This Mexican Snack Shop In California Has Gotten So Popular, People Wait 2 Hours

Swirl Fiesta is a frozen yogurt shop like no other. Of course they have the typical frozen yogurts and delicious toppings that you would expect from any yogurt shop, but this spot is changing the game. Not only can you cool down on a hot day with some froyo; you can also elevate your snack time with incredible elotes. But make sure you leave enough time. This place is so popular that people are reporting wait times of 1 to 2 hours.

Swirl Fiesta is a one-stop shop for anyone craving a Mexican snack in Riverside, Calif.

We got your weekend meal plan set ????????

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From elotes and tostilocos…

Come celebrate "TOSTILOCO TUESDAY" with us ???

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…to frozen yogurt and raspados…

Swirl Fiesta has everything anyone could need to make their snack time a special time.

? ?

But make sure you leave enough time.

Read Elena M.‘s review of Swirl Fiesta on Yelp

According to reviews on Yelp, Swirl Fiesta has been inundated with orders resulting in waits up to 2 hours long.

But, what should one expect when going to a place to order Hot Cheetos and Takis elotes.

We're ready for the weekend??Come through for any of our delicious ??? . Thanks @irenechenn for the awesome ?

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The question is: Would you be willing to wait two hours for a Takis elote?

TOSTI-LOCO TUESDAY?? Check out the cool creation @__scotty came up with,straight fiyahhhh. ? ? @__scotty

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Check out this review of Swirl Fiesta’s Flamin’ Hot Cheetos elotes.

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A University Is Releasing A Historic Mexican Cookbook Filled With Recipes You’d Want To Try


A University Is Releasing A Historic Mexican Cookbook Filled With Recipes You’d Want To Try


The University of Texas San Antonio is bringing the history of Mexico into our kitchens. The university is releasing cookbooks that are collections of historic Mexican recipes. Right now, the desserts book is out and online for free. Main dishes and appetizers/drinks are coming soon.

You can now taste historic Mexico thanks to the University of Texas San Antonio.

UTSA has had an ongoing project of preserving, collecting, and digitizing cookbooks from throughout Mexico’s history. Some books date back to the 1700s and offer a look into Mexico’s culinary arts and its evolution.

UTSA has been digitizing Mexican cookbooks for years and the work is now being collected for people in the time of Covid.

Millions of us are still at home and projects like these can be very exciting and exactly what you need. The recipes are a way to distract yourself from the current reality.

“The e-pubs allow home cooks to use the recipes as inspiration in their own kitchens,” Dean Hendrix, the dean of UTSA Libraries, said in UTSA Today. “Our hope is that many more people will not only have access to these wonderful recipes but also interact with them and experience the rich culture and history contained in the collection.”

The free downloads are a way for people to get a very in-depth look into Mexican food history.

The first of three volumes of the cookbooks focuses on desserts so you can learn how to make churros, chestnut flan, buñelos, and rice pudding. What better way to spend your quarantine than learning how to make some of these yummy desserts. We all love sweets, right?

If you want to get better with making your favorite desserts, check out this cookbook and make it happen.

There is nothing better than diving into your history and using food as your guide. Food is so intrinsically engrained in our DNAs and identities. We love the foods and sweets from our childhood because they hold a clue as to who we are and where we come from. This historical collection of recipes throughout history is the perfect way to make that happen.

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California Is Poised To Become The First State To Offer Unemployment To Undocumented Workers

Things That Matter

California Is Poised To Become The First State To Offer Unemployment To Undocumented Workers

Brent Stirton / Getty Images

Covid-19 has devastated families financially, especially Latinos. Latino households have experienced disproportionate levels of unemployment and health issues from Covid-19. California is helping undocumented people impacted by the virus.

California is going to help undocumented people struggling during the prolonged Covid-19 pandemic.

On Monday, the California legislature released a stimulus package to help Californians suffering during the pandemic. The “Major Components of Joint Economic Stimulus Plan” includes financially assisting undocumented people living in California. The plan further stipulates that the state would create a fund to assist those who will lose when the $600 unemployment benefits disappear and any other holes that might remain in the economic injuries of residents.

People are defending the use of tax dollars to help undocumented immigrants.

Undocumented people pay taxes. It is a narrative that anti-immigrant people push to further harm the undocumented community. Advocates have argued that the undocumented community should be protected during this pandemic as much as anyone else. This plan would likely do that.

“Our calls for prompt relief and a bit of human kindness have been heard and we hope soon not another family will go hungry or without essentials such as medication, bars of soap and other hygiene products, as the COVID-19 pandemic wreaks havoc in the Golden State,” Angelica Salas, executive director for the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights, said in a statement.

The virus is still spreading in the U.S. with California being one of the worst-hit states.

The state set a record on July 29 with 12,904 new Covid cases and 192 deaths. The state has been criticized for rushing its reopening strategy that led to a visible explosion of cases in mid-June. That is when California restrictions were lifted before meeting the health guideline standards for a safe reopening.

Latinos are the most impacted community. More Latino households have seen illness and sudden joblessness across the U.S. The federal government has left out undocumented people, who pay taxes, from assistance using tax dollars. California might be the first state to rectify that.

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