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Here Are 11 Vegan Versions Of Staple Latino Foods That Will Make You Consider Going Vegan

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There are some definite benefits to cleaning up your diet and eating as clean as possible. For some people, that means going vegan and that’s really rough for Latinos. Not because so much of our food centers around animal products, but because our parents are always so concerned for us if we change our eating habits form theirs. However, here are ways you can make your favorite Latino foods vegan and just as delicious.

1. Tequeños

Biting into a traditional Venezuelan tequeño means eating gooey cheese with fried fluffy dough wrapped around it. These tequeños sub in animal-free butter dough and your choice of white “cheese.” You have to try these at least once.

2. Flor de Jamaica Tacos

Want to take your Friday dinner to the next level? Prepare some agua de jamaica, save the flowers, shred some carrots and take out your smoked chipotles. There you go, you’re all set for a perfect taco night! ?⚡️? Ingredients: • 2 cups hibiscus flower, cooked • 4 cups water • ¼ cup melted extra virgin coconut oil • 2 garlic cloves, diced • 1 red onion, sliced • 2 carrots, shredded • 3 chipotle chiles • 1 tsp. sea salt • 1 tsp. black pepper • 3 tbsp. coconut sugar • ½ cup water 1. Bring a large pot to boil over high heat. Add hibiscus and cook for 30 minutes, until tender. 2. Drain and wash under running water until no more red water comes out. Slice thin and reserve. (Do not discard water, use it as a refresher!) 3. In a large saucepan, add coconut oil, garlic, onion and carrots and cook in medium heat for 4 minutes. Add hibiscus flower and chopped chipotles, season with salt, pepper and coconut sugar. Mix and cook for 10 minutes or until browned. 4. Serve over corn tortillas and a side of power-full guac! #HollyFriday #PlantPower #HealthyMexicanPower

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Let’s taco ’bout all the options for Meatless Mondays. Now flor de jamaica does double duty—you can drink it in agua fresca or eat it with sautéed carrots and onions topped on your favorite tortilla. You can even fool your non-veggie friends into thinking that it is come kind of pork when cooked just right.

3. Ropa Vieja

Ropa vieja made with jackfruit tastes like the beef one abuela makes and arroz sin pollo. It really is easy to make your favorite dishes plant-based with all of the options available right now.

4. Picadillo

Lentils can give us all of the fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals we need on the daily with one spoonful, so it is a great base for the traditional picadillo plate. Instead of ground beef, toss in some lentils with green olives, bell peppers and sa-sa-sazon. It truly is that easy.

5. Paletas

A dessert that doesn’t have any dairy, flour, cheese, eggs? This sweet treat from your childhood made with real fruit is getting an over 21+ kick thanks to inventive chefs who are pairing them with boozy additions.

6. Pupusas

Traditional Salvadoran pupusas are made with cheese and sometimes have pork in it (if you’re ordering up some revueltas.) But if you’re saying no to queso, then these mini pupusas might do the trick. Cruelty-free combinations that can be found in the frozen aisle include pinto bean and kale, as well as black bean and sweet corn.

7. Arepas

The great  thing about these little culinary pillows of yumminess is that you can play mix master with what you want to put inside. Vegan? No problem. Pack some plantain, avocados and black beans into your arepa for a patada of protein.

8. Empanadas

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Throw a recipe at the chefs from Gracias Madre and they’ll come back with a whole concoction of vegan Latino dishes. From vegan empanadas to cashew cheese nachos, you’ll be raising your hands and saying gracias that Mexican food can still taste just as good without dairy and meat.

9. Mofongo Balls

Traditionally, Puerto Rican mofongo balls are made with fried plantains with bits of bacon or chicharrón in the mix. Take out the pork product and put in black beans instead for a seriously delicious substitution.

10. Tacos

Never underestimate a vegetarian taco ? ?

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Vegan options at taquerias usually means you have to always stick to calabacitas, but that is b.s.—and B.S. Taqueria wants to change that. They are one-upping the veggie game by roasting several types of mushrooms on top of blue corn tortillas for a game-changing mushroom feast.

11. Vegan Torta

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Tortas in Mexico get ham and dollops of mayo, but when you’re vegan, that is not going to make the cut. Chefs are putting in black beans, jackfruit or fried beets as the main star of a vegan torta remake. Yum!

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What’s your favorite vegan recipe? Let us know in the comments and share this with your friends!

Here’s Your Guide To Eating Vegan Latin Food In Miami


Here’s Your Guide To Eating Vegan Latin Food In Miami

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Last year, Miami made PETA’s “Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Cities” list for the first time ever, and for good reason. For all the stereotypes around white vegans, once again, people of color are often ignored for their contributions to the animal rights movement. Next time you’re in Miami, trust that these beans have no lard and these croquetas are jamón-free.

Without further ado, here are all the vegan Latinos making moves and gifting us vegan food in Miami.

Sacred Space

CREDIT: @sacredspacemiami / Instagram

Chef Horacio Rivadero and Pastry Chef Veronica Manolizi come together to give us vegan and gluten-free tostadas, papaya confit, curry arepas, and fennel ceviche. All this on a patio lined with guava trees.

Charly’s Vegan Tacos

CREDIT: @charlysvegantacos / Instagram

Chef Charly was working as an executive chef in Mexico City when he learned how animal agriculture is decimating the earth. He decided to open his own 100 percent vegan taquería in Tulum and Miami and business is booming.

Vegan Cuban Cuisine

CREDIT: @vegancubancuisine / Instagram

Currently, VCC is only available via delivery, but you’ll find their vegan flan, sandwiches, and croquetas at some vegan establishments. Pro tip: Aguacate Wellness is known to carry their croquetas.

Choices Organic Café

CREDIT: @thevshopsfoodhall / Instagram

Choices Organic Café gives us traditional Mexican and Latin flavors without compromising on organic, non-GMO quality. Enjoy soyrizo quesadillas, or build your own burrito or bowl, where plantains and guacamole count as a ‘veggie’ option. That’s right. The guac is NOT extra.


CREDIT: @edukosmiami / Instagram

Nestled in Little Havana, Edukos gives us twists on Venezuelan classics. It’s not entirely vegan, but offers impossible meat pasticho del valle, plantain hummus with mushroom soffit stuffed grape leaves and incredible flavors.

Bunnie Cakes

CREDIT: @msbunniecakes / Instagram

Mariana Cortez founded Bunnie Cakes Studio after she couldn’t find a birthday cake for her dairy-allergic son. The studio will decorate fabulous vegan cakes for you, teach you to decorate your own cupcakes or cake, and hosts workshops, ranging from Frida Kahlo decorations to Pumpkin Spice Tres Leches.

Home Sweet Earth

CREDIT: @homesweetearthmiami / Instagram

Bakery Chef Sabrina Carranza is giving Miami all the vegan postres we need. From the frosting-coated cinnamon rolls to Cuban guava pastelitos, your Latinx sweet tooth is covered.

The Spanglish Vegan

CREDIT: @thespanglishvegan305 / Instagram

This institution has only cropped up in the last few weeks and already the reviewers are raving. The Spanglish Vegan is giving us all our classic favorites, like mofongo and yucca, with vegan carne asada and shredded jackfruit.

Plant Theory Botanical Cafe

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Serving you all vegan meals, including brunch, at the Whitelaw Hotel, Plant Theory is not a tapas place. Enjoy hearty meals, including a guava BBQ jackfruit burgers,

Vegan and Juice

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Their Instagram game is weak, but that’s because its vegan Dominican flavors are strong. You can get El Plato del Día for just $9 and pick four of whatever is remade for the day, from malanga pastelon, platanos maduras and empanadas. It’s probably the most affordable, authentic vegan place in Miami but don’t expect organic labels or compostable to go containers. Pack your own.

GLAM Vegan

CREDIT: @glam.vegan_ / Instagram

Enjoy jackfruit tacos, watermelon ceviche and tres leches cake at GLAM vegan. It’s not a classic Latin restaurant, but about a third of its menu are made up of vegan twists on Latin classics.

Love Life Cafe

CREDIT: @lovelife_cafe / Instagram

While not entirely vegan, everything here is plant-based and rico. Try the sancocho soup, any of their arepas, or this pictured picadillo bowl made from Beyond meat. Tengo hombre.

Happy Vegan Bakers

CREDIT: @happyveganbakers / Instagram

This Colombian owned bakery is a hole in the wall, and also boasts as the first all vegan pastelito establishment in Miami. Come through for papa rellenos, croquetas, and even tamales.

My Roots Juice Bar

CREDIT: @myrootsjuicebar / Instagram

Yes, this is a juice bar, but it’s serving Miamians what we need: Cayenne Mango smoothies, frijoles bowls and so many empanadas. Choose from “Supreme,” “Tropical,” Spinach and Mushroom varieties of gluten-free, vegan empanadas.

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Taco Chido

CREDIT: @tacochidotaqueria / Instagram

It’s hard to find authentic Mexican food in South Florida, but when you do, you go often. This taquería has only been open a couple weeks and is creating buzz for it’s vegan longaniza, soyrizo and mushroom tacos. Take your carnivorous friends y disfruten.

St. Roch Market

CREDIT: @st.rochmarket / Instagram

In the heart of Miami’s Design District is this food hall with a wide variety of cuisines. Check out Chef Chloe’s vegan tacos and avocado coconut soft serve!

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Give Your Vegan Family Members Something To Eat At Noche Buena With These Amazing Dishes


Give Your Vegan Family Members Something To Eat At Noche Buena With These Amazing Dishes

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Hola, hi, thank you so much for coming. Dear reader, I’ll be your vegan guide to an easy Noche Buena, where herbivores and omnivores alike leave happy. With Latinos being one of the fastest growing demographic of vegans, we know that you probably have at least a few more at your dinner table this year. I promise that most of us don’t even have any expectation that the host is going to accommodate our dietary needs. We’re Latinos, too, so we’re coming with a lot of baggage and guilt for the impending scene of turning down your food at Noche Buena. We really don’t want you to take it personally if it does happen.

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