Put Down The Tapatio For A Sec And Try These Hot Sauces With Hilarious Names

Whether it’s putting salsa Tapatio on our Maruchan ramen soup with some limon or salsa Valentina on homemade crispy potato chips, some things just so classic, we don’t even stop to think of new options. You might want to change up your routine though when you meet these hot sauces that might have you shedding ? form either the name or the ? scale.

1. Gringo Bandito

If the blonde charro in sunglasses looks familiar, that’s because the icon behind this gluten-free, low salt content hot sauce brand is actually Dexter Holland from punk band, The Offspring. The hot sauce can be found in over 500 restaurants, including the Angels Stadium in Anaheim, Calif.

2. Satan’s Blood

Remember when we all used to be scared of the Chupacabra? Well now we have the logo (and flavor) of this chile extract to be worried about. It’s rated 5 ? on the site’s fire scale.

3. Dat’l Do-It Devil Drops

Ok, the alliteration for this hot sauce from St. Augustine, Fl., is ?. You might just need a few drops on your chicken tinga tacos to kick up the spicy factor, das it.

4. CaJohn’s El Chupacabra Hot Sauce

Remember when we spoke about being afraid of the Chupacabra? We spoke #toosoon. You might be afraid to chupar tus dedos after putting a few drops of this hot sauce on your ceviche tostada, with ingredients including ultrahot peppers such as Trinidad Scorpion.

5. Blair’s After Death with Liquid Fire Hot Sauce

Besides spooking out your party guests with the name, this bottle can be a great addition to your Halloween or Dia de Los Muertos party foods with its skull keychain. It’s pretty high up there on the hot scale according to the side diagram, so be careful when putting it on your Tostilocos bag.

6. Cafe Tequila Citrus Habanero Hot Sauce

We like tequila with lime, but tequila with citrus in a HOT SAUCE? Why didn’t we think of putting this together before? Excuse us while we grab this sauce and put it on our cochinita pibil.

7. Big O’s Health Scare Hot Sauce

Ok, we’re going to take a wild guess here and say the makers of this hot sauce are not Democrats. The website describes it as “Big O’s Health Scare Hot Sauce will scare the daylights out of you with its searing heat and scorching ability to put your health in the hands of the idiots in Washington, DC.” ? ? ?

8. Ass Reaper Hot Sauce

Ok, the bottle design of this hot sauce warning us how ? it’s going to be makes us want to cue in the video of La callida de Edgar, “Ya guey.” We get it, it’s hot! Now stop trying to scare us! ? ?

9. Bat’s Brew Hot Sauce

We know Louisiana likes its hot sauce, so it’s no surprise the city of Transylvania, Louisiana came up with something to try to spook La Llorona. The hot sauce has combo of jalapeño AND habanero, so get ready for your mouth to be on FIRE!

10. Arizona Gunslinger Mega Diablo Extra Hot Pepper Sauce

With spicy hot sauces, you know a name like ‘Diablo’ HAD to be on the list. We could figure out that it was going to be hot just by having ‘Diablo’ in there, but Arizona Gunslinger wanted to make sure we got the point by adding the words ‘Mega’ and ‘Extra.’

11. Lucky Dog Hot Sauce’s Día Del Perro

If you have a friend who is all into building altars for Dia de los Muertos, this might be a great gift idea to get them. This hot sauce has green tomatillo and gets its kick from chile tepin.

12. Pain is Good Batch #218 Louisiana Style Hot Sauce

The photo on the bottle is totally giving us vibes from “The Sandlot.” What’s inside the bottle are ingredients including habanero peppers, tamarindo and brown sugar.

13. Chef Cristiane’s Brazilian “I’m Hot” Gourmet Hot Sauce

Brazil might not be the first place in mind when it comes to getting hot sauces from Latin America, but the malagueta pepper is widely used in the Bahia state. That is the star ingredient in this hot sauce made by a Brazilian chef in Chicago.

14. Inferno’s Ghost

Hopefully this hot sauce that includes the notorious ghost pepper (Bhut Joloika peppers) and ground up habanero doesn’t make you go through seven layers of hell because it’s burning your tongue off!

15. Sting ‘N’ Linger Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce

Like that Cranberries song says, (RIP Dolores O’Riordan) “Do you have to let it linger?” Um, we say yes if you’re probably going to put some drops of this hot sauce on your burrito.

16. Iguana en Fuego

This hot sauce is made in Costa Rica with habanero peppers, but it also has some tropical notes of papaya and passion fruit to make your taste buds withstand the heat! 

17. Jardine’s Blazin’ Saddle Habanero XXX Hot Sauce

Although the recipe of this hot sauce changed from gathering habanero peppers in Belize to now getting them from Colombia, that doesn’t chance the spicy level of the sauce. It is still XXX hot according to the label.

18. Marie Sharp’s “NO WIMPS ALLOWED”

No wimps allowed? Challenge accepted. ? ? ? We can take on the habanero smash and Cajun + Creole spices.

19. Pickapeppa Red Hot Sauce

20. Dark Side of the Pepper Chipotle Hot Sauce

May the force be with you when you try this hot sauce. Chipotle may not be as spicy as hababero, but you still gotta watch your tongue!

21. Flamin Flatulence X-Hot

Fire in the hole! This hot sauce says it all on the bottle.

22. El Yucateco Black Label Reserve Chile Habanero Hot Sauce

Now this wasn’t isn’t supperrr out-of-the-ordinary in its name, but we included it because the Yucateco bottle we typically see at restaurants are the green or red sauce ones. The black label is supposed to be more mild than the other two, so you can just *look* fancy while smothering this on your tacos.

23. Ass in the E.R. Scorpion Pepper Sauce

Now scorpion peppers are supposed to be some of THE hottest peppers in the world, so this sauce might have a good reason for its title? It is rated as’s hottest hot sauce!

Our reaction if you have tried any hot sauce with ‘scorpion’ in the title.

This Chilean Competition Show Featured Juanga And Chente Impersonators And They Did Not Disappoint


This Chilean Competition Show Featured Juanga And Chente Impersonators And They Did Not Disappoint

Chilevision / Instagram

Unless you have been living under a rock your whole life, you are well aware that Juan Gabriel and Vicente Fernández are two of the biggest stars in Mexican musical history. For your abuelas and tías, and perhaps for you as well, they are like Elvis, Lady Gaga and the Pope combined. This duo has basically drawn the emotional X-ray of generations of Latinos. The scene feels like home: the smell of mole on the stove and the radio blasting a ranchera. 

We know that Juanga shockingly died in 2016 (please, let him rest in peace and ignore the ridiculous claims that he is still alive, don’t go all Pedro Infante conspiracy theory on us!). In that same year Chente announced his retirement after an epic concert in Mexico City. But a television homage brought them back for a fleeting instant. Ay, dolor!

Yo Soy is a popular television show where impersonators compete against each other.

Credit: Instagram. @chilevision

The show is produced by Chilevision and is a local version of the European program I Am. Three judges chose the best impersonators based on physical appearance, singing ability and of course stage presence. There are other Latin American versions. In Peru, for example, contestants have brought to life the likes of Roberto Carlos, Emmanuel, Adele, Leo Dan and pero por supuesto Luis Miguel. 

This year four great ones came face to face in the record-breaking final: Juanga, Chente, Gustavo Cerati and Aretha Franklin.

Credit: Instagram. @chilevision

The season was full of nostalgia for Latin Americans. Besides Chente and Juanga, who we will never hear live again, the Argentinian rockstar Gustavo Cerati, the lead singer of Soda Stereo, was one of the finalists. Cerati is rock royalty. He died in 2014, four years after falling into a coma. If you are a fan, you can’t miss this great performance by the contestant (but you gotta sing “Persiana americana”). 

But right away Vicente Monsalves impressed everyone basically bringing Juanga back to life.

Credit: Instagram. @fansdevicentevozdejuanga

This young man is hoping to become a veterinarian. He has a stage presence that reminded us of the younger years of “El Divo de Juarez”. Of course, he performed a variety of greatest hits throughout the season, including “Hasta que te conocí”, “Se me olvidó otra vez” and “El Noa Noa”. Get a taste here

His ability to channel all those Juanga vibes got people talking.

Credit: Twitter. @_tennieten

We are sure the similarity brought some to tears. Thread carefully if you wanna show this video to your abuelita

But Cristofer Mera, aka Chente, no se quedó atrás

Credit: Instagram. @chilevision

Mexican mariachi music is extremely popular in South America. In countries like Chile, films from the Golden Age of Mexican cinema featuring the likes of Jorge Negrete and Pedro Infante constantly air on public television. So it is no surprise that Cristofer did such a great job capturing the strong but somewhat vulnerable masculinity of a true ranchera singer. Of course, “El Rey” brought the audience to a climax, but this performance of the classic “Volver, volver” brought the audience to their feet. 

But could he beat the Juanga sassiness of the other Vicente? 

Credit: Instagram. @fansdevicentelavozdejuanga

It was uncanny to see Vicente Monsalves serving us that devilish Juanga smile and adopting his mannerisms onstage. Did Juanga resurrect like a modern Mexican kitsch messiah?

Twitter sent all kinds of good juju to the contestants!

Credit: Twitter. @maiki485

That sure looks like a powerful varita mágica. But did it work?

Chente also got some good old Internet encouragement.

Credit: Twitter. @ingcivilubb

 This charro cantor had a lot of viewers feeding out of his hand. 

But of course there could only be one winner… Juanga! Queridaaaaaaaa!

Credit: Instagram. @fansdevicentelavozdejuanga 

Look at that face. He won $12 million Chilean pesos, which translates into roughly 17k USD. Not bad at all! He will use the money to pay for his university fees. Muy bien muchachito, muy bien.

Fans were of course pleased.

Credit: Twitter. @hillbilliees

Awww… that’s cute. A bit too many emoticons, though. 

Some called for a national celebration.

Credit: Twitter. @JavierSapbe69

OK, this dude was just being a bit dramatic, people didn’t actually congregate in downtown Santiago. 

But Twitter also had strong negative reactions to Juanga’s win.

Credit: Twitter. @elias_putrefakto

Some didn’t take the result very well at all. Cerati had some pretty committed fans and took on Twitter to voice their enojo. There will always be some controversy in a show like this, that is exactly what makes TV contests such a delightful guilty pleasure!

You can’t keep everyone happy. Did the best contestant win?

Credit: Twitter. @abarca_patricia

Some Twitter users argued that Juan Gabriel won because of his acting abilities, and that Vicente Fernández and Gustavo Cerati were far more musically talented. But what is done is done, and Yo Soy history has been written. 

The Top 12 Salsas From Across Latin America, Ranked


The Top 12 Salsas From Across Latin America, Ranked

Jackie_testet / Instagram

Hot sauce has been a kitchen table staple for Latinos for thousands of years. The Aztecs pretty much invented it. We put it on eggs, on snacks, on meat….you probably have that person in your life who would put it on their finest cardboard and eat it up, the stuff is so popular. Anything that brings vegans and carnivores together at the dinner table deserves to be celebrated. Enjoy this roundup of hot sauces from all over Latin America to try out with your next meal.

1. Mexico: Cholula

Credit: cholulahotsauce/ Instagram

Made in Chapala, Jalisco, the sauce is made with a blend of piquín and arbol chiles. It’s often put up against Tapatio on American restaurant tables in a Coke vs. Pepsi level battle of the condiments. But we know there’s room for both. However, if you’re really dedicated, you might be able to join the Order of Cholula for exclusive offers.

2. Belize: Marie Sharp

Credit: jackie_testtet / Instagram

Made in Stann Creek, Belize, Marie Sharp started her line of hot sauces in her kitchen where she experimented with blends of Habanero peppers and jams and jellies made from fruits and vegetables picked from her farm. The brand has long outgrown the kitchen and went international. We stan an entrepeneurial queen.

3. Costa Rica: Banquete Chilero

Credit: hunter_t_morris / Instagram

This thicker sauce from Costa Rica gets its flavor from habanero peppers and carrots. Some might compare it to an asian sweet and sour sauce.

4. Guatemala: Picama’s Salsa Brava

Credit: beambeeaam/ Instagram

This mild, green sauce has a ketchup-like consistency and is made with serrano peppers. The color is straight up neon, but some people swear by it, stocking up on bottles when they visit Guatemala. Also, don’t you love when an abuela comes through like this?

5. Honduras: D’Olanchano

Credit: @OldJersey / Twitter

This hot sauce uses Tabasco peppers grown in the Olancho valley and later aged in wooden barrels to acquire its taste.

6. Nicaragua: Chilango

Credit: libertadjustica19 / Instagram

Chilango Chile sources their ingredients from all over the world to create unique flavors in their line of hot sauces. The Cabro Consteño is made with the Nicaraguan yellow “goat” pepper grown on the Atlantic coast. The Habanero Chocolate gets its name from the dark, brown pepper it uses for flavor. It doesn’t actually have chocolate in it – whether that relieves or distresses you.

7. Panama: D’Elidas

Credit: south side art / Instagram

This yellow is made with Habanero peppers, mustard, and vinegar. Hot sauce lovers report getting a lot of that mustard taste in the sauce, so adjust expectations accordingly. People are known to fill up their suitcases with bottles before leaving Panama.

8. Brazil: Mendez Hot Sauce

Credit: splikityspic / Instagram

Mendez Hot Sauce is a brand out of Central Brazil where creator, Rafael Mendez strives for sustainable business practices that help his community. The sauce uses the locally sourced Malagueta pepper which creates work for local farming families, lifting many of them out of poverty.

9. Chile: Diaguitas

Credit: lutecastro / Instagram

Diaguitas is the most popular hot sauce in Chile, coming in a few flavors. It’s light on ingredients, letting the peppers speak for themselves. It’s salty, so handle with care to balance that taste out on your food.

10. Colombia: Amazon Pepper Sauce

Credit: lutecastro / Instagram

This brand uses a variety of Amazon peppers that grow at the edge of the rainforest in the Andes Cauca Valley. They blend the chilis with other tropical ingredients. They have a mild flavor that stands out made with guava. 

11. Ecuador: Ole

Credit: serieroom700 / Instagram

Ole carries a few different flavors, but it always goes back to the ingredients to make a hot sauce unique to the region it comes from. Ole uses the tena pepper which only grows in Ecuador. They have it on its own where you get the fruit taste with a lash of heat. They also put it in their Tamarillo sauce which couples the tena with the fruit from the pepper tomato tree.

12. Peru: Salsa de Aji Amarillo


What’s actually the most popular thing to do in Peru is to just make your own hot sauces. However, sometimes you can find bottled sauces that will satisfy the craving. The Peru Chef makes one with the aji amarillo pepper which has a subtle sweetness to it and is a cornerstone of Peruvian cuisine.

Of course, there are many hot sauces from all over Latin America that you’ll simply have to travel for if you want the best like Llajwa sauce from Bolivia. You could also probably stay home and get some bomb green sauce from King Taco.