Even The Monsters At Halloween Horror Nights Understand The Necessity Of Vegan Food

If you’re vegan or just a general foodie, you’re probably already thinking and obsessing about what you’re going to eat for dinner ten days from now. No question, if you’re going to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, you’re stressin‘, like your mami taught you. Like, will there be frijoles? Will they be vegan?

Hunnies, we got you covered. Here’s what we know about the “Stranger Things” themed throw down and all the vegan food and drinks at your bruja finger tips.

Let’s start with the alcohol:

CREDIT: “horror nights 2018” Digital Image. Inside The Magic. 7 October 2018.

You grew up Latino so you’re already anxious at a baseline thanks to life being like a trip to Halloween Horror Nights. You never know when a chancla is about to be thrown your way.

Have a “Wicked Rad Punch” to take the edge off. It’s made of blueberry vodka, raspberry vodka, triple sec, lemonade and grenadine.

Totally L.I.T.

CREDIT: “horror nights 2018” Digital Image. Inside The Magic. 7 October 2018.

HHN is rebranding the Long Island Iced Tea as “Totally L.I.T.” and it’s modern-day accurate. A combo of vodka, tequila, gin, rum with triple sec, lime, sour and Coca-Cola will have you laughing in ghouls’ faces.

Or have a “Gnarly Twist”

CREDIT: “horror nights 2018” Digital Image. Inside The Magic. 7 October 2018.

Did you notice the plastic divider down the middle of the cup? That’s so that you can get half “L.I.T.” and half Wicked Rad and have a sweet and sour combo of the two. Don’t worry, it comes with a straw that let’s you dip into both flavors.

Need café?

CREDIT: @veganatuniversal / Instagram

Well, I’m not sure if Starbucks truly counts as café, but it’s nearby and you can get the Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuccino vegan if you ask for it with nondairy milk and no whip. You can look spooky with your black ice cream milkshake.

Get yourself a Duff beer.

CREDIT: @thischarmingman82 / Instagram

You freakin’ deserve it. When you’re starting to feel a little too stressed, a trip to Springfield (a.k.a. Simpson Land) will help you wind down. Especially with a dry ice accented Duff beer.

Get more spooky at Hogsmeade!

CREDIT: @veganatuniversal / Instagram

That’s right. The pumpkin juice is vegan (and it should be). The only thing to be wary of is butterbeer, which is loaded up with dairy. The pumpkin juice though is a close second.

While you’re at the Three Broomsticks…

CREDIT: @veganatuniversal / Instagram

Rumor has it that the asparagus plate (requested vegan) is the best thing on the menu, especially with a cup of pumpkin juice on ice.

 If you’re still hungry (no judgement)…

CREDIT: @llexiumm / Instagram

You can also get the baked breakfast beans, potatoes and corn on the cub (sans mantequilla). Thank you, J.K. Rowling.

Snow Monster for your sweet thirst needs.

CREDIT: @veganatuniversal / Instagram

City Walk is the greatest gift to vegans. Find Snow Monster on City Walk Hollywood and get the Vegan Thai Iced Tea. Yes, it comes with cotton candy.

 Demogorgon’s Totcho tater tot bliss is everything.

CREDIT: “horror nights 2018” Digital Image. Inside The Magic. 7 October 2018.

We’re not going to lie to you. Universal’s HHN offerings are largely chicken and waffles, an ode to Eleven. That said, Demogorgon’s Totcho seems promising. It’s a twist on the classic nacho with piles of tater tots covered in spicy queso, chili, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, sour cream and scallions. Try asking for it with no queso or sour cream and we bet it’s veganized!

Pizza Fries

CREDIT: “horror nights 2018” Digital Image. Inside The Magic. 7 October 2018.

Apparently, this is a KidZone offering, but we bet if you ask for it without the cheese and pepperoni, you’ll have your hands on a hot plate of crispy fries.

Pink’s Hot Dog has a secret vegan dog off-menu.

CREDIT: @veganatuniversal / Instagram

This has only been confirmed at the Hollywood CityWalk. Orlando people, can you confirm? Remember, you won’t see it on the menu so don’t get discouraged.

Blaze Pizzas everywhere will save you.

CREDIT: @veganatuniversal / Instagram

This isn’t just at HHN. Well, it actually isn’t at all. You’ll find this on CityWalk, but every Blaze Pizza in the country now offers Daiya cheese, so you can get fast food vegan pizza. It’s 2018 and some things have to work in our favor.

Don’t pass on Johnny Rockets.

CREDIT: @beets.motel / Instagram

I know. When your crew wants to go somewhere that you know isn’t going to be vegan friendly, you’re a kill joy. Johnny Rockets is changing the narrative for ya. Get yourself the Streamliner Burger and fries.

Speaking of fries…

CREDIT: @veganatuniversal / Instagram

You can get vegan fries at Cletus’ Chicken Shack, Gru’s Lab Café, Hollywood & Dine, Krusty Burger, Mel’s Diner, Jurassic Café, Camacho’s Cantina and so much more.

While you’re at Camacho’s, get yourself some vegetable fajitas (no cheese) and tostadas de nopales.

Fusion Bistro Sushi Sake

CREDIT: @universalorlandovegans / Instagram

Orlando folks, you’ve got yourself what looks like a delish Japanese option on CityWalk. There’s nothing better than getting out of the park, slumping in a seat and enjoying some lite fare.

Life hack: some Dippin’ Dots are vegan

CREDIT: “Orange Ice” Digital Image. Dippin’ Dots. 7 October 2018.

The Halloween one (which looks like this, plus Oreos) is not vegan. The most popular vegan flavor is the rainbow option. Other vegan flavors are: Rainbow Ice, Liberty Ice, Black Ice, Sour Blue Razz, Orange Ice, Blue Raspberry Ice, Lemon Ice, Lime Ice, Strawberry Ice, Mango-Pineapple Sorbet, and Strawberry Sorbet.

Dear God, then there’s Voodoo Doughnuts.

CREDIT: “horror nights 2018” Digital Image. Inside The Magic. 7 October 2018.

If you’re vegan and you don’t already know about VooDoo, I’m shooketh. They offer both vegan and non-vegan options in all kinds of cute shapes. This HHN, their vegan offering is a gravestone. I’m about to eat my way to death on these.

Ben & Jerry’s: America’s New Vegan Safe Haven.

CREDIT: @veganatuniversal / Instagram

Ben & Jerry’s is available at both CityWalk locations and they are stocking all the vegan flavors. You can go get yourself an Oreo fudge banana split and be as sugar-addicted as non-vegans. #Equality

These blood pops are vegan.

CREDIT: @veganatuniversal / Instagram

If you’re a rarity and didn’t sleuth a bunch of Mexican candy and De la Rosa into the park with you, then HoneyDukes has you covered on the candy front with vegan Blood Pops!

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Forget The ‘Sexy’ Costume And Dress Up As 2019’s Most Talked-About Mystical Creature: A Mermaid


Forget The ‘Sexy’ Costume And Dress Up As 2019’s Most Talked-About Mystical Creature: A Mermaid

We’re all a little basic sometimes. And don’t get me wrong, I love a quick costume that I can pick up at a local Forever 21 as much as the next girl. But we all know the costumes that get overdone year after year; the witch, the sexy nurse, the black cats, the angel… they’re just straight-up basic. So how about this year you try something that doesn’t feel outdated or boring? Like a mystical creature from the depths of the sea.

2019 has been the year of the mermaid, so why not channel your inner sea-princess this Halloween?

credit Instagram @peter_garcia8

2019 has been the year of overhyped mermaids. From the wild reactions people had to Halle Bailey playing Ariel in The Little Mermaid’s live action remake announced earlier this year, to the premiere of The Little Mermaid Live! —another remake of the classic Disney film to be broadcasted on live TV. What’s more, mermaids are one of Pinterest’s top costume searches, even in 2019.

So we say, clad yourself in pearls, seashells and glittery scales. You could go modern and sleek, Nicole Kidman-style in Aquaman, or classic and romantic like Disney’s children’s classic. This costume gives you lots of room to let your creativity run wild and make the mystical character your own. 

We wanted to offer some help, so we rounded up our favorite mermaid makeup inspo for you to get planning your Halloween getup:

 Technicolor Barbie doll inspired mermaid.

credit Instagram @wiktoria_makeup

Think 90s Mermaid Barbie doll. No Barbie-inspired makeup look is complete without Barbie Pink and Purple. For this look, beauty blogger, Wiktoria went all out with those Barbie-inspired hues. Iridescent products are key for any mermaid interpretation, so don’t be shy. Bring the color from your cheekbones to the side of your face and brows for a colorful, artful take on the underwater look.

Pearls are a mermaid’s best friend

credit Instagram @Jamescharles

When constructing a sea-themed costume, pearls are a must for a luxe, boujee mermaid look. Case in point: James Charles. And because we’re guessing you’ll be tired after you’re done struggling to glue those pearls on your face, keep the rest of the look natural. Maybe add blue tones to your eyes for an under-the-sea feel, and top it all off with metallic blue lips.

Iridescent scales 

Credit Instagram @miniinaaz

Yes, this looks like you need a certain level of makeup experience and expertise to pull off the technique. But we promise you, it’s a lot easier than it looks. Recreate the look of self-confessed makeup geek, Naz Rahman, by using fishnet stockings. Hold the stocks over your face and dust the iridescent shadows through the holes. Easier than you thought, amirite?

The Little Mermaid with a twist 

credit Instagram @zhilabeauty

…if the fishnet tip is still too much work. Draw the scales with colorful eyeliner. Put those Euphoria-inspired neon liners to good use this Halloween before the fad ends. 

Barely-there mermaid look

credit Instagram @peter_garcia88

This one is for that last minute invite to a Halloween party. If you didn’t have anything planned and need to whip up a costume at the very last minute, we got you covered. Do your everyday look, and brush a bit of pink or blue shadow over fishnet stockings for subtle scales. Stop by a craft store on your way to the party and glue a few pearls over your temples and forehead. Now you’re ready to go trick-or-treating!

The princess of the ocean

credit Instagram @moninamua

I mean… wow. Why no go all out like makeup artist influencer @moninamua? Let that creativity run wild, it’s Halloween! Visit your local craft store and bag some sequins, paper shells, and pearls to recreate this look. 

Simple and Classic

credit Instagram @lonyeamaiden

For a more subtle and classic take on the sea-creature, get yourself a pair of seashells to cover your boobage and keep the hair and makeup natural and beachy. Add a metallic eyeshadow and matching lip for a little bit of a pop —it’s Halloween after all! Don’t keep it too boring, girl.

The artsy take 

credit Instagram @glowbykt

This is for the gals that want a less literal costume. Create a wave-inspired effect across your face and add touches of glitter to evoque a sense of bubbly rippled-water.

Extra Extra 

Credit Instagram @Romeoislove

If “Go hard or go home” are words you live by, then this level of commitment to a theme is for you. Make a statement with pearls, a whole crown, a wig, blue body paint and purple lips. Then proceed to cash that ‘Best costume of the night’ prize, you earned it. 

Dead mermaid bc Halloween, duh!

credit Instagram @simply.mandiej

The occasion calls for a costume, but also for scary vibes —it is all hallows’ eve after all! So if you’re looking for a dead-something or another, add some fale blood and under-eye bags to your mermaid look, et voila! You’re welcome. 

Christina Aguilera Attended ‘The Addams Family’ Premiere Dressed As Morticia Addams and Now Some Fans Are Calling Her The ‘Queen of Halloween’


Christina Aguilera Attended ‘The Addams Family’ Premiere Dressed As Morticia Addams and Now Some Fans Are Calling Her The ‘Queen of Halloween’

Christina Aguilera is looking scary good. On Sunday, the iconic pop-star arrived at the premiere of the Addams Family movie dressed very similar to the grande dame of the Addams family herself, Morticia. Never one to phone it in on the red carpet, Aguilera fully committed to the look, wearing a long, slinky black dress with a laced-up plunging neckline. She paired the look with a soft smokey eye and a matching black manicure. Her signature blonde hair was styled into a center part with blunt bangs. 

Not only did Xtina look incredible, but she also looked like she was having a great time.

Aguilera was attending the Addams Family premiere to promote the song “Haunted Heart” that she wrote and recorded for the film.

“Haunted Heart” is a haunting, jazzy track that puts Xtina’s powerhouse vocals to good use. The song has been described as “dramatic” and “soulful”, and definitely catches the essence of this story of an offbeat family while also staying true to Aguilera’s pop roots. Not only is the song a bop, but Aguilera also appears to be having the time of her life promoting it. Aguilera took to her social media accounts to share behind-the-scenes pictures of the big night. “Growing up, I always loved the #AddamsFamily. It’s been so fun to watch the story of this classic family evolve over time,” Aguilera captioned one of her pictures. “That’s why it meant so much to record my latest single #HauntedHeart for this new rendition of the movie”. 

Aguilera indeed made the “Addams Family” premiere a family affair, walking the red carpet along with her partner and two kids–all of whom happened to be dressed as members of the Addams Family too. Aguilera’s fiancé, Matthew Rutler, dressed in a simple pin-striped black suit that was almost an exact replica of Gomez Addams’. Meanwhile, her children, Max and Summer Rain, dressed up in near-identical outfits Pugsly and Wednesday Addams. We applaud Aguilera for convincing her children to agree to a group family costume. Basically, the entire Aguilera brood was embodying #familygoals, and her fans were living for it.

The red carpet premiere of “The Addams Family” isn’t the only place Aguilera has been having fun creating spooky looks. 

Her social media accounts are also filled with other appearances where she is impressively pulling off the Halloween aesthetic. On Saturday, she wore a sexy gothic pin-up ensemble complete with dark lipstick and finger waves, to her performance of “Haunted Heart” at Freeform’s “31 Nights Of Halloween Fan Fest”. The all-black outfit with dramatic winged liner gave off major silent-film-star vibes. We can always count on Xtina to serve us with some old Hollywood glamour. 

Excitingly, Aguilera is not the only Latinx person involved in “The Addams Family”. For the new animated movie, Guatemalan actor Oscar Isaac lends his voice to the role of Gomez Addams–a role previously made famous by Puerto Rican actor Raul Julia in 1991. Needless to say, it’s refreshing to see Latinxs consistently involved in such a long-lasting and durable franchise. 

As for Christina’s fans, they were blown away by her Morticia Addams-inspired look.

There’s nothing the people love more than one icon paying tribute to another, and Christina and Moritcia have more in common than meets the eye. Like Morticia, Aguilera has never been shy about unabashedly expressing her sexuality. Both women prove that a woman can be seductive and sensual in addition to being a fully-formed human being. We call that a match made in heaven. 

Some fans felt moved to christen Christina with a new title:

If Mariah Carey is the Latina Queen of Christmas, then Xtina is definitely the Latina Queen of Halloween we didn’t even know we deserved. 

This Twitter user loved how Xtina’s family seem as committed to embracing the Halloween spirit as she is.

You know the old saying: “The family that dresses up in costumes together stays together”. Or something like that.

A lot of fans were living for the way in which her children were posing–especially her daughter, Summer

It looks like Xtina might have to keep an eye on her throne–her daughter might be coming to snatch it. 

This fan made an accurate point about how comfortable Aguilera looks in her Morticia costume.

Can we expect anything less from a superstar who has been performing since she was a little girl? Sat what you want about Xtina, but everything she does, she does 100%.