These 21 Ways Of Enjoying Sopa De Fideo Are Delicious, Surprising, And Very Different

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Sopa de fideo is one of the main culinary staples in a Latino household. The tomato based soup with the small noodles always makes an appearance this time of year when we are all battling the flu and the cold. The only thing that changes is what your family preferred to put in the soup. Here are 21 sopas de fideo with different ingredients.

1. Cheese


You can never go wrong with cheese. Cotija cheese, queso fresco or queso panelo go a long way in this soup. There is no need for a lot of fluff when it comes to some well placed dairy in this delicious soup.

2. Jalapeños and Carrots


This is easy because all you have to do is crack open a can and pour the goodies inside. One of the few upgrades to a Latino dish that doesn’t require a lot of prep and time in the kitchen. #Blessed

3. Meatballs

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This might look like just some spaghetti and meatballs, but you’d be wrong. Same sopa de fideo just a little heavier on the noodles and purposefully paired with some delicious meatballs. It looks like spaghetti and meatballs but the flavors are much more complex and delicious.

4. Salami

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This Dominican take on the soup is something everyone should try. How doesn’t like salami? It adds the perfect amount of added salt to make you crave more and more. Add some cilantro if you want and you have a great soup.

5. Frijoles


Beans are good on more than just rice. That’s right. Throw some beans into your soup and add some substance and texture to that thing. It might remind you of chili but it is way more delicious.

6. Fresh Peppers

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If you don’t want to pour canned vegetables into your soup, use a fresh pepper. You can add on after it is served and keep it super fresh or throw it in while cooking to it softens a little and the flavor spreads. Can’t go wrong with some chile in your food, amirite

7. Tostones

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Tostones are fried green plantains that are smashed and fried again. They are usually coated with salt because the green plantains are not sweet. The savory little treat adds a nice crunch to your soup.

8. Nopales (Cactus)

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Noaples are a staple in Mexican cooking and something that many people have never tried. If you are going out there adn trying a brand new soup, might as well do it all the way. Add this to your soup and call it a day. The red onions only add to the experience.

9. Bananas


This one is out there but bananas with savory food isn’t too rare with Latino cuisine. Bananas are sometimes used with seasoned rice because that banana sweetness perfectly compliments the savory spices used.

10. Seafood

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Don’t like chicken or beef but want to add some protein? Seafood is the way to go. You can add shrimp, as pictured above, or any kind of soup you can imagine. Definitely worth a try to add some extra protein.

11. Mushrooms

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For the fungus lovers, mushrooms are a great addition. It’s a good blend of Asian and Latino culture in a soup bowl. Anyone into mushrooms and soup should give this a try.

12. Corn

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Crunchy, sweet, delicious. Corn is perfect as it is or when you add it to just about anything. So, of course corn would make a great addition to soup. Try it out. You won’t be disappointed.


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Let’s take a short break to clean up that drool. These photos are so appetizing that you will definitely need some soup after your done.

13. Sour Cream

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Add some thickness and cut the spice with a little bit of sour cream. There’s really no way to go wrong with sour cream. Unless you are lactose intolerant. In that case, do your family a favor a steer clear of this.

14. Avocado

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Keep it vegan. If you want to try something close to classic but not quite, give it a little avocado. This super fruit is something you probably already eat too much of so what does it hurt to add to this.

15. Hard-Boiled Eggs


This is a two birds with one stone kind of deal. You can cook the eggs in the soup to get them hard boiled (just don’t levae them in there the whole time). Once the soup is ready, peel the eggs and add.

16. Eggrolls

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Another moment of culinary fusion. Why not pair it with an eggroll? There is nothing wrong with two worlds colliding, especially when it is this kind of delicious. Yum. Yum. Yum.

17. Chicken Feet

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Surprise! You can even add chicken feet to the soup because they can be added to anything. It might be surprising but you’ll be able to find these at just about any grocery store in town. Live a little. Give it a shot.



Okay. Sorry to surprise you with that one. It was totally un expected but it isn’t totally out there to think that someone that you know probably loves chicken feet.

18. Olives

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If you don’t think that soup is salty enough, just add olives. Yeah. This is a thing and it kind of makes sense. If you just can’t get enough of those green things, just add a few more to your soup.

19. Picadilla


Woah. That looks amazing. Why aren’t more people putting picadilla in all of their soups. This is something that should be taught in all high schools because this is genius.

Mind. Blown.

CREDIT: Glee / Fox

*learns to make picadilla and adds it to everything* Who else is thinking about the last time they had picadilla?

20. Vienna Sausages

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Remember those little sausages in a can that your mom sent with you to school? Well, add those to soup. Why not?

21. Platanos Maduro

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This is when that plantain is nice and ripe. That sweet flavor transform the sopa de fideo adding so much more to the soup than just a basic soup flavor.

Now it’s time to have some sopa de fideo.

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Netflix Officially Cast The Role Of Selena Quintanilla And ‘Twilight’ Fans Will Be Thrilled


Netflix Officially Cast The Role Of Selena Quintanilla And ‘Twilight’ Fans Will Be Thrilled

Netflix has officially selected a Latina to keep the legacy of Tejano music legend, Selena Quintanilla, alive. For its highly anticipated show “Selena: The Series,” the big-time streaming platform has tapped Christian Serratos, AKA Rosita Espinosa of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” series.

Twenty-four years after her tragic death Selena is, once again, being brought back to life on the screen.

Little information has been released by Netflix about the series, but Serratos casting will undoubtedly launch quite a bit of chatter.

christianserratos/ Instagram

The series, which was created with the participation of the Quintanilla family and announced by Netflix last December, has already garnered quite a bit of anticipation online. Back in 1997, the casting process for the singer had the Latino community astir for months until it was finally revealed that then-dancer, singer and actress Jennifer Lopez (still known as a triple threat for her moves, voice and acting chops) had earned the role. The Boricua’s casting caused quite the controversy primarily because she was not Mexican. This time around, Netflix kept the controversy in mind while conducting casting. In a recent interview with NBC News, Moisés Zamora– who is the head writer and one of the executive producers for the show– explained how crucial it was for him to ensure Mexican- identity was strongly included in the show.

“I associated her with my family and being Mexican in America,” he told the outlet at the time while highlighting how the younger singer was shaped by her identity of being a woman of Mexican heritage who also grew up in Corpus Christi while speaking English.

For the latest portrayal of Selena, the executive producer was involved in the casting of Serratos, a Latina of both Mexican and Italian descent.

Serratos knows all about breathing life into deceased characters.


For four seasons she has raged against the undead in “The Walk Dead” and in her earlier career played Angela Webber, friend to Bella Swan lover of vampires, in Twilight.

According to outlets, it’s unclear how the series will tackle Quintanilla’s vocals.

Back when Lopez took her turn as the singer, she was made to lip-sync to Quintanilla’s vocals. We’re pretty sure that if Netflix doesn’t decide to do the same, they’ll be in good hands because Serratos voice is banging. She even sings “Baila Esta Cumbia” in this compilation!

So far fans of Selena are on board with the news.

While buzz online hasn’t quite ramped up, we’re pretty sure once news of the casting catches on Latina Twitter will be doing the washing machine for days.

And it appears Serratos has the Selena Fan Club seal of approval.

And it’s no wonder why! Serratos cuts a pretty uncanny resemblance to the Tejano beauty.

Of course, while most of the reactions to Serratos casting have been positive the TWD club is a bit worried.

Okay TBH it feels like a worthy sacrifice.

Like literally people are bummed.

Pero… like I said! Serratos as Selena will totally be worth it.

(Jeeze… wonder if she’ll die by zombie attack?)

But there is a silver lining to the upset.

If fans of “The Walking Dead” are this bummed over possibly losing Serratos, that means she must be pretty damn good at taking on great roles. So here’s to Serratos and her new role! Hopefully, for TWD fans she’ll be able to juggle both… if not bidi bidi bom bom.

A Judge In Mexico City Has Approved One Couple’s Request For Recreational Cocaine

Things That Matter

A Judge In Mexico City Has Approved One Couple’s Request For Recreational Cocaine


In a historic step toward ending the country’s deadly “war on drugs”, a judge in Mexico has approved the request of two people to legally possess, transport and use cocaine. Víctor Octavio Luna Escobedo, an administrative court judge in Mexico City, made the historic decisions saying “the consumption of cocaine doesn’t put one’s health in great risk, except in the case that it’s used chronically and excessively.”

Mexico United Against Crime (MUCD), a nongovernmental organization filed injunction requests on behalf of the two individuals. It pursued the case with goals to trying to change Mexico’s drug policy. At the core of the organization’s argument is that criminalizing consumers causes even more violence. If the ruling is ratified by a higher court, it would be the first time any cocaine use has been legal in Mexico.

According to Mexico Daily News, the Mexico City judge set a string of stipulations for the unidentified couple in order for them to use the cocaine. This includes regulating the amount they intake to 500 milligrams per day and not working, driving or operating heavy machinery while under the influence of the substance. This also includes not being able to consume cocaine in public, in the presence of children, or even encourage others to consume it.

So is cocaine really legal in Mexico? Here’s what you need to know. 

Credit: @CNN / Twitter

The order by the judge to the country’s health authority has many wondering if one day Mexico could, at some point, legalize cocaine use, but only on a case-by-case basis. As of now, the judge’s ruling must be reviewed by a higher court panel of judges for the case to move forward. 

“We have been working for a safer, more just and peaceful Mexico for years, and with this case we insist on the need to stop criminalizing users of drugs other than marijuana and design better public policies that explore all available options, including the regulation,” Lisa Sanchez, director of MUAC, said in a statement.

The judge wrote in his ruling that the use of cocaine has certain benefits if consumed responsibly. “Ingestion can have various results, including alleviating tension, intensification of perceptions and the desire for new personal and spiritual experiences,” the judge said.

While two people have been allowed to take the drug, there is a bevy of injunctions and court orders that have followed. Which means the judge’s decisions could still be overturned.

Credit: @Vice / Twitter

 Cofepris, Mexico’s national health regulator, is being ordered to authorize the two people to legally possess, transport and use cocaine. But Cofepris says that such authorization is outside its power and has now blocked the court order as a result. The rulings are set to be reviewed by three collegiate court judges that will then set forth the legal standing of judges ruling.

The next step in the decision will be an appeal to the circuit court. This essentially means that the case could land all the way up to Mexico’s Supreme Court. Even if the decision is then upheld, cocaine wouldn’t suddenly become legal in Mexico. While in the U.S., a Supreme Court ruling makes it the law of the land, In Mexico the Supreme Court must hand down similar rulings in at least four other cases.

“This case is about insisting on the need to stop criminalizing users of drugs… and design better public policies that explore all the available options, including regulation,” Sanchez said.

The ruling could be a landmark moment and opportunity for debate in Mexico, where a 15 year-long drug war has taken the lives of many. 

Credit: @standardnews / Twitter

Mexico has become a central battleground and transit point for cocaine being transported to the United States. Trafficking gangs have also grown immensely since 2006 when then-President Felipe Calderón sent in the country’s army to fight drug traffickers. More than 20,000 people have been killed and 40,000 disappeared since then. This year has already been a stark reminder of the deadly drug war as Mexico is on pace to have the most murders on record.

“This case represents another step in the fight to construct alternative drug policies that allow [Mexico] to redirect its security efforts and better address public health,” Sanchez said. “We have spent years working for a more secure, just and peaceful Mexico.” 

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