employee In Florida Dressed Up As A Hurricane Maria Victim

@nats248 / Twitter

Every Halloween, we have the misfortune of reporting on how white people still don’t understand that culture, poverty, and other races are not costumes. JetBlue has recently issued an apology after one of its employees at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport showed up to work in a homeless Hurricane Maria refugee for Halloween. With tattered hair, makeup smeared across her face, and ripped disheveled clothing, the woman carried a cup for change and an offensive sign. It read, “Homeless, Need help trying to get back home to Puerto Rico or Cuba.”

According to one Twitter user, the costume “sparked controversy” at the airport, offending both employees and travelers alike. The Twitter user decided to take to the Internet to gather public opinion, tweeting, “This was the costume of a JetBlue employee at the airport in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I want to read your opinions.” Needless to say, the employee has been adequately roasted by Latinos everywhere, JetBlue has issued an apology, and has told NBC News that “the situation was immediately addressed.” 

Immediately, people took offense to the idea of dressing up as a Hurricane Maria refugee.

Credit: @nats248 / Twitter

“It seems fatal to me. It doesn’t matter if she didn’t say Cuba or Puerto Rico,” one offended Twitter user said in Spanish. She went on to say, “Many people don’t care about the homeless because they think they “asked for it,” but that is the sad reality of life. So many don’t care or respect the pain or difficulties of others.” Another Latino commented, “This IS offensive. Not because the name of my country is there, that only reflects their ignorance. But the issue of being homeless is too delicate and it is not funny at all to not have a roof, food, or clean clothes … but that’s just me.”

Meanwhile, Florida has become a hub for displaced Puerto Ricans after Hurricane Maria decimated the island.

Credit: @nats248 / Twitter

One woman took offense to the degrading imitation of the immigrants “who created and are the basis of this country.” Another woman suggested that the staff be given some sensitivity training regarding the community they serve, actual Cubans and Puerto Ricans. “Not sure if they know but thousands of people lost everything due to Hurricane Maria,” tweeted another dissenter. “For this JetBlue employee to think it’s OK to joke about the epidemic of homelessness in Puerto Rico and the U.S. is sickening and completely unacceptable. That’s NO JOKE.”

Another Latina was absolutely incredulous that a JetBlue employee actually “showed up to work in this racist and highly offensive ‘costume.’ People’s hardship and suffering should not be mocked like this.”

Then, the Twitter trolls infiltrated, calling Latinos “snowflakes” and “virtue signalers” for taking offense at the costume.

Credit: @dhock47 / @greciamaria / Twitter

We’ll spare you some of the more pointedly racist remarks. One user defended the costume, wondering out loud to a group of Latinos if, “maybe she couldn’t afford an expensive store bought costume, so she used what she had.” She went on to say, “I was a gypsy practically every year growing up, I’m sure that’s offensive too these days!” ????????????

Someone else jokingly pointed out that the costume is a fail because there is zero bandera pride. ????????????????

Credit: @ElGeorgeRiveraR / Twitter

“It grates me because a true homeless Boricua would have the flag, even if it was painted on their teeth,” tweeted Mr. Rivera. The Center for Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College in New York reported that more than 135,000 Puerto Ricans fled the island for the mainland United States within six months after Hurricane Maria made landfall. Nearly 57,000 of them moved to Florida. Puerto Rican homelessness is no laughing matter. Hurricane Maria made significant, generational impacts on Puerto Ricans. Whether the JetBlue employee decided to take on that traumatic event as a weak pander to vacation on the Caribbean island, or if she truly was so ignorant that we cannot find reason for her costume, commenting Latinos are largely “furious.”

Others are demanding that JetBlue actually “leave her jobless to find the joke in her ‘costume.'”

Credit: @dominopr777 / Twitter

“Shame on @JetBlue and their management for not sending this employee home as soon as they saw this highly inappropriate & insensitive ‘costume’. SHAME!,” commented one user. Jetblue has not responded to the tweet that set the public roasting in motion. Jetblue’s manager of corporate communications, Derek Dombrowski, emailed NBC News to issue an apology: “In the spirit of Halloween, our crew members are welcome to celebrate in costume, but one crew member chose a costume that was clearly insensitive and not in line with our costume policy. The situation was immediately addressed, and we apologize to anyone who was offended.”

While JetBlue has apologized for the offense, folks still want to know how the employee was “immediately addressed.”

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Two Women Thought It Was A Good Idea To Dress Up In KKK Robes And Parade Themselves Around Black People


Two Women Thought It Was A Good Idea To Dress Up In KKK Robes And Parade Themselves Around Black People

Why In 2019 Some People Would Think That A KKK Costume Or A Bloodied And Bruised Makeup Look Are ‘Cute’ Is Above Us

Bella Thorne Angered Her Followers For Bloodied And Bruised Halloween Selfies: ‘Stop Glamorizing Domestic Abuse’

Bella Thorne’s Bruised And Bloodied Selfies And Two Women Dressed Up As KKK Members in DTLA Riled Up The Internet This Halloween

Just when we thought we’d made it through this year’s Halloween season without any inappropriate or problematic Halloween costumes, Bella Thorne posted her look on Instagram. A lot of the actress’ followers were offended by her makeup, saying that it looked too similar to a domestic abuse victim. And in Downtown L.A., a group of Hispanic women thought it was ok to dress up as KKK members until people snatched their hoods off. Here’s what went down. 

Bella Thorne wanted to show off her makeup skills in a bloodied and bruised look —but instead, was dragged by her followers.

Instagram @bellathorne

Before unveiling her actual Halloween costume as a sexy Girl Scout, Bella Thorne took to Instagram to show off her makeup skills by posting a photo of herself looking bruised and bloodied. Looking like someone had punched her in the face, the actress captioned the series of three photos with: “Hire me for your Halloween makeup I got you boo ???????????? ????????????.”

The actor riled up her followers who were quick to assume she’d been hurt.

Instagram @bellathorne

Although the caption made it pretty clear that she hadn’t actually been hurt, many of her followers said the pictures were jarring and worrying. One wrote: “My heart dropped. I immediately got angry that someone hit you. This is uhhh fkn scary.” Another added; “Almost said, are u okay, lol.”

Her followers called the actor out for ‘glamorizing’ domestic abuse.

They also called Bella out for “glamorizing” domestic violence and said it should never be used for aesthetic purposes. Some commenters said: “Why is glamorizing being physically abused culturally appropriate during Halloween?”, “I feel this is too close to physical abuse, you’re crossing a fine line here.”

“That’s kinda insensitive to real victims of DV.”

“I’m just sickened and so disappointed in you. What a platform you have…and misuse it like this. Sickening, Bella.”

The actor is known for her wild, bold and colorful looks —hair and makeup included. The photos posted on October 30, featured a cut lip and bruises on her jaw and eye.

Instagram @bellathorne

Commenters thought her makeup would be triggering to those who have experienced abuse in their own lives. Bella has previously spoken out about her own struggles with physical and sexual abuse in the past, so it’s surprising to see her showcase such a makeup look. 

As part of the Time’s Up movement, Bella Thorne spoke up about her own experience of sexual and physical abuse as a child last year. 

Instagram @bellathorne

“I was sexually abused and physically growing up from the day I can remember till I was 14..when I finally had the courage to lock my door at night and sit by it,” she wrote on Instagram. “All damn night. Waiting for someone to take advantage of my life again. Over and over I waited for it to stop and finally it did. But some of us aren’t as lucky to get out alive. Please, today stand up for every soul Mistreated. #timesup”

Bella went on to debut her actual Halloween costume on Instagram the following day and has yet to respond to comments regarding her previous post.

And speaking of insensitive and problematic costumes, these two Hispanic women in DTLA thought that dressing up as KKK members would be funny —until it wasn’t.

Twitter @tariqnasheed

A group of Hispanic women dressed as Ku Klux Klan members in downtown Los Angeles, on Halloween night and roamed around town, sparking outrage and alarm. Videos of their costumes were shown in several social media posts. One clip shows a woman telling the cloaked person to take her hood off until someone finally snatches it off her head. 

One of the women who confronted the insensitive trick-or-treaters took to Facebook to share a post about how things went down.

Racist women get KKK mask snatched off them and ran out of DTLA #share #Melaninispowerful“THIS SHIT ISN’T FUNNY”“Oh so you thought this was funny”I’m not a bully nor am I a killer but this type of shit needs to stop, before somebody gets killed or we start a riot as people. Last night Two Mexican women walked down the streets of LA wearing KU KLUX KLAN outfits thinking shit was funny and “allegedly trying to scare ppl” so we snatched their mask off and had a little conversation… this isn’t just disrespectful to black ppl but all people who fought for our rights this is disrespectful to our people my people your people(to The women). “The same people you two are supporting is the same folks supporting deportation of your ppl and your walking #DTLATo “scare people” “ she goes on to say “I am right and I should be mad” that’s the moment I could’ve and should’ve knocked her ass out but unfortunately we would’ve been the ones behind bars for being black in America and fighting the same fight out ancestry fought, we didn’t put our hands on them, we took those mask off and kindly escorted them out of LA.. We didn’t do this for clout, we did this to for our respect ✊ don’t play like this ppl of America cause this generation isn’t gonna let that shit go down!#racist #melaninispowerful #love #energy #bestfriendgoals #trumpsupporters indigenous justice is environmental justice

Posted by Ashley Williams on Saturday, November 2, 2019

“I’m not a bully nor am I a killer but this type of shit needs to stop before somebody gets killed or we start a riot as people. Last night Two Mexican women walked down the streets of LA wearing KU KLUX KLAN outfits thinking shit was funny and “allegedly trying to scare ppl” so we snatched their mask off and had a little conversation,” wrote Ashley Williams, one of the people who confronted the women about the disrespectful costumes. 

“This isn’t just disrespectful to black ppl but all people who fought for our rights this is disrespectful to our people my people your people (to the women). The same people you two are supporting is the same folks supporting deportation of your ppl…”

The video compiles a few clips of what went down and how the two hooded women were confronted by a small mob of people.

The nearly two-minute-long video posted to Twitter shows the two women standing on the sidewalk as a mob of people try to take their hoods. Later on they try to enter a smoke shop as everyone around them booed. “Don’t ever wear that sh*t in your life,” said the female rapper Shatown Johnson to the hooded woman. “You’re right,” replied the woman in the ridiculous costume after being confronted. 

Why these women thought it would be cute or “funny” to dress up as Klan members for Halloween? Who knows! But just like Facebook user Ashley Williams put it on her post: “Don’t play like this ppl of America cause this generation isn’t gonna let that shit go down!”