Put Down The Tapatio For A Sec And Try These Hot Sauces With Hilarious Names

Whether it’s putting salsa Tapatio on our Maruchan ramen soup with some limon or salsa Valentina on homemade crispy potato chips, some things just so classic, we don’t even stop to think of new options. You might want to change up your routine though when you meet these hot sauces that might have you shedding ? form either the name or the ? scale.

1. Gringo Bandito

If the blonde charro in sunglasses looks familiar, that’s because the icon behind this gluten-free, low salt content hot sauce brand is actually Dexter Holland from punk band, The Offspring. The hot sauce can be found in over 500 restaurants, including the Angels Stadium in Anaheim, Calif.

2. Satan’s Blood

Remember when we all used to be scared of the Chupacabra? Well now we have the logo (and flavor) of this chile extract to be worried about. It’s rated 5 ? on the site’s fire scale.

3. Dat’l Do-It Devil Drops

Ok, the alliteration for this hot sauce from St. Augustine, Fl., is ?. You might just need a few drops on your chicken tinga tacos to kick up the spicy factor, das it.

4. CaJohn’s El Chupacabra Hot Sauce

Remember when we spoke about being afraid of the Chupacabra? We spoke #toosoon. You might be afraid to chupar tus dedos after putting a few drops of this hot sauce on your ceviche tostada, with ingredients including ultrahot peppers such as Trinidad Scorpion.

5. Blair’s After Death with Liquid Fire Hot Sauce

Besides spooking out your party guests with the name, this bottle can be a great addition to your Halloween or Dia de Los Muertos party foods with its skull keychain. It’s pretty high up there on the hot scale according to the side diagram, so be careful when putting it on your Tostilocos bag.

6. Cafe Tequila Citrus Habanero Hot Sauce

We like tequila with lime, but tequila with citrus in a HOT SAUCE? Why didn’t we think of putting this together before? Excuse us while we grab this sauce and put it on our cochinita pibil.

7. Big O’s Health Scare Hot Sauce

Ok, we’re going to take a wild guess here and say the makers of this hot sauce are not Democrats. The website describes it as “Big O’s Health Scare Hot Sauce will scare the daylights out of you with its searing heat and scorching ability to put your health in the hands of the idiots in Washington, DC.” ? ? ?

8. Ass Reaper Hot Sauce

Ok, the bottle design of this hot sauce warning us how ? it’s going to be makes us want to cue in the video of La callida de Edgar, “Ya guey.” We get it, it’s hot! Now stop trying to scare us! ? ?

9. Bat’s Brew Hot Sauce

We know Louisiana likes its hot sauce, so it’s no surprise the city of Transylvania, Louisiana came up with something to try to spook La Llorona. The hot sauce has combo of jalapeño AND habanero, so get ready for your mouth to be on FIRE!

10. Arizona Gunslinger Mega Diablo Extra Hot Pepper Sauce

With spicy hot sauces, you know a name like ‘Diablo’ HAD to be on the list. We could figure out that it was going to be hot just by having ‘Diablo’ in there, but Arizona Gunslinger wanted to make sure we got the point by adding the words ‘Mega’ and ‘Extra.’

11. Lucky Dog Hot Sauce’s Día Del Perro

If you have a friend who is all into building altars for Dia de los Muertos, this might be a great gift idea to get them. This hot sauce has green tomatillo and gets its kick from chile tepin.

12. Pain is Good Batch #218 Louisiana Style Hot Sauce

The photo on the bottle is totally giving us vibes from “The Sandlot.” What’s inside the bottle are ingredients including habanero peppers, tamarindo and brown sugar.

13. Chef Cristiane’s Brazilian “I’m Hot” Gourmet Hot Sauce

Brazil might not be the first place in mind when it comes to getting hot sauces from Latin America, but the malagueta pepper is widely used in the Bahia state. That is the star ingredient in this hot sauce made by a Brazilian chef in Chicago.

14. Inferno’s Ghost

Hopefully this hot sauce that includes the notorious ghost pepper (Bhut Joloika peppers) and ground up habanero doesn’t make you go through seven layers of hell because it’s burning your tongue off!

15. Sting ‘N’ Linger Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce

Like that Cranberries song says, (RIP Dolores O’Riordan) “Do you have to let it linger?” Um, we say yes if you’re probably going to put some drops of this hot sauce on your burrito.

16. Iguana en Fuego

This hot sauce is made in Costa Rica with habanero peppers, but it also has some tropical notes of papaya and passion fruit to make your taste buds withstand the heat! 

17. Jardine’s Blazin’ Saddle Habanero XXX Hot Sauce

Although the recipe of this hot sauce changed from gathering habanero peppers in Belize to now getting them from Colombia, that doesn’t chance the spicy level of the sauce. It is still XXX hot according to the label.

18. Marie Sharp’s “NO WIMPS ALLOWED”

No wimps allowed? Challenge accepted. ? ? ? We can take on the habanero smash and Cajun + Creole spices.

19. Pickapeppa Red Hot Sauce

20. Dark Side of the Pepper Chipotle Hot Sauce

May the force be with you when you try this hot sauce. Chipotle may not be as spicy as hababero, but you still gotta watch your tongue!

21. Flamin Flatulence X-Hot

Fire in the hole! This hot sauce says it all on the bottle.

22. El Yucateco Black Label Reserve Chile Habanero Hot Sauce

Now this wasn’t isn’t supperrr out-of-the-ordinary in its name, but we included it because the Yucateco bottle we typically see at restaurants are the green or red sauce ones. The black label is supposed to be more mild than the other two, so you can just *look* fancy while smothering this on your tacos.

23. Ass in the E.R. Scorpion Pepper Sauce

Now scorpion peppers are supposed to be some of THE hottest peppers in the world, so this sauce might have a good reason for its title? It is rated as’s hottest hot sauce!

Our reaction if you have tried any hot sauce with ‘scorpion’ in the title.

Chilean Actor Jorge López Is The New Netflix Heartthrob Every Needs To Know About


Chilean Actor Jorge López Is The New Netflix Heartthrob Every Needs To Know About

jorgelopez_as / Instagram

Netflix has a good eye in finding and showcasing some incredible talent in Latin America. The streaming giant produces shows like “La Casa de las Flores” and “Siempre Bruja.” “Élite” is another Spanish-language show produced for Netflix and one of the newest members in Chilean heartthrob Jorge López. Let’s take a moment to appreciate López.

Chilean actor Jorge López is one star that is one the rise.

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Ni tan malo 👾

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The 28-year-old is one of the actors in Netflix’s “Élite.” The drama is about three well-to-do teenagers living in Spain and the usual telenovela drama and situations ensue.

López plays Valerio Montesinos Hendrich for Netflix’s “Élite.”

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📸💋 #Elit3 @icanteachyou

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Valerio is the brother of Luceria Montesinos Hendrich, played by Danna Paola. His addition to the show just shows the growing role of Latin American talent in Netflix productions. The show was produced in Spain and is currently in its third season.

López got his first big break thanks to Disney Channel Latin America.

López was cast as a main character on the Disney Channel Latin America telenovela “Soy Luna” in 2016. Over the course of two years, López was in 220 episodes of “Soy Luna.” We got to see López show off his singing and dancing chops while in “Soy Luna” and it further solidified his future in the entertainment business.

Now, let’s just take a moment to appreciate the man behind the characters.

Everyone tries to do the cool, almost candid pool shot with the shirt ever so carelessly opened. It is fair to say that López delivered on this look. He was able to hit the pose just right and we are all better for having this pop up on social media.

You’ve gotta appreciate a man who can accessorize his outfit without going overboard.

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Fresquito el bad bunny

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Legit, where do we get that fan? It just seems like one of those things that we need in our repertoire. Fans are super in and there is nothing wrong with wanting to jump on a bandwagon, especially if it is fashion. Right?

The actor is stunning even when he is rocking an overload of fake tattoos.

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Of course, the tattoos are the first things you will notice in this photo are all of the tattoos. But we have some questions. What is going on with the fak blood from the ear? What is this for? That nail polish, however, is *chef’s kiss*.

People who can embrace their less than gorgeous side are truly beautiful creatures.

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Being goofy is just as sexy as looking sexy. López is a great example of what that kind of effortless sexy looks like. It is about confidence and it is obvious that this man is just dripping with confidence, as he should. Just look at him.

Thank you, Netflix. We appreciate being able to get to know López a little more.

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@suspiciousantwerp the love never disappears

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You can check out “Élite” on Netflix to see more of López. We could all use a new novela to watch right now to get ourselves out of our current routines.

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Chile Is Testing Out Immunity Cards For People Who Have Been Cured Of The Virus

Things That Matter

Chile Is Testing Out Immunity Cards For People Who Have Been Cured Of The Virus

Getty Images

Chile is asking itself the same question that many of us are asking ourselves: when is “this” going to end, when will we be able to return to the life we knew before the pandemic, or at least how to begin to recover what used to be normal life.

For governments, the priority seems to be jump starting their economies amid a global pandemic. Some states in the U.S. are already reopening non-essential businesses (like gyms and beaches…really?!) while countries like Mexico are allowing most businesses to stay open so long as they practice social distancing measures.

Chile – which was in the throes of a nationwide lockdown – has decided to take a different approach. The government there plans to allow those in low risk groups and those who have already been infected with the virus and have recovered to return to near normal activities. But at what cost?

Chile plans to issue the world’s first Coronavirus immunity cards.

The country’s health officials confirmed plans to be the first country to issue coronavirus “immunity passports,” which would allow individuals who have recovered from COVID-19 to go back to work. Health Ministry Undersecretary Paula Daza said that 4,600 people have recovered from the deadly virus. According to officials, those citizens can “help the community enormously” by getting back to work. Chile has tested more people for the coronavirus than any other country in Latin America.

In principle, people who have tested positive for COVID-19 and have been symptom-free for 14 days or more will be eligible for antibody testing. Chile has a population over more than 19 million people, so the roughly 4,600 people who would receive these ‘immunity cards’ make up a very small segment of the population.

If the strategy works, the ID cards could – little by little – help Chile reopen its economy and get its population back to work. But the strategy isn’t without risks.

From a flourishing black market to several unknowns related to the Coronavirus – the government’s plan has many risks.

Credit: omgitsjustintime / Instagram

If there is an ID card that would enable to you to take to the streets, get back to work, and return to a somewhat normal life – you would want it right? And so will many others – including those who have not yet developed any anti-bodies to the virus and are still at-risk. That’s what has many officials worried about Chile’s ID plan. It could create a black market for fake immunity cards.

Not only does this pose a threat of at-risk populations getting fake immunity cards – but since they’ll likely be available at a cost most Chileans can’t afford, this leaves only the privileged able to get them.

Chile says they will certify immunity, but does it even exist?

Credit: Pixabay

The idea that a person who recovers from COVID-19 can be immune to the virus has its foundations in the way the human body reacts to thousands of other viruses that we live with in our daily lives.

Since there is no specific treatment for COVID-19 at this time, the goal is to keep the patient as stable as possible while his or her immune system copes with the virus. To this extent, it is understood that those who manage to recover have developed the necessary antibodies to do so. Some recovered patients are having their antibodies ‘harvested’ to inject into other patients still battling the disease.

However, the World Health Organization has explicitly discouraged the issuance of immunity cards because the presence of antibodies simply indicates that the body has reacted to the virus, not necessarily proof of immunity.

So far, Chile has had a well-planned response to the pandemic and has escaped much of the turmoil of other countries in South America.

Local governments have instituted rolling quarantine orders in different locations based upon number of new cases, access to medical care, and the percentage of elderly residents. They also instituted complete lockdowns, closed the borders to all travel, and instituted overnight curfews to limit people’s movements. The measures seem to be working.

Chile has seen roughly 12,000 confirmed cases of the virus but less than 200 deaths. The country has also initiated widespread testing, which is why the government is so confident in its plan to issue these immunity cards.

“We are doing well, so far, but it’s too soon to declare victory,” said Paula Bedregal, a public health expert and professor at the medical school of Universidad Catolica de Chile. “We aren’t in winter yet, when things can get more complicated, and the virus is starting to appear more among more vulnerable groups.”

Bedregal added that real information is lacking in some of the poorest areas, making it harder to know if the system in place will continue to succeed.